Lantern Wall Sconce

For a wall sconce that will accent your home in a classical sense, perhaps a Lantern wall sconce is the way to. Please come in many styles, but everyone is made of the finest materials, and we think we might just have the wall sconce for you in this lovely collection. Take a look and tell us what you think. You may have trouble picking out just one.

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Taylor indoor outdoor scone

Taylor indoor outdoor scone
This lantern wall sconce can be a real bargain for vintage or retro enthusiasts. Big, transparent lampshade, made from mouthblown glass and steel crafted, bronze finish will bring new character to all type of houses, from Cape Cods to shingled bungalows.

Metal Lantern Wall Sconce Rustic Industrial Antique Vintage Shabby Unique Chic

Metal Lantern Wall Sconce Rustic Industrial Antique Vintage Shabby Unique Chic
Such a universal lantern wall sconce, looks great and illuminates walls of the room or patio. Metal candelstick holder has an industrial, slightly rusted look on the interiors.Thanks to the black metal construction it is easy to hang it and put a candle in it.

Farmhouse chic eclectic entry charlotte

Farmhouse chic eclectic entry charlotte
This set of large outdoor wall lanterns evokes associations with the 19th century. They match perfectly with a cottage style front porch, represented i.e. by double, wooden doors or big, metal flowerbeds.

Indoor lantern wall sconce

Made from wrought iron, this pair of lanterns combines smoothly with the recycled wooden boards they are attached to. A gorgeous proposition for your bedroom or living room, especially if you are a fan of boho or rustic decors.

Pottery barn taylor sconce

First of all - that is the easiest in the world decorative item to do with your own hands. Chick lantern wall sconce - are simply two panels of wood, in shabby style with dark brown shadows.Together with iron holders they take care of glass pots with candles.

Hanging lantern wall sconce

You can add style and warmth to your home with outdoor wall lanterns sconce.Just remember how the cowboys in the films go with such a lantern, with a brown finish, to discover the secrets - and solve them in your home by decorating the wall with warm light.

Lantern wall sconce

An antique lighting fixture in a timeless design of a lantern. It features a matte glass lamp and an extra bottom lamp, which makes it a perfect option for a library or office space. It offers metal shades with a rustic look.

Our advice Buying Guide

Lantern wall sconces were a practical way to put a candle lantern or oil lantern above room activity where it cast the best light and was less likely to be jostled or knocked over. The arrangement continued to be a practical lighting solution with the advent of piped-in gas lighting. Even electrical lighting works well positioned above and to the side of interior room activity. With so much history behind them, lantern wall sconces have had time to evolve into designs that are both beautiful and practical.

What are the most popular designs of lantern wall sconces?

Candle Lantern Wall Sconce

A candle lantern is a practical solution to emergency lighting and for camping. Candles are easy to operate, being simply a fuel source and a wick. They do have some drawbacks, however. They are an open flame, which makes it easy to set things on fire and they can be blown out by a strong wind. Placing the candle inside a protective glass case keeps it from flickering with every passing breeze. Hanging the candle lantern in a matching wall sconce makes it a reasonably safe light source for a family or a scout troop since that makes a protected place for the light source. More than that, candle lanterns that have a matching wall sconce, such as the Mariana Lantern Wall Sconce are a beautiful addition to your interior decorating scheme. You don’t need to wait for an emergency to use them; they can be part of the ambiance for a romantic evening.

Gate Post Lantern Wall Sconces

A lantern wall sconce has long been a traditional staple for gated entries or porticos. They can easily fit on a mortared rock gate post and provide a shining beacon into the night. Their only drawback is that candle lanterns or even oil lanterns eventually need refueling. Photovoltaic solar lanterns are the perfect solution. They can run on batteries that are powered up during the day and that respond to a timer that will turn them on at dusk. The electric candles inside traditional coach-house lamp frames create a beacon that can easily guide the wayward traveler home.

