Purple Velvet Chair


Feel like a king, or maybe just a Prince, when you sit in one of these sturdy, hand-stitched, purple velvet chairs. They are a fetching accent piece for your home, and they are very comfortable. Give your home a different way to feel unique and individual. Take a long stroll through this collection of purple velvet chairs and pick one that speaks to you.

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Our Picks

Purple velvet chair

Inspiratad by Hollywood stars from the past-boho style,mixed with velvet luxury upholstery.This purple velvet chair has incradible red wooden frame,low seat in a dark blue color and perfectly crafted flowers on the back, armrests and the base of the cushion.

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Purple velvet chair 3

Smarty Chair in Modena Aubergine found on Polyvore

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Purple velvet chair 24

I will never not pin soft purple velvet.

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Style at the foot of your bed

Style at the foot of your bed

A stunning chair that sports the slight distress of its finish and makes for a sublime addition to your vintage styled living room. This piece comes with the purple upholstery in velvet and offers a wide, comfortable structure.

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Velvet dining chairs

From now on, let it smells of lavender also in your home - thanks to the floating purple of the upholstery of the presented velvet chair. The deep seat and wide profile make it a favorite furniture for napping and afternoon relaxation.

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Purple velvet chair 1

The Bedroom: Velvet Wingback Chairs - HGTV Star Season 8: Photo Highlights From Episode 2 on HGTV

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Plum velvet chair

An elegant set of dining furniture that consists of a large, wooden table in a rectangualar shape and ten royal-like chairs. They feature beautiful velvet upholstery in a dark purple color, a tufted backrest and charming, decorative edges.

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Purple accent chairs

The boho name is derived from bohemian. This was called the artistic avant-garde environment. The present purple accent chair is synonymous with art and color. Floral, colorful upholstery decorations will revive any interior.

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Madison Wing Chair

Madison Wing Chair

Are you dreaming of an extraordinary style in your living room? Then, this unique chair is gonna be a perfect match for you! Check it out and enjoy an incredible design and an unusual comfort in your house.

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Purple velvet french arm chair fu c14

Purple velvet french arm chair - FU C14

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Purple Velvet Chair

Buying Guide

To make sure your velvet chair remains in pristine condition for the next years to come, you should regularly vacuum the fabric. It’s important to clean your chair weekly to prevent the buildup of dust and dirt, which can ruin the velvet’s texture and softness. If your chair has a stain, you may want to soak a soft cloth into a soap-and-water solution and gently rub the stain until it disappears. You should also frequently fluff your cushion to keep it in good shape.

If you want to take your velvet chair maintenance to the next level, you can steam clean your chair with a handheld steamer to remove wrinkles and prevent the velvet fibers from compressing. Lastly, keep your velvet chair away from direct sunlight to avoid color fading.

A purple velvet chair matched correctly with the rest of your room decor will allow all the pieces to come together harmoniously. One of the color palettes that purple goes well with is grey. If you don't have any pieces of grey furniture, consider painting your walls grey and add subtle hints of wooden furniture here and there to create warmth inside the room.

Purple is not really defined as a warm or cool color, but is certainly left to interpretation. So why not add further warm touches of orange or red accents for a cozier look and feel. Alternatively, if you'd like your velvet chair to pop, why not keep everything neutral and add a splash of color with a glamorous purple velvet chair.

Best Ideas

International Design USA Campbell Velvet Dining Chairs, Set of 2

Beautiful dining chair with geometric design. Upholstered with silvery stone gray velvet, it boasts a unique design with its square cutout accent incorporated into the backrest. The seat is cushioned and button tufted.

Frida Accent Chair Purple/Violet

The purple chair basing on the hardwood interior frame. Slippery style shape provides the perfect comfort of having the rest on it. The plush upholstery is soft in touch, but also scratch-resitant, what is important when you have a cat.

Purple velvet chair 25

I envison a decorating style pulling from many influences and pieces from around the world. The settee lends itself to this style of arrangement, and allows for different pieces to complement each other, in a dance of color and texture

Shop furniture chairs accent chairs phantom purple velvet swivel chair

shop furniture chairs accent chairs phantom purple velvet swivel chair ...

Purple velvet chair 2

Very luxurious armchair. It has elegant wooden legs. This sophisticated armchair is covered of purple gleaming velvet and decorated of little silver buttons. Due to slim-line cushion this armchair is very comfortable.

Top 8 purple dining room chairs

Top 8 Purple Dining Room Chairs

Purple velvet chair 2

Rafael Chair ~ Purple love

Purple velvet chair 1

I'm ready for my close-up.

Tribeca Arm Chair

Tribeca Arm Chair

Stylish arm chair with high back. It is filled with foam and upholstered with velvet material. Ideal as additional place to sit in all kinds of interior. It is very well appreciated by customers.

Purple velvet chair 5

Just look at this vibrant, colourful little armchair with a beautiful, purple velvet upholstery. Not only is it great for a cosy, romantic bedroom or a study room, it would also look perfectly well in front of a dining table.

Purple velvet chair 13

purple velvet chair

Purple accent chairs 6

A stylish accent chair that is distinguished by beautiful upholstery in a flowery pattern, where soft colors nicely blend with more vivid ones. The chair features shapely, black legs and it includes an extra cushion for a lumbar support.

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Purple velvet chair 26

great chairs! (the ones with the white seats)