Oyster Shell Chandelier


For a chandelier that is different, yet very elegant, an oyster shell chandelier is a nice way to accent a home, and complement your existing decorative them, even if your motif isn't nautical. They are well-made, crafted from only the finest materials, and are easy to install in any space. Look through this collection and see what we have in store for you.

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Our Picks

Oyster shell chandelier 31

This ingenuine chandelier owes its peculiarity thanks to the use of oysters, combine with a wrought iron frame. This simple yet beautiful light fixture is a celebration of nature at its best, suiting greatly beach houses or summer cottages.

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Original chandelier for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Round frame is fitted with oyster shells. Adds freshness and modernity to each room.

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Oyster shell chandelier 30

That's a truly unique chandelier that features a wooden, rectangular structure with an extraordinary lamp shade made of countless oyster shells that dangle randomly from the base. It's a perfect lamp for a dining area in a beach house.

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Oyster shell chandelier 52

High-quality chandelier built from a series of oyster shells and finished in superb coastal-inspired white-creamy shades. The chandeliers look quite rugged too and come with a nice lampshade shape too. They are perfectly suited for your kitchen Island or dining room.

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Oyster shell chandelier 36

Impressive oyster shell chandelier designed to grab attention and double up as a bold conversation starter. The chandelier has a nontraditional design and comes with an extra-large lampshade, neatly fitted around a large and rugged shell for excellent style.

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Oyster shell chandelier 32

A cool rustic chandelier featuring a unique semi-oval lampshade with a metal frame plastered with size-varied oyster shells in creamy tones. It has a quite wide top edge, a bottom ball finial and hangs on a chain.

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Oyster chandelier 3

When I was a little girl, I loved collecting seashells. If I had this chandeleir, I would die from happiness! This cool, wonderful oyster shell chandelier is super tall and huge! Ideally suits large, open spaces!

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Marshcourt oyster shell chandelier 1

Marshcourt Oyster Shell Chandelier

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Oyster shell chandelier finally a way to use all of

Oyster Shell chandelier....finally a way to use all of Shawn's shells ...

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Oyster shell chandelier 34

Unique and quirky look for an ornamental ceiling chandelier made in an aquatic style. The chandelier is decorated with numerous seashells of a wide variety, all in a beige color, and is fitted with a couple of dried starfish at the top.

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Oyster Shell Chandelier

Buying Guide

An oyster shell chandelier is a unique addition to your dining room or front entryway that will undoubtedly have guests talking. It’s easy to care for if you follow a few simple steps.

These hand-crafted chandeliers can look great in any elegant home, especially a coastal property. They’re easy to maintain because all the oysters in a shell chandelier are thoroughly cleaned and dried before they’re incorporated into the piece. Once the chandelier is in your home, all you have to do is prevent the oyster shells from becoming dusty or dirty.

When you clean your dining area or front entryway either weekly or bi-weekly, simply use a gentle feather duster or soft, clean rag to remove any dust particles that have gathered on the chandelier. If ever you’re doing a more thorough clean, you might choose to use a slightly damp, lint-free cloth to remove any build-up from the chandelier.

Oyster shell chandeliers can match rustic, contemporary, or modern decor depending on the color and style of the chandelier. Oyster shells with a rougher and more natural appearance will work best with a rustic or beach-themed room that needs a hint of additional texture. However, avoid unpolished oyster shells for larger chandeliers since their rugged texture might overwhelm the fixture’s design.

Polished oyster shell chandeliers work best with modern or contemporary decor. Due to oyster shells’ silver tint and sheen, they add a beautiful hint of contrast and visual interest in rooms with dark-colored furniture. They may also work well in a contemporary room with light yellow and blue colors, reminiscent of a coastal scene.

Best Ideas

Rectangle chandelier 1

Rectangle Chandelier

Oyster shell chandelier 37

Beautiful oyster shell chandelier for any home! #shopBM

Oyster shell chandelier 38

A bold proposition for those, who like eclectic decors. Distinguish your living space with this fabulous double drum oyster chandelier, of course using only the empty shells. A great way to add some cool, nautical vibe to the room.

Shell chandelier 2

Old-fashioned chandelier with lacquered shells and decorative pebbles. It has iron durable frame. Stylish chandelier is stylized to medieval. This decoration makes every interior more beauty and elegant.

Oyster shell chandelier 48

How about this oyster shell chandelier? Seen on the Newport Harbor home and garden tour last week.

Oyster shell lighting

Those who have spent their lives gathering seashells over the ocean - can use them to create such a beautiful, unconventional chandelier that consists of fairly even, clear oyster shells.They fall on straps,from a longitudinal structure made of wrought iron.

Oyster shell chandelier brings the vacation vibe home more

Oyster shell chandelier, brings the vacation vibe home! More

Oyster shell chandelier 1

All those years spent on shells will pay off if we invest in such a chandelier project. Its traditional iron construction can be shaken from head to foot with oyester shells that remind us of the ocean with its buzz.

Natural oyster shell chandelier 36 w x 20 d x

Natural Oyster Shell Chandelier (36"w x 20"d x 20"h)

How to make a seashell chandelier

Oyster shell chandelier that looks amazing in this scenery. Would look cool with smaller version of this back porch. Love this farm house style with wooden elements and amazing atmosphere. Simple and comfortable.

Oyster shell chandelier 55

Being an exquisitely original proposition, this oyster chandelier will look fabulous in all coastal themed interiors. Its bold design will boost the overall appeal of your summer house.,

Oyster shell chandelier 33

Fabulous ouster shell chandelier. It literally delivers a perfect finishing accent in this carefully-curated dining nook. It beautifully echoes the color of the wooden ceiling and old gold taffeta curtains.

Oyster shell chandelier 40

Crazy for Capiz Shell light fixtures...see more!

Seashell lighting chandeliers

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