Free Standing Bird Feeder

No need to attach it to the ground. These free standing bird feeders are got to go, anywhere you want them. They are very fetching, and super attracting to birds. And some have deterrents to keep pests like squirrels away. For a wonderful place to let your favorite visitors get a nibble, your yard could use one of our collection of free standing bird feeders.

Best Products

Cast Iron 3 Tier Free Standing Bird Feeder Bath Aviary Design Birdfeeder Brown

Cast Iron 3 Tier Free Standing Bird Feeder Bath Aviary Design Birdfeeder Brown
Thanks to this free-standing bird feeder, you will have a bunch of flying singers in your blooming garden. Constructed of cast iron, the 3-tier stand is beautifully curved and has a stabile base, proudly boasting of its tree-like appearance.

Verdant Pavilion Gazebo Bird Feeder

Verdant Pavilion Gazebo Bird Feeder
Charming rich ornamented standing bird feeder. It is made of durable lightweight plastic with an old copper finish. It has a round openwork base, a sleek fluted column and a round top with a beauiful summerhouse-like feeder.

Free Standing Bird Feeder

Free Standing Bird Feeder
If you want to spice up the look of your garden, use this bird feeder. It will present you as an animal lover. It has been made of wood and stands on a platform. The feeder features a one year warranty and can be used in commercial areas.

Deluxe Free Standing Wooden Garden Outdoor Bird Feeding Feeder Table Station

Deluxe Free Standing Wooden Garden Outdoor Bird Feeding Feeder Table Station
Your exterior needs the free standing bird feeder. I am sure that you are a fan of nature, so imagine your free time at garden and looking on this lovely bird house. The wooden construction brings the solidity.

Free Standing Gazebo Birdhouse White Finish Weathered Wood Bird Feeder Garden

Free Standing Gazebo Birdhouse White Finish Weathered Wood Bird Feeder Garden
This birdhouse sports the truly beautiful and well fitting white finish and a charming, detailed structure. It will let you feed all the birds during the seasons and provide a nice boost of visual appeal for your garden.

Traditional Wooden Bird Table Feeder House With Roof Treated Solid Wood

Traditional Wooden Bird Table Feeder House With Roof Treated Solid Wood
If you want to live in relation with nature, you should buy this traditional, free standind bird feeder made of wood. It will be great help to birds during winter and beautiful decoration of your garden.

Chirp Shop: Bird Baths & Houses

Chirp Shop: Bird Baths & Houses
Sometimes I regret I wasn't born in Victorian era - my heart aches somehow for yesteryear designs. Therefore I couldn't walk past this quaint free standing bird house. There are four houses here in fact - with gabled roofs, the tallest house in the centre.

Our advice Buying Guide

It can be easy to feed precious creatures such as birds. However, more often than not, novice birders make simple mistakes which can keep the animals from enjoying their feeders. Although some mistakes can only make the feeders unattractive, there may be some that you commit unknowingly which can endanger their lives or even traumatize them from ever coming back.

To ensure you provide your garden a new stunning addition and give several bird species a nutritious buffet, keep on reading as we’ve prepared a buying guide on freestanding bird feeders.

How to protect a bird feeder from predators?

There are several forms of wildlife which will gladly raid the feeders of birds. Squirrels, rats, deer, raccoons, and even bears are known to snack at feeders. This means the supply of seeds for the birds you’re hoping to feed will be depleted.

Also, unprotected feeders can expose these beautiful animals to predators, especially when the senses of birds are dulled when they're feeding. The best freestanding bird feeder, therefore, is one that’s designed to be predator-proof.

Additionally, you can apply a coat of oil at the base and pole of your bird feeder to make it really slippery that rats and other predators won’t get to the actual feeder.

As you wouldn’t want to harm the animals, choose the freestanding bird feeder that doesn’t have any sharp points or edges. Select the design that allows the animals to perch as well to keep the seeds or suet cakes from being soiled. If possible, get more than one bird feeder so the birds get ample space while feasting on your treats. It will also help avoid overcrowding.

How to clean and maintain a free-standing bird feeder?

