Beehive Light Fixture


This compilation will provide you with a lot of food for thought when it comes to light fixtures. In case you would like to have one of these elements, we encourage you to spend here all the time that you want, and see if any of them would fit into your house well.

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Our Picks

The hive half gallon mason jar pendant

The hive half gallon mason jar pendant

Unique pendant lamp with glass jar lampshade. It is covered with linen string and gives warm tone of light. Suitable as main or extra source of light in all kinds of interiors according to taste.

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Maskros pendant lamp contemporary pendant lighting

Maskros pendant lamp contemporary pendant lighting

Bring natural intonation to your space while taking advantage of high end modern design. Earthy hues that echo wooden interior accents may be accomplished with iron matched with bronze and gold finish, and so are these pedant light fixtures.

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Beehive light fixture 35

Anthropologie - Mesh Beehive Pendant

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Bamboo pendant light 1

This bamboo cloud light is carefully handmade by Thai artisans using non-traditional bamboo weaving techniques used by fisherman. A great way to add an exotic, oriental vibe to the space.

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Bamboo lighting fixtures

Now that’s a modern light fixture! It resembles a beehive and was made from bamboo wood. Given how fast bamboo grows, it’s also entirely eco-friendly. A perfect addition to any modern or contemporary house.

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Spring Weave Beehive 1 Light Mini Pendant

Spring Weave Beehive 1 Light Mini Pendant

Unique net design with a single light and thick chain hanging makes this mini pendant fit in with industrial decor more than other fixtures. The finish of this piece is silver, with a stylishly weathered look.

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Beehive light fixture 5

The Hive - Set of 3 - Half Gallon Quart Sized Mason Jar Pendant Lights - UpCycled Handcrafted BootsNGus Lighting Fixture Wrapped in Rope

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Cardboard lights i have seen these and they are even

cardboard lights: I have seen these and they are even more impressive than you can imagine.

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Beehive light fixture

Ceiling light fixture in the form of a beehive. This element provides a natural looking accent into the house. Its attractive yellow color enhances aesthetics of the room and of course this element provides good illumination at night.

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Beehive light fixture 1

Pendant lamp with beehive stylization. This mesh construction looks very stylish and provides protection to a light bulb. Aluminum construction is durable, but not very heavy. It decorates and illuminates indoors.

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Best Ideas

One Light Wall Sconce with Beehive Metal Shade in Bronze

Beehive 3 Light Foyer Pendant

Beehive 3 Light Foyer Pendant

Three-light foyer lamp. The pendant is made of transparent glass and shaped as a globe. When lit, it reflects your ceiling or walls pattern/decor. Beautiful and very easy to install. Wonderful for a foyer or any other room.



Beehive light fixture features a great pendant lampshade, that is exquisitely romantic and unique It is made of natural porcelain stoneware cream that allows the light to gently cross and sheds the sunset around it.

Flying Elf Suspended Light Fixture

Flying Elf Suspended Light Fixture

Linear suspended light. Six lights with xenon type bulbs. Made of metal and opal glass. Ideal for a kitchen or dining room, contemporary style and matching most decors. Also great for lighting a kitchen island.

Beehive light fixture 15

marble top island table + sage and cream palette + rope pendants in paneled kitchen design by The Iron Gate Interiors

Beehive light fixture 11

Beehive light fixtures loVe these.

Beehive light fixture 33

Pinecone? Beehive? Light fixture!

Beehive light fixture 8

Beehive 1-Light Chandelier on

Beehive light fixture 23

White kitchen with lots of straw colors, love the chandeliers

Beehive light fixture 28

Have table and bench, just need two more chairs or stools like these.

Office fine that it is only one light because wed

Office fine that it is only one light because we'd also have desk lamps. Selamat Vineyard 1 Light Beehive Chandelier

Beehive light

Old vents as light fixtures - fabulous. And I love everything else too.

Beehive light fixture 12

A charming light fixture in the shape of a beehive. A wicker-like material features a thick structure which will give subtle, romantic light. It can be a rustic element of contemporary and traditional interiors.

Beehive light fixture 20

So many questions... Would they rot eventually? What about all the dust in the cracks? And of course, is it possible to crash them together?