Round Candle Chandeliers

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Evoking the atmosphere of mysterious palaces, the striking black iron ring and the warm candle glow of a round candle chandelier give it an inherent manor-like appeal that silently screams of old-world luxury. The great news is you can have this piece of elegance in your home too. Aside from black metal frames, there are tons of selections for circle candle chandeliers out there waiting for you. If you’re not sure where to start, let our designers illuminate the way.

10 Recommendations and 134 Ideas

Updated 22/12/2022
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Rustic Chandelier Design

Rustic Chandelier Design

Loon Peak®

With stylized deer horn accents and drip-style socket covers, this piece really does look like a real candle chandelier. The antlers provide a decorative frame that partly conceals the distressed brass ring connecting six candle holders.

Designer Advice:

The rugged appeal of this chandelier will bring an exotic appeal to interiors with a manor, cottage-style, farmhouse, or traditional style. It can also serve as statement accent lighting to bohemian, maximalist, and eclectic style spaces especially when the antlers are painted with a more vibrant color or paired with a colorful patterned area rug. 

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Wagon Chandelier

Wagon Chandelier


Combining modern and industrial style in a circle candle chandelier, this piece features 12 candelabra bulbs arranged in an oversized ring. Its frame is made in metal, available in 11 finishes, held together by four down rods.

Designer Advice:

For a well-proportioned look, we recommend installing this stunning chandelier in large areas or those with high ceilings. And with a canopy mount, you can also use this piece conveniently in sloped ceilings. It’s also possible to pair the bulbs with a dimmer so you can easily change the look of your home from bright and vibrant to moody and intimate. 

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Globe Chandelier

Globe Chandelier

17 Stories

Nestled in a spherical crisscross of bent metal rods is this round pillar candle chandelier. The frame’s antique bronze color stunningly complements the translucent cylindrical glass shades, resulting in an ethereal piece that is both traditional and contemporary.

$529.99 $559.99

Designer Advice:

The chandelier’s dimensions make it versatile for both compact and large spaces. Cool white bulbs will give this piece a modern appeal, but we highly recommend pairing them with warm white bulbs. The intimate lighting effect, along with the shadows created by the metal frame, will bring a romantic visual impact to any room it is installed in.  

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Two Tier Chandelier

Two Tier Chandelier


This chandelier with light that looks like candles will make a statement in your home. Showcasing 20 bulbs, this piece is crafted in metal and painted with a distressed finish, available in ten different color selections.  

$379.99 $579.99

Designer Advice:

Create a vintage vibe in your home by using the candle bulbs or you can also replace them with slim stick bulbs for a minimalist appeal. For a distinct look, substitute the candle sleeves with other types of socket covers. We highly recommend getting those with a drip candle design to give your chandelier a dramatic and theatrical twist. 

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Modern Candle Chandelier

Modern Candle Chandelier

A minimalist interpretation of the candle chandelier, this one follows a geometric sunburst style with two types of rod lengths that radiate from the center. Made of metal in brass and nickel finish, it accommodates eight candle bulbs.

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Compact Chandelier

Compact Chandelier

Made with a weathered wood finish, this open-framed lantern showcases a distinct quatrefoil silhouette. In the center, you will find a five-piece candle pendant light arrangement held together by bent metal stems and a central ball connector.

Designer Advice:

Ideal for small spaces such as the foyer, powder room, or breakfast nook. We also recommend getting multiple pieces of this item, organized in a straight line to light up kitchen counters and long dining tables. Its shabby chic finish and vintage design will look great in interiors that have a farmhouse or bohemian style. 

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Empire Style Chandelier

Empire Style Chandelier

Lark Manor™

Available in different finishes and multiple candle light fixture configurations, this exquisite chandelier is a statement piece in both large and compact rooms. Its frame is constructed in metal and highlights sweeping arms that hold the candle lights. 

$81.99 $101

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Drum Chandelier

Drum Chandelier

Open-framed with latticed ovals, this drum-style chandelier exudes a French country aesthetic brought about by its distressed metal finish. With five sockets, you can use these candle chandeliers to light up your living and dining areas.

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Shabby Chic Chandelier

Shabby Chic Chandelier

Featuring a metal wagon-wheel design in distressed gray wood finish, this round chandelier with candles undeniably belongs to the farmhouse style. Its piece de resistance is the arrangement of draped ropes that hang from six candle holders.

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Mid Century Chandelier

Mid Century Chandelier

Natural brass paired with slim silhouettes makes this candle chandelier a sophisticated lighting fixture worthy of the spotlight. Its sculptural form features six candle lights held together by rods that radiate from a central base.

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Round Candle Chandeliers

Buying Guide

  • One of the most important things to know before installing any ceiling light is the amount of headroom available in the planned location. The lowest portion of the lamp should be at least seven feet above the floor unless it will hang over a permanently placed fixture such as a countertop or table. This prevents tall guests or family members from bumping their heads on the lamp.
  • The other extremely important thing to know is what sort of structure is available to support the weight of the chandelier. This is especially cogent with large chandeliers, such as the wagon wheel designs. Such lights need to be affixed to a sturdy beam or ceiling joist, not to the fragile struts of a dropped ceiling or similar support.
  • Finally, unless a family member has credentials as an electrician, it’s a good idea to get your new light professionally installed. That way, you will have someone who can take care of details such as not overloading circuits or whether you want a dimmer switch or a regular one.

