Wall Sconces Candles Wrought Iron

Wall sconces are such a wonderfully gothic way to decorate your home, and the addition of wrought iron drives that point home nicely. Wrought iron is tough and rugged, and when used as part of a sconce, it gives its firm and steadfast nature to the ideal of what a sconce can represent in a decorative scheme. Imbue your home with mystery, with wall sconces with candles and wrought iron.

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Wall lighting candle sconce primitive

Wall lighting candle sconce primitive
Candle scone in rustic style. It is made of iron and pine wood. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Received a lot of positive recommendations from clients for elegant look and high quality.

Tudor style homes

Tudor style homes
Wall sconce with a durable wrought iron construction. This element of kitchen design can be used with a candle. It is resistant to excessive wear and it also decorates indoors thanks to its attractive carvings and accents.

Tuscan iron glass wall sconces set of 2

Tuscan iron glass wall sconces set of 2
Pure touch of distinction in your room with this set of two classic wall sconces. A beautiful extension of black twisted wrought iron, each sconce has a glass hurricane suitable for a tea light or votive candle.

Mavelot candle sconce traditional candles and candle holders

Mavelot candle sconce traditional candles and candle holders
An attractive traditional wall sconce crafted of textured wrought iron having a beautiful black finish with golden undertones. It consists of a showy wall mount with eye-catching scrolls and 2 bowl-like holders for round classic pillar candles.

Hand forged gothic candle holder

Hand forged gothic candle holder
This hand forged candle holder in gothic style will let you keep your interior fully functional and truly beautifully styled, while ensuring a boost of originality and charm beyond measure to grace your home.

Safavieh vine and leaf candle holder wall sconce

Safavieh vine and leaf candle holder wall sconce
A fantastic wrought iron construction, constituting a background for tealights decor. This cleverly crafted vine and leaf combination hides place for nine candles. Whole construction has the size of 31.5 inch square.

1960s wrought iron candle sconces pair

1960s wrought iron candle sconces pair
Candle scone made of wrought iron and finished with decorative curves. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

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We’ve all seen the movies where the wall sconces filled with flickering candles casting weird shadows over the wrought iron designs. Perhaps, however, you’ve not thought that you could own wall sconces made from wrought iron and fill them with your own candles.

What are the benefits of wrought iron wall sconces?

Wrought iron sconces have the advantage that iron is not flammable at candle-burning temperatures. Wall sconces hold the candles well away from combustible wall materials, and many of the fixtures come with globes or hurricane chimneys that not only help keep open flames away from combustibles but also protect the flame from drafts.

What are the different designs of wrought iron wall sconces?

Simple Votive Candle Sconces

No globes or chimneys for these little guys, but sturdy scrollwork that holds a wide metal plate. Many such designs include a sharp spike in the center of the plate to help keep the candle firmly in place. Not something you want to leave burning unattended, but a place to keep a candle or two for those nights when the power goes out. Easily locatable, these little candles can illuminate your efforts to find other lights.

Hanging Candle Lanterns

Created in different sizes, ranging from votives to fat, pillar candles, candle lanterns are often fashioned of beautifully shaped wrought iron that is combined with a column of glass to protect the flame. These could easily illuminate a medieval-style dinner, a romantic evening for two, or just hold back the night when weather or brownouts have cut the power.

Black Tuscan globe lamp

A variation on the theme of protected candles is the Black Tuscan globe lamp – which comes as a set of two. The delicately wrought iron holds the candle fixture well away from the wall, and it is protected in a creamy globe trimmed with Wall of Troy patterns. This is the kind of lamp you could envision Mrs. Darling leaving for Wendy and the other little Darlings. The only thing is, the wind would have a hard time blowing out this night light!

Palm Tree Lamps

Here’s a wrought iron design to tickle your funny bone. This humorous pair of lamps depicts two quirky palm trees supporting a pair of glass votive candle holders. Add this to your oceanfront theme, and you have a pair of lights that will allow you to find the Big Lantern and get it set up when the big storms blow in off the sea.

