Cuddle Chairs

If a new loveseat would be too large for your living room but a traditional armchair too small for you and your partner, a cuddle chair will solve all your interior design problems… and take relax time to the next level.

Often known as snuggle chairs or oversized chairs for two, these items are the perfect compromise. They look just like the rest of your furniture pieces but allow you to cozy up next to a special someone or to enjoy more room than an armchair could offer you when reading on your own.

In fact, they’re usually around 45” in width!

Not sure as to what style to go for? Here are some snuggly ideas.

Traditional two person chair

Traditional two person chair

If, relaxing aside, your main goal is consistency, you should choose a double chair in a similar style as your sofa or other armchairs.

However, to avoid a heavy result while keeping them cohesive, we recommend copying just one of their main features. For example, the same style but a different color or vice versa.

Patterned cuddle sofa

Patterned cuddle sofa

Are the rest of your furniture pieces pretty neutral or monochrome? Then your new cuddle chair could be the perfect opportunity to introduce a funky pattern.

If you’re worried about ruining your cohesive decor, just be sure to incorporate one of your seating room’s existing colors into it.

Decorating your two person cuddle chair with cushions

Decorating your two person cuddle chair with cushions

While the design and lines of your new cuddle chair will probably be your main focus, don’t forget that cushions are key when it comes to the final result.

For example, if the actual piece is in your secondary color, the cushions could tie the room together by matching your accent hue or an existing pattern. 

Oversized round cuddle chair

Oversized round cuddle chair

While some snuggle chairs are made to look more like a small sofa, you can also consider oversized round cuddle chairs for a 360-degree twist.

This is actually the option we recommend if you’re planning on placing yours in a corner or if you’re fairly tight on space: the round shape will optimize it!


Chair for two in a unique design

Chair for two in a unique design

If your new cuddle chair will also be your way of showcasing your decorative talent, be bold!

Choose a model that breaks free from traditional shapes and designs. For example, a hexagonal chair is sure to stand out in your seating area (psst: another handy idea for corners, too.)

$1319.99 $2960

Round sofa chair with an elegant touch

Round sofa chair with an elegant touch

Your new cuddle chair can help you emphasize the sophisticated feel of your living room.

The secret is to choose a stylish monochrome design in a delicate hue and to look for elegant details, just like this show-stopping model with a nail head trim.

Versatile swivel loveseat

Versatile swivel loveseat

Round cuddle chairs relying on a swivel design are some of the most flexible options out there: you can easily move them around without revolutionizing the rest of your living room.

That’s why they’d especially come in handy if you often have guests round and need to rearrange it to make room for more seating.

$769.99 $999

Oversized chair for two with tufted upholstery

Oversized chair for two with tufted upholstery

Maybe an entirely monochrome model sounds boring to you and yet a patterned design would feel too busy. There’s a simple solution: stick to one color but pick an oversized chair for two that includes noticeable features like this tufted upholstered front.

Even though the color doesn’t change, it creates a hypnotizing pattern of shadows that we bet you’re going to be obsessed with. 

Futon style convertible couples chair

Futon style convertible couples chair

Another practical take on the 2-person chair is the futon design. This timeless idea is particularly effective in smaller or busy rooms where a chair with armrests would get in the way of your visual flow.

Plus, because futons are convertible, you’ll also gain an extra mattress for whenever you have a guest over. It’s a win-win!

Swivel cuddle chair with a retro feel

Swivel cuddle chair with a retro feel

Are you a bit of a nostalgic soul? Do you feel drawn to immortal trends from past decades? Then a swivel cuddle chair with a delicate 70s touch could be the right option for you.

Your cushions can then be your chance to add to this vintage feel or, on the contrary, to make it slightly more contemporary.

Timelessly cozy snuggle chair

Timelessly cozy snuggle chair

At the end of the day, these chairs are there to snuggle next to each other, so why not focus on that?

If you have traditional interiors, your best bet is to pick a familiar and cozy design that immediately makes you want to relax on it with your special someone.

Oversized cuddle chair with cushions

Oversized cuddle chair with cushions

When browsing a few cuddle chairs, you’ve probably noticed that some of them come with cushions and some others don’t. While the second option offers you more flexibility as you can choose them separately, picking a model that does will certainly save you time.

It will also ensure that, regardless of whether they’re in the same color, your new cushions will look cohesive with the actual chair (the material alone makes a big difference!).