Birds expel in the same place where they eat; therefore, you will be tasked to sanitize and clean the bird feeders regularly. If you are looking for a feeder that's easy to clean and can be kept germ-free, don’t opt for wood or clay as both of them are absorbent. They are also difficult to sanitize. Instead, go for the one made of either glass, steel or plastic.

Bird feeding is like all other investments you make. It takes commitment and research to take care of lives. Overall, the feeder you choose should be one that’s easily filled, cleaned, and emptied.

What are the common types of bird feeders?

  • Perching - A perching feeder comes with a seed chamber at the center of the unit with multiple feeding ports. A common perching feeder is the tube type.
  • Platform - A platform feeder is for ground-feeding bird species that prefer to eat on an open platform that’s elevated several feet from the ground like field sparrows, juncos, and tree sparrows. These birds love white proso millet. For cardinals and grosbeaks, you can give them black-oil sunflower seed as that's what they are attracted to.
  • Clinging - A clinging freestanding bird feeder is for clingers like nuthatches, chickadees, and woodpeckers. Their preference is to grab their food. A good clinging feeder is a suet feeder. Suet cakes can be added into it or compressed seeds that are glued together using non-toxic glue.


Home bazaar cottage charmer series greeneries free standing birdhouse

Home bazaar cottage charmer series greeneries free standing birdhouse
A beautiful, free-standing birdhouse with a vintage, traditional design made to resemble an old-fashioned farmhouse with amazing detail to it. The bird house is painted in a variety of colors with the green and white being dominant ones.

Nantucket Wooden Bird Feeder

Nantucket Wooden Bird Feeder
Wooden bird feeder on a tripod base. Allows to take benefit of an outdoor space, even when it's limited. The house on top has a thick, gabled roof that enhances the style of this adorable traditional feeder.

Home bazaar cottage charmer series rustic retreat free standing birdhouse

Home bazaar cottage charmer series rustic retreat free standing birdhouse
Freestanding birdhouse made of wood. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Lovely addition to the garden, patio and others outdoor places.

Free standing bird feeder 3

The simple and very impressive construction of this freestanding bird feeder on the pedestal leg captivates and is a unique detail of the garden decor. Solid steel construction is durable, and the cheerful and neutral green color perfectly blends into the greenery of the backyard.

Free standing bird feeder 1

Bird Feeding Station Designs | Home > Regency wooden feeding station

Bird feeder station with planter stand

Practical and decorative bird feeder with a free standing design. Its durable construction is able to resist negative weather factors and many forms of damage caused by different birds. Its octagonal base provides good stability.

Bird feeder stands

To keep contemporary theme in your outdoor decor going, don't neglect any detail: free standing bird feeder may be a designer's piece as well, with straightforward minimalist appearance. For style's sake.

Freestanding bird feeder

Durable and decorative outdoor element made of wood. This free standing bird feeder features a cross-shaped base for more stability. Its wooden frame is resistant to negative weather conditions. Upper area includes a protective roof for birds.

Standing bird feeders 18

Everything can have a decorative dimension, also a standing bird feeder with an unconventional structure. The steel powder stand, reminiscent of a metal twig, maintains small decoction trays for birds, hanging like wind bells.

Free standing bird feeder 7

This freestanding, metal bird feeder constitutes a great embellishment of one's garden or patio decor. It enchants with its ornate form, having a pedestal round base full of curves and swirls.

Free standing bird feeder 6

We feed all kinds of small birds that stay without food for the winter. We are in a winning position and we can offer them such a modern white, freestanding bird feeder, with a spherical open form of shimmering white.

Standing bird feeders 41

Garden decoration that can be also practical. This bird house is based on bean trellis. It provides comfortable and safe space for feeding birds. This natural element decorates outdoors and matches any elements of garden architecture.

Bird feeders from plow hearth

Bird Feeders From Plow Hearth

Free standing bird table

Most often, the bird feeder is in a simple wooden form. Not this time, this time to an unbelievable decoration for our garden. The free-standing bird feeder on a long leg, made of wood and aluminum elements, finished with dark-green varnish.

Post bird feeders

Saloon-style bird feeder that provides safety and food for birds. This outdoor element is an interesting decoration that looks very nice among many other elements of garden architecture. Wooden frame is resistant to weather factors.

