Garden Obelisk Trellis

Look here to find a lovely garden obelisk trellis for your climbing plants to seek the sun. These are beautiful and functional, and can be simple or add a bit of whimsy to your garden. Whether you're growing vine fresh veggies that need the extra vertical space to grow and flourish, or a display for your flowers to reach new heights, this collection will have you reaching for new heights in your garden strucuture and decor! Walk thought the garden of options below.

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Garden obelisk art sculpture wooden

Garden obelisk art sculpture wooden
Some people think that it is a kind of sculpture or a decorational element of the garden... That is just a trellis for the climber plants. The delicate green color will totally hide when the plant will overgrow it.

Garden obelisk trellis

Nice screen, using several together this way. Perfect for climbers like Clematis or Morning Glory.

Garden obelisk trellis

A durable and practical addition for backyards, gardens, and other green areas. This stabile trellis is shaped like an obelisk with a ball finial on top, characterized by sturdy wood construction in dark blue finish.

Garden wooden obelisk

The delightful mix of garden trellis obelisk with floral arrangements makes the garden a magical place. The whole made of solid steel is durable, and the black finish is universal and beautifully decorates every interior.

Wooden obelisks for garden

Outdoor decoration, which will play its role perfectly in garden among plants. Climbing vines of all kinds will add color to our sturdy iron trellis topped by a bird. Available in two sizes, it anchors easily in the soil.

Garden obelisk trellis 1

The effective composition of this garden obelisk is a beautiful rustic decorative element for the backyard decor. The whole, based on solid construction combined with plants, creates a unique whole that delights the details.

Diy clematis trellis

This original copper trellis in a form of a wall clock not only holds up a beautiful clematis, but also covers the side of a house and satisfies the original purpose as a piece of art.

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Making your garden into the beautiful haven that you've always dreamed of will take time and effort. Aside from potentially having to hire a gardener and other tradespeople to help with certain tasks such as patios or landscaping, you'll need to consider which plants you want and how you can aid them to grow in the best way possible. A garden obelisk trellis is the perfect way to ensure that your beautiful plants grow in the most healthy and effective manner.

What are the most popular designs garden obelisk trellises?

  • An obelisk with multiple posts

A popular choice with keen gardeners who have a long bed of plants which need to be supported during early stages of growth. This design is often very large and can be overpowering in your garden, especially if you have a small outdoor area. In order to make these garden obelisks seem less intrusive, they are generally created with pretty leafy designs for a warmer touch.

  • Wooden style trellis

If you want a natural look in your garden, the traditional wooden style of obelisk trellis might be an option to consider. One design is the pyramid style, which allows multiple plants to grow around one solid obelisk. The rustic design adds a warm touch to the garden and is not overbearing like some other materials, such as metal, might be. Repainting the obelisk with suitable wood paint or chalk will ensure that it never looks dated and is given a new lease of life when necessary.

  • Circular obelisk

A circular obelisk around 50 inches in diameter can support around 20 small plants. This style usually has an outer copper or metal ring and an inner ring, with small rods or posts connecting the rings and providing extra support for your plants. Since this design is quite decorative, it can also be used as a feature piece in the garden and complement your plants.

  • Bird house obelisk

A larger obelisk is ideal if you have tall plants that you need to support while they are growing in your garden. Regardless of whether you choose wood or metal, a bird house obelisk is a great way to help the nature around you while also enjoying lovely plants. This design is generally around seven feet tall, and may be one straight post or multiple slanted posts meeting together at the top to create a pyramid shape. At the top you will find the bird house or bird bath – the perfect feature piece for any garden and a great way to fully enjoy nature on your doorstep.

  • Spiral obelisk

Spiral obelisks are a good type of garden obelisk trellis for certain types of plants, such as ivy or honeysuckle. A spiral piece is normally made from chrome or another form of metal e.g. copper. This enables the obelisk trellis to be sturdy and durable all year round in your garden. It is a sleek and elegant design, consisting of a straight piece at the bottom to sit securely in the ground, and a decorative spiralled post ascending seven or eight feet tall.


