Bird Bath Pedestal

If you have a garden and are looking for new ideas, you might find this interesting. On this site you will see an incredibly wide range of bird baths and pedestals for your garden. Fans of different style should be satisfied with the choice which is very rich. Are you ready to pick the one for yourself?

Bird bath planter ideas

Bird bath for each outdoor place according to taste and need. It is mounted on pedestal base and fitted with round bowl. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Bird Bath Ring Stand

Bird Bath Ring Stand
This stylish stand / bird bath is the perfect ring stand design with wrought iron. Beautifully presented in a garden, and more. Accommodate a large bowl of water, from which birds will be happy to benefit.

Bird bath pedestal

It is a bird bath pedestal, which is made of ceramic and has the beautiful floral shape. This decoration can be used at indoor and outdoor space. Trust me, everyone will tell you how beautiful this product is.

Bird bath pedestal 2

A fantastic bird bath that drowns in an aqua blue finish, offering a durable and weather-resistant decoration for outdoors. It has a round bowl that rests on a beautifully-shaped pedestal with widened base for stability.

Bird bath painting ideas

A fine decoration for outdoor areas such as gardens, made of a repurposed sink with stylish column. The bird bath looks gorgeous, and it can also be used as a pot plant for your blooming greens.

Bird bath pedestal 1

The combination of the beautiful stone base with the floral arrangement is a great way to develop garden space. This lovely bird bath pedestal was used differently for the garden to have an interesting character.

Bird bath pedestal

Those four birdhouses stand firmly on tall pedestals that increase protection against predators and at the same time give you a highly-decorative addition to your garden. They are made of durable Cedar wood, and are beautifully hand-painted with blooming flowers.

Bird bath pedestal

This element of decor is also very functional in kitchen applications. It serves as a cake plate with a round base and quite large round top. Its blue color looks very attractive. The whole plate features only simple lines.

Bird bath pedestal 22

This element is intended for every nature's lover who has home with garden or spacious balcony - this rock-solid item covered with silver lacquer can be used as a garden fountain or bird bath. It is very stylish decoration!

Bird bath pedestal 4

Creative and attractive idea for a bird bath or feeder. This element of outdoor equipment features a round pedestal base that provides the best stability and support. Brown color looks very good in any outdoor stylization.

Bird bath 9

Bird Bath
Antique and industrial design for an old-fashioned bird bath pedestal, made out of rusted and worn-off brass. The pedestal is sure to provide a unique addition to any garden, giving it an unusual, vintage appearance.

Bird bath pedestal 11

Resting on a deckchair will become more pleasant when you can watch birds. The birds are also eager to take a dip in the bird bath pedestal - especially in such beautiful painted layers in pastel green and blue shades, made of ceramics with checkered pattern.

Bird bath pedestal 20

Bird bath mounted on stone base and fitted with metal top. Sophisticated accent for the garden, patio and others outdoor places according to taste.

Bird bath pedestal 21

DIY project for an antique and old-fashioned bird bath fountain stand, made out of several clay planters with a coat of beige paint, providing a vintage detail. The birdbath is sure to make a unique addition to any garden and provide a decorative element.

Bird bath pedestal 14

This bird bath pedestal wonderfully matches with the surrounding vivid garden, creating a peaceful retreat from the daily rush. Finished with brass, it will be a construction for years.

Bird bath stand ideas

Now you can improve your garden with this lovely birth bath, made of a repurposed bathroom sink. Its old-fashioned look also features a tapered pedestal with a stylishly-shaped, square base and a chrome-finished, small faucet.

10 winter garden delights my favorite is this bird bath

10 Winter Garden Delights; my favorite is this bird bath which I plan to have in place by Spring. Keeping this idea for next Christmas

Bird bath base

This garden fineness with sculptural stone pedestal base and globe metal cage on top can probably double as bird bath or flower basket. Very stylish, though. Must look at home in well-maintained English garden.

Antique Ceramic Bird Bath

Antique Ceramic Bird Bath

Old bird bath

The beautiful combination of unique mosaic decor and bird bath pedestal is a decorative and functional solution to the garden. The enchanting pedestal sink is an exotic and very stylish addition that delights.

Bird bath pedestal 25

Bird bath mounted on pedestal base made of durable ceramic. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Great addition for the garden, patio and others outdoor places.

