Bedside Wall Reading Lights

Lots of people enjoy reading in bed before falling asleep. But if you share the bed with someone else, the light can keep them up with they don't fall asleep easily. Turn off the lamp and use your personal bedside wall reading light instead. Give your book the glow you need to read, and give them the darkness they need to snooze the night away. Great for couples.

Best Products

Nite 1 Light LED Wall Sconce with Reading Light

Nite 1 Light LED Wall Sconce with Reading Light
This wall candle sconce features a sturdy aluminum frame that holds an opal glass shade. The lamp is hardwired, quite easy to mount, and accommodates 1 LED module. Suitable for contemporary décor.

Scissor lamp articulating adjustable

Scissor lamp articulating adjustable
This scissor lamp constitutes a great addition to your bedroom. Stylish and functional, enhances the space with its industrial character. Its adjustable steel swing sconce makes it a practical item.

Bedside wall reading lights

This reading wall light constitutes a very convenient addition to your bedroom or home office. Its silver, modern construction hides a LED mechanism, which will add some light and freshness to the interior.

Bedside wall reading lights

If you like reading in bed, you will love this small, bedside LED light. You can easily mount it to the wall or headboard and it swivels left, right, and forward so you can put it horizontally or vertically.

Bedside reading lamp

Bedside reading lamp

Headboards with built in lights

Simplicity at its finest – take a look at this beautiful, simple set of wall-mounted lights for your bedroom. The brass/copper finish gives them a cosy, slightly industrial feeling. A great addition if you love reading in bed!

Bedside wall reading lights 18

Chic modern wall fixture with practical flexible arm reading lamp. Sleek chrome plated steel provides refined contemporary look, but it's the red drum shaped shade that draws glances and grabs compliments.

Our advice Buying Guide

The use of bedside wall reading lights is a beneficial addition to bedrooms that lack the space for more than one bedside table. Instead of sacrificing lighting, use of these reading lights allows for the ability to brighten up bedrooms while simultaneously adding charm and sophistication. For those who need lighting on both sides of their bed and are looking for options that don’t take up a considerable amount of wall space, many decorative options are available.

How to style with bedside wall reading lights?

In addition to adding the perfect amount of light to the bedside, you're also developing the room's style by hanging these bedside wall reading lights. Of the most popular styles, you'll find the following examples:

French-style swing arm lamps: these classic wall-mounted lamps featuring warm shades bring cozy style to rooms featuring vintage or transitionally styled rooms.

  • Modern-flexible reading light: the metal finish mixes well with modern and contemporary bedroom decor. It's LED light provides the perfect lighting for reading or close-up work.
  • Industrial: use of a scissor lamp with articulating adjustable base adds an industrial flair to spaces featuring such characteristics.
  • Two-in-one wall lamps: these wall lamps feature a sconce in addition to a flexible contemporary reading lamp below. They’re optimal for those who would like two lighting options—one for the room and one for close-up reading or work.

What are bedside reading lights typically made of?

The most common materials you’ll find regarding bedside reading lights are dependent upon the style of the lamp. For example, if you select a contemporary bedside wall light, they’ll typically be made from metal. The shades are where you’ll find the most variety when it comes to these reading lights. While this also depends on their style, under most circumstances, you’ll see them made from glass, fabric, or metal.

How to maintain bedside reading lights?

Here are some maintenance tips for different reading light materials:

  • Glass: maintaining glass shades requires regular dusting. Otherwise, they’ll begin looking grimy quickly as the lightbulb heats the surface. If grime does appear, clean the shade with a solution of warm water mixed with a mild detergent using a soft cloth.
  • Fabric: wipe down its surface carefully regularly with a soft cloth. If spots appear, gently rub them out using mild detergent and a soft cloth.
  • Metal: don’t use a spray cleaner on its surface. Instead, keep it dust-free and spot clean the shade with warm water.

What are the benefits of dimmer controls?

For those who are hard-wiring their bedside reading lights directly into the walls, consider the addition of dimmer switches. It isn't uncommon for the lighting in bedrooms to either be too harsh or too dark. Therefore, dimmer switches allow for optimal lighting control. That way, the task lighting at your bedside will always be set at a comfortable brightness. The addition of the dimmer switch also prevents the room from becoming too jarring when the lights go on after you’ve been asleep. The most significant challenge regarding these switches is selecting which kind of light bulb to use. The recommendation is to follow the instructions that come with the bedside reading lights or with the dimmer switch.