No matter what theme you choose, it is hard to go wrong with wall sconces made from wrought iron for candles. Whether you are preparing for a romantic dinner, a themed party, or an emergency, you can count on candles to behave reliably. Iron sconces help keep the candles firmly in place and minimize the chance of danger from tipping. Globes and chimneys help keep modern-day folk who might not be used to them from dragging an unwary sleeve or coattail through an open flame. With the right lamp, it is possible to even set up a night light for a little one who is disturbed by the dark.


1960s wrought iron candle sconces set of

1960s wrought iron candle sconces set of
A set of two antique, wrought iron candle sconces with a tall frame, designed to be mounted on walls. Perfect if you’re looking for a unique, old-fashioned piece that will bring a classical vibe to your home.

Wrought iron candle wall sconces black

If you love to create a truly romantic mood in your home, you should try these classy wall sconces manufactured from black wrought iron. The candle holders are 47 cm long, easy to hang and to clean, and offer a vivid contrast when hanged on a white wall.

Rustic candle sconces

Maybe it is hard to find the candlestick, which fits to many types of interior, but I probably found the ones. The simple stilage made of wrought iron had been composed with the simple glass holder. It depend only on you how you compose it in your interior.

Black wrought iron candle sconces

Large candle sconces with flat tops where you can set tealights or larger candles. Wrought iron design features scrolled ornaments. Finished dark brown, these candle holders are fit for Tuscan style, they bring a dash of romance to a decor, too.

Large candle wall sconces wrought iron

This made of iron flare is made in a Tuscan style that's why it's a beautiful element of the decor. The subtle glass candlestick equals the bronze finish metal design which makes the whole look exceptionally.

Wall sconces for candles

Black candle sconce (metal) with swirls design and glass candle holder on top - to be attached to a wall. Crafted from iron, it's dedicated for decoration purposes in hallway, dining room and the like.

Metal candle wall sconce

Antique take on a set of two old-fashioned wall-mounted steel poles with white polycarbonate globe top and frame made out of cast iron, meant to be used as candle holders which provide a unique, vintage look.

Wrought iron candle wall sconces

Beautiful iron hanging lamp. Iron means durability, and rich ornamentation will make all of your guests drop dead with envy. Glass candle holder included, to make sure it's safe to use. Perfect both for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Wrought iron compliments plaster walls and warm tuscan wall colors

Wrought Iron compliments plaster walls and warm Tuscan wall colors.

Iron candle sconces 4

Wall mounted light. This candle sconce is made of natural iron with a hand rubbed wax finish that increases natural aesthetics of this element. Neutral black color looks very good on different walls and in different interior stylizations.

Amber dellacorte sconce set of 2 kirklands

Amber Dellacorte Sconce, Set of 2 | Kirkland's

Rustic candle wall sconces

This wall decor is a wonderful original piece to hang in my home. I love these candle holders, because they feature the wrought iron construction and heart sconces.

Wall candles

This wall sconce features a very attractive candle stilization. Its bulb provides plenty of light near the wall. Solid metal wall mounting finished in black color is a stylish addition to any color of wall.

Wall sconces candles wrought iron

If you looking for stylish decorations to create the restful atmosphere, you should choose this 2-piece wall candle sconce set. It's transitional and made of wrought iron with square shape.

Black wall candle holders

Decorative Black Wrought Iron Candle Wall Sconce Set

Iron candle wall sconce

This iron wall sconce constitutes a beautiful candle holder, enhancing your corridors or patio. Its ornamental shape, formed from the wrought iron will enchant all fans of rustic or vintage styles.

Iron candle wall sconce 4

Wought iron swirls constitute this wall mounted candle holder with unparalleled grace. Have you noticed the Fleur de Lis motif gracing its top and bottom?These dark brown sconces are undoubtedly very ornamental.

Wrought iron sconces large wrought iron candle sconce with amber

A bit rough, but the more beautiful: a single candle wall mounted sconce, cast skillfully in wrought iron. The clear glass handle showcases a nice amber tint and it's textured a bit. Inspired by American hurricane lamps.

