Unique Lawn Ornaments

Your lawn is your first impression to any guests. And if you want to make an impression that is both eclectic and interesting, why not put some of these unique lawn ornaments out to greet your guests. They are fun, clever, and sometimes irreverent, but they will make a statement about you and your personality.

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Bigfoot The Garden Yeti Statue

Bigfoot The Garden Yeti Statue
Available in medium and large size, this Yeti statue will truly distinguish any garden space. This statue is UV-resistant, as well as fading and coated in a brown finish. It can be kept as good as new by storing it indoors during the harshest winters.

Lawn ornament colorful carnival glass

Lawn ornament colorful carnival glass
Incredible combination of unique lawn ornaments makes the garden a unique style. The solid foundation based on the steel base is durable and looks great in the green. An exciting form of glass flower captivates.

Sunflowers steel sculpture lawn

Sunflowers steel sculpture lawn
Tasteful decoration for indoor and outdoor use. It is made of metal and finished with floral theme. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Windmill Lawn Ornament

Windmill Lawn Ornament
Charming traditional freestanding windmill miniature for garden decoration. It's made of quality resistant cedar wood with a natural finish and has stainless steel hardware. It should be sealed every year. Its prop swirls in wind.

Zombie gnomes bye bye birdie

Zombie gnomes bye bye birdie
Unusual and undoubtedly impressive lawn ornament depicting zombie gnomes devouring flamingos is a very original garden decoration. The whole made in beautiful colors is weird but intriguing. Perfect item for scary stuff enthusiasts.

Fannie, the Fairy Sitting Statue

Fannie, the Fairy Sitting Statue
Quaint garden statue depicting a fairy sitting in a relaxed pose with a gentle smile on her face - the whole is perfect to introduce a chill-out mood and romantic accent to an outdoor decor. The figurine is made of premium resin and painted by hand.

Garden Bird Bath Stained Glass And

Garden Bird Bath Stained Glass And
Captivating lawn ornament with pink glass and copper bird bath delights and blends beautifully with garden plants. The subtle form of eye-catching colors impresses and makes the whole a unique composition.

Our advice Buying Guide

If your lawn décor is limited to arches, trellises, obelisks and the obsolete cobblestoned walkway, then sorry to disappoint you. But it’s possibly looking as dowdy as a hobo’s attire. Yawn-inducing to be more precise!

Thankfully, you can revitalize your lawn with some unique lawn ornaments that take creativity to a whole new level. Statuettes, feeders, playhouses and multifunctional fixtures made out of natural stone, concrete, ceramic, glass and even chicken wire will rev up the aesthetics, give you boasting rights in the neighborhood and take your lawn from drab to fab, instantly.

Here are some options and some factors to consider while shopping for unique lawn ornaments.

How many unique lawn ornaments are enough?

Redoing your lawn décor doesn’t necessarily mean that you raid the nearest garden center and grab everything that catches your eye. Garden décor has to be eye pleasing and something that you can live with for the next few years at least.

And while it’s good to seek inspiration from design magazines, it’s not necessary. You can always rack your brains and come up with creative ideas on what to use as a unique lawn ornament. Remember, minimalistic works best. Keep things simple.

What sums up a unique lawn ornament?

That’s the best part about it. You aren’t limited by anything. From statues inspired by your favorite mythical creatures to superheroes to cartoons, to contemporary artwork that grabs attention, you have hundreds of options.

You can mix and match things around too. How about a robotic scarecrow made out of recycled metal and scraps? Or a statue of a zombie crawling out of the ground with a gravestone et al?

Have old glass bottles to spare? Color the bottles, interconnect them using a wire frame and add lighting. You have a cool, illuminated glass bottle tree. Or convert an old mailbox into a feeder for those squirrels that otherwise loiter around the yard looking for scrap nuts.

Where to place unique lawn ornaments?

Garden ornaments can be used to accentuate the best spots in your yard. Or to draw attention away from a drab or barren spot. That’s what makes placement extremely important.

Take a walk around the yard and make a note of the spots that command excellent views from all around. Place the ornaments there and take pictures from all angles of the yard.

Does it work? If not, then move it to a different spot. Keep trying until it gets the look you desire.

How to style with unique lawn ornaments?

You can use garden art to create stunning focal points that blend in with the flora or pop out. A rustic, metallic water fountain for example, can be a great addition to a wall of colorful flowers.

Similarly, a colorful statue can accentuate a dark spot that’s lying unused. You can play around with colors and textures. Have an old cottage garden? Add a Minion statue to bring in an element of modern styling to it.

How to pick the right size lawn ornaments?

Last but not the least, pick ornaments that fit into the garden. You don’t want a 15-feet dinosaur statue in a thumbnail-sized garden. Similarly, a small chicken-wire decorative piece will get lost in a yard that extends a couple of acres. Pick ornaments wisely. Mix things up. Add big and small pieces so that the proportions look harmonized.


Unique lawn ornaments 1

Unique outdoor lawn ornaments that decorate outdoor areas. Their metal construction with stylish rust finish looks very attractive. They are also very solid, so they will be able to decorate indoors for many years.

Unique lawn ornaments 1

Opt for a fun, simply hilarious lawn ornament for your garden with this amazing dog sculpture. It sports the theme with a small doggie digging a hole and will look just like the real thing with its detailed structure.

Unique lawn ornament 1

unique lawn ornament

Unique lawn ornaments

Now you can effectively chase away all intrusive crones from your garden, or backyard. This scarecrow is not only practical choice, but it can also be a bit terrifying decoration. It's made of metal, glass and old tools.

Unique lawn ornaments 2

Add a fairy tale motif into your garden, patio or yard with this funny Alice in Wonderland decoration. Trust me, everyone will tell you how cool it looks at your exterior.

Statues lawn ornaments

If you want your lawn to truly be a showcase for the piece of great originality and uniqueness then this stunning wire horse art is surely suited for you with its detailed and strong structure that will withstand any weather.

Unique lawn decorations

We know how important the colors are in the garden, how we feel in their environment. The pink ornamental grass granish it's an unique lawn decor. Muhlbergia has long sharp-edged foliage blades which can rich 3 feet in width. It looks magical.

Unique lawn ornaments

Unique lawn ornament that takes its design inspiration both from nature and abstract art. The process of production is as unique as the statue itself: each iron piece is hand welded, and then left in a greenhouse until natural rust appears.

Windmill lawn ornament

A generous bunch of ornamental glass vases can make for an eye- and light-catching garden statue. Crystal glass lets the sunlight shine through. Some vases are clear, while others sport a tint of rosy pink.

Shadowed Predator Panther Statue

Shadowed Predator Panther Statue

Unique yard decorations

Funny lawn ornament : transform your lawn into an African lake (I mean visually; no gardener likes the excess of water on their lawn) with this amusing hippo statue. The hippopotamus lawn ornament is sure to bring laughter and grab compliments.

Keep your landscaping beautiful through a barren winter with sculptural

Keep your landscaping beautiful through a barren winter with sculptural elements that add color or provide an unexpected focal point.

Regal Art and Gift Solar Peacock Stake, 21-Inch, Green

Unique lawn ornaments 2

The hawk is a symbol of freedom that is unrestrained - just like the eagle, they are also spiritual guides. It will also deter pests that want to splodge your garden, so it is worth to put a unique lawn ornament, hand-painted in the form of a bird of prey.

Design Toscano Design Toscano The Great Roadrunner Statue

Bird statue designed for outdoor use. Sophisticated decoration for the garden, patio and more. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Cool lawn ornaments

Have you ever wondered what it was like to walk the Wonderland of Alice?Where the magic mushrooms grow as a qunique lawn ornaments?But remember that this huge mushrooms have hallucinogenic properties, so you can realy find yourself in the Wonderland.

Fiber optic grass planted this it was great until the

Fiber Optic Grass . Planted this, it was great until the bunnies discovered it. Good bye FOG

Copper lawn ornaments

This unique set of chicken wire dresses will be a great way to add a funky accent to your lawn or backyard. They evoke associations with dancing ghosts, therefore catching the attention of everyone around.

Decorative garden plaques fun indoor outdoor wall plaques

Decorative Garden Plaques: Fun Indoor Outdoor Wall Plaques,

Unique lawn ornaments 3

Embodying well the ancient design, this Grecian woman with urn is designed to add some antique refinement to your garden space. A unique lawn ornament, which enchants with its detailed crafting.

Shady Lady - Cast Iron Eyes and Lips

Shopzilla wishing well bucket outdoor decor shopping home

Shopzilla – Wishing Well Bucket Outdoor Decor shopping – Home

Two Tiered Wheelbarrow Planter

Two Tiered Wheelbarrow Planter

Statues lawn ornaments 1

Lawn ornament animal statue constructed from fiber stone resin. Size: 5.0" W x 15.0" D x 26.0" H. Really nice idea for everyone who don't have a clue how to decorate their garden. I really love this old fashion paint design.

Statues lawn ornaments

If you are the owner of a large lawn, you can go for this extraordinary decoration. The statues of two sheep, made with great attention to details, look cute and realistic. It will be a nice ornament of your garden and your kids will love it!

Unique yard art

If you want to creep out your guests, then, this lawn ornament will be a perfect fit for your master plan. This horror decoration is made of weather-resistant material, looking like a real zombie is crawling up from under the ground.

Unique lawn ornaments 4

Currently after unique lawn ornaments? Recently I've dug this crying puppy out. Inferring from its long ears, it must be a basset or a similar breed. The statue is wooden, apparently. The dog features are cartoon like.

Solar Wholesale SGOL1LB305 Solar Glass Globe Light with Pink Flamingo for Outdoor Garden Decor

Unique lawn and garden statues

It is a very eccentric and dark sculpture - unique lawn ornament, reminiscent of the fragility of life. In a glass ball, a human skeleton sits calmly in the garden, reminding us of the fragility of life and the need to appreciate it.

DE-Spark Color Changing Solar Diamond Lights LED Stainless Steel Garden Lawn Path Lamps, Set of 4, with a USB Micro SD TF Card Reader Writer for Gift

This is not an ornamental garden statue street gangs in

This is NOT an ornamental garden statue... STREET GANGS IN CALGARY , ALBERTA It's gangs like these that the people of Calgary have to put up with.. A bit different from the problems in other cities... It proves that every City has their own "unique" g

Dog's Second Best Friend Fire Hydrant Statue

Dog's Second Best Friend Fire Hydrant Statue

Montague Metal Products 24-Inch Weathervane with Rooster Ornament

Unique garden decorations

Charming Backyard Garden Ideas, I would make the seat wider so you could curl up and read a book

Kitras Art Glass Decorative Spirit Ball, 6-Inch, Light Blue

A truly stunning art glass decorative spirit ball that sports the light blue finish and will make for simply the most unique lawn ornament for your interior to bask in the glory of, producing ample colors and oozing irreplaceble charm.

Unique lawn ornaments 4

Beautiful Volkswagon Bug topiary in flower garden! Stunning, love it!!

Cool garden ornaments

Add movement and catch light with ornamental grasses >>

This small glass bird feeder is a perfect accessory for

This small glass bird feeder is a perfect accessory for your lawn, backyard, or garden. Just slip it over a dowel, stake or copper pipe and insert into the lawn, or planter like shown in the picture.

Unique Small Eiffel Tower Bookend (Set of 2)

Unique Small Eiffel Tower Bookend (Set of 2)

Unique garden ornaments

Unique Handmade Siberian Husky Dog Mailbox

SPI Home 33348 Bird on Branch Sundial/Birdbath

Decorative addition to outdoor spaces. Made of aluminum finished in brown and looking like a tree branch with a sitting bird. It consists of a sleek column, a round root-patterned base and a bowl-like top intended as a sundial and a bath for birds

Unique fairy yard ornaments designs

Unique fairy yard ornaments designs -

Unique auctions lincoln auctioneers garden ornaments

Unique Auctions Lincoln Auctioneers – Garden ornaments