Tall Wooden Candle Holders

A gorgeous addition to any home that wishes to involve a gothic flair, these tall wooden candle holders are decorative, quite attractive, and they also give off a very Tuscan chateau vibe that takes your home to a faraway place where French post-modern decor it the standard. The can go just about anywhere and hold wide based candles on many glorious wood pedestal options.

Best Products

White gold wood candle holders

White gold wood candle holders
The main task of these products is increasing a decorative value of any room. These are pillar holders made of wood. They are ideal for holding candles. These products are made of durable and attractive mango wood.

White distressed tall candle holders

White distressed tall candle holders
Those tall candle holders bring to your home beautifully designed decorations combined with classic accents. Entirely crafted of sturdy wood, each candle holder is durable and well-balanced, and covered in a distressed white finish.

Twos company watercolors tall order pillar candle holder set of

Twos company watercolors tall order pillar candle holder set of
This sublime set of five candle holders all sport the white, pure design that will work in any contemporary styled household, while the curved and perfectly sculpted shape of the pieces make them look eye-catching and adorable.

Tall wooden candle holder

Tall wooden candle holder
Feel free to elevate your interior design with this tall candle holder. Crafted of sturdy wood, the candle holder is also bathed in a white finish, has a nicely-sculpted silhouette and a square base for proper stability.

Tall Extra Large Rustic Wooden Wood Carved Pillar Candle Holder Stick New 52cm

Tall Extra Large Rustic Wooden Wood Carved Pillar Candle Holder Stick New 52cm
Opt for some nice and traditionally looking candle holders that sport the wooden structure and will actually allow for an elevated visual appeal in your interior. It is carved by hand with greatest attention to the detailing.

Turned Candleholders

Turned Candleholders
Classical candle holders which were made from selected and very rare mango wood which was connected with metal hardware. They can be cleaned from dust with a damp cloth. Perfect to increase your decor with some crude addition.

Wooden Candle Holder (Set of 3)

Wooden Candle Holder (Set of 3)
This stylish set of three wooden candlesticks are the perfect solution for many occasions. Impressively carved and stylized antique style perfectly underline the traditional interior.

Our advice Buying Guide

A tall wooden candle holder is an attractive addition to any room. The right wooden candle holder can complement and accentuate a room's theme. Plus, it also provides a vital function of holding your candles.

Keep in mind that there are endless varieties of tall wooden candle holders and you're likely to choose the wrong one if you don't know what to look for. To help you increase your chances of finding the "perfect" one for you, here are a couple of things that you need to consider.

What types of candles go with tall wooden candle holders?

Each candle holder is designed to hold a certain kind of candle. There’s no candle holder that can appropriately hold all types of candles. However, the most common types of candles that are often paired with a tall, wooden candle holder are votive, taper, and pillar candles.

Before you buy a tall wooden candle holder, make sure that it matches the candle you are planning on using.

What types of wood are used in making candle holders?

The wood types used in producing candle holders vary greatly. To make things simpler, you can classify the different wood types into fabricated and solid wood. Each has its own pros and cons.

  • Fabricated wood includes fiberboard, chipboard, and plywood. These types of wood are "manufactured" in a sense that they are typically made from smaller pieces of wood and fabricated to appear as if they're solid wood. The most significant advantage of fabricated wood is its affordability. On the downside, don't expect it to be very durable or luxurious.
  • As the name suggests, a solid wood is not made of smaller pieces glued together. Hence, solid wood is much more durable than fabricated wood. It also looks more beautiful and elegant. Keep in mind that solid wood comes in many varieties, but the common ones used for candleholders are pine and mango wood. The most significant disadvantage of solid wood is it's typically expensive.

How are wooden candle holders finished?

Since you are buying a candle holder made from wood, you also need to consider the finish. There are basically two types of wood finishes, and they’re penetrating and coating. Each category is designed for a specific goal. Penetrating finish includes waxes and oils. This kind of finish penetrates through the small pores in the wood. Lacquer and varnish are typical examples of a coating finish. It's an excellent choice if your primary goal is longevity. There are plenty of other factors to look for when shopping for a tall wooden candle holder. The key points mentioned above are some of the most important ones. Remember what you’ve learned and it’ll be easier for you to shop.

Does a candle holder need to match room design?

In interior design, the common styles are mid-century modern, industrial, nautical, Scandinavian, bohemian, farmhouse, urban modern, and shabby chic. Before buying a piece, make sure that the design or style of the tall wooden candle holder can match the interior design of your room. Otherwise, you could end up with a candle holder that looks awkwardly out of place.


Short Stacked Plate Candle Holder

Short Stacked Plate Candle Holder
Functional candle holder designed using metal and wood to provide durable and great looking frame. Offers versatility and functionality of a standard candle holder and stylish looks of a designer item.

Shabby chic distressed wooden

Shabby chic distressed wooden
A set of distressed candlesticks in rusty brick and robin's egg blue constitutes a perfect spring accessory for any table or nook. It has been hand-painted in red and blue and then sealed with a UV-resistant spray sealant.

Wooden candle holders candlesticks 11 9

Wooden candle holders candlesticks 11 9
Raw in their simplicity - but they give the opportunity to decorate them in a dream way. Different height tall wooden candle holders has been made by hand and are included in a set of 5 pieces. The wood is very bright.

Tall wooden candle holders

If you value unique details inside the home, this set of turquoise candle holders is the perfect solution. The Nordic style adds character to the interior, and the world placed on them has soothing capabilities.

Tall wooden candle holders 1

These would look wonderful within a historical Italian design inspired interior! The wood candleholders stand in line with Renaissance findings, they are tall and astoundingly crafted from mango wood, then carved and finished with gold leaf.