Reflective Candelabra Socket

Reflective wall sockets were designed to cast the light from a candle or oil lamp back into the room. The principle works just as well with an electric bulb. When the socket is fitted with a faux candle flame bulb, especially the ones that flicker to simulate a natural flame, the polished panel behind the bulb serves the same purpose today as it might have done in an ancient keep.

What are some examples of quality lantern wall sconces available on the market?

The Kichler 1 Light Outdoor Sconce

The Kichler 1 Light Outdoor Sconce is unabashedly modern. With no nod at all to historical shapes, the frosted cylinder provides protection for an electric light bulb. Its soft light is perfect for that dark space just outside a back door, or it could even be paired to flank a front door.

The Forsyth

One of the difficult parts of dealing with modern lighting is glare. The Forsyth extra large wall sconce takes care of this problem. The dark curve of the sconce hides the bulb behind it, but the illumination floods out over the top of the sconce.


Fisherman wall sconce

A homely arrangement of a living room. It features a cushioned window seating and a cozy armchair in an ivory color. Light, neutral colors are dominant here, but a black cabinet and wall lanterns also match.

Porch lanterns hanging 1

Use these porch hanging lanterns as a decoration for Christmas, Halloween, birthday, anniversary and other special occasions. They are made of wrought iron, glass and white twinkle lights.

Console tables rustic

Bring back memories of coach houses and frontier inns with these hanging candle-lanterns. Black wall brackets hold glass chimneys that are supported by a flat base and black wire hangers. Where real candles aren’t advisable, battery candle lights will do.

Solar candle lanterns

Candle lantern designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of glass and fitted with iron frame. Adds freshness and elegance to each outdoor place. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Lantern style indoor wall sconces

An antique lantern sconce for an outdoor use. It features a metal structure with curved ornaments and a transparent glass shade. It will give bright and warm light, which will an eye-catching element of the interior.

Porch lanterns hanging 9

A truly beautiful and immensely charming set of four mason jars with luminary lantern lids that will light up your patio or garden just immensely well. It can be spruced up with candles and will provide amazing warmth.

Porch hanging lantern

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that someone buy or make this hanging porch lanterns for their home. These lights are made of glass jars, and they look incredibly beautiful.

Paneling l anne decker architects selected works renovations tudor renovation

Paneling l Anne Decker Architects | Selected Works | Renovations | Tudor Renovation..Nierman Weeks wall sconce's

Porch candle lanterns

These stocking hanging lights for outdoor and indoor, are the balloons filled with water and flow light inside. They are sophisticated enough to really dress up my home, without making it too formal.

Wall flower holder

With its rich, wooden finishing and annular-legs shape, this console table embodies all the best features of a traditional, classic design. It features 2 convenient storage drawers and an impressively large bottom shelf.

Verano outdoor wall sconce

A fab bathroom in a rustic design. It features an elegant sink base with a marble top and black, wooden cabinet. Some old-fashioned acessories, such as light sconces on the wall or a wooden frame of the mirror, create the atmosphere of the old world.

Rustic candle sconces these would work well on the wall

rustic candle sconces, these would work well on the wall in the screen room

Small patio ideas for your outdoor space home improvement blog

Small Patio Ideas for Your Outdoor Space - Home Improvement Blog – The Apron by The Home Depot

Wall sconces 15

wall sconces

The old village lantern gas or electric the charleston collection

The Old Village Lantern — Gas or Electric | The Charleston Collection Lanterns | Carolina Lanterns

Lantern wall sconce

This set of lantern wall sconces will provide you a classic charm and warmth, known from the traditional French or English interiors. The sconces beautifully frame the characteristic French doors.

Porch lanterns hanging 17

This set of hanging porch lanterns enchants with the colourful finish, providing a positive, welcoming ambiance from the very first moments. Made from large coffee cans, shows how cool upcycling can be.

