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Buy the best tattoo chairs selected and recommended by interior designers. By Chloe Hughes.

Investing in a good tattoo chair can improve your business and take your art to a new level. These comfortable, ergonomic chairs put the client at ease and provide an excellent range of movement and access to different body areas. Our experts have consulted with experienced tattoo artists and picked out the five best tattoo chairs for any studio. Whether you are new to tattooing or an experienced pro, one of these tattoo chairs for clients is right for you.  

Adjustable Faux Leather Tattoo Chair

Adjustable Faux Leather Tattoo Chair

$253.99 $250.11

Adjustable Faux Leather Tattoo Chair

Symple Stuff

$253.99 $250.11


What We Like: Thick comfortable padding

What We Don’t Like: No automatic reclining feature

Not So Great For: Smaller tattoo studios with limited space

Perfect For: Larger studios with ample room for chairs

This option is ideal if you are looking for a tattoo chair that is fully adjustable and can support larger clients. It is upholstered in black and white faux leather and is easily sanitized after use. You can reposition the chair with a convenient manual lever or lay it flat if needed. The chair is a suitable height for the tattoo artist’s comfort and has a thick seat cushion so your clients can relax.

This simple yet functional tattoo client chair is excellent for beginners and experienced tattoo artists. It is easy to use, comfortable, and attractively designed.  

Hydraulic Professional Tattoo Chair

Hydraulic Professional Tattoo Chair

Hydraulic Professional Tattoo Chair



What We Like: Fully Adjustable, hydraulically controlled

What We Don’t Like: Some armrests are not adjustable

Not So Great For: Beginner tattoo artists

Perfect For: High-quality, professional studios

This tattoo chair is one of the best and most ergonomic tattoo chairs for sale. You can rotate it 360 degrees and adjust the height with an easy-to-use hydraulic foot pedal. The legs can be separated for better access to the tattoo area, and the headrest features a breather hole for clients lying face down in the chair.

This tattoo chair is ideal for tattoo artists looking to take their art to the next level. It has unmatched client accessibility, using the easy-to-move and manipulated sections and the smooth hydraulic lift. This chair will also offer your clients maximum comfort during tattooing with soft yet dense padding and ergonomic movable leg rests.  

Massage Style Tattoo Chair

Massage Style Tattoo Chair

Massage Style Tattoo Chair



What We Like: Extremely comfortable for back tattoos

What We Don’t Like: Only good for certain tattoos

Not So Great For: Stomach or front side tattoos

Perfect For: Portable tattooing

This compact, 23 lbs. massage-style chair is ideal for back tattoos and one of the best tattoo chairs for client comfort. Your clients can relax on the soft 2.5’’ sponge seat and will appreciate the cushioned arm and leg rests. The chair adjusts to different postures to ensure the best tattooing angles and client stability.

This chair is light and easy to carry, making it ideal for at-home tattooing, tattooing at a trade show or convention, or a pop-up studio. Its ergonomic shape holds the client steady while keeping them comfortable throughout the process. While it is not ideal for all tattoos, it is perfect for back tattoos.  

Portable, Lay Flat Tattoo Chair

Portable, Lay Flat Tattoo Chair

Portable, Lay Flat Tattoo Chair



What We Like: Lay-flat design and lack of armrests

What We Don’t Like: Only functions as a bed, not a chair

Not So Great For: Clients who prefer to sit up

Perfect For: Stomach, back, or leg tattoos

One of the most portable tattoo chairs available, this bed-style chair easily folds into a convenient carrying case. You can set it up into eight positions to give the client back support or more comfortable leg positioning. The chair is covered in easy-to-clean, oil and stain-resistant PVC leather, making it easy to clean after each tattoo session.

This table-style chair is light and easily moved, yet it can also hold larger clients. It folds down to a compact size making it one of the most portable tables, perfect for the tattoo artist who takes their art directly to the customer.  

Simple, Compact Tattoo Chair

Simple, Compact Tattoo Chair

Simple, Compact Tattoo Chair

Ebern Designs


What We Like: Oil-proof PVC leather

What We Don’t Like: Only available in white

Not So Great For: Shops that prefer black chairs or darker aesthetics

Perfect For: Smaller tattoo shops with limited space

Your clients will feel relaxed and at ease in this tattoo bed chair. It can be manually adjusted from 90° to 180°, with an adaptable back and leg rest. Your clients will love the chair’s 4’’ of high-density foam padding, and the high-strength welded steel frame will stand up to years of use.

The PVC leather chair cover is an excellent benefit for your tattoo shop. It is easy to clean and sterilize, helping your shop stay hygienic and giving your clients added peace of mind. It is also oil and ink-resistant, ensuring minimal stains, so the chair continues to look great after many uses.  

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Best Ideas

Massage Chair

Massage Chair

A chair for professionals: for beauty parlors, hairdresser's, tattoo studios, etc. - everywhere when you need to serve a client and it's more comfy to sit than stand for hours. The chair has adjustable height and five gliders moving smoothly.

Tattoo chair

This tattoo chair is a consider worthy proposition for all tattoo salons. It provides comfortable conditions for the tattoo makers and most importantly, for their clients. Various regulation mechanisms offer a variety of adjustments.

Tattoo chairs 1

A perfect chair for any spa, tattoo salon or even the dentist - this piece is a truly perfect example of when durable structure meets looks and style, since it oozes modern appeal and elegance by simplicity.

Tattooing chairs

This tattoo chair will prove to be a hit in any salon and make for a comfortable seating option for when your clients need to feel relaxed, while you work. It sports the really strong metal frame and leather upholstered seat and back.

Tattoo chairs beds

Tattoo Chairs/Beds

Barber Red Hydraulic Stool Chair Facial Salon Tattoo Beauty

Backless stool with red seat upholstery and black, star shaped base. Additionally, the stool features hydraulic height adjustment and 3 inch thick foam on the seat. Thanks to five rubber caster wheels it's very easy to move.

Black Stool Salon Spa Tattoo Equipment Medical Chair Facial Beauty

This kind of product is a chair that has got a medical chair stylization. Its frame is made of metal and it is able to hold up to 250 pounds. The seat is filled with 3" thick foam for enhanced comfort.

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