Rustic Wall Candle Holders

Love the soft warmth that candlelight adds to your home? These rustic wall candle holders will allow you to spread the joy of that light throughout your home without worry of knocking over a candle. Use them to provide light, frame a picture or mirror, or just add a touch of romance and light. Here you will find something to suit whatever your need or style, let this collection light your way.

Best Products

Rustic wall sconce rustic candle holder

Rustic wall sconce rustic candle holder
Rustic styling of this beautiful mirror along with candle holders is a combination of perfect workmanship and fine details. The perfect fit will be in the hallway or other places. Wooden construction delights.

Wall lighting candle sconce primitive

Wall lighting candle sconce primitive
Candle scone in rustic style. It is made of iron and pine wood. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Received a lot of positive recommendations from clients for elegant look and high quality.

Barn wood candle holder regular candle

Barn wood candle holder regular candle
Lovely wall candle holders made in rustic style captivate with a barn wood finish. The whole design is simple and very impressive, thanks to which it brings to the decor a captivating style and unique atmosphere.

Artisanal Wall Mount Candleholders

Artisanal Wall Mount Candleholders
If you are looking for a smooth way to add your interiors a bit of the classic or rustic appeal, check out this set of wall mounted candle holders. Fill them with candles, greenery or flowers to create a warm, alluring ambience.

Barn wood candle holder battery operated

Barn wood candle holder battery operated
Boasting of vintage design and durable Barnwood construction, this holder accommodates 1 battery powered candle. It's wall-mounted, and can be a sturdy decoration for your old-fashioned looking home.

Manzanita wall art

Manzanita wall art
This is a product that has got an artistic character. It is a candle holder that features a wooden branch stylization. This type of product has got space for six candles. It provides light, warmth and style into the house.

Lantern pair with wrought iron hooks on

Lantern pair with wrought iron hooks on
These beautiful sconces with candles are a wonderful way to introduce a rustic atmosphere to the interior. The whole is based on wood and steel with a glass lantern presented phenomenally down the inside of cosines.

Our advice Buying Guide

Candles, although traditional, can be used to deliver unique ambient lighting in any space. But candles alone will not bring out the magic of your interior in an elegant and classy way. You need to combine your candlelight with additional accessories and there’s nothing better than a rustic wall candle holder. These simple holders feature outstanding craftsmanship and they can help deliver a new lease of life to your walls around the home.

Where to Use Rustic Wall Candle Holders?

Rustic wall candle holders can be used in a number of places. The aim of these simple accessories is to accentuate the walls. However, they tend to come out well in hallways. They give character to the plain and lifeless walls for everyone to see. In case you’re the romantic type, you may consider adding the rustic wall candle holders in your bedroom or even the bathroom. The décor value will still be magical.

Where to Place Wall Candle Holders?

In order to achieve the best results, you will need to place the rustic wall candle holders correctly on the wall. If you place them too high or too low it will be very difficult to enjoy the beauty they bring. How high you fix the candle holders is determined by the location. For example, if you’re buying the holders for the hallway, the rule of thumb is to fix them exactly 60 inches above the floor.

This is because there will presumably be a lot of foot traffic along the hallway and the last thing you want is for people to bump their heads on the candles just because they are too low. The 60-inch distance is also ideal because it makes the holders more visible. In case you’re buying for the bathroom, you can place the holders 40 inches from the floor. This is normally a mere 4 inches above the bathroom mirror. Ideally, bathrooms can have more than one candle holder. In this case, make sure there’s at least 60 inches of distance between each.

How to Select the Right Size of Wall Candle Holders?

As with many types of wall décor, the size has to be proportionate to the walls. In high ceiling homes, bigger holders can be found in living rooms where the walls are also bigger. However, if we’re talking about a bathroom then the size of the rustic wall candle holders needs to be smaller.

Normally, rustic wall candle holders for the bathroom should measure between 8 and 10 inches in length. For bigger walls in the living room or the hallway, you can buy holders ranging between 10 and 20 inches in size. But most rustic designs are not industrially manufactured. They are handmade by artisans. This may make it harder for you to find the exact size you’re looking for.

You may also want to consider the overall appeal of the rustic wall candle holders. Look at the finishes, the style, and the overall design before you make a purchase.


Large driftwood candle holder driftwood

Large driftwood candle holder driftwood
Large wooden driftwood candle holder is a glamorous addition to your home decoration. It will attract attention and create nice mood and calmness when you need it. The Charming shine of the candle would warm your home interior.

Wall sconce rustic

Wall sconce rustic
If you combine raw dark wood with you, in a very rustic and ordinary atmosphere, together with unique crystal balls - you can get a stunning effect similar to that where 2 rectangle rustic wall candle holders are mounted to the wall.

Rustic wall sconce candle holders set of

Rustic wall sconce candle holders set of
Custom order hand-crafted wall sconce candle holders in rustic style - handmade items that use wood and reclaimed wood in their construction - the wooden elements provide natural variances in marking and pattern.

Primitive candle lighting hanging candle

Primitive candle lighting hanging candle
Transform your decor with this rustic candle holder that will quickly bring romantic ambiance into your home. It's hand made of durable metal with an anchor design, holding candles on two round metal plates.

Iron Wall Sconce Candle Holder

Iron Wall Sconce Candle Holder
Iron/glass candle holder with swirly design lines. To be hanged horizontally. It will accommodate 7 wax candles or tea lights. It provides an eye-catching, pretty romantic accent on a wall. Perfect to update a room decor for special events.

Mason jar wall sconce rustic or shabby

Mason jar wall sconce rustic or shabby
D-I-Y wall sconce vase, falling on the rustic side with its wood plank wall mount, painted washed white, and jar holder supported by a metal ring. The jar can house flowers (as pictured) or hold a candle.

