Bathroom Night Light


If you need to hit the bathroom in the middle of the night, the last thing you want to do is turn on that blinding light. But going to the bathroom in the dark has its own list of challenges. How bout a night light instead? Bathroom night lights give the room a soft glow, so you won't hurt your eyes, but can still see the toilet, preventing some nasty possibilities.

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iForm Motion Sensor Bath Vanity Night Light

iForm Motion Sensor Bath Vanity Night Light

Night light for all kinds of interior as needed. It is mounted in plastic frame with convenient handle. Handy gadget for each home.

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kohler Nightlight toilet seat 2 Best New Products from IBS & KBIS 2014

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Night light no outlet

NightGlow Toilet Seat. We need these in every bathroom! Nothing irritates me more than having to turn the light on when I get up in the middle of the night to piss. TOO BRIGHT!

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Bathroom night light

Run rope lighting along the bathroom vanity toekick for a soft ambient night-light. Estimated cost: SuperBright's 2-foot strand, about $8; LAMPS PLUSiles $14 each; Pewabic Pottery

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So you can make a twilight atmosphere the most exclusive

So you can make a twilight atmosphere. | The Most Exclusive Hotel Room In The World: Inside Disneys Cinderella's Castle!!! I would die happy if I could spend a week in this Suite. It is fucking AMAZING!!!

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Bathroom night light 3

bathroom night lights design

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New bathroom fan speaker blue led night light awesome

New bathroom fan/speaker/blue LED night light. Awesome ...

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Bathroom night light contemporary bathroom other

Bathroom Night Light - Contemporary - Bathroom - other ...

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16 9 8 colors led toilet bathroom night light motion

16 9 8 Colors LED Toilet Bathroom Night Light Motion ...

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16 color motion activated toilet light night toilet light

16-Color Motion Activated Toilet Light Night Toilet Light ...

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Bathroom Night Light

Buying Guide

Motion sensor bathroom night lights are designed to work between dusk and dawn. For daytime illumination, you need to purchase sensor night lights that allow an adjustment to specify working all day.

Night lights most often use photocells to power the light on and off. Photocells are responsible for detecting natural light and switching light capability on just after the sun sets. When combined with motion detectors, the light does not automatically come on at dusk. Instead, a motion will trigger the light to come on, and it will stay lit, usually between 60-90 seconds.

Motion sensor night lights with adjustable features allow you to set the amount of time they stay on when motion is detected. This can range anywhere from five seconds to ten minutes. You can also adjust the timing to allow the motion sensors to work throughout the day in many models. As a result, lights will come on in your bathroom any time during the day or night, perfect for dimly lit bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements.

Bathroom night lights are generally safe as long as the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions are followed. You can also take precautions to ensure a higher level of safety both before installing and during their use.

Review all instructions for use provided by the manufacturer. Follow these instructions carefully and consider any warnings provided. Also, avoid using a bathroom night light that appears damaged even if it’s new.

Place your bathroom night light in a dry location. Most night lights are not designed to be watertight, so they won’t do well in overly damp bathrooms. Always select standard electrical outlets to plug a bathroom night light into.

Check your night lights regularly and look for any burn marks on the plug or socket. Notice if it is overly hot or makes a crackling or buzzing sound. If so, consider replacing it.

LED bathroom night lights can last for up to 10 years. Conversely, a night light that uses an incandescent bulb won’t perform as well as its LED counterpart.

Needless to say, the price will also determine its durability. Cheaper models have a shorter endurance than upscale night lights, are very hot to the touch, and will need a frequent replacement which will cost you more money over time. To avoid replacing your night light every 3 months, consider investing in a high-quality design that’s safe and efficient.

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