Wooden candlesticks

Entirely handcrafted from mango wood, this large, floor standing lamp is going to effectively brighten up your living room. The glass shade is a perfect match for the silvered base, beautifully displaying the burning candle.

Wooden candle sticks

A fine addition for homes and offices; this pair of black candlesticks will be really sticking out from the rest of your decorations. Each candlestick is made of sturdy wood, beautifully sculpted for the candle on top to be displayed in all its glory.

Tall wooden candle holders

Made from stone and wood, this set of large floor candle holders make a statement of elegance and style. Fitting well into traditional interiors, these statue candle holders will bring in a refined character.

Tall wooden candle holders

Tall candle holder mounted on pedestal base. It is completely made of wood. Elegant accent for all kinds of interiors. Received a lot of very good reviews.

Where to buy wooden candlesticks

Feel free to elevate your interior design with this set of tall candle holders. Crafted of durable wood, each candle holder is also bathed in a natural or black finish, has a nicely-sculpted silhouette and a round base for proper stability.

Set of Two Pillar Wood Candle Holders Tall Slender Gray Brown Décor 28511

Shabby chic candle holders

When the electric lights go out, it's time for those bulky candlesticks to create a truly romantic atmosphere. Beautifully crafted from wood, each of this magnificent pieces is able to transform every room into a romantic haven.

Wooden floor standing candle holders

Tall, classic candle holders. They are very simple, but elegant, so they will fit to modern and old-fashioned interior. They are made of sculptural wood covered with dark paint. This type of decoration doesn't stake a lot of place.

How to make candlesticks

A stunning, white brick fireplace with the wooden mantle that will easily and beautifully complete the look of any living room of bedroom, allowing for both that bit of additional warmth and immense charm.

Fairtrade gifts trades of hope made in india this set

#fairtrade #gifts Trades of Hope - Made in India, this set of three wooden candle holders, 2.5 inches wide and 8, 10, and 11.5 inches tall, hold taper or pillar candles.

Beautiful candlee holders sleek design candle holder wooden candle holders

beautiful candlee holders | Sleek Design Candle Holder Wooden Candle Holders For Intuitive ...

Tall wooden candlesticks

Feel free to elevate your interior design with this pair of two tall candle holders. Crafted of durable wood, each candle holder is also bathed in a black finish, has a nicely-sculpted silhouette and a round base for proper stability.

Something we can find anywhere flea market or salvage store

Something we can find anywhere..flea market or salvage store or granma's garage : ) and make them your own candlestand!! -- Giant Candlesticks by Anki Gneib: Holy

Wooden candlesticks unfinished

Being a kind of Ecclesiastical French Candle Stand, this fantastic wooden masterpiece will add charm and glamour to any refined interior. Coming from around 1870, its base is lathe-turned with hand-carved fluting.

Rustic County Style Wood Candle Holders Set of Two

Tall candlestick

Love the colour and shape. Distressed Pair of Turquoise Gold Wooden Candle by ShopKingDude, $165.00

Mango wood candle holder large

Mango Wood Candle Holder (Large)

Hartford tall floor standing wood candle holders with flameless

Hartford Tall Floor Standing Wood Candle Holders with Flameless ...

Wrought iron floor candle holders 1

Stylish candle holders made of wrought iron and glass. Base is finished with decorative curves. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Elegant design and simple form.

Tall wooden pillar candle holders

Who doesn't love the light of candles - especially perfectly framed in a tall wooden candle holder? Exquisitely carved, with spherical shapes, a dark color and a rotating base with fluting. Once such a piece stood at the altar today in the corner of your home.

3 Piece Candle Holder Set

3 Piece Candle Holder Set

Wooden candle holder candlestick 11 inches tall by thejunkman

Wooden Candle Holder / Candlestick 11 Inches Tall by thejunkman

3-Pc Wooden Candle Holder Set in Antique Brown

Tall candlesticks

A set of elegant height-varied traditional candle holders turned of wood with a glossy dark brown finish. Each holder has a wide foot, a stem with lots of collars, narrowings and horizontal grooves as well as a flared top bowl with a grooved edge.

Ebbu tall candle holder these unusual candle holders are beautifully

ebbu tall candle holder these unusual candle holders are beautifully ...

Toulouse 23" French Country Antique Gray Iron Pillar Candleholder

Home accessories candles holders candleholders candlestick holders

... home accessories candles holders candleholders candlestick holders

Tall wooden candle holders 1

Vintage Solid Wood Maple Candle Holder 48 Inches Tall Traditional ...

Shabby cottage chic candle holders tall 11 elizabethanfolkart

Shabby Cottage Chic Candle Holders Tall 11 от ElizabethanFolkArt

Candle stick holder large wooden candle stick jpg

candle stick holder | large-wooden-candle-stick.jpg

2 tall vintage wooden candle holders by dirtybirdiesvintage 17 00

2 tall Vintage wooden candle holders by dirtybirdiesvintage, $17.00

3 Piece Classy Wood Glass Metal Candle Holder Set

3 Piece Classy Wood Glass Metal Candle Holder Set

Tall wooden candle holders 2

Perfect for events or just around the home.

Tall black candlesticks

tall candlesticks, white candle holders, wooden candle holders, upcycled vintage, chippy white paint

Large old world floor candle holder

Large Old World Floor Candle Holder

Wooden candle holders crafts

Tall Wooden Candle Holder Tea Light Rustic Weddings by Nature Bound

Distressed wood pillar candle holders

Distressed Wood Pillar Candle holders

Orange candle holders

A charming collection of tall wooden candle holders, spray painted - the color palette took its inspiration from Caribbean colors, seen at the seaside - including deep teal, dusty aqua, orange and white.