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We’re beginning to see signs of the Christmas season and know it’s never too early to start looking for ways to celebrate the season. Nativity sets have been around since 1223, and we’ve focused on finding the most beautiful modern version of this traditional decoration. These sets will surely attract attention wherever you place them in your home. Each is high-quality and one you’ll want to display and pass on to your children and grandchildren. 

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Updated 11/10/2022
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Modern LED Nativity Set

Modern LED Nativity Set

The Twillery Co.®

This modern nativity set comes with a stylized stable and two oversized trees. The set is crafted from durable ceramic. Each piece has white LED lights that shine through star-shaped cutouts. The creche measures 5” long by 5” wide and is 2.5” deep. 

$29.99 $36.99

Designer Advice:

This modern nativity set will fit right in if you are creating an all-white Christmas decor scheme. Place the set on a wood mantle or tuck it among your books on a wooden bookshelf. Curate white decorations with a flocked Christmas tree and add greenery to provide a little color contrast. Use the timer to automatically turn its lights on and off.

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Four Piece Modern Nativity Set

Four Piece Modern Nativity Set


Made from Nambé alloy, the three figures of Jesus, Mary and Joseph are set in a gothic-arched wooden stable. Hand wash the high-quality nativity set figures with soap and water; use only polish recommended for alloy metals. The entire set is 9.5” long by 4.5” wide by 11.5” high.

Designer Advice:

Highly stylized, this is the most modern of these six nativity sets. Finished in high gloss silver, the set would look its best set on a glass tabletop or a mirrored tray. Expand the collection with three wise men, an angel, a shepherd, a camel, a donkey, and a sheep. Decorate your Christmas dining table with three of these charming vignettes. 

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Modern Nesting Nativity Set

Modern Nesting Nativity Set


Each of the three handmade figures in this modern wooden nativity set nests within one another. Jesus sits in Mary’s lap, who rests in Joseph’s arms, and the three of them can be placed within the stylized manager. A four-pointed star sits on top of the manger.


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Modern Free Standing Nativity Set

Modern Free Standing Nativity Set

Each of the 11 pieces in this modern nativity set is hand-cut and either stained or wash-painted by the artist. The standard color options include shades of brown with a white wash finish or a set with individually colored robes. Custom color finishes are also available.

Designer Advice:

We love how this nativity set is made with separate, free-standing pieces. This lets you arrange the set on different elevations. Place the shepherd with his three sheep on a stack of antique books to mimic the feel of a hillside overlooking the stable where Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the donkey are. Position the three wise men away from the stable as “coming from a far country.”

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Modern Abstract Nativity Set

Modern Abstract Nativity Set

The Holiday Aisle®

The six figures in this modern nativity set are made from bronzed metal. Each figure can be placed independently from the others. The set includes three wise men, Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus in his manger. The tallest figure is 5.75 tall. 

$72.99 $69.99

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Modern Cherry Wood Nativity Set

Modern Cherry Wood Nativity Set

This small modern nativity set is cut from cherry wood planks. The pieces fit together like a puzzle and stand on a 4” by 2.5” base to create a three-dimensional item. Each set has a unique graining, so no two sets are alike. 

Designer Advice:

The full height of this beautiful nativity set is only 4.5”, and it measures 8” wide. You can place the set in the smallest spaces to add a touch of Christmas - on its own on the bathroom counter or as part of a larger vignette in other parts of the house. The impact of this piece will be diminished if it’s left to float in the middle of open space.

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Modern Nativity Sets

Buying Guide

The type of beautiful nativity sets that will match your interior depends upon your sense of style. The first step is to assess your own interior style. Do you have more of a rustic flair to your furniture? Do you prefer to keep things streamlined and modern? Is your home more of a farmhouse-chic haven?

The good news is, there’s a beautiful nativity set that matches each of these types of interiors. Once you’ve figured out your home’s style, look around at the colors you have in your home as well. Selecting a nativity set that has these main colors in it will help it feel like it meshes more with your home.

Here’s what we recommend: If your home has a rustic vibe, select a nativity set in neutral wooden tones. If your home is modern, select a sleek monochrome set; and if your home is traditional, select a classic version. Just make sure to match the colors, and you’ll be set!

When it comes to placing a nativity set at home, there are many options. You may place it on a mantle, table, outside in your yard, or right in front of your Christmas tree. In fact, a nativity scene right in front of your Christmas tree makes for a grand display to wow family and friends. It also gives you additional options to extend the scene on top by adding stars, angles, bells, and hanging doves over the tree.  

If you’d like to form a beautiful nativity scene for everyone to enjoy during the holiday season, proper arrangement of the figurines is key.

Start by picking a spot where you want your nativity set to be. A nativity set can definitely be a charming addition to any space, so make sure it’s easily seen and adequately lit.

Position the Holy Family (baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph) in the center with Mary and Joseph on both sides of the manger. Then, you can either place the three wise men in a line or semicircle, facing the Christ child. Don’t forget to put the shepherds next to the sheep and have the camels placed alongside the wise men. Larger nativity sets may come with other characters and animals as well, so scatter them evenly around the stable. Lastly, set the angel on the stable’s roof, overlooking the scene or right behind the Holy Family if there's not enough room on the roof.