Bedside wall reading lights 26

If you’re looking for a handy solution which makes reading in bed a little bit easier in the evening, take a look at this crafty wall-mounted reading LED light with a bendable structure to easily personalize its shape.

Graceful cama led bedside reading light

Graceful Cama LED Bedside Reading Light

Bedside wall reading lights 1

Bedside wall mounted reading lamp. Nicely finished with dark brown/ black brass material. It has this distinguished look, that I adore. Very useful while reading at night. It suits siblings' bedrooms.

Flexiled ap wall light contardi flexiled ap wall lights ylighting

FlexiLED AP Wall Light & Contardi FlexiLED AP Wall Lights | YLighting Possible master bath reading light?

Bedside wall reading lights 1

wall mounted reading lights bedside

Automatic led bedside reading light

Automatic LED Bedside Reading Light

Bedside wall reading lights 25

This bedside sconce and reading light constitute a perfect choice for all, who like to read in their beds. Crafted from some high quality wood, it allows to save precious floor or table space.

Adjustable gooseneck double bedside reading wall lamp lamp shades

Adjustable Gooseneck Double Bedside Reading Wall Lamp -lamp-shades

The lighting collection ledlite led over bed wall reading light

... › The Lighting Collection LEDLITE led over bed wall reading light

Flexible spotlight wall rust world market guest room 1

Flexible Spotlight Wall, Rust | World Market-guest room

Perch Pharmacy Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Perch Pharmacy Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Bedside wall lamps for reading 1

Bedside Essentials: Warm industrial Wall Lamps

George''s Reading Room 2 Light Wall Sconce

George''s Reading Room 2 Light Wall Sconce

Bedside wall reading lights 20


Bedside wall light with flexible led reading light and 2

Bedside Wall Light with Flexible LED Reading Light and 2 Switches ...

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Reading light wall

Kant, estilizada luminaria de lectura diseñada por Jordi Ribaudí para Estiluz

Love the cream against the color of the wood planking

Love the cream against the color of the wood planking.

Bedside wall reading lights

11433 110 00 haysom interiors out of stock http www haysominteriors ...

Odyssey Task Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Odyssey Task Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Bedside wall reading lights 28

Arc Wall Lamp

Bedside wall reading lights

Chrome Bedside Wall Light With LED Reading Lamp

Bedside wall reading lights 4

Bedroom: Wall mount lighting for reading and some sort of bench/shelving at foot of bed to sliver out extra storage space.

Bedside wall reading lights 19

B L O O D A N D C H A M P A G N E . C O M: grey and white bedroom (What's that on the night table? Just asking...)

Astro park lane bedside wall reading light fabric shade optional

Astro Park Lane bedside wall reading light fabric shade optional 1W LED | eBay

Bedside wall reading lights 21

Bedside wall reading lights 2

Menlo Park 14" High Old Silver Wall Sconce -

Led wall reading lights

IKEA Fan Favorite: RANARP clamp spotlight. This stylish spotlight with adjustable head will add an industrial touch to any room.

Bedside wall reading lights 17

padded walls

Columbo Wall Lamp

Columbo Wall Lamp

Bedside wall reading lights 10

Tall Grey Headboard with Built In Industrial Lamp and Light Switch

Ikea Ranarp Clamp Spotlight Off-white

With this amazing wall lamp you can finally get enough functionality, since you can easily mount it to the wall or use as a clamp spotlight. It comes in a fabulous modern and contemporary design and the gold, black and white finish looks simply stunning.

Bedside wall reading lights 29

decorating with ladders as end table | Eight Bedside Vignettes | Apartment Therapy--Light mounted to ladder

Wall reading light

If you need to somehow organize the small living space you have then this is the wal to go. Now you can enjoy the storage compartments, compact bedside tables and hanging storage units, while never creating a cluttered look and feel.

Adjustable slim led bedside reading light in 4 finishes

Adjustable Slim LED Bedside Reading Light in 4 Finishes

Some bedside reading lamp designs for your home home

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Switched bedside reading light with pivoting led arm

Switched Bedside Reading Light with Pivoting LED Arm

How to choose bedside reading lights design necessities

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Best bedside reading lamp lighting for students

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Wall mounted bedroom reading lights astounding mount light

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Bedroom wall mounted task light dimmable bedside reading

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Bedside wall light with built in led reading light in

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Modern bedside wall lamp with reading light e2 contract

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