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For an outdoor grill, a little something different can change the aesthetic of your entire outdoor scheme. A cast iron outdoor grill, will add a raw energy to your grilling that will make you feel more primal and less pedestrian. These grills are very solid and sturdy and come in plenty of styles. Take a look at our collection of outdoor cast iron grills.

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Updated 20/10/2022
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Hibachi Style Cast Iron Grill

Hibachi Style Cast Iron Grill

Uno Casa

What We Like: Simple, traditional charcoal grill

What We Don’t Like: Harder to cook with than electric grills

Not So Great For: Beginning BBQ chefs

Perfect For: BBQ aficionados

Thanks to the vintage design and solid construction, this Hibachi-style cast iron charcoal grill will help you serve delicious meals for decades to come. It has a vintage classic design, with modern touches to make the grill easier to use with better heat control and portable, perfect for an outdoor picnic or camping trip.

The grill can cook any meat or vegetable and can be used to create small meals as well as family-sized feasts. It comes pre-seasoned and ready to use and includes a rain cover to protect the grill when it isn’t in use, giving you even more years of enjoyment. Give your food the classic, rich charcoal taste with this stylish grill.  

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29 5’’ Portable Cast Iron Grill

29 5’’ Portable Cast Iron Grill


What We Like: No setup required, easy to ignite

What We Don’t Like: Heavy at 35 lbs.

Not So Great For: Daily use

Perfect For: Cookouts, tailgates, and picnics

Thanks to this cast iron grill’s 285 in² cooking surface, you can cook up to 20 hamburgers simultaneously at your next cookout, so it’s ideal for feeding a crowd. Perfect for trekking to camping spots, the cast iron BBQ can be taken anywhere with its ergonomic, heat-resistant handles. Add natural gas fuel, and the grill will pump out 12,000 BTU, more than enough to cook meat, fish, and vegetables.

Don’t let the compact size fool you; this is an authentic grillers barbecue. It has porcelain-coated grates for even heat distribution and beautiful grill marks on your food. The grill has a built-in thermometer for precision cooking and a removable drip tray for easy cleaning. Cook a feast quickly with this premium cast-iron barbecue grill.

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28’’ Cast Iron Grill on Wheels

28’’ Cast Iron Grill on Wheels

MECO Corporation

What We Like: Versatile, high-tech cooking technology with classic styling

What We Don’t Like: Cooks differently than a traditional grill

Not So Great For: Barbecue purists

Perfect For: Cooking a wide variety of foods

This innovative grill is more than just a simple electric cast iron outdoor grill. The high-tech electric cooking technology allows you to use this unit like a traditional cast iron charcoal grill, but with variable yet precise cooking zones to ensure the perfect medium rare, rare, or well-done steak all cooked simultaneously.

The grill can be turned vertically and used as a rotisserie to cook the perfect whole chicken or turkey or slow-cook a roast perfectly. The grill can be easily moved on its two back wheels, and all your cooking gear can be conveniently stored in a wire basket attached to the grill.  

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Dark Grey Weber Cast Iron Grill

Dark Grey Weber Cast Iron Grill


What We Like: Compact, but has a large grilling surface

What We Don’t Like: Heavy for its size

Not So Great For: Outdoor picnics

Perfect For: Patios, decks, and backyards

This portable cast iron grill outdoor cooker from renowned brand Weber is designed to whip up a feast at home. It uses well-placed electric heating units, aluminum heat retention liners, and porcelain-coated grills to precisely and evenly distributes heat on the cooking surface.

The grill plugs into any standard outlet and has a 72’’ cord, giving you the flexibility to place the grill in the perfect spot around your home. Weber Grills are famous for their quality and durability, and this grill gives you that tradition of excellence in a portable, easy-to-use package.  

$399 $499

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Free Standing Electric Cast Iron Grill

Free Standing Electric Cast Iron Grill


What We Like: Clean, efficient electric heating element

What We Don’t Like: Only 49 in² of cooking space

Not So Great For: Large parties or picnics

Perfect For: Small family meals

If you don’t like the smell or flavor of charcoal or the environmental impact of natural gas, then this electric cast iron BBQ grill is for you. It cooks food using a high-tech TRU-Infrared cooking technology which delivers heat directly to food, cooking food quickly and evenly. The porcelain-coated grill gives you the classic BBQ grill marks, and the removable warming rack lets you keep food warm while preparing other dishes or slow-cooked meats.

Unlike unpredictable combustible fuels, the grill temperature is controlled with an easy-to-use knob, offering precision cooking temperatures. The electric technology also prevents dangerous flare-ups, making this cast iron grill safer for families.  

$199 $217.47

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Cast Iron Barrel Charcoal Bbq With Adjustable Grill Garden Camping Barbeque

Cast Iron Barrel Charcoal Bbq With Adjustable Grill Garden Camping Barbeque

Old-fashioned and antique design for a barrel charcoal barbecue grill with an adjustable height, perfect for a backyard garden. The charcoal grill is made out of cast iron with a slight coat of patina, giving it a unique look.

Via terries plexus slim

Via Terrie's Plexus Slim

Hibachi bbq cast iron

Cast iron finish and compact size make this Hibachi grill a consider worthy proposition for all, who look for a convenient cooking device. Solid construction, designed to last for years.

Camping trivet stand for dutch oven

Camping trivet stand for dutch oven

Made of the cast-iron outdoor grill are a great combination of attractive style and beautiful appearance. Massive construction allows you to control the heat, giving you the perfect place to prepare tasty meals.

Gardeco elidir cast iron fire bowl grill

Gardeco Elidir Cast Iron Fire Bowl grill

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DIY Dutch Oven Cooking table

View the corona large cast iron outdoor grill and table

View the Corona Large Cast Iron Outdoor Grill and Table by Gardeco

Mrk lodge cast iron grill

Mrk lodge cast iron grill

Made from solid cast iron, this Hibachi outdoor grill is a proposition designed for years. The product has two adjustable heights, a draft door regulates heat and coals are accessible behind a flip-down door.

28" Griddle Gas Grill Cooking Station

28" Griddle Gas Grill Cooking Station

Transform your backyard into a professional outdoor kitchen with this fully-functional Gas Grill Cooking Station. Includes 2 independently controlled, solid cast iron burners, removable griddle top, temperature gauge, and stainless steel construction. Requires liquid propane.

Cast iron outdoor grill 8

"Old style" outdoor grill with trammel hooks and S shaped hooks allowing to hang pots over the fire. The fireplace is separated from the law with decorative edging that features nature inspired laser cut pattern with elks and spruces.

Q Series 2200 LP Titanium Gas Grill

Q Series 2200 LP Titanium Gas Grill

Portable gas grill crafted of cast aluminium with two-toned gray finish, with darker base. It has one stainless steel burner and two convenient work tables that fold down. Easy to use and to clean up.

Spirit® E-210™ LP Gas Grill

Spirit® E-210™ LP Gas Grill

Compact but roomy grill with 2 gas burners and electronic ignition. It is made of resistant steel finished in grey and black. It has 2 iron grates, a built-in thermometre and a warming rack. Practical, with 2 side folding tables and 4 wheels.

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