Therapeutic Seat Cushions

Sometimes, sitting is not at all comfortable. For many folks with back problems, lumbar support is a wonderful thing, and having a therapeutic seat cushion is the best concept ever created. And for your back issue, we have an extensive collection of therapeutic seat cushions that will help to relieve some of that spinal tenderness. See collection for options.

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Comfy Seat Cushion

Comfy Seat Cushion
Do you have enough of your uncomfortable chair? Decide on this extremely comfy Seat Cushion to properly protect your back, sides, and bottom. The seat cushion is overfilled, protected by Ultra-Fresh technology, and suitable especially for wheelchairs.

Reclining Armchair Cushion

Reclining Armchair Cushion
Aesthetic comfy quick drying cushion intended for reclining loungers. It has a polyester core and a weatherproof cover of white acrylic. A cover features a solid pattern and edge piping. It has ties to keep in place.

Therapeutic seat cushions 2

Who said sitting in a regular chair has to go hand in hand with lack of comfort and back pain? This therapeutic sitting cushion will make it much easier for you to sit for hours on end and work conveniently.

Therapeutic chair cushion

If no seat is able to provide you with enough comfort for your back pain then opt for this therapeutic seat cushion that offers the design simply perfect to pressure those precise points in your lumbar area that require some relief.

Ergonomic chair cushions

Amazing therapeutic seat cushions with comfort and function. The cushions are heavily padded and upholstered in a light gray, sued-like, fabric that feels great on the skin. The cushions also offer excellent back support and can be adjusted to cater for your comfort.

Therapeutic seat cushions

High-end therapeutic seat cushions designed to provide a soothing massage-like effect on your skin any time of day. The cushions come in a nice rounded design and you can pick several different colors that meet your décor requirements.

Chair cushion risers

Quality orthopedic cushion with heavy-density foam padding and a nice warm sued like gray upholstery. The piece comes with beautiful contouring, designed to perfectly adapt to your body for outstanding comfort. It’s perfect for people of all ages.

Therapeutic seat cushion

Therapeutic car seat cushion - improving seating experience of any wide-seat chair as well. Indispensable for people suffering from chronic back pain. Provides painless travel during long driving. Special 3D insets provide massage feel.

Therapeutic seat cushions 3

Super comfortable therapeutic seat cushions with a nice plum design and a neat neutral white palette. The cushions are so soothing that they’ll leave you feeling relaxed and ready for another day. They are also ideal for both kids and adults.

100 therapeutic grade memory foam seat cushion by desk jockey

100% Therapeutic Grade Memory Foam Seat Cushion by Desk Jockey

GSeat ~ Portable Ergonomic Gel Seat Cushion (Carbon Gray) Helps Prevent, Relieve, and Recover From Lower Back and Tailbone Pain- Outstanding Lumbar Support - Lightweight, Portable, Therapeutic Seat Pad for Indoor, Outdoor, Home and Office, Driving, Exerci

This ergonomic gel seat cushion will make sitting in any possible space much more comfortable and at the same time prevent and relieve the lower back and tailbone pain. It is portable and therapeutic, making it a sure must-have for everyone with back problems.

Seat cushion riser

Why not add something that will make sitting much more comfortable from now on, even if you have to do it for hours on end? This therapeutic seat cushion sports a design that will do a wonderful job aiding your back pain.

Ergoseet therapeutic seat cushion

'ErgoSeet Therapeutic Seat Cushion'

Therapeutic chair cushions 1

Contemporary therapeutic meditation chair enhancing the meditation experience by supporting the lower body parts - helps avoid excruciating back pain and elongate the time of meditation. In white, with light blue cushioning.

Therapeutic chair cushions


Seat cushions 2

Seat Cushions

ergoSEETPlus Therapeutic Seat Cushion-18x16x1.5 in

Duro-Med 18 Molded Foam Ring Cushion

This folded foam ring cushion provides comfort and support, when sitting, even for an extended period of time. It will certainly reduce pressure on back and tailbone and the shape conforms to the body contour wonderfully.

Foam pillows therapeutic pillows back and seat support cushions 1

... Foam Pillows, Therapeutic Pillows, Back and Seat Support Cushions

Therapeutic seat cushions

SeatCushion by Tempur-Pedic™

Therapeutic cushion seats

Custom Accessories 19562 Black Therapeutic Lumbar Seat Cushion -

Jet Creations Negative Ions Gelly Seat Cushion, Blue

Therapeutic seat cushions

This 3.5" foam seat riser cushion is recommended for all those, who need to care about their back. If you suffer from some pains, this therapeutical cushion will facilitate your meals time.

Contour Products Coccyx Freedom Seat Cushion

A simple, but functional piece of equipment designed for a home use. This seat cushion is available with a soft, breathable cover that assures the best level of comfort. This cushion is soft thanks to its high density foam fill.

