Beautiful Nativity Sets

Tis the season for the birth of Christ to be celebrated, and what better way than with a beautiful nativity scene. Show the world that you appreciate the baby Savior, and the circumstances for how he came into this world, by displaying these wonderful and intricate nativity scenes in your home. Some are very simple, while others are intricate with lighting. See all in this collection.

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Nativity 9 piece felted wool nativity

Nativity 9 piece felted wool nativity
An amazing navity 'sculpture' made of wool in soft colors. It was hand made with great precision and attention to details, which makes it look very realistic. It will be a beautiful accent of your Christmas table.

10 Piece Porcelain Nativity Set

10 Piece Porcelain Nativity Set
Accessorize any shelf, mantel or end table for Christmas with this detailed set of 10 porcelain figurines depicting Holy Family, Three Kings and some livestock in a painted creche. The set comprises a complete nativity scene.

Beautiful nativity sets 5

Top of the line nativity set featuring well-built components. The set is a work of art thanks to its quality craftsmanship and detailing. It also comes in a neutral shade that should lend an impeccable texture balance into any room.

Beautiful nativity sets 3

The holiday season is for many of us the time of redecorating our homes and putting up festive decorations. Take a look at this wonderful setup for a Christmas stand, with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Beautiful nativity sets 1

Attractive Christmas figures finished in many different colors. These figures show the scene of Three Kings. They are durable and attractive, so they look very stylish among many other kinds of Christmas decorations.

Beautiful nativity sets 15

Elegant nativity set featuring beautiful white exhibitions and outstanding artwork. The set sits atop a polished surface and tells a story in the background that should intrigue anyone who sees it. Ideal for large spaces but can also be used for smaller areas.

Beautiful nativity sets 4

A beautiful set of Christmas figurines with Three Kings. These elements feature many attractive colors and they increase aesthetic level of any Christmas stylization. They are also durable and resistant to damage.

Our advice Buying Guide

What type of nativity set will match my interior?

The type of beautiful nativity sets that will match your interior depends upon your sense of style. The first step is to assess your own interior style. Do you have more of a rustic flair to your furniture? Do you prefer to keep things streamlined and modern? Is your home more of a farmhouse-chic haven?

The good news is, there’s a beautiful nativity set that matches each of these types of interiors. Once you’ve figured out your home’s style, look around at the colors you have in your home as well. Selecting a nativity set that has these main colors in it will help it feel like it meshes more with your home.

Here’s what we recommend: If your home has a rustic vibe, select a nativity set in neutral wooden tones. If your home is modern, select a sleek monochrome set; and if your home is traditional, select a classic version. Just make sure to match the colors, and you’ll be set!

Where to place a nativity set at home?

When it comes to placing a nativity set at home, there are many options. You may place it on a mantle, table, outside in your yard, or right in front of your Christmas tree. In fact, a nativity scene right in front of your Christmas tree makes for a grand display to wow family and friends. It also gives you additional options to extend the scene on top by adding stars, angles, bells, and hanging doves over the tree.  

How do you display a nativity set?

If you’d like to form a beautiful nativity scene for everyone to enjoy during the holiday season, proper arrangement of the figurines is key.

Start by picking a spot where you want your nativity set to be. A nativity set can definitely be a charming addition to any space, so make sure it’s easily seen and adequately lit.

Position the Holy Family (baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph) in the center with Mary and Joseph on both sides of the manger. Then, you can either place the three wise men in a line or semicircle, facing the Christ child. Don’t forget to put the shepherds next to the sheep and have the camels placed alongside the wise men. Larger nativity sets may come with other characters and animals as well, so scatter them evenly around the stable. Lastly, set the angel on the stable’s roof, overlooking the scene or right behind the Holy Family if there's not enough room on the roof.


Contemporary nativity scene

Elegant and high-quality nativity set sitting on a polished rounded base. The piece comes in vibrant colorful tones including a natural turquoise with touches of metal accents. Its creativity and impeccable craftsmanship are clear for all to see.

Beautiful nativity sets 21

Bring forth the Christianity in you with this beautiful nativity set. The piece is packed with historical accuracy, depicting important Christian figures including the Virgin Mary. It comes in a well-balanced variety of bright tones and should be great for the bedroom atop the nightstand.

Elegant christmas tree theme better decorating bible blog ideas christmas

Elegant Christmas Tree Theme | better decorating bible, blog, ideas, Christmas, holiday, theme ...

Beautiful nativity sets 2

Beautiful and charming nativity sets that come with an elegant balance of different colors. The sets are ideal for accentuating your entire home and offer an impeccable stylish appeal that will be the ultimate focal point in all your spaces.

