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If you have an eclectic personality and love the idea of having a chandelier in the home, then a traditional chandelier that everyone else has, might be a little too mundane. How about, instead, you take a gander at all the wild and crazy whimsical chandelier lights we have and pick one of these for your home. These are attractive but also very wacky. Take a look at our collection of whimsical chandelier lights.

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Camilla 6 Arm Chandelier

Camilla 6 Arm Chandelier

Sophisticated design for an elegant, whimsical chandelier light with a lot of tiny crystal elements sticking to an abundance of tiny branches, which gives the chandelier a unique look with very subtle rustic element.

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Elegante 3-Light Chandelier

Elegante 3-Light Chandelier

Elegant 3-Light Chandelier in Oiled Rubbed Bronze Finish is going to make your living room to look like a royal chamber. The design is extremely beautiful, characterized by winding vines of small leaves and sparkling crystals.

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Williams 6 Light Crystal Chandelier

Williams 6 Light Crystal Chandelier

This well-made chandelier is a combination of style and class all in one. Beautiful crystals adorning the circular transparent lens give an amazing effect the play of light in your home.

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Tadpoles 4 Light Chandelier

Tadpoles 4 Light Chandelier

It is a tadpoles four light chandelier that has got very luxurious and gorgeous look. It adds more style and glamour to your any room. It is available in three colors: black, pink and white.

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Elegante 9-Light Chandelier

Elegante 9-Light Chandelier

Stunning traditional chandelier for 9 bulbs in 2 tiers. It features an amazing fixture looking like a bush decorated with bluish crystals. It's of bronze-finished metal but dripping candle-like bulb sockets of white plastic.

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Whimsical chandelier light 12

Gorgeous in a giant stairway or a garden room, this exclusive whimsical chandelier is a true masterpiece of contemporary design. Features 300 individual porcelain butterfly-winged fairies, suspended in 'fibre optic' formation.

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Whimsical lighting fixtures

You look up and on the ceiling, you see a spreading octopus! It's not a dream - it's a whimsical chandelier light inspired by this mysterious sea creature. The grace and creepiness of a green-black octopus in all its glory.

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Whimsical chandelier light 22

love this Gypsy chandelier!

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Whimsical chandelier light 2

Attractive, durable and natural looking chandelier light with a very solid tree branch theme. This element of home decor features lights and some decorative red accents. It is suitable especially for Christmas.

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Tea cup chandelier made from vintage teacups and tea pot

Tea Cup Chandelier made from vintage teacups and tea pot | lighting . Beleuchtung . luminaires | Design: Kathryn Brylinsky |

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Whimsical chandelier light 10

Bubbles Chandelier Lighting... whimsical !

Madeline boulesteixs whimsical recycled tea cup chandeliers

Madeline Boulesteix's whimsical recycled, tea-cup chandeliers

Whimsical chandelier

This is a cosmic project of the whimsical chandelier light- futuristic light and modern way to illuminate the bedroom thanks to the use of LED small lights. On the compilation - an artistic mess of white veins with attached lights.

Whimsical chandelier light 1

Crystal lights aren't just for dining rooms. This one is perfect for a powder room or entry. #let there be light

Whimsical chandelier light 41

Anthropologie - Dandelion Orbit Chandelier

Whimsical chandelier light 39

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Twisted wire and whimsical sparkling beads and baubles suncatcher chandelier

♥ Twisted wire and whimsical sparkling beads and baubles suncatcher chandelier by BellStudios . Could shine inside or outside...I'm thinking a pretty, romantic outdoor picnic or wedding decoration!

Whimsical chandelier light 3

Twist, Sloths nails similar to branches on this tree branch lighting chandelier

Whimsical chandelier lighting

Whimsical Chandelier Lighting

Whimsical chandelier light 5

Mermaid Chandelier Mobile- Baby Mobile- Nursery Mobile. . This is so whimsical! This would be an awesome light fixture or just hanging over a bed or a play table

Whimsical and rare italian zeroquattro flush mount chandelier from a

Whimsical And Rare Italian Zeroquattro Flush Mount Chandelier | From a ...

I want one layla grayce currey compay crystal bud chandelier

I want one! Layla Grayce - Currey & Compay crystal bud chandelier $2790.00

Whimsical chandelier light 33

How to make a cardboard chandelier - How-Tuesday on Etsy