Personalized pair of rustic mason jar

Personalized pair of rustic mason jar
A magnificent decoration for indoors; this pair of exquisite wall sconces can be easily mounted on a wall, thanks to their sturdy wood bases. Each of this beauties has a rustic, glass jar attached to the base with a metal ring.

Metal Candelabra

Metal Candelabra
This beautiful 5-Candle Candelabra provides very distinctive design full of intricate accents. Each holder keeps the candle in place, offering you a durable and eye-catching decoration while generating warm, ambient light..

Rustic wall candle holders

Create the aesthetic and calm interior with these rustic wall candle holders. They have got he wooden bases and glass shades with simple shapes. Everyone will be delighted how cool they look on your wall.

Metal horseshoe rustic candle holder sconce wall plaque western decor

Metal-horseshoe-rustic-candle-holder-sconce-wall-plaque-western-decor ...

Porch lanterns hanging

The simple, inexpensive design of these exceptionally impressive rustic wall candle holders captivates the details and gives a unique coziness to the interior. The candlestick-mounted construction has a solid wood base.



About rustic western texas star horseshoe wall sconce candle holders

about Rustic western Texas Star & Horseshoe wall sconce candle holders ...

Silver candle wall sconces

An outdoor decoration in shape of wall sconces with glass hurricanes. You can attach it to your patio wall, and take a relish in romantic ambiance. Hurricanes are mounted to the flat iron scrolls, gorgeously brightening the whole area.

Rustic candle wall sconces

Those two rustic wall candle holders will bring intimate atmosphere to your home, which you can use for romantic dinners for two. They are attached to weathered wood planks with a strong chain that holds a clear glass jar hurricane.

Barn wood rustic reclaimed candle sconces with blue vintage glass

Barn Wood Rustic Reclaimed Candle Sconces with Blue Vintage Glass Insulator

Rustic wall candle holders

A nice solution for creating intimate ambiance and accentuating your patio with vintage glamour. The 3-piece set of wall-mounted candle holders is made of intricate pieces of sturdy wood.

I see a diy project here recycled small cabinet fronts

I see a DIY project here! Recycled small cabinet fronts...a distressed paint finish, pillar candles and maybe even use curtain corbels for the candle stand?! I will definitely put this on my project list!

Pair of wrought iron wall candle holders rustic dark brown

Pair of Wrought Iron Wall Candle Holders - Rustic Dark Brown - Pair ...

Driftwood candle sconces

This metal wall candle holder effortlessly becomes a simplistic wall art. Cracked texture is adorned with primitive stencilled metal stars and hearts. A worthy idea for Christmas season rustic inspired decor?

Nice use for all those crappy boards your husband wife

Nice use for all those crappy boards your husband, wife, father, mother, brother, sister, neighbor insists on cluttering up the garage with for twenty years because they "might need it someday"..

Wood sconces candles

Amazing use of rustic wood--maybe even petrified wood--as shelves with candles. Wouldn't want to get wax on the wood though! Go with Candle Impressions Flameless Candles

Rustic Brown Wrought Iron Pillar Wall Candle Holder Sconce

Rustic wall candle holders 1

A silver and gold Manzanita branch menorah. The perfect Chrismukkah centerpiece.

Wall candle holders wood

Wreath Candle Holder rustic-candles-and-candle-holders

Reclaimed wood wall sconces

A vintage wall sconce for rustic interiors, that emanates with old-fashioned glamour and functional construction. Made of durable metal, the sconce has a movable frame, allowing you to move it in both sides.

Rustic candle sconce

Love It... I think I could almost make this ... maybe just not with the drawer .... hmmmm!!!!

Deco 79 Metal Glass Wall Votive Holder, 30 by 13-Inch

Primitive sconces

This element of equipment is a candle holder with a solid wooden frame and metal element. The whole construction is solid and introduce a rustic stylization into the house, so it is not only practical, but it also decorates indoors.

Wooden wall sconces for candles

Driftwood Candle Holder Primitive Wall Sconce by AntiquesGraveyard, $65.00

Pine console tables cheap

Use an old suitcase and washtub filled with pine bows and ornaments for a Christmas table display

Rustic wall candle holders

This pair of wall-mounted candle holders embodies perfectly well the rustic character. Densely grained wooden finish emphasizes the raw, natural spirit of the constructions.

Western candle holder

Rustic Candle Holder modern-candles-and-candle-holders

Funky candle holders

Constituting a rustic wall decoration and lighting fixture, this set of 4 candle holder will be an ideal way to create a romantic climate in the room. Each of the candle holders features a characteristic star.

Rustic distressed antiqued white wooden and metal wall candle holder

Rustic Distressed Antiqued White Wooden and Metal Wall Candle Holder

Wood candle wall sconces

rustic wall candle holder

Rustic candle sconces

A pretty rustic wall candle sconce. A metal frame has a bronze shine. It's built of a round horizontal rod with ball finials and a large star between 2 scrolls up. Five ring holders for glass cups are fixed among smaller stars to 5 vertical rods.

Wooden wall mounted candle holders

Framed Mason Jar Wall Sconce Rustic White Flower/ Plant/ Candle Holder,

Wooden candle sconce


Primitive candle sconces

I purchased mason jars with candles in them months ago and now I have the exact idea of what to do with them!!!

Iron candleholder sconce industrial chic blackened wood 40 00

Iron Candleholder Sconce, Industrial Chic, Blackened Wood $40.00

Deco 79 Metal Candle Sconce, 30 by 21-Inch

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