Tuscan wall candle sconces tuscan twisted wrought iron candle sconces

This amazing wall sconce is a perfect option to display your candles and add ample amounts of charm to the interior. The wrought iron structure makes sure it will last for years to come and offers a touch of elegance.

31 wall sconces designs for dressing up your hallways 1

31 Wall Sconces Designs For Dressing Up Your Hallways

Wall mounted candle holders sconces

Wall Mounted Candle Holders/Sconces

Wrought iron wall sconces for candles 1

Feel in your lobby as in an old monastery - because this style offers carnival, fixed to the wall. Made of dark wrought iron sconces for candles - has a classic form and a base for a large candle. It can complement a anteroom with background illumination.

Wrought iron candle wall sconce

Wrought iron candle wall sconce

Iron candle sconces 18

A fantastic and very interesting composition of iron flowers that bloom on your wall in black shades. In addition, they are candle sconces- so they also function as stylish lighting. Perfect for the entry hall.

Wrought iron wall sconce 1

This decorative and functional element is an outdoor sconce based on a durable and attractive iron construction. It includes some decorative elements and provides space for two candles. It looks very attractive at day and night.

Black wrought iron candlesticks

Pair of Wrought Iron Wall Candle Holders - Dark Brown Wide

Iron candle holder hand forged

Iron Candle Holder-Hand Forged

Candle wall sconces canada

A wonderful, antique scone for candles that you can mount to the wall. It's made of wrought iron that features a highly decorative, curved design. Put there a candle holder made of transparent glass to display it well.

Iron wall candle holder 5

What an amazing, rural candle sconce with a beautiful, rustic finish. Made to resemble tied wheat, this piece of furniture is bound to give your home a very unique, one-of-a-kind look with its antique design.

Iron wall decor for mediterranean decorating iron wall decor offers

iron wall decor for mediterranean decorating iron wall decor offers

Beautiful wall mount sconce and large pillar candle holders sets

Beautiful Wall Mount Sconce and large Pillar Candle Holders Sets in wrought iron or glass for gorgeous candlelight and attractive home decor accents....

Metal wall sconces for candles

Yasmine Candle Sconces from Wrought Iron Decor Store

Wrought iron wall sconces for candles 6

Candle holder designed for mounting on the wall. Wooden strip is finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Traditional form and elegant design.

Wrought iron wall sconces

wrought iron wall decor | Safavieh-Wrought-Iron-Tealight-Wall-Decor.jpg

Wrought iron candle sconces

In spite of having electricity, a lot of people use candles to light interior in romantic moments, because theirs subdued light give room more mysterious character. This iron candle holder in fancy shape will be perfect for perfumed candles.

Iron candle wall sconce 1

Walking through the dungeons of medieval Italian castles, around the Tuscan countryside, might draw your attention such iron candle wall sconce. Composed of many richly carved elements,all in very dark brown shades has a kind of the crown on top.

Candle sconces wall decor

Pocket pillow Whitewashed Cottage chippy shabby chic french country rustic swedish decor idea. ***Pinned by oldattic***

Iron candle sconces 29

This iron candle chandelier constitutes a refined decor proposition for traditional, elegant living rooms. Intricate silhouette, embellished by subtle curves and volutes adds a groovy, rustic vibe to the space.

Wrought iron candle wall sconces

Wrought Iron Candle Wall Sconces

Large wrought iron candle wall sconces wall sconces

Large Wrought Iron Candle Wall Sconces Wall Sconces ...

Wrought iron wall sconce unique craftsmanship in handmade

Wrought Iron Wall Sconce-Unique Craftsmanship in Handmade ...

Wrought iron wall sconce unique craftsmanship in handmade 1

Wrought Iron Wall Sconce-Unique Craftsmanship in Handmade ...

Wrought iron wall sconce unique craftsmanship in handmade 2

Wrought Iron Wall Sconce-Unique Craftsmanship in Handmade ...