Pendant Wall Sconce


Here is a wall sconce you probably didn't think about. The pendant wall sconce is an attractive option for your home decor, and you will definitely want to pick a few of these for your home from this collection. They are clever, easy to mount, and will give off the type of light you are looking for while also accenting your decor. See collection for details .

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Our Picks

Pendant wall sconce 8

Coming from Victoria 1836, a stylish eating place in Paris, this pendant wall sconce resembles well the climate of the Victorian times. Antique brass finish and simplistic, glazed construction.

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Wall sconce antique brass birch wood

Wall sconce antique brass birch wood

This simply sublime wall sconce sports the antique brass finish and comers with the industrial, retro design to it, making it into one of the best solutions for keeping your interior up to the latest trends in fashion.

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Bedside lights wall mounted

I would mount this scone at my desk... I much prefer a wall-mounted desk light to a table lamp.

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Hanging pendant wall sconce retro edison

Hanging pendant wall sconce retro edison

Industrial-chic style is guaranteed with this retro wall sconce with hanging pendant Edison bulb. Besides, it's probably the thing you need when finishing off the look of your steampunk inspired interior. So many options!

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Tuscan Hanging Candeliere Glass Pendant Sconce

Tuscan Hanging Candeliere Glass Pendant Sconce

Decorous wall fixture with a candeliere pendant sconce, crafted of clear glass and hammered metal. The dangling candeliere element accommodates three candles. The sconce features curly accent in its top.

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Pendant wall lights

Cool and clean, simplistic solution for a contemporary bedroom. Comprising a modern-looking bulb, hanging over a bedside wall sconce will brighten your last moments before falling asleep.

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Wall sconce mounting bracket

Illuminate your modern decor with those 6 wall sconces that will drown your room in warmth and coziness. Each of those cuboid pendants hangs on a brushed steel frame with a sparkling shade for creating truly intimate ambiance.

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1 Light Wall Sconce

1 Light Wall Sconce

A beautiful wall sconce perfect for one light in the most stunning brushed nickel finish. It will add just the perfect amount of light to your interior, while accentuating the decor beautifully and proving strong and reliable.

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21 Medieval Hallway Hanging Pendent Light Wall Lantern Sconce Candle Holder

21 Medieval Hallway Hanging Pendent Light Wall Lantern Sconce Candle Holder

The metal wall candle holder is a beautiful combination of stylish looks and functionality. Nice decorative details add all the lightness and engaging style. The glass candle inserts beautifully diffuse light.

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The perch modern wood wall sconce in

The perch modern wood wall sconce in

A stunning wall sconce that sports the modern look and comes with the bare bulb hanging pendant structure to ensure a refined and original appeal in any interior. It is a perfect example of contemporary style and will surely elevate your interior immensely.

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Pendant Wall Sconce

Buying Guide

Brightening up your home with an interesting and unique wall sconce might be the touch you need to make your home complete. As well as bringing extra light to the areas you need it most, you can choose from a wide range of different styles. Since there are so many styles available, it can be both exciting and difficult to try and find the right design. Let's look more closely at some of the styles you might see.

Casual draping style

A wooden beam affixed to the wall is the only thing which is holding up the long wire from the light. Hanging down with a light bulb of your choice providing brightness to the room, this style of pendant wall sconce is casual and light and well suited for bedrooms and small living rooms.

Glass effect

With a cast iron or slate frame to hold it to your wall, a light bulb covered with a beautiful glass shade hangs down elegantly. It may be made from real glass, or the effect could be created using other materials, such as a strong iron which has been painted with a reflective silver paint.

Simple pendant sconce

With a rustic silver piece attached to the wall and a clear white shade covering a light bulb, the simple pendant look is a popular style which you're bound to see if you're shopping around for this item. This style does not have the loose wires and draping look that some other styles do, since the lamp and electrical parts are fixed within the wall and the central wiring units. This style is rather decorative which allows you to add some class to your home as well as a practical accessory.

Twisted wall sconce

A popular style in rose gold, this design can also be found in gold, silver, black and white. Two beams extending from the wall to create a triangular shape form the shape of this type of pendant wall sconce. The wire or flexible post is then twisted around the beams to create a unique and interesting look for a modern home. The pendant lamp then hangs down and provides light accordingly when it is switched on.

Circular pendant

Hanging circular pendant lights situated in the center of rectangular or square metal frames are an ideal way to combine a traditional wall sconce look with a contemporary twist. The clash of the very round pendant lamp and the straight and uniform edges of the rectangle border create a style unlike any other and is ideal for large living rooms or bedrooms. There may be three or four of these pendant lamps in a row, and they may be positioned either sideways or forwards.

Industrial style wall sconce

As with many types of furniture, the industrial style is a popular choice for the modern home, but also fits well with the rustic style of cottages and older households. A cast iron fixture to the wall holds the chains or ropes which enable this type of pendant lamp to function. The lamp may be inside an item such as a recycled drinking jar or another glass accessory.

Best Ideas

Wall mount pendant light

Wall sconce in industrial style. It is mounted on wooden frame and fitted with screw holes. Perfect as additional source of light in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Pendant wall sconce

A vintage wall conce, wall-mounted and long-lasting, which can be a shiny decoration for bedrooms. It has a wood frame with stretcher, holding a shapely shade made of black-finished wire, hanging on a black cord.

Wall mounted pendant light

A simple but cool contemporary wall-mounted sconce for 1 bulb. Its A-shaped frame is handmade of elmwood with a spray-painted white finish. A cord in a copper-looking (like its socket) casing is wrapped over a triangle inset and a top bar.

Wall pendant

A very attractive and functional pendant wall sconce that looks very simple and provides good level of light. Its mounting frame features a durable metal construction that has also got a decorative character.

Pendant wall sconce 3

DIY Pendant Lamp - paint the bracket same color as wall.

Pendant wall sconce 5

Ideal for lofts or contemporary urban interiors. this copper wall sconce enchants with its simplistic, yet elegant form, adding a cool, industrial vibe to the space.

Wall bracket for hanging lamp

Hand forged from durable iron and bathed in silver finish, this captivating wall sconce for outdoors has a one medium base socket for 60 Watts. Measurements: 14" tall, 5 3/4" wide, 8 3/4" projection

Pendant wall sconce 3

With a little creativity, you can turn the simplest things into stylish accessories that will give character to any room. A colorful, red cable is enough to create a fashionable lamp - a pendant wall sconce, where there is no lampshade - just a light bulb.

Copper wall sconce 5

An extraordinary wall sconce in a minimalist design. It's a simple copper pipe attached to the wall with a bare light bulb dangling loosely from it. It can be hung by your bedside table or above a desk, perfect for reading.

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Wood wall sconce

Wood wall sconce

Modern sconce wall light in copper bronze patina finish

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