Nativity sets are a classic Christmas decoration, and as such, occupy the fond holiday memories of many people. Eventually, it may come time to purchase your own if you have new living arrangements or are simply in the market for more holiday decorations.

Below we'll cover the wide variety of styles, materials and sizes that Nativity sets come in. We'll also cover the situations where each feature makes the most sense.

Nativity sets come in several distinctive styles, each of which match a certain holiday decorating theme.

Wood Carvings

These are made to look like the individual pieces were hand-carved from wood, and many sets were. Choose wood carvings if you have a rustic home style or are going for a classic country Christmas theme.


A more modern approach is a whole Nativity set in one color, like a bright white. Choose a monochrome for more modern Christmas decorating themes. White sets fit well with modern holiday themes that make use of unconventional color schemes, like a black and white Christmas.


These Nativity scenes are made to look as detailed as possible, with flowing robes on the characters and realistic facial features. These look good in timeless transitional or classic home designs, as many older Nativity sets came in this style.

Kid's Styles

Kid's styles are typically more conceptual. The figures will not be as detailed and have more of a cartoon or toy appearance. For instance, a set might be made of felt and the figures could have little button noses. These work well in children's rooms or play areas.


These are Nativity sets that you can see through and may light from within. They look good in modern home and holiday styles.


Some Nativity sets are made of a metal and usually have fewer details so they look more conceptual. This is another updated style that works well in modern spaces.


You might also see a flat Nativity scene that just features the silhouettes of the figures, often in a silvery color. This is another fun conceptual modern take on the design.


Some Nativity sets display characters of a certain culture, such as a Nativity set where the characters are all Peruvian. If you're focused on family heritage or exotic cultures in a holiday decorating theme, choose Nativity sets that fit a certain culture.

Most Nativity sets are sized to be tabletop or mantel additions. Individual figures in miniature varieties might measure around 5 inches high by 1.5 inches wide by 1.5 inches deep.

Nativity sets often come with three, seven, 11 or 21 pieces in the set. Three-piece sets often have Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus. Seven-piece sets usually have the wise men and angels added. 11-piece sets typically have a host of stable animals as well. 21-piece sets often have added backdrops like the stable and trees.

It's also common to find sets that come with boxy stables as a backdrop. Tabletop varieties used as an accent might measure around 7 inches high by 10 inches wide by 4 inches deep.

Start by measuring however much table or mantel space you have and decide on set sizes from there.

But outdoor Nativity sets are meant to be seen from the road. Today, it's common to see them as flat pieces that depict Jesus' birth. They may measure around 3 feet high by 2 feet wide.

Nativity sets also come in a wide variety of materials, each of which imparts its own texture.

  • Stone: This durable material is good if you want to use the set indoors or out, and it can give a more rustic look.
  • Felt: Sewn felt Nativity sets give a fun look for a child's Nativity set.
  • Polyresin/resin: This molded material often gives the highest degree of detail possible. Choose rein if you're looking for a realistic texture.
  • Porcelain/ceramic: This delicate material is usually used to create a shiny monochrome style, so it's great for modern styles. Some sets also go for a more handcrafted artisan style, which is great for home styles that make use of art and culture.
  • Metal: Usually made of alloy or steel, silvery metal styles give a high seen and modern texture.
  • Clay: The texture on clay can look either more rustic and handmade or a glaze can give it a more modern and sleek texture.
  • Plastic: This is a solid option if you're looking for something more affordable. Some plastic models will also be clear and might light from within. 
  • Wood: Many wood models are built to be rustic and look handmade, often with bark textures, so choose this material for country or cabin styles.

Nativity sets are very artistic, and as such, come in a wide variety of styles. To make things simpler, here are some key points to remember:

  • Start by deciding what type of holiday theme you are going for. You might choose a classic, country, modern or even kitschy Christmas.  
  • Depending on your holiday's theme, that will inform what style of Nativity set you buy. For instance, a metal silhouette set would go well with a modern Christmas theme.
  • You can also start by looking at the overall theme of your home to inform what style of set you'll buy. For instance, rustic homes go well with textured wooden Nativity sets.
  • Where you plan to place the set will inform its size. In general, the more room you have, the more you can play around with the number of figures that are in the set, as well.
  • To be frank about it, with a purchase like this, the style is more important than the material it is made out of. The style will often inform what material you buy. However, if you plan to use it outside, make sure it's listed for outdoor use.

Best Ideas

Beautiful nativity sets 5

Top of the line nativity set featuring well-built components. The set is a work of art thanks to its quality craftsmanship and detailing. It also comes in a neutral shade that should lend an impeccable texture balance into any room.

Beautiful nativity sets

Uniquely themed nativity sets made from sturdy materials and featuring a great balance of various colors. The set delivers a sturdy build too, making sure you get to use them for years. They are ideal for many spaces, including the bedroom and living room.