Chandeliers come in a broad range of styles, so it is easy to find a chandelier to complement your taste and aesthetics. Some of the most popular styles include:


Crystal chandeliers add glamor to any room as the crystal reflects and refracts the light creating mesmerizing light patterns. Chandeliers made from authentic crystal are usually expensive and require a lot of care and maintenance.

Crystal chandeliers are best suited to traditionally styled homes but can add a romantic touch to shabby chic or French country homes as well.


Classic candle-style chandeliers feature vertically elongated bulbs and candelabra arms that mimic the look of traditional authentic candle chandeliers. Ideal for formal dining room and foyers, they add vintage charm to transitional and modern country homes.


Shaded chandeliers are a variation on the classic candle shape and feature lighting shades over the bulbs to create a warmer, dimmer light. Perfect for gentle lighting during dinner, shaded chandeliers create a stately atmosphere that is perfect for traditional homes.


Drum chandeliers are a popular modern style of lighting and consist of an oversized lampshade that encloses the entire fixture. Drum chandeliers are highly versatile, depending on the design and material used for the shade. Choose a shade in a neutral textured fabric for Scandi or modern urban homes. Or try a beaded version in a bold jewel tone for mid-century modern spaces.


Sputnik is another modern style of chandelier and is named for its resemblance to a satellite. Spindles with lighted tips extend from a central spine, often in a sunburst or geometric shape. These avant-garde lighting fixtures make eye-catching accent pieces for modern, eclectic, and bohemian homes.


Geometric chandeliers offer a modern, elevated alternative to standard rectangular or square globe shapes. The design often features a cage structure around a central set of bulbs. Ideally suited to urban modern homes, as well as minimal and Scandinavian style.


Globe chandeliers offer a softer version of modern geometric designs for an elegant addition to any room. A central light source (typically modeled on a candle style chandelier) is encompassed by rings often made out of metal to create an orb cage. Use in a transitional entryway to make a big first impression. Or, hang high in a modern farmhouse living room to contrast with wooden furniture.

Wagon Wheel

Single or multiple rings featuring rows of bulbs are suspended by a chain and are often constructed from iron or wood. They usually lack embellishment, making them perfect for minimally decorated spaces or adding a contemporary touch to country or classically styled homes.


Empire chandeliers have cascading strings of beads that form a conical shape flowing into a bowl or ring structure at the base. The light fixtures can be internal or external, making for a versatile statement piece that adds luxury and elegance to any space. Try a wooden beaded empire chandelier in a bohemian living room.

To find the right chandelier for your room, begin by measuring the length and width of the space. Add the two measurements to get the diameter of the room. For example, if your room is 12 x 16 feet, the diameter would be 28 feet. The diameter of your chandelier should be the same number as your room diameter in inches. For example, a room with a 26-foot diameter should have a 26-inch chandelier.

To estimate the correct height of the chandelier, the lowest point of the chandelier should sit at least 7-feet from the floor to stay in proportion with the room and prevent anyone from knocking their head. To achieve the right height, you may need to change your fixture from non-flush to flush against the ceiling to elevate the entire fitting.

Dining room chandeliers have slightly different sizing rules than other rooms in the house. To find the right size chandelier for your dining table, find the width of the table and subtract 12 inches. For example, if your table is 45 inches wide, the chandelier should be 33 inches wide.

The chandelier should sit at the height of between 30 and 36 inches from the tabletop to allow guests to view each other easily when seated.

There are no strict rules about the right shape of chandelier for your dining table. You can match shapes with an elongated chandelier over an oblong table or space several mini chandeliers along the length of the table for a modern twist on this traditional lighting style.

The type of light bulbs you choose can impact the ambiance of the light in the room and your utility bills. There are three bulb choices for chandeliers:

Incandescent Halogen

Incandescent halogen bulbs are a modern version of the standard electric bulb. However, they are more energy efficient. These bulbs work well with dimmers to allow you greater control over the mood of the lighting.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)

CFLs are curled, compact versions of tube fluorescent lamps and offer up to four times greater energy efficiency than standard light bulbs for longer-lasting lighting. They usually give off a bright white light and work best with enclosed chandelier styles.


LED lights are the most energy-efficient style of lighting and last 25 times longer than traditional bulbs for easier maintenance. They are perfect for chandeliers with a substantial amount of bulbs. However, most LED lights do not work with a dimmer, which may be a factor in creating your space.

The kind of chandelier that might appear in a large dining room or ballroom could be a classic branched, elaborate lighting fixture. This style mimics the design that would have allowed householders in the Regency Era to have placed many candles in one fixture to properly illuminate a room.

