Bamboo Pendant Lamp

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Another terrific item in our eco friendly collection of bamboo products, we offer the ethically sourced and entirely sustainable bamboo pendant lamp. This strong and lightweight concept will not only show that you care about the environment but will illuminate your house in style. They come in many optional looks and we guarantee we have at least one that will look wonderful in your home.

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Updated 05/12/2022
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Stylish Bamboo Ceiling Lamp

Stylish Bamboo Ceiling Lamp

Bayou Breeze

Crafted from bamboo and natural rattan, this stylish lamp blends rustic and eclectic nautical styles. Each piece creates delightful shadows creating an enticing ambiance in the room. It’s the perfect accent piece for your kitchen breakfast counter.

Designer Advice:

This lamp will work well with a variety of decor styles, from boho to coastal or farmhouse, creating the perfect finishing touch. It can be used alone but looks great as a trio above a dining table or kitchen island. We love that you can adjust the height of each pendant to suit your interiors and create your desired design.

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Rustic Bamboo Ceiling Light

Rustic Bamboo Ceiling Light

Dakota Fields

Featuring a contemporary crisscross design on a round drum-style shade with curved edges, this eye-catching ceiling light is well-made and a sure showstopper. Crafted from rustic brown bamboo, it will add an element of nature to your space.

$293.99 $245.99

Designer Advice:

This Bamboo ceiling light has a very natural, almost rustic look to it which will give your home a warm, natural look. The shade diffuses a soft, warm light, making it a great choice for use in bedrooms or living areas where you want to relax.

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A Beautiful Bamboo Ceiling Lamp

A Beautiful Bamboo Ceiling Lamp

Bayou Breeze

Beautifully woven with premium bamboo, which embodies its toughness and wonderful natural texture. The gaps in the woven design cast a warm and soft glow creating a romantic aura. This ceiling light will look stunning hung in the living room. 

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Elegant Bamboo Pendant Light

Elegant Bamboo Pendant Light

Bay Isle Home™

Carefully handwoven from natural bamboo, this chandelier has an elegant yet retro finish. Beautifully unique with an open bottom bird cage design, this eye-catching light will cast a charming glow in any room of your home.

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Vintage Romance Bamboo Pendant Light

Vintage Romance Bamboo Pendant Light

Bay Isle Home™

Featuring a romantic, vintage-inspired design, this bamboo pendant light is a beautiful decorative piece for your setting. Carefully woven by hand, it will make a stunning focal point in any room of the house.

Designer Advice:

This unique bamboo pendant light will bring a warm and romantic glow to your setting. Featuring a creative yet elegant handmade design, this hanging lamp will look wonderful in your bedroom, living room, or entryway. With a 40-inch hanging chain, you can easily adjust the light to suit any room, making it a great choice for homes with vaulted ceilings.

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Bamboo Pendant Lamp

Buying Guide

Bamboo pendant lamps offer an attractive way to diffuse light and to mask utilitarian electric light bulbs. While Edison lamps might lend a certain air of antiquity, and candle flicker lights might imitate candlelight, most electric lighting benefits from an attractive shade.

While there are decorative light bulbs on the market, as well as energy savers, LED lamps and more, most electric light bulbs are singularly unattractive. A bamboo shade offers the means to tone down the bright, whiteness of LED lights, and to give warmth to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

Snare Drum Pendant Lamp

Bamboo shades do not have to be complex with unusual shapes. A simple snare drum-shaped shade will do the job, using a plain over and under weave. Available from a variety of sellers, these simple shades will cut down on glare, diffuse light so that it is more indirect – which helps to do away with shadows, and generally add to the aesthetics of your rooms.

Pear Pendant Wicker Lamp

If you are looking for a shade that will add a little interest to your light treatment without contributing immeasurably to the complexity of your room, a pear-shaped wicker lamp shade could be just the thing. It is, just as it sounds, a pendant lamp shade that is woven to be a little smaller at the top where it needs to fasten to the light’s suspension, then it bells out into a fat pear shape before retreating to a narrow opening at the base.