Beautiful nativity sets 15

Elegant nativity set featuring beautiful white exhibitions and outstanding artwork. The set sits atop a polished surface and tells a story in the background that should intrigue anyone who sees it. Ideal for large spaces but can also be used for smaller areas.

Home for the holidays nativity set

7-piece Celebrating the King Nativity Set by Lenox

7 Piece Nativity Set

7 Piece Nativity Set

Create beautiful and festive surroundings during Christmas with this 7-piece nativity set. The set tells the story of the birth of Jesus using beautiful figurines and other decorative items. It is designed for indoor use only. The nativity collection does not include a background but is a beautiful set with the perfect size for both small and large spaces. Get one today to showcase your traditional Christmas celebration of faith and love.

Beautiful nativity sets 2

Beautiful and charming nativity sets that come with an elegant balance of different colors. The sets are ideal for accentuating your entire home and offer an impeccable stylish appeal that will be the ultimate focal point in all your spaces.

10 Piece Porcelain Nativity Set

10 Piece Porcelain Nativity Set

Accessorize any shelf, mantel or end table for Christmas with this detailed set of 10 porcelain figurines depicting Holy Family, Three Kings and some livestock in a painted creche. The set comprises a complete nativity scene.

Beautiful nativity 1

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Last Supper Figurine Set

Last Supper Figurine Set

This is another beautiful nativity set that tells the story of Jesus and the disciples’ last supper. It is a great choice for the Easter holiday, which commemorates Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. It is a perfect gift item that inspires one’s love for the Christian religion. If you are looking for the perfect style to recreate the Last Supper in your indoor space, then this nativity set of hand-carved figurines is just right for you.

12.75" Nativity Triptych

12.75" Nativity Triptych

If you are looking for a uniquely designed nativity triptych, here is a perfect option for you. This is a large nativity triptych measuring 12.75 inches. It is made from a combination of stone and resin materials. It is a Roman exclusive triptych designed with beautiful artwork and exquisite detail. This nativity set is not lighted but has a lovely and gorgeous look that will enhance the style and mood of your indoor spaces.

Olive Wood Small Log Nativity

Olive Wood Small Log Nativity

This is a unique nativity set made out of a hollowed olive wood from Bethlehem in Israel. The nativity set is crafted by expert woodcarvers with special attention to every detail needed to create a one-of-a-kind nativity ornaments and figurines. This unique small set of Christmas tree figurines is designed for indoor use. It is a detailed item featuring beautiful artwork that will be a key conversation starter in your home during the festive season.

Metal Nativity

Metal Nativity

Christmas is a season of love and celebration, which is the exact mood that this nativity set portrays. It is designed to create a beautiful nativity scene in your home’s outdoor space. The nativity set is constructed from strong and durable weather resistant steel. It also looks great in front of your mirror. The set fits perfectly around a circular Christmas tree stand. It is a high-quality product made in the US.

3 Piece Joy Metal Nativity Set

3 Piece Joy Metal Nativity Set

Christmas decorations are a must-have item during the holiday season. The religious and cultural decorative items reflect the festive spirit and love of Christmas. There is no better way to express the Christmas mood than with a nativity set. This cute and intricately crafted JOY nativity set is made of steel with sharp edges. It features the three magical letters of the word JOY and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.


8 Piece Nativity Set

8 Piece Nativity Set

This is a handcrafted nativity set made of ivory porcelain material to create delicate luminous figurines. The 8-piece nativity set is designed for the elegant 21st century home. It comes in a classic and contemporary design to suit every type of home décor. The set includes one stable, figurines of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus in a crib as well as a star, donkey, one sheep, and a shepherd. It is a beautiful handcrafted and hand-painted nativity set.

Grotto Carved in Branch

Grotto Carved in Branch

Here is an intricately carved nativity set expertly crafted to reflect the Christmas spirit in a unique style. The nativity set is crafted from tree branches dried for more than a year to ensure that the final product will maintain its great looks for years. The nativity figurines are also carefully collected and carved to showcase each piece’s beautiful grains. It is a beautifully done and presented nativity set for indoor use only.

Lakeland nativity set

Instructions and patterns for DIY carving/whittling your own beautiful nativity set for Christmas. Make it as simple or as intricate as you wish.

Clay nativity sets

oh gosh.. I have this Nativity, what a great way to showcase it!

Beautiful nativity set

A lovely 6-piece willow tree nativity set featuring Joseph, Mary holding a baby, shepherd, a donkey, and two sheep. It is a timeless classic made of hand-painted resin figures. It’s a great self-purchase, Christmas gift, or wedding gift item.

Carved nativity set

Carved Nativity Set

I love this nativity set my husband bought this for

I love this nativity set. My husband bought this for me in a Christmas shop in Monterey.

Vintage nativity sets vintage chic beautiful nativity sets vintage paper

vintage nativity sets | Vintage Chic: Beautiful Nativity Sets...Vintage, Paper...and Living!

Nativity sets 4

nativity sets

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