Leather cuddle couch

Leather cuddle couch

Not all cuddle chairs look like… chairs. If you prefer something a bit more similar to your sofa, stick to a cuddle couch.

This will also open your doors to more leather options, which is ideal if you already have this material elsewhere in your living room.

Lounger style snuggle chair

Lounger style snuggle chair

If you think that nothing is comfier than cuddle chairs, wait until you try a lounger model. While it’s probably not the best option if you prefer to sit upright, it’ll feel like heaven on earth if you and your partner like to lie down slightly when watching movies or reading together.

The only downside? You’ll probably never want to get up again.


Big swivel cuddle chair in a monochrome finish

Big swivel cuddle chair in a monochrome finish

Opting for a cuddle chair in a monochrome design is the safest choice if other elements in your seating area (such as your sofa or rug) are full of patterns.

You can then choose to add cushions in a different one—perhaps another hue from your palette—or keep it even more cohesive by maintaining the same monochrome finish.

Our advice Buying Guide

Cuddle chairs have high, sturdy backrests, and extra deep seats. They are intended for relaxing, curling up in front of the television, or with a good book. Some are large enough to be comfy for two, but others are fine for solitary enjoyment. Their hallmark is lots of puffy softness and room enough to curl up or stretch out your legs.

Cuddle Chair Classic

A classic cuddle chair style is a round chair with a tall back that encompasses half the circle. Puffy pillows can be rearranged for personal comfort. It is just the right size to curl up in or to lean back and stretch out your legs without having them dangle off. An attached arm table for drinks or snacks is a definite plus. Consider the size of the person who will sit in it most often for optimum dimensions.

Family Dogpile Cuddle Chair

For one or two larger loungers, or a couple with one or two children, a large cuddle chair the size of a double bed is a super solution for evening wind down or nap time. It is also the perfect solution for a single person with multiple snuggly pets, none of whom want to the left out during after-dinner social time. It can even double as an extra bed if you have guests.

Round Wicker Basket Chair

Need a snuggly embrace, but also need a little alone time? A round, wicker basket cuddle chair can give you that feeling of privacy, while the cushions allow you to curl up in a protected nest. The inside has room enough for two, making it a retreat for a couple or a cozy place to curl up with your little one to read books and enjoy quiet time.

Love Seat Style Cuddle Chair

Love seats get their name from being a couch sized to comfortably seat two. A love seat cuddle chair has the width equivalent to the classic love seat, but has the extra deep seat of a cuddle chair along with the sturdy back and comfortable cushions. It can seat a couple or it can be a comfortable place to read, relax or even take a nap. Some models come with a foldout seat that allows it to be made into a bed.

Sherpa Cloud Couch

This chair takes cuddliness to the next level. Upholstered in soft, faux fleece, it is the perfect chair to have in front of a fireplace – real or electric. Add a handknit or fleece throw and a fleece covered footstool, along with a drink and snack holder and you might not want to ever leave your snug hideaway.

Cuddle chairs can be your at-home getaway for all the stresses that life brings from day to day. Almost everyone has the need to find a soft place to rest, relax and repair mind and body before heading back into the fray. A soft chair where you can curl up and enjoy a good book or your favorite television show might be just the thing.


Damis Elegant Swivel Barrel Chair

Damis Elegant Swivel Barrel Chair
Upgrade your reading nook or bedroom with this oversized barrel chair with a tufted fabric exterior. The 100% linen upholstery is available in two shades of grey, and the 17.32'' H x 39.5'' W x 33.6'' D seat is the perfect chair for two, working well with classic or midcentury decors.

Ella Swivel Barrel Chair

Ella Swivel Barrel Chair
An enchanting blend of seamless leather and soft microfiber, this upholstered barrel chair fits two and supports up to 300lbs., but is also easy to move or adjust with its swivel caster mobility. This oversized seat would look great in modern or industrial homes with its two-toned, textured aesthetic.

Antonsen Club Chair

Antonsen Club Chair
Add some Hollywood glamor to your living room or study with this oversized velvet chair set on a gleaming gold or silver base. You can snuggle up with your favorite person or pet in this intimate and striking chair with its plush memory foam seat cushions and spacious 50.5” wide seat.

Kettler 50" W Faux Leather Armchair

Kettler 50" W Faux Leather Armchair
One of the most comfortable seating options available, this chair is intentionally designed to help you sit in new ways, readjusting your spine as you sling a leg over an oversized arm. Available in two vibrant colors, it makes a perfect seating option in a den, rec room, or home office.