Pillows support therapeutic seating magnetic therapy seat cushion

Pillows & Support Therapeutic Seating Magnetic Therapy Seat Cushion

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Work chair cushions

This breathable matt is recycled of old worn out plastic bottles. It can be used in different ways, but due to comfort and built it will plays its role perfectly as a slim-lime cushion to attach on the chair.

Foam pillows therapeutic pillows back and seat support cushions

... Foam Pillows, Therapeutic Pillows, Back and Seat Support Cushions

Coccyx or tailbone seat cushion can really take the strain

coccyx or tailbone seat cushion can really take the strain off your ...

Therapeutic chair cushions 2

An aesthetic modern car seat cushion having therapeutic features especially helpful in case of back pains. It has a C-like contoured shape, is filled with memory foam and has a cover of durable soft light grey fabric.

Kamby Comfort -Premium Quality- Coccyx(tailbone) Orthopedic 100% Memory Foam Seat Cushion- Experience first class comfort wherever you go while improving posture! Great for the home, office, or traveling. Improve your health and quality of life now! 100%

Orthopedic seat cushion featuring memory foam filling exterior made of high quality fabric. The cushion is very durable, helps correcting posture and provides great comfort. It perfectly fits majority of regular chairs.

GSeat ~ Portable Ergonomic Gel Seat Cushion (Black) - Helps Prevent, Relieve, and Recover From Lower Back and Tailbone Pain- Outstanding Lumbar Support - Lightweight, Portable, Therapeutic Seat Pad for Indoor, Outdoor, Home and Office, Driving, Exercise a

The Portable & Ergonomic Gel Seat Cushion in Black Finish prevents, relieves, and speeds up the recovery from a lower back and tailbone pain. The cushion ensures an excellent lumbar support. It also is lightweight for a convenient carrying.

Carex Coccyx Cushion

A coccyx cushion helps to prevent and alleviate coccydynia, a type of chronic pain (tailbone pain) that may result from fracture or other causes. The cushion is specifically designed to help patients with this affliction.

Therapeutic foam seat riser cushion

Therapeutic Foam Seat Riser Cushion

Dining Chair Pad with Ties - Checkers 1/4" Check - Reversible, Latex Foam Fill - Tufted Rocking Chair Seat Cushion

It is a pad on the chair. It is an excellent solution, especially in wooden chairs. It has special strings that allow it to attach to the back. As a result, the pillow perfectly holds, it does not slide and does not move. It is decorated in black and white checkered.

Wheelchair seat cushions therapeutic wheelchair cushions at roho 2

Wheelchair Seat Cushions, Therapeutic Wheelchair Cushions at ROHO

Ergonomic back pain seat cushion

Ergonomic Back Pain Seat Cushion

GSeat Neo Ergonomic Seat Cushion- Helps Prevent, Relieve, and Recover From Lower Back and Tailbone Pain- Outstanding Lumbar Support - Lightweight, Portable, Therapeutic, Multi-functional Seat Pad for Indoor, Outdoor, Home and Office, Driving, Exercise and

Pretty practical cushions intended for chairs with semi-oval seats. Cushions have therapeutic features especially helpful in case of tailbone pains. They're foam-padded and have textured covers (with holes) made of colourful materials.

Carex Seat Cushion

This ergonomically designed seat cushion is generously padded with premium quality self-molding memory foam, and wrapped in a removable blue polyester and rayon cover. Hypo-allergenic, zippered, and machine-washable.

Therapy cushion

FitBall Wedge Cushion - sensory air cushions - allows students to move while providing therapeutic benefits - - smooth on one side and bumpy on other

Bucket Seat Back Cushion with Adjustable Lumbar

Bucket Seat Back Cushion with Adjustable Lumbar

ErgoSeet Gel Cushion Therapeutic Chair Comfort Seat Cushion

About new ergoseet gel cushion therapeutic chair comfort seat cushion

... about NEW ErgoSeet Gel Cushion Therapeutic Chair Comfort Seat Cushion

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Wood beads seat cushion

Wood Beads Seat Cushion

Therapeutic seat cushions 1

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Therapeutic chair

It is incredible gadget, which will be in every car. This breathable matt is intended to attach on your seat in the car. It has special massage mechanism, which give you more relaxation during very long travel.

Mc Carty's Sacro-Ease Ergo-Basics Comfort Rider Vehicle Seat Cushion

Therapeutic chair cushions

Carefully profiled cushion chair designed for kid's. It is completely made of PVC and vinyl. Suitable for standard chair. Received many positive recommendations from clients for high quality and functionality.

Therapeutic seat cushions 2

Lumbar Support Pillow