Vintage Upholstered Chairs


Vintage doesn’t always mean old or antique. Sometimes it is just the style. And these vintage upholstered chairs speak to a style that is still relevant in the eye of many decorators who look toward classic influences. They are lovely, well-made, and can come in plenty of colors and upholstery options for your decorative pleasure. Take a look at this extensive collection and find one for your home.

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Our Picks

Vintage Upholstered Wing Back Chair

Vintage Upholstered Wing Back Chair

The vintage upholstered wing back chair. The backrest is stylized on the flour's bag. The back and also the sitting are in neutral color, which are characteristic for the rural decor. The armchair has been enriched with the folk pattern pillow.

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Antique victorian chair 3

The impressive combination of beautiful green upholstery and massive wooden construction in Victorian Victorian architecture makes the whole building a unique character. Beautiful upholstery trim with quilts and buttons and unique carving.

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Walton Arm Chair

Walton Arm Chair

A very solid and comfortable armchair that has got a high aesthetic value thanks to its interesting pattern. The frame of this chair is durable. Its seat cushion and backrest areas are soft, comfortable and relaxing.

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Vintage danish modern chairs upholstered in different colors colorpops

Vintage Danish modern chairs upholstered in different colors #ColorPops

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Vintage upholstered chairs 2

Vibrant and colorful armchair with an all padded design for comfort. The chair also has multi-color, multi-tone upholstery, and beautiful red tapered legs that easily make it stand out in any room. The chair is also low and its vintage appeal makes it a unique piece that will add life to your space.

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Vintage upholstered chairs 3

High-quality living room chair that combines excellent vintage touches with a little contemporary flair. Made from a mid-century styled wooden frame, the chair is also heavily padded and finished in neutral gray fabric upholstery that goes well with literally anything.

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Vintage upholstered chairs 12

Stunning antique lower back chair made from a sturdy wooden frame. The chair comes in imprinted fabric upholstery that can be customized to represent any image you want. There is also padded cushioning and strong armrests for additional comfort.

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Vintage upholstered chair the fiesta

Vintage upholstered chair the fiesta

A cool vintage armchair with a wooden frame and low round brown feet. It has wide both a seat and a back, sloped arms. Upholstery of durable fabrics features diametrically opposed colours and designs e.g. prints, swirls, flowers, grids, stripes.

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Industrial Tolix Side Chair

Industrial Tolix Side Chair

Industrial side chair. This unique chair will give your interior a vintage appeal. The chair is made from resistant metal and can be used outdoor and indoor. The chair features a comfortable seat, supportive back and stable legs.

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Antique upholstered rocking chair 100 clemson for sale in

Antique Upholstered Rocking Chair - $100 (Clemson) for sale in .

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Vintage Upholstered Chairs

Buying Guide

Vintage upholstered chairs are available in a multitude of colors, making them super easy to match with most, if not all, spaces. All you have to do is pick an accent color found in your furniture, decor, and accessories. For instance, if pops of blue can be found throughout the room, your best bet will be an upholstery that’s either fully blue or has blue in the upholstery’s pattern. Moreover, if your home decor is fairly neutral, you can stick with a vintage upholstered chair in a neutral shade for a cohesive look or go bold with a vibrant color such as green or yellow to create a striking focal point.

Vintage upholstered chairs don’t usually have wheels like most office chairs, but you can still use them in an office if you don’t mind the lack of mobility. They are often very comfortable, and if their back is high enough, they can provide adequate support while you work. Depending on your office flooring, consider investing in an office chair mat or soft covers for the feet to protect your floor.

Vintage upholstered chairs also add visual flair and elegance to your office. Even if you’re trying to decorate a home office that few other people see, having a splash of color or patterned texture can add to an enjoyable workstation atmosphere.

Vintage upholstered chairs are making a comeback, so many retailers are actually offering vintage-inspired wingbacks and other plush armchair options.

However, if you’re looking for a truly vintage chair, it may be the best idea to look online for resale auctions or thrift shops. Alternatively, you can go to garage sales or thrift shops in your area to see what may be local to you.

Best Ideas

Vintage upholstered chairs 8

If you’re looking for a chic but vintage styled armchair, this is the perfect option for you. The perfectly shaped vintage armchair features beautifully patterned beige upholstery, sturdy and durable frame still in perfect condition, and precise accurate wood carving.

Vintage upholstered chairs 5

Uniquely designed lower back chair made from wood and featuring a neat light gold finish for immense class. The piece is upholstered in black and white upholstery and its breathtaking antique design would easily class up any space.

Antique 1920s upholstered easy chair with ornate carving at antique

Antique 1920s Upholstered Easy Chair With Ornate Carving at Antique ...

Vintage upholstered chairs 35

Amazing reupholstered desk chair made from a sturdy metal frame. The chair is designed to offer comfort, thanks to its cushioning. Its colorful floral fabric upholstery will add a playful touch of contemporary style for your home office or living room. The piece also features caster wheels at the bottom for easy mobility.

Vintage upholstered chairs

Quality vintage-inspired high back chairs constructed from a sturdy wooden frame and finished in neat light cream fabric upholstery. The chairs also come with beautifully carved legs and excellent foam padding to guarantee comfort and style all the time.

Vintage upholstered chairs 10

DIY: How to reupholster a tufted chair

French chair and ottoman

Chic vintage French style chairs having wooden frames featuring a shabby golden finish and gently curved lines of legs, aprons, sloped arms and an arched backrest. They're padded and upholstered in fabric DIY repainted from yellow to light blue.

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Vintage upholstered chairs 36

Technicolor Furniture Collection Reuses Textiles of the Silk Road : TreeHugger

Old armchairs

Not only does this piece looks elegant due to its simple and straight shapes, it also adds a boost of fun and appeal to your interior due to its colorful pattern of the upholstery, making it a fine choice for your modern decor.

Vintage upholstered chairs 24

Love the grain sacks!

Japanese obi chairs

1953 Vintage Armchair | Design: Pierre Guariche | Ash, black enameled metal, upholstered

Vintage upholstered chairs 21


Vintage upholstered chairs 23

Wingback chair in vintage style. It is upholstered with richly decorated fabric and finished with solid seams. Frame is made of wood. Perfect as additional seating in the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste.