Gothic Chair

This collection shouldn't be called Gothic chair, but Gothic throne. These lovely, dark and mysterious Victorian chairs are the thing out of vampire novels and spooky tales, They come in many, many styles and most of which are black, dark red, or dark purple, with chairs that seat one, or two. Such an interesting collection, it is a must see.

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Carved Mahogany Lion Head Gothic Throne Chair King Black Finish W Red Velvet

Carved Mahogany Lion Head Gothic Throne Chair King Black Finish W Red Velvet
The sleek and high back of this impressive chair in a gothic Victorian style makes the decor of the room so unique. The whole adorned beautifully has a deep red upholstery, which is presented with the phenomenon of the black finish.

Carved Mahogany King Lion Gothic Throne Chair Black Paint Black Leather

Carved Mahogany King Lion Gothic Throne Chair Black Paint Black Leather
This Gothic throne-like chair is an exceptionally original design element. Black, somewhat dark colors will appeal to fans of such climates. Carved in mahogany details delight. Seat and back upholstered in leather.

Xxl Black King Ralphs Chair Glamorous Diva Throne Loveseat Castle Antique

Xxl Black King Ralphs Chair Glamorous Diva Throne Loveseat Castle Antique
A real regal throne, being an eclectic proposition for those, who like original, bold design. This gothic chair will embellish absolutely any surface, helping one's create a unique empire decor.

Kitchen and dining furniture

Kitchen and dining furniture
The chair's uphlostery is so attractive that it could decorate any exclusive dress. Strong emerald color, has attached black embroidery. In gothic style, binds the classic form of a dining chair, made of dark cherry wood, finished with fine carving.

The Lord Raffles Lion Throne Fabric Arm Chair

The Lord Raffles Lion Throne Fabric Arm Chair
If you are a fan of intriguing and extra ordinary solutions, this excellent and well made iron lion throne fabric arm chair is gonna perfectly match your needs. Check it out and enjoy the functionality!

The Lord Raffles Lion Throne Fabric Arm Chair

The Lord Raffles Lion Throne Fabric Arm Chair
Breathtaking throne-like classic arm chair entirely hand-crafted of brown-finished mahogany wood. It features an extremely decorated frame with carved a.o. lion heads and coat of arms. A tall tufted back and a seat have upholstery of black pleather.

Black on black high back queens throne

Black on black high back queens throne
This beautiful, high-backed chair is an incredibly fascinating piece of furniture that is perfect for any original interior design. Beautifully carved base with velvet upholstery creates a complete whole, bringing to mind the royal throne.

Our advice Buying Guide

A Gothic chair has carved, pointed arches and a paneled construction. Its style was revived during Victorian and Regency times. As you may know, Gothic chairs are popular for their incredibly ornate and elegant detailing. If you want your home to be well-decorated with intricate patterns and opulent details, then you'll love these types of chairs.

What upholstery goes well with gothic chairs?

Your choices in terms of upholstery material are dramatic, elegant, and bold. The types of fabric great with Gothic chairs are velvet, satin, and silk as they give a hint of decadence and glamour. The fabric may come with a bold color, texture or pattern. To create a unified look, opt for velvet upholstery if your curtains consist of satin and vice versa.

How do I choose the right size gothic chair?

We all have made this terrible mistake once: we go to online stores and fall deeply in love with a particular piece of furniture. As it arrives at our doorstep, it is in the wrong size! If you're like us then you've also thought about tearing down a wall just so the furniture fits through the door! To avoid taking drastic measures that can cost you thousands of dollars, write the dimensions that you are looking for, specifically depth, length, and height.

What are the best colors for gothic chairs?

Even if your chair fits through the door and into the space allotted for it, that does not necessarily mean that it will fit artistically or visually. Visualize your favorite Gothic chair and consider the color of the rugs, wallpaper, and other furniture pieces in your room. If you think they all look lovely together, then you've found yourself a gem!

While black is the color that's predominantly used in Victorian Gothic-themed living spaces, you must use it in moderation unless your goal is to have a home that looks like a haunted mansion.

