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Do you want your plants to grow up strong and sturdy? Then put them in a planter box that is equally strong and has a sturdy ruggedness that will keep them safe. Our group of iron planter boxes are perfect for this specific need. They come in many styles and will accent your home while giving your plants a great place to grow.

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60 inch wrought iron window box planter

60 inch wrought iron window box planter

A beautifully finished iron planter box is the perfect choice for displaying flowers at home, garden or on the patio. All the attention to detail is durable and very stylish. It perfectly blends with plant greenery.

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Planter box timber corrugated iron

Planter box timber corrugated iron

Your garden needs more planter box. This one is made of the corrugated iron and wooden frame. Very deep and spacious for many favorite flowers and plants. It adds style into any outdoor space.

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Square Planter Box

Square Planter Box

The square planter box. It has a wide mouth top, which lets the plants breathe and grow properly. The sides was ornamented with the stamped geometrical pattern. The black color will fit to each type of garden, where the flowers play the first fiddle.

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Iron planter box 5

Our set of wrought iron window boxes add a sturdy solution to the ...

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Iron planter box 4

Vintage Cast Iron Garden Planter, Grapevine

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Wrought iron flower boxes

Designed for outdoor use, this beautiful planter emanates with cintage charm and weathered appearance. The planter itself is made of durable burlap, sitting tightly in the metal frame with lovely scrollwork and distressed finish.

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Iron planter box

Made of sheet metal and wood, the iron planter box is a great combination that looks fabulous in any garden, on the terrace or patio. Impressive form and functionality allow beautifully display the plants.

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Set of 2 Wrought Iron 36" & 30" Large Castilian Window Planters

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Iron planter box 7

French Hand Forged Iron Planter Box

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Wrought iron planter box 2


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Iron Planter Box

Buying Guide

Iron planter boxes can be an attractive way to display your potted plants. They can be placed in windows, flower beds or on your patio. They can be solid boxes, but most are wrought iron filigree.

Solid metal boxes can be a challenge for growing plants because they tend to heat up in summer and to become extra cold in winter. In fact, even if you have a solid metal box, it is a good idea to use a plastic pot or even a layer of coconut husk or similar material as insulation between the box and the soil which holds the plants. This helps to keep the hot metal from burning the roots. With that said, metal boxes or holders can be a durable, versatile decorative item.

Baskets with Window Ledge Hooks

An open-work metal basket with hooks that can be placed over a window sill, a fence or a railing is an easy-install option for planter boxes. The sturdy frame can be placed almost anywhere and can easily be moved to search for more sunlight or shade. Tuck a plastic or terracotta liner in the metal basket and you are set for windowsill or patio gardening. If you have a tall privacy fence that ordinarily blocks the sunlight, by hooking the baskets at the top of the fence, they can have full sunlight and plenty of room for trailing plants to trail down the front of the fence.

Wall Mounted Wrought Iron Baskets

Homeowners who want something a little more permanent can take advantage of wall mounted wrought iron baskets. They can be the length of a window or balcony edge and are often constructed with intricate decorative details. The pretty holders can be loaded with individual pots or they can hold a single long planter. Ideal for pansies or petunias, they can also be loaded with marigolds, nasturtiums or violas to good effect.

Free-Standing Boxes with Legs

Free-standing boxes with legs can be used on your patio or placed strategically around your lawn. They are an ideal place to put bulbs or larger plants that would be too heavy for a wall hanging or window ledge basket. They can be filled with individual pots or long pots, just as can the wall hanging baskets.

Suspended Iron Baskets

An assortment of hanging baskets along the edge of a porch or patio can provide color and greenery all summer long. The baskets are easy to hang and can be brought inside at the first signs of frost, preserving your pretty plants well into the autumn season. The downside of these is the need for hooks on which to hang them, which are sometimes not so easily installed. An alternative method is to hang the baskets from a framework, such as an old swing set if you happen to have one handy.

Gatepost Planters

Box planters can be placed on porch steps or on broad gate posts that are near the end of a drive. This is a good place for trailing vines but check with your local conservation office before planting. Some types of vining plant, such as English Ivy or bittersweet, can become invasive if it escapes into the wild.

Best Ideas

Iron planter box 6

Wrought Iron Window Box Planters Set Monstermarketplace

Iron planter box 3

La Reine Planter. Its delicate scrollwork and twisted rails were inspired by an antique garden gate. Handcrafted of wrought iron with removable metal planter. Weather resistant coating for use indoors or outdoors

35". Window Box/wall Plant Holder Black Antique

Iron flower boxes

Stylish planter box designed for outdoor use. It is made of iron and finished with decorative curves. Includes screw holes for easy mounting on the wall.

Wrought iron window planters

A pretty traditional wall-mounted planter box crafted of dark-finished iron. A planter has a rectangular body with vertical ribs, decorative wall mounts with rolled top finials, curved bottom supports.

35 iron curved window box wall planter antique black ebay

35" Iron Curved Window Box Wall Planter Antique Black | eBay $146.00

Wrought iron wall planters

First of all, you will notice this solid and decorative at the same time-the iron planter box.The most beautiful compositions of flowers will be highlighted and exposed to daylight.This is adapted to large compositions.Itsgothic shape, calms delicate patterns.

Wrought iron window box planter

wrought iron window box planter

Custom made wrought iron flower box

Custom Made Wrought Iron Flower Box.

Iron planter box 1

London black and white mosaic tile path, Howard Design Studio

French wrought iron window boxes

source for wrought iron window boxes

Distressed Metal Wall Shelf / Flower Box / Planter / Patio Container

Iron planter stand love it

Iron Planter Stand - love it!

Wrought iron window box planters

I love this iron basket. Changing out its decor for each season would work well.