Bird bath pedestal 19

A pretty classic vintage birdbath converted to a plant stand. It's crafted of grey stone. Now, it's slightly worn and has moss and lichen-grown places. It's built of a round foot, an upright column with a grooved bottom part, a round bowl.

Verdigris Pedestal Bird Bath

Bird bath pedestal 12

Mosaic artists specializing in beautiful contemporary mosaic art - created this bird bath pedestal full of colors and mosaic patterns. Bird bath pedestal is a ceramic bowl finished with colorful mosaic. In this case, a mosaic red flower is in the middle.

Bird bath pedestal

Marta Stewart - an American model to follow - at least in the aspect of interior design and is a perfect housewife. She inspired us with decorative birdbath pedestal made of natural bark, where moss and fern are planted. They work well at home and outside.

Bird bath pedestal 24

This bird bath pedestal is one of the DIY suggestions of how to embellish your garden and make it a magical, inimitable place. Adorned with stones and mushrooms, it constitutes a charming spot.

Bird bath pedestal 2

Glass Bird Bath, Glass garden art, yard art, repurposed recycled up cycled glass, unique garden decor, sun catcher,

Pedestal bird bath

A wonderful garden floral arrangement made with use an old leaky bird bath. It has a round foot (surrounded with plants), a sturdy thick post, a round basin. A basket with fabulously colourful flowers and green leaves of plastic is in a basin.

Gardman BA01281 Antique Bronze Pedestal RESIN Bird Bath

Bird bath pedestal 7

Bright green sedum grows in the center top and repeats in the lowest tier. Crassula perforata forms a fluffy, reddish purple ring around the top tier. In the middle tier: more crassulas, green-purple Senecio jacobsenii, blue Senecio mandraliscae and a typ

Diy pedestal bowls 3 designs thrift store wooden bows candle

DIY pedestal bowls...3 designs...thrift store wooden bows & candle holders

Bird bath pedestal 9

Upcycle Bowl Bird feeder, Or Bird Bath Garden Decor, Repurposed Dishes

Bird bath pedestal 15

succulents and drought resistant plants in the beautiful modern urn

Bird bath pedestal

With this spectacular bird bath, you garden will be blooming with live colors and flawless design. Made of repurposed recycled up cycled glass, this tremendous work of art brings unique accents to any outdoor area.

Bird bath pedestal 3

If you love to be surrounded by birds while relaxing in your garden, then, you may want to check this beautiful bird bath. Made of opaline glass, the bath bursts of flawless design, and a round basin topped with a pretty dragonfly.

Clay pot bird bath craft

Clay Pot Bird Bath Craft

Bird bath pedestal 5

Sharon's Clay Pot Bird Bath: Sharon from CA Made this Bird bath

Bird bath pedestal 16

Weathered Bird House

Birdbath stand

Bird bath mounted on pedestal base. It consists of vertically arranged clay pots. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Bird bath pedestal 13

Re-purposed -Thrift store candlestick, plus a pot lid birdbath. Painted pot lid is great idea!

The leaf birdbath large leaf 1 bag of sand 2

The Leaf Birdbath: Large leaf; 1 bag of sand; 2 bags of concrete; Water; Plastic wrap; Tubular concrete form; Paint or concrete dye (optional); Concrete sealer; Tools; Bucket or mixing Tray for concrete; Hoe for mixing; scrub brush; Paintbrush; Foam brush

Sitting Pair of Birds Birdbath - Lightweight Birdbath for Yard or Garden Product SKU: BB14007

Cottage chic upcycled garden bird bath or bird feeder robin

Cottage-Chic, Upcycled Garden Bird Bath or Bird Feeder. Robin Egg Blue and Bronze color is beautiful for any spot in your yard or garden! by MeadowlarkNaturals, $124.99

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Clay look fiberglass pedestal bird bath

Clay Look Fiberglass Pedestal Bird Bath

An old pedestal sink gets a new lease on life

An old pedestal sink gets a new lease on life as a birdbath in this cottage garden. A sink would also work as a container — just fill with potting soil instead of water.

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Alpine ceramic pedestal birdbath

Alpine Ceramic Pedestal Birdbath

Birds will flock to this pedestal bird bath with its

... birds will flock to this pedestal bird bath with its clean lines