Discus Bamboo Light

The discus bamboo light is an interesting one. It has a sort of inverted hat centrally located small shade. From that center extends ellipsoidal bamboo spokes, creating a sort of discus-shaped outer shade. While perhaps not likely to become a conversation piece, it can be an excellent finish to a room that is depending upon textures and understatement to make a good impression.

Nordic Chandelier Restaurant Lighting

Capture the spirit of yesteryear with this attractive restaurant style Nordic chandelier. A double layer of wicker weave casts the light downward so that it shines on a table or similar surface rather than casting the light outward. The double layer has the effect of creating a finished bottom edge where inner and outer layers flow together.

Bamboo Rope Chandelier

Aaargh! Maties, ‘tis not the bulb we’re disguisin’ with this chandelier, it’s the wire. It’s hidden by a hemp rope and bamboo fiber that can be easily draped over a hanging pole or just about anywhere. The fixture is shipped without bulbs, due to the fragility of electric light bulbs of all kinds. You can use almost any decorative bulb with this setup, but it is especially attractive with Edison bulbs.

The Wicker Bubble

It would be remiss not to mention the round, ball-shaped wicker lamp shades, the ones that look like a basketball or a bubble suspended from the ceiling. They are a simple shade, often seen, but always attractive.

Best Ideas

Bamboo pendant lamp

The stunning combination of spatial styling made from bamboo details captivates you in a phenomenal pendant lamp. The whole will bring to the decor a unique atmosphere and a cozy breeze. Perfect for the living room.

Rattan pendant lamp

Pendant lamp in simple form. Round lampshade is made of bamboo and gives warm tone of light. Suitable as main or additional source of light in the living room, dining room and more.

Bamboo pendant lamp 4

bamboo pendant lamp

Exotic Elegance Sculptural Twist Form Spun Bamboo Ceiling Pendant Fixture.

Bamboo pendant lamp 1

A gorgeous pendant lamp that will transform your home into an exotic oasis, illuminating the whole area with soothing, warm light. Designed of durable bamboo, the lamp looks like a large drop, holding a cylindrical shade inside.

Bamboo pendant lamp 23

The lovely set of bamboo pendant lamps. A great idea to brighten your interior in the modern way. Try to compose it with white furniture and white and bamboo decorations to reach such an amazing effect.

Ikea bamboo lamp

It is made of bamboo, and it feels like it was a delicate shell - or wing of an exotic bird. This is the original chandelier of pendant lamp, composed of some interesting, delicate, not quite symmetrical - bright forms.

Bamboo pendant lamp 19

Bamboo Pendant Lamp - The Museum Shop of The Art Institute of Chicago 14"x20"diam. $238

Bamboo pendant lamp 20

handmade lamp from Bloomingville. originally used in Thailand as fish trap.

Bamboo pendant light

Characterized by durable Bamboo construction, those stylish pendant lights generate warm, soothing light - perfect for intimate gatherings. Each pendant boasts of its unique shape and fashionable lattice design.

Bamboo pendant lamp 22

Bamboo pendant light. A DIY, apparently. Simple oversized globe bulb on a white cord is enclosed in a bamboo cage, woven like a rattan basket. Need a cord set for this DIY challenge, but it should look cool in the end.

Bamboo pendant lighting

Characterized by durable Bamboo construction and natural finish, this amazing lamp oozes with its oriental charm and timeless elegance. The frame is consisted of 2 piece - 1 drum and 1 cylindrical, while being suspended from a white cord.

Bamboo pendant lamp 10

bamboo pendant lamp

Bamboo pendant lamp 1

Bamboo Pendant Light, Bodie and Fou

Bamboo pendant lamp 17

Bamboo pendant lamp from Bloomingville

Pendants 2


Wicker lamp shade ikea

Stylish and elegant bamboo pendant lamps are an excellent way to taste a tasteful interior. Beautiful details and a classic plait of lampshades captivate. The perfect solution for tasteful, slightly exotic interiors.

Bamboo pendant lamp

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