Garden obelisks wooden

Complete your garden with these four stunning garden obelisks that sport the simple yet immensely stylish structure and the sweet pea design, while the light paint makes for a truly special choice for inviting some light into your space.

How to make a wooden obelisk

Standard obelisks are usually made of wrought iron.This obelisk featured in the picture is made of wood and painted white. Despite its size, it seems to be light. Much more natural than the iron ones. Perfect desing for a romantic garden.

Clothing for gardener

Clothing for Gardener

Garden obelisk trellis

A practical and aesthetic addition to beautifying every garden - made of iron garden obelisk trellis, can hang on the wall of the house. Its floristic flourishes in black iron allow the flower to float in all around.

Obelisk trellis metal

This garden obelisk trellis constitutes a great contemporary accent for one's garden. Its metal construction will provide solidness and a fresh, modern appeal, helping you creating wonderful flower compositions.

Beautiful garden trellis

beautiful garden trellis

Garden obelisk trellis 4

When the spring cleaning arrives - take care of your garden in particular - adding, for example, new iron garden obelisk trellis, which like the Three Musketeers best present in 3. Three cones of various sizes have strong strands of metal in a dark color.

H Potter Lotus Bud Garden Trellis

Wooden obelisk trellis

A garden obelisk that provides space for growing plants. Its wooden construction is finished in attractive and natural green color. It includes many X-shaped slats for additional stability and functionality.

Garden obelisk wooden home garden architecture wooden obelisks

garden obelisk wooden | Home » Garden Architecture » Wooden Obelisks

Above architectural but still rustic obelisk plant climbers provide

Above: Architectural but still rustic, obelisk plant climbers provide ...

Rustic obelisk

This garden obelisk trellis will create vertical interest in one's garden. It will add a cosy, romantic corner to any outdoor space, ideal to create a relaxing arbor and hang out after work.

How to make a obelisk

The garden obelisk trellis which is made of ladders, is an extraordinary product for any outdoor space. I really like this navy or purple color, which works perfectly with the greenery around.

Lattice wooden garden obelisk


Garden pyramid obelisk

Wooden garden obelisk trellis is a place for growing plants. Wooden construction provides good support to different plants. It also looks very attractive in any garden thanks to its natural green color.

Garden obelisk plans

Ideal for those, who like to add a romantic ambiance to their gardens or backyards, this iron trellis will allow to create beautiful flower compositions. Its original silhouette resembles a bit the DNA's stem.

Obelisk charming outdoor storage and structures on hgtv

Obelisk - Charming Outdoor Storage and Structures on HGTV

Garden obelisk trellis 3

Use 2x2s, eye screws and fishing line to adapt this idea for a super inexpensive trellis for flowers or vining veggies

Diy garden obelisk

Tall and full of grace, this gorgeous obelisk trellis can be a fantastic decoration for your colorful garden. Beautifully-woven of sturdy willow, the trellis is stabile, lightweight, and built to last.

Heres what i want to try growing roses

Here's what I want to try: growing roses.

Wall trellis treillage trellis

Wall Trellis - Treillage Trellis

Pair of period garden gate pier obelisks trellises image 3

Pair of Period Garden Gate Pier Obelisks/Trellises image 3

This copper trellis topped by a wooden finial is attractive

This copper trellis, topped by a wooden finial, is attractive and portable. The curved top is made from plable copper refrigerator pipe, shaped by hand

Rustic garden folly

Rustic garden folly

Willow obelisk planter garden obelisk gardeners supply 1

Willow Obelisk Planter - Garden Obelisk | Gardener's Supply

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Obelisk trellis

Obelisk Trellis

Raised bed trellis garden

raised bed trellis garden

Outdoor lattice garden obelisk trellis yard decor graphite 67 t

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Really cute idea for a garden trellis just imagine it

Really cute idea for a garden trellis. Just imagine it with a clematis or roses growing among the lights!

Wooden obelisk for garden

Obelisk at the summer house, Island of Oland in Sweden. Bolander design.

Garden triangle trellis

wattle/cane growing pyramids in containers to extend gardening spaces

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