Cuddle Swivel Chair and Ottoman

Cuddle Swivel Chair and Ottoman
This Swivel Chair and Ottoman in Grey & Black Finish features a solid kiln dried hardwood frame, delray cloud leather upholstery, high resiliency foam filling. The ottoman matches the chair, and it can be pushed closer to it, achieving a truly lounging experience. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Washington chaise traditional day beds and chaises

Washington chaise traditional day beds and chaises
This chaise is great for people with back problems. Gentle, brown colour makes it suitable for every type of interior, regardless of its style. Its size makes it comfortable for more than one person – a great addition to any living room.

Billy Double Chaise Lounge Chair With Wheels

Billy Double Chaise Lounge Chair With Wheels
A comfortable contemporary chaise lounge for 2 persons. It has a sturdy wooden frame and is equipped with casters. It has a quite thickly padded seat, wide gently rounded full panel arms and a quite tall back. Upholstery is of plain off-white fabric.

Cuddle couch

A fashionable snuggler for you to get comfy with style. Upholstered in a nice-to-touch grayish fabric, the sofa is nicely tufted, has a bunch of throw pillows, a large seat and a stylishly curved shape.

Cuddle chairs

This stylish reading chair is a beautiful combination of convenience and stylish look. Beautiful leather upholstery and a soft-touch fabric, along with a handy drink holder and a snack table, create a unique allure.

Snuggle chair

Need a quality chair that will be perfect for your afternoon naps and watching TV? This cuddle chair has a soft back designed of several tufted pillows and a wide seat with a comfy seat - all upholstered in a quality fabric.

Cuddle chair and sofa

This massive swivel armchair encourages to sit and relax for long hours, thanks to its exquisite space and comfort offered. Oversized, massive design will grab the attention of everyone entering the living room.

Cuddle chair

This elegant snuggle chair is a beautiful combination of stylish, modern form and comfortable seat. Pleasant round shape allows you to sit back and relax comfortably. Beautiful fabric upholstery makes it an excellent piece of furniture to any interior.

Cuddle chairs 1

This ball relaxing chair makes me want to cuddle inside with a really good book! Another person can make it with me perhaps, as the inside is spacious enough for two. Warm colored pillows, cream, cocoa brown and yellow, emphasize the cozy feel.

Cuddle chaise

Look on this excellent oversized cozy chair! It will help you to crate the cozy nook for relaxing and napping. This cuddle chair has a lot of pillows and beige color of the cover.

Small cuddle chair

A cosy loveseat sofa with a wooden frame and a full base. It has thick-padded both a deep seat and a subtly arched backrest. Rounded arms are almost as high as a back is. The sofa and pillows have soft fabric covers in beige, brown and white tones.

This is called the cuddle couch i would cuddle on

This is called the cuddle couch... I would cuddle on it :)

2 person chair

Cuddle chairs are a great solution for the living room or movie theater room. Beautiful wood design combined with soft cushions in stylish upholstery creates an incredibly resting place for rest and fun.

Urban barn nest chair

Solid and comfortable cradle chair with a durable wooden frame. It is long lasting and aesthetic. The chair includes very soft and comfortable cushions finished in universal white color, so they look good in different indoors.

Cuddle couch furniture

When you are reading lover like me or you just love to spend the time cuddling with your partner - you found the perfect piece of furniture for you. The soft seat and delicate velvet material in cream color guarantee the high comfort and good appearance.

Cuddle chairs 2

This very comfortable wide silver armchair to your living room. Enough wide for couple to spend the freetime cuddling or good idea to have a rest on your own. Perfect for the Scandinavian stylization of your apartment.

Two person chair

Add a glamorous look into your home and enjoy this cuddle chair. It features the silver color, cushioned back, tufted seat and small black legs. I want to have it in my chaining room!

Cuddler chair

A perfect seat for two. This cuddle chair, as the name implies, is perfect for cuddling. Calm, subtle colour of it will let you get plenty of undisturbed rest. It's pretty big, so it will easily become the focal point of your living room.

Oversized armchairs

This beautifully upholstered in the corduroy-like cover is a charming detail to the living room. A comfortable cushion seat makes resting, reading a book or watching TV extremely enjoyable. The solid base is strong.