Consider elegant colors that are rich, bold, and dramatic. If your walls are in dark ocean blue or ruby red, choose Gothic chairs that are in deep burgundy or emerald green. Earth elements like terra-cotta, brick, and wood are also color components present in Gothic homes, so try to pick Gothic chairs with either deep natural colors or rich jewel colors.

What kind of wood are gothic chairs made of?

Do you know what type of wood appeals most to you? Your most common options in terms of frame material are walnut, pine, teak, mahogany, oak, and cherry. All of them are solid wood and capable of withstanding daily use. Your other options are wood veneer or engineered wood products, which are cheaper. As they're cheaper, they don't give off an authentic Gothic vibe.

How are gothic chairs typically finished?

You should also check how the frame of a Gothic chair is finished. It may be stained, oiled, lacquered, fumed or painted.


Beardsley Lion Arm Chair

Beardsley Lion Arm Chair
This traditional styled chair has wooden frame in mahogany finish and armrest hand carved in a lion's head shape. Seat and back are covered with black leather, and backrest has a tufted finish and silver nails as decorations.

Gothic chair 1

Feel like a king and choose this exclusive Absolom Roche chair. It features the Victorian design, button tufted high back, black velvet upholstery, mahogany construction and black lacquer finish.

Gothic chair 8

Aaah, such a chair lets you feel like a royalty out of hand! This impressive baroque throne chair design is called diva rocker glam and it clearly hints at gothic style inspirations. All black, with extra-tall back, intricate carvings and glossy finish.

Gothic dining chairs

A real bargain for the fans of the gothic or medieval times in general. Both of the amrests are finished with characterstic skulls, suggesting that the item may conceal a magical story inside.

Gothic throne chairs for sale

Beautiful element that provides comfort and increases aesthetics thanks to its neutral black color. The chair provides comfortable space for two people. Its solid back includes button tufting for additional aesthetics.

Throne style chair

One-of-a-kind black hall chair with unique birdcage carved front legs and extra tall openwork back graced with elaborate finials. This striking design is a faithful revival of mid 19 century Gothic inspired chair.

Gothic dining room chairs

With this gothic chair around, all guests' eyes will point at one direction... All black, with sheen lacquer legs and baroque inspired motives, sporting exquisitely tall back with fancy swirls, it steals the show.

Antique gothic chairs

Match up your vintage-inspired home décor with these antique chairs, all designed to stand out in any space. Featuring sturdy construction, beautiful detailing, and state of the art stitching, the chairs would be perfect as statement furniture in the living room or your den.

Gothic chair

Gothic chair

Gothic chair 2

An untypical arm chair that emanates with gothic charm and blissful comfort. The chair is softly padded, and upholstered in a purple fabric, with diamond button-tufting, stylish nailhead trim, and a dome-like back.

Modern glamour black lacquered porters chair upholstered in high black

Modern Glamour black lacquered porters chair. Upholstered in high black gloss patient leather with a black lacquered paint finish.

Gothic chair 25

Gothic Arm Chair II

Baas smoke burned vintage furniture gothic lolita interior design

... Baas Smoke burned vintage furniture: Gothic Lolita interior design

Design Toscano AF51316 Viollet-Le-Duc Gothic Cathedral Arm Chair

It is an armchair that has got a cathedral stylization. The frame is made of solid mahogany wood. It is a hand-carved material that has got many decorative elements. The seat is filled with soft and comfortable material.

Gothic thrones for sale

TL FURNITURE | CHIC COUTURE ARMCHAIRS ArtE190 Queen Anne Shaped back and wing detailed armchair sofa and bed.

Hand-carved Solid Mahogany Antique Replica Knottingley Manor Chair

This kind of chair is a functional and decorative product that has got a hand-carved frame made of solid mahogany wood. The seat is cushioned, so it assures the highest level of comfort and a backrest provides support.

