Glass Kitchen Pendant Lights


Pendant lamps in the kitchen are a great way to show style with a wonderful accent lighting piece. They are classy without being too overwhelming and they're met in a flight to illuminate the space the appropriate amount for a cooking area. And if you are looking for a way to use your lighting medium as part of your decor a glass kitchen pendant light is not a bad way to go. See collection for more.

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Our Picks

Glass kitchen pendant lights 1

The efficient design of these beautiful glass kitchen pendant light is a subtle yet stylish way to decorate the interior of modern design. Beautiful, irregular form of glass lampshade captivates and introduces a unique atmosphere to the decor.

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Glass kitchen pendant lights

An amazing improvement for your kitchen that will be shining like never before. Those pendant chandeliers hang on long white cords that are holding clear glass orbs accommodated with spiral crystals, giving a breathtaking effect even when the light is off.

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Clift Seeded Glass Pendants

Clift Seeded Glass Pendants

The delicately spotted molded glass texture and slightly greenish color distinguish these hanging glass kitchen pendant lights shades in the background of the others. They are suspended on a round peak and a black string.

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Clift Seeded Glass Pendant

Clift Seeded Glass Pendant

A modern, wide pendant light for the kitchen. Ethereal glass ensures it illuminates the entire kitchen. It’s oversized, which makes it even more interesting – maybe it could even fit a modern, minimalistic kitchen?

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Glass kitchen pendant lights 2

Arranging the last seasons is the bullet glass kitchen pendant light. Made of transparent or matt glass - just like this set of spherical lamps hanging on black cables. The glass takes on different colors. From transparent, through transparent green or orange.

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Glass pendant lighting for kitchen

An excellent addition for contemporary and modern kitchens that will be shining with clean lines and aesthetic appearance. This carafe pendant light is beautifully shaped and made of clear glass, with a black nylon rope and polished nickel hardware.

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Glass pendant lighting for kitchen 4

A captivating set of 3 pendant lights for contemporary and modern kitchens. Each of those plump beauties is shaped like a large drop of water and made of hand-blown blue opaline glass, hanging on a strong black cord.

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Clift Seeded Glass 8 Light Cluster Pendant

Clift Seeded Glass 8 Light Cluster Pendant

These kitchen pendant lights have the glass shades, eight lights, rectangular canopy shapes, and black fabric cords. The bronze finish steel makes them industrial and contemporary.

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Glass kitchen pendant lights

With these exquisite glass cone pendant lights your kitchen will gain immense visual appeal and become a decor worthy of those presented in catalogues. It sports the distressed, glossy silver finish and is a charming choice for any space.

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Industrial Pendant Glass

Industrial Pendant Glass

If you aren't fan of old-fashioned luxurious chandeliers, this minimalistic, but elegant hanging lamp will be very good choice for you. It is hanged of chain and has lampshade made of glass and inspired with wine chalice.

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Glass Kitchen Pendant Lights

Buying Guide

Glass kitchen pendant lights are an elegant addition to any home, but it's essential to choose the right size for your space. They come in many designs and sizes, and while there’s no specific guide to tell you which size suits your kitchen best, there are a few tips for hanging your lights.

When selecting your pendant lights, the light’s size should be equal to the space between the rest of the pendant lights. For example, if you have a pendant that is 20” in diameter, the distance between fixtures should also be 20” so they appear evenly spaced.

When hanging, the bottom of the pendant should be roughly 32-36” off the countertop. Following these simple measurements allows your glass pendant lights to be a focal point in your kitchen.

Glass kitchen pendant lights are an attractive way to create a welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen. However, their effect is diminished when your pendant lights become dulled by dust, grease, or food splatters. Aim to clean your pendant lights by dusting them once per week, and give them a more thorough cleaning every 5 to 6 months.

For the weekly cleaning, turn off the lights and allow the bulbs to cool down. Then, use a duster or cloth to remove dust from the glass fixture and bulbs. Wipe down other surfaces if needed. For a deeper clean, turn off the light source. Once the bulbs have cooled, take apart your pendant lights. Using warm water and glass-safe soap, wash the lights with a soft cloth. Wipe down the bulbs without touching the metal base, then dry everything completely and hang them back up.

Glass kitchen pendant lights are timeless and never go out of style. These elegant light fittings provide a grand feel to any kitchen, working well in contemporary and rustic farmhouse interior decors.

Glass kitchen pendant lights come in various styles, such as transparent or opaque white pendant lights with shades in classic shapes like bell, orb, or drum for an updated look.

Black or chrome hardware and fixtures offer a longer-lasting style than brass, copper, or natural fibers, like rope, as they can be more easily incorporated with a broader range of décor styles.

Best Ideas

Paxton glass 3 light pendant 1

Pendant lamp for kitchen, dining room and more. Lampshade is made of recycled glass. Received a lot of positive recommendations from clients for modern design and high quality.

2 light pendant fixture 1

The unique and very simple glass pendant lighting for the kitchen is a perfect combination of unique style and functionality. Beautiful construction with a rich greenish shade creates a very impressive addition to the kitchen.

Linea di Liara Nicola Medium Round One-Light Stem Hung Pendant Lamp, Chrome with Crackled Lustrous Pearl Glass Shade LL-P416-LP

This glass pendant light constitutes a fabulous proposition for one's kitchen or dining room. Finished in chrome with crackled lustrous pearl glass shade creates a magical illuminating experience.

Glass pendant lights suit countertops tabletops and bars

Glass Pendant Lights suit countertops, tabletops, and bars.

Kichler 42046 Everly Single-Bulb Indoor Pendant with Clear Glass Shade,

This sublime indoor pendant lights with the clear glass shades will easily and instantly compliment any interior and room of your home, from the kitchen to the living room. They provide plenty of light and have a rustic feel about them.

Colored seeded glass pendants

Colored Seeded Glass Pendants

Clear glass pendant lights for kitchen island

clear glass pendant lights for kitchen island

Glass kitchen lights

A gorgeous 3-light pendant that will shed some warm light into your contemporary home. It boasts of colorful design, featuring 3 hand-blown glass pendants that hang on a beautiful, metal base in a satin nickel finish.

Glass kitchen pendant lights 10

Beautifully embellishing any kitchen, providing a fresh, modern touch, this set of pendant lights will lighten up any space! Made from handblown glass, they will create a wonderful glow.

Lighting fixtures these traditional pendants hangs in a kitchen above

... lighting fixtures. These traditional pendants hangs in a kitchen above

Glass kitchen pendant lights 18

Love this...adapt any ceiling can light without a call to the electrician. Apparently, it's as easy as screwing in a lightbulb.

Kichler Lighting 65407 Crystal Ball 1LT Mini-Pendant, Brushed Nickel Finish with Clear Art Glass Shade

Glass pendant lighting for kitchen 1

The phenomenal pendant lighting for the kitchen is an excellent way to have an original and very pleasant interior look. Solid steel construction and beautiful glass details create a unique composition that captivates.

Clear glass globe pendant 2

Clear Glass Globe Pendant