Cuddle sofa

A large sofa and a bed in one is a perfect solution for any interior. Cuddle chair allows you to use one furniture for many occasions; it is comfortable and very cozy. Excellent choice for small interiors.

Cuddling couch

A contemporary take on a modern sofa in a unique chair made to resemble an envelope. The snuggle sofa is upholstered with a gray-colored cotton fabric, which gives it a stylish look and provides a smooth, nice to touch texture.

Cuddle on the couch

What a cool thing! This huge outdoor lounge wicker sphere/ball canopy with tons of pillows looks like straight from a fairytale! incredible look, I guess it's as comfortable as it only looks. I would spend my whole day lying in it.

Brown snuggle chair

Round arm chair for the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste and need. Wooden frame is upholstered with pleasant to the touch fabric and finished with solid seams. Includes extra pillows for added comfort.

Cuddle chairs 10

Cuddle Chairs

Cozy chairs

Create the cozy nook for napping, reading, watching TV and relaxing with this great cuddle chair. It features the soft velvet upholstery, cushioned seat and back, for enhanced comfort of use.

Snuggle chairs

Contemporary, modern Furniture : Furniture Faster, Nest Furniture Faster Chair from Urban Barn to complement your style.

Round cuddle chair

Full of comfort and visual benefits, this lounging chair offers a wide place for kicking back with style. Oversized and well-padded, the chair is upholstered in light blue fabric with a stylish skirt, slightly rolled armrests, and several matching throw pillows.

Home cuddle chairs

Home / Cuddle Chairs

Rialto cuddle chair

Rialto Cuddle Chair

Cuddle sofas and chairs

Sherpa Cloud Couch...i need something like this for the little nook in my bedroom

Round cuddle couch

If you love to snuggle, then this cuddle chair is going to show you a real good time. Its widened design features corduroy upholstery, a round seat, a low-profile back and three matching throw pillows.

Futon chair

Convertible chaise lounge as loveseat or bed. Frame is made of wood. It is covered with soft fabric and reinforced with solid seams. Functional design for each place as needed.

Cuddle on couch

Finding a bed-is not an easy task. It must be very comfortable, but also fit into our interior. The same applies to the sofa, or chaise lounge chair, like this wonderful example of a gray tufted couch/chair with a quilted headrest and very wide frame and seat.

Sofa and cuddle chair set

A very comfortable chaise lounge, excellent for bringing stylish and relaxing benefits to contemporary rooms. Its large seat allows you to kick back in style, using soft filling, nice-to-touch beige upholstery, 3 back pillows and a pair of throw pillows.

Round two person chair

You are in the moment of life,that home sitting with a friend and Netflix is your favorite pastime.We all have been there and dreamed of such a huge,spacious round cuddle chair for at least 2 people.Creamy traditional upholstery and the power of hairy pillows.

Chaise lounge chair for sitting area in master bedroom 1

Chaise lounge chair for sitting area in master bedroom

Oversized lounger

If you want to sleep like a king, you may want to check this fine chaise with decorative pillows. The frame is made of plywood, upholstered in polyester/rayon, giving you a wonderful place to sink in with your favorite book or take a moment to relax.

Cuddle lounge

An eye-catching giant comfortable bean bag chair or sofa excellent for couch potatoes and cuddling. It has a removable zippered cover crafted of durable and resistant nice to the touch patternless red fabric.

Lots of really cool ideas for porch swing beds i

lots of really cool ideas for porch swing beds. I want one!!!

Lounger chairs 1

Chaise longue. ("Longue" is French for long, and somehow the letters got scrambled in English to create "lounge." It's a long chair.)

Cuddler chairs

Cuddle Plush Elephant Chair | Nursery Accessories | Restoration Hardware Baby Child

Home paris cuddle sofa chair

Home / Paris cuddle sofa chair

Papasan chair cushion outdoor

i would love this chair with a white cushion for my reading corner. big enough to lay back and cuddle in. i would paint the base tho. maybe pink. (same pink as ceiling)

Snuggle sofa

"Coca Wildlife" Cuddle Chair by Massoud at Horchow. Looks like a good place to read a book and sip some wine. :)

Large swivel round cuddle chair jumbo cord fabric cream

Large Swivel Round Cuddle Chair Jumbo Cord Fabric Cream ...

Sales of cuddle chairs spike just in time for valentines

Sales of cuddle chairs spike just in time for Valentine's Day