Love the glass front cabinet and the lantern as long

Love the glass front cabinet and the lantern- as long as it can clear the cabinet door when opened :/ Sorry, I notice everything :/

Rustic lantern wall mounted light - Large Rustic

Collections Etc - Antique-Look Solar Hanging Door Lantern

Beautiful antique style solar LED lamp for outdoor. It has a bronze-finished metal frame with scrolls, a hexagonal base and a grooved cap with a ring to hang on walls. Sides are of glass plates. It's 1 AA battery-powered and switches automatically.

Rustic candle wall sconces

Those two rustic wall candle holders will bring intimate atmosphere to your home, which you can use for romantic dinners for two. They are attached to weathered wood planks with a strong chain that holds a clear glass jar hurricane.

Large outdoor wall lights 10

Another cute wall sconce for rustic nursery theme

Lantern wall sconce

Vintage 3 Light Wall Sconce by Troy Lighting

Exterior benches 6

As seen on HGTV's Fixer Upper

Lantern wall sconce indoor

A traditional approach to a mid-home foyer with old-fashioned scones decorating the side walls and the entrance to the hallway. The walls are all painted in a cream color and the room is finished off with ornate columns.

Lantern wall sconce 8

Home from Fixer Upper / Joanna Gaines

Porch lanterns hanging 2

Trying to find the easy manner for create something unique? We suggest you these hanging porch lanterns with candles. They are made of glass jars with small stones inside.

Lantern wall sconce 3

Pretty outdoor lantern wall sconce, with classic pocket lantern design (arched top) and fine darkened copper finish. Houses two lights. Delivers a vintage, aged look you might need if you wish to introduce colonial style vibes around.

Indoor lantern sconce

Magical wall lantern made from brass. It contains hangers which you can use to hang it on your entrance wall. Two electric candles provide it with light anytime you want it. Perfect for large outdoor walls.

19th century inspired piece the rustic lantern wall sconce

, 19th century-inspired piece, the Rustic Lantern Wall Sconce ...

Painted console

The chunky console for the front hall. The sculptural columns connect the hard stone countertop with the base. Such a piece of furniture could be used as a place for some brick-á-braces or, depending of the light, place for home plants.

Porch lanterns hanging 7

Illuminate your home and garden for the springtime, so that the light will welcome the guests from far away from your patio, where iron black porch lanterns hanging with traditional, slightly circular shapes.

Lantern wall sconce 2

Bronze, Copper and Mica Dragon Sconce and Wall light bracket. Circa 1890

Porch lanterns hanging

These porch hanging lanterns are colorful and funny. They features the rope and nylon structure. They are a beautiful addition on parties and many other occassions.

Outdoor Wall Lantern

Outdoor Wall Lantern

Porch lanterns hanging 1

These hanging porch lanterns are colorful with rustic look. The different shapes and structures create the unique and lovely atmosphere in any outdoor space. If you looking for high quality lanterns, you have to choose these.

Outdoor living room furniture

I want to have the same porch at my outside zone! I love these hanging lanterns with violet color and the sectional sofa with cushioned seats and wicker rattan construction. The creamy and violet colors crate the striking and inviting place.

Porch lanterns hanging

The captivating decor of the interior during the holidays makes the whole look incredibly impressive. Beautiful porch lanterns hanging from the ceiling add all the coziness and delight. The perfect solution for any interior.

Depot sconce 69 at pottery barn kids for the wall

Depot Sconce; $69 at Pottery Barn Kids. For the wall above the top bunk for a reading light. J thinks this looks like the lights on a pirate ship.

Shelfrustic shelf primitive decor wall by mockingbirdprimitive 18 00

shelfRustic Shelf primitive decor wall by mockingbirdprimitive, $18.00

Lantern wall sconce 3

Rustic Lantern Wall Sconce

Designers Fountain 1751-RT Nantucket 1-Light Outdoor Onion Wall Lantern, Rustique Finish with Seedy Glass

Corner sconces

A rustic bathroom arrangement in an old-fashioned design. It features a wooden sink base with a distressed finish and a matching framed mirror. A pair of antique lanterns add to a character of the old world.