67" Hand Carved solid mahogany replica Hand-Carved Solid Mahogany Throne Chair

It is a throne chair that has got a hand-carved solid mahogany construction and black upholstery. Everyone will be impressed how beautiful and stylish this chair is.

Several gothic bedroom design ideas 2


4060 black lacquer skull baroque chair by diva rocker glam

4060 BLACK LACQUER SKULL BAROQUE CHAIR by Diva Rocker Glam (310) 652-8711, via Flickr

Black crystal skull chair

Black Crystal Skull Chair

Design Toscano AF51320 Viollet-Le-Duc Gothic Cathedral Side Chair

Transform your home into a medieval castle! This cathedral side chair features a very tall back, hand-carved from solid mahogany, just like the rest of the frame.The seat is upholstered in a royal plum and gold striped fabric.

Design Toscano AF951320 Viollet-Le-Duc Gothic Cathedral Chairs Set

A very comfortable, solid and interesting piece of furniture that has got a cathedral chair stylization. It has got many decorative elements carved in its wooden frame. The seat is soft and it has got a comfortable backrest.

Gothic thrones

Unique Gothic Chair in Porcupine Spikey Back Shape – Icicle Chair

Gothic style chair

baroque style armchair- this, but comfier so I can sit on it sideways

Gothic chair

Carved Huge Carved Gothic King Lion Dining Chair Carver

Throne like chairs

Hand-carved, solid American cherry wood chair with silver gilding (is it still gilding if it's not gold?) by H.J. Nick and Scottsdale Art Factory

Doll stand torso carrying bag case furniture jewelry box sd

Doll Stand & Torso Carrying Bag & Case Furniture Jewelry Box SD Wings ...

37" Classic 15th-century Replica Hand Carved Scissor Side Chair

This hand-carved replica of the scissor side chair is decorated with beautiful, 15th-century accents. The chair is foldable, hand-cut from solid teak, and features cross-strut legs, and hand-carved backrest decorated with Savonarola profile.

Gothic chair 5

As the queen of my castle I need one of these. Baroque Plastic Chair. These are amazing!

Gothic chair 24

Oak gothic chair

Antique gothic church throne chair

Antique Gothic Church Throne Chair

Gothic chair jpg


Gothic chair for sale

Gothic Chair - For Sale

Conde deep buttoned wing chair made in barcelona spain by

.Conde deep buttoned wing chair - made in Barcelona, Spain by Dentro Home -

Gothic chair 16

Gothic chair

Gothic Tracery Cathedral Arm Chair

Sophisticated gothic-style armchair made using both old world and modern techniques to create. It was individually hand-carved in solid mahogany by skullfull artisans. Finish is hand applied by physical antiquing, staining process and lacquering.

Design Toscano AF91664 Sudbury Hand-Carved Solid Pine Gothic Side ChairSet of Six

Hand-carved replica of gothic chair, crafted of high-end solid pine, with all the details characteristic to a highly priced antique coming from medieval times. Raw finish enriches the beauty of this piece.

Flying Buttress Back Gothic Style Antique Replica hand Carved Mahogany Chair (The Digital Angel)

Carved by hand with great care for all details, this Gothic style replica looks like a real antique, yet it of course retains up-to-date condition! Inspired by monastery accent chairs, this piece is sure to beautify your dining room.

Carved oak chairs 1

Phenomenal chair in gothic style. Frame is made of high quality oak wood and finished with carefully made carvings. Seat and back are covered with pleasant to the touch material.

Antique victorian chair 32

Side Chair Joseph Meeks and Sons  (1829–1835) Date: 1859 Geography: Mid-Atlantic, New York City, New York, United States Culture: American Medium: Rosewood

Gothic chair 7

Doll's Coffin Bookcase and Chair

Awesome idea to re purpose a chair and a dress

Awesome idea to re-purpose a chair and a dress to create a Victorian era piece of furniture.

I think ill just sit a while wait i hear

I think I'll just sit a while....wait, I hear the iron door knocker banging slowly. Must be the bats from next door wanting a glass of blood. Ach.