Today, specialty lightbulbs can mimic candle flames to create the soft glow associated with candlelight. The addition of crystals, ornate brass work settings and strings of beads can add to the mystique of such a fixture.

The suspended wagon wheel shape (usually made of wood, but sometimes of metal) is a practical design for hanging light fixtures. You can add to the authenticity of the look by installing battery or electrically powered lanterns instead of simulated candles.

Alternative wild west or outdoor sportsman designs might include twig constructions, or even lighting supports made from deer antlers.

Geometric shapes created from wood or metal can have lighting fixtures attached to them. They achieve the same general effect as a traditional chandelier, i.e., suspending the light where it will be most effective. But they do not share the ornate settings, although they might have several branches of lighting source.

If you are going for an ultra-cool, computer age effect with your chandelier, you might try a chandelier that has LED tassel pendant lights. They can be purchased in several styles, and the LED strings look like a shimmering curtain of light when they are turned on.

Best Ideas

Pillar candle round chandelier 2

You simply cannot go wrong with this round, candle chandelier, since thanks to the versatility of its looks, it will bring the best out of both modern and transitionally styled homes, while lighting them beautifully.

Pillar candle round chandelier medium chandeliers restoration

Pillar Candle Round Chandelier Medium | Chandeliers | Restoration ...

Round candle chandelier 7

This round candle chandelier constitutes a good dining room option, especially if you want to create a charming, cosy ambiance. Simple, minimalistic form will appeal to the fans of contemporary design.

Round candle chandelier 4

Round chandelier that offers two tiers for electric candle lights. The whole construction is very stylish, durable and provides space for 18 lights. Black finish of this chandelier looks elegant in any interior design.

Round candle chandelier 3

Original candle chandelier with metal ceiling mounting fixture and round metal frame that provides support for candles. Neutral black color of this design looks very stylish in different types of indoors.

Chandelier ceiling fans chandelier ceiling fan for the home

chandelier ceiling fans | chandelier ceiling fan | For the Home

Veranda round chandelier contemporary chandeliers

Veranda Round Chandelier contemporary-chandeliers

Pillar candle chandelier round 3

Five Light Old World Round Candle Chandelier Light in Bronze Finish | 160-78 | Destination Lighting

Round candle chandelier 40

The simple cast-iron Halo Chandelier by Vance Kitira accommodates candles up to three inches in diameter

Pillar candle round small chandelier chandeliers restoration hardware via

Pillar Candle Round Small Chandelier | Chandeliers | Restoration Hardware - via

Mini 4 Light White Floral Crystal Chandelier

Mini 4 Light White Floral Crystal Chandelier

It is a very stylish piece of equipment. Its floral accents and details look very interesting and they improve the level of luxury in the home decor. This chandelier is 15 inches high x 11 inches in diameter.

24 Light Hanging Oil Rubbed Bronze Western Style Chandelier with Wagon Wheel Design, Large, 48 Inch Diameter

Norwich 9 Light Electric Candle Chandelier

Norwich 9 Light Electric Candle Chandelier

It is a chandelier extraordinary beauty. His style follows the chandeliers from the time of Louis and many other royal families. Place bulbs were arranged in the likeness of candles, which formerly were just in chandeliers. It is very dignified and classy.

Monroe 8 Light Foyer Cage Chandelier

Monroe 8 Light Foyer Cage Chandelier

Are you looking for some extraordinary and stylish solutions for your house? Then, check out this amazing and unique chandelier! It's gonna bring a huge dose of design to every kind of living room or bedroom.

Kambry 5 Light Candle Chandelier

Kambry 5 Light Candle Chandelier

This traditional styled, five light candle chandelier will complement perfectly classic styled interiors. Made of bent metal in dark grey this chandelier is not only solid but also a stylish addition.

5 Light Chandelier

5 Light Chandelier

Elegant traditional chandelier of bronze-finished steel. It has a small base, 5 bowed arms with bowl-like sockets for at max. 60W bulbs. Its hanger consists of 3 curved rods, a chain and a small central bowl. It can be mounted on sloped ceilings.

Faux candle chandelier 1595

(faux) candle chandelier $1595

Round candle chandelier 43

simple round chandelier at restoration hardware

Vintage lighting casa 8 light candle chandelier in olde black

Vintage Lighting. Casa 8 Light Candle Chandelier in Olde Black

Candle look chandelier 2

Spooky at its first sight, this candle look chandelier is a gothic masterpiece. Designed for 18 lights, it provides a magnificent illuminating experience. It will embellish all sophisticated interiors.

Round candle chandelier 10

An impressive stylish openwork ceiling chandelier made of wrought iron in bronze shades. It's built of several twisted bands joined by finials and S-shaped scrolled arms with bobeches. It accommodates 9 candelabra bulbs.

Round candle chandelier 16

Large Dorsett Two-Tier Chandelier Would like better with different shades. Less of the candle/shade look.

Dakota 8 Light Candle Chandelier

Dakota 8 Light Candle Chandelier

Medieval modern 8 light octagon chandelier round

Medieval Modern 8-Light Octagon Chandelier | Round ...