Beautiful nativity set

A lovely 6-piece willow tree nativity set featuring Joseph, Mary holding a baby, shepherd, a donkey, and two sheep. It is a timeless classic made of hand-painted resin figures. It’s a great self-purchase, Christmas gift, or wedding gift item.

Beautiful nativity sets

Uniquely themed nativity sets made from sturdy materials and featuring a great balance of various colors. The set delivers a sturdy build too, making sure you get to use them for years. They are ideal for many spaces, including the bedroom and living room.

Beautiful nativity set 8

beautiful nativity set

Beautiful nativity sets 24

Presépio estilizado

Beautiful nativity scenes

A cute little set of figurines depicting biblical characters, great to decorate your Christmas table with. Bound to bring a unique, one-of-a-kind vibe to your living room during the Christmas holidays!

This nativity set has some pretty ivy detailing from christianbook

This nativity set has some pretty ivy detailing, from Christianbook ...

Beautiful nativity sets 17

The Cozy Old "Farmhouse": Christmas I just need to find a couple of crates. I love this idea!!

Beautiful nativity sets 8

I LOVE Christmas Nativities all over my house to teach my kids the real focus and meaning of Christmas

Beautiful nativity sets 7

Old fashioned Christmas Nativity scene & more decorating ideas

Carved nativity set

Carved Nativity Set

Beautiful nativity scene 1

Nativity scenes on frosted glass - use etching cream to put directly on the glass. Would be cool to make a few for the other side of the mantle with Bethlehem on it and some more pasture (you could swap out the middle candles for the kings!!)

8 Piece Nativity Set (Set of 2)

8 Piece Nativity Set (Set of 2)

Home for the holidays nativity set

7-piece Celebrating the King Nativity Set by Lenox

Cool nativity sets

Previous pinner: "how beautiful is that? A starry night sky for the nativity!" -- Me: "all is calm. all wasn't bright, but now it is." Photo tutorial at the click-through.

Beautiful nativity 1

Over 140 Christmas Ornaments to Make Page 6

This is beautiful the holy family with stable includes mary

This is beautiful! The Holy Family with stable includes Mary, Joseph, and Jesus in manger. Gloria Angel, Judith (with water jugs), Micah (shepherd), King Gaspar (kneeling), King Balthazar (with jar; shown left of ox), King Melchior (with box; shown r

Alaskan nativity set

Another cool nativity set find sooooo small...would love to do this a bit the shadows

Beautiful nativity sets 10

12 days of Christmas using the nativity scene. Doorbell ditching fun. We're doing this for our kids with the little people set. Have to substitute a sheep for the shepherd.

Lakeland nativity set

Instructions and patterns for DIY carving/whittling your own beautiful nativity set for Christmas. Make it as simple or as intricate as you wish.

Beautiful strongwater nativity set

Beautiful Strongwater Nativity Set

Beautiful nativity sets 23

Scribbit | A Blog About Motherhood in Alaska: Nativity Sets

Nativity set large 13 members mark beautiful display set hand

... Nativity Set Large 13" Members Mark Beautiful Display Set Hand Painted

I love this nativity set my husband bought this for

I love this nativity set. My husband bought this for me in a Christmas shop in Monterey.

Beautiful nativity sets 25

Use clay, wooden blocks, or even toilet paper rolls to create a beautiful Nativity, starting with these 25 DIY Nativity Scenes...

Beautiful sculpting with needle felting

Beautiful sculpting with needle felting!

Beautiful nativity sets 16

Simple Wooden Nativity Set

Old fashioned nativity set

Christmas Nativity...I like the lights behind it and the star! And the Oh Holy Night Sign above it! I just really like this one.

Clay nativity sets

oh gosh.. I have this Nativity, what a great way to showcase it!

Most beautiful nativity set

What is the most beautiful symbol of Christmas? A star - which pointed to the road to Bethlehem. In this case, it has a silver finish and hangs on the wall, over the entire Christmas beautiful nativity set crib.

Beautiful nativity sets 9

JOY Nativity - I LOVE how baby Jesus is cradled in the "O". $7.95

Beautiful nativity sets 18

Sterling Silver open work filigree bracelet set with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise by Alice Lister

Vintage nativity sets vintage chic beautiful nativity sets vintage paper

vintage nativity sets | Vintage Chic: Beautiful Nativity Sets...Vintage, Paper...and Living!

Really cute i cant read the website but i think

Really cute! (I can't read the website, but I think I could mold that!)

Like the willow tree have all but the manger want

like the willow tree have all but the manger want one that will tear apart for storage need husband on board

7 Piece Outstanding Nativity Set

7 Piece Outstanding Nativity Set

Beautiful nativity set 4

Beautiful Nativity Set

Nativity sets 4

nativity sets

Costco christmas decorations

Costco Christmas Decorations

9 Piece A Child Is Born Nativity Set

9 Piece A Child Is Born Nativity Set