Free standing bird tables

The feeder must be properly constructed so that the birds feel safe and want to be in it. The most popular type of feeder is one that has a roof, floor and four pillars connecting both of these fragments. This one also used for the flowerbed was made of metal.

Bird feeding station base

Free standing bird house constructed diligently out of FSC wood. A bird feed house is an all-time must-have in every garden, so better have a pretty one... This barn-style birdhouse has a removable plastic food tray inside.

Standing bird feeders 1

Original birdhouse in the shape of totem. This construction is composed of six heaped up birdhouses in six different colors. It is not only comfortable bird feeder, but inventive and pretty garden's decoration too.

Bird feeders stands

A charming bird feeder in a classic design, which will be a beautiful accent of your garden. It's made of wood in a natural color with a green roof. It features a simple plate where you can put the grains.

Bird feeder stand

This is a great expression of good heart, care about the smallest. Feeder, for bird our friends can take a free standing form. Suspended on solid steel pipes, painted green.The letter "t" allows you to suspend several birdhouses.

Nido Bird Feeder

Nido Bird Feeder

Unique bird feeders

A great proposition for all, who love birds. This whole collection comprises 22 gorgeous and unique birdhouses, ready to enhance every garden, veranda or balcony. Available in different colors and designs.

Unique bird feeder

Is it a house for fairies in your garden? No, it's unique and beautiful bird feeder, create in fantasy style will turn your garden into magical place from fantasy novels. Different levels of windows and shelves allows to feed many birds.

Free standing bird houses 25

It is beautiful to help - it can be done with decorative and functional free standing bird feeders, in a triple kit. Standing, with a trailing birdhouse, have several colors beige, violet and green one.

Free standing bird houses

This lovely bird house enchants with its faithful resemblance of some real cottage houses. The exquisite attention to details is visible in almost every inch, starting from the front doors and cute little chair, through flowerbeds in windows and detailed wall texture.

Wooden bird feeding station

READY TO SHIP Free Standing Ball Jar Bird Feeder/Candy Dish Great for Easter Candy

Stand alone bird feeder

bird feeder copper

Free standing bird feeder 7

Classic Series Sea Cliff Cottage Free Standing Birdhouse

Outdoor bird feeder stand

Watching birds in a free-standing bird feeder is interesting not only for children. Looking at animals is an interesting biology lesson. This carmine is made of peacock wood, has a light orange color, a high leg, and a steel canopy.

Wooden bird feeder station

A lovely Victorian free standing bird feeder. If you would like to hear the birds singing in the morning in your garden, take a look on that one. A precious details makes it a little masterpiece. But watch out the cat!

Bird feeder stands uk

Feed the birds with style, with these standing bird feeders. Don’t settle for DIY, mediocre bird feeders, when you can enhance the design of your garden with fairytale feeders like these here. Subtle colours won’t scare the birds away.

Free standing bird feeder

The freestanding bird feeder is a fantastic performance and an attractive way for the original element to decorate the garden. The whole made of metal has been covered with an impressive finish in gray, and the charming figurine on the top beautifully complements it.

Free standing bird feeder 5

Zingz & Thingz Seaside Station Free Standing Birdhouse $16.22 | Wayfair

Standing bird feeders

Often you do not have to buy anything because create something unique - because we have everything at home. Like the way for a free standing bird feeder from a china cup in white with a stand. A lovely idea for DIY and helping birds.

Home bazaar hb 2048 signature series club house bird house

Home Bazaar HB-2048 Signature Series Club House Bird House

Gazebo bird feeder plans free

A highly-decorative embellishment for gardens, and backyards. This beautiful bird feeder is freestanding, well-balanced and built-to-last, boasting of premium metal construction with eye-catchy scrollwork.

Bird feeding stations plans

A nice way of decorate your blooming garden with this standing bird feeder, consisted of 3 different size black bowls. Each bowl is attached to the stainless steel rod that has a widened round base for keeping the feeder in proper position.

Free standing bird feeder station birdcage design ideas

Free Standing Bird Feeder Station | Birdcage Design Ideas

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