Outdoor Oil Torches


for an atmosphere that will give your backyard a touch of the tropics, some outdoor oil torches will add a mystique that is undeniable to your backyard. Great for around the pool. And the citronella oil within Will keep mosquitoes away from you and your home. In plenty of styles, we guarantee we have the outdoor oil torches for you.

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Tiki torch wick holder

A wonderful set of 3 oil toches that provide breathtaking visual benefits even when the flame is out. Characterized by ball shaped design and detailed floral patterns, the torches will adorn every outdoor area with warmth and positive mood.

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Patron tequila tiki torch oil lamp

Patron tequila tiki torch oil lamp

Bottles of wine have already been used in all possible ways.But this one is tequile bottle, and unique candle holder attached to the wall,on your veranda,or patio. Together with copper fastenings,that keeps the bottle on a wooden board.This bottle is on fire!

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Maui Grande Tiki Torch (Set of 2)

Maui Grande Tiki Torch (Set of 2)

Attractive traditional garden torch in a shape of a dark red bowl with a matching bell-like cap. It has a 32-ounce fuel container for about 24 hours burning and a fiberglass wick. A round staked into ground pole with 6 arms is of black-coated steel.

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Outdoor torches oil

Simple and elegant outdoor torches, it burns on oil and can last a very long time. It has a wooden shaft and a medieval design. It adds contemporary beauty to your garden.

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Outdoor oil torches 1

A creative way of illuminating your outdoor area by using this unique decoration. Designed of a repurposed glass bottle filled with oil, the torch hangs on a stainless steel fastening, while creating a full of warmth, romantic mood.

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Maui Tiki Torch with Pole & Snuffer - Hammered Copper

Light up your landscape with this cozy and medieval outdoor oil torches. The torches are supported by a strong iron base. The lamp, on the other hand, features a rounded pot design, intricately detailed with beautiful markings for outstanding décor value.

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Mason Jar Tiki Torch

Mason Jar Tiki Torch

Unusual and very stylish jar oil torch is an excellent way to create a unique atmosphere in the interior or exterior. Beautiful and versatile form delights and adds all charm. Attractive oil color adds all unusual style.

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Outdoor oil torches

Create something extraordinary to the exterior! These outdoor porches are an interesting and easy manner to construct the unique decors. You need just sprinkle pipe brackets and pretty old bottle.

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Jack daniels single barrel tiki torch

Jack daniels single barrel tiki torch

The jack daniels single barrel oil torch/lamp is a perfect combination of impressive style and functionality. The glass form has beautifully exposed the light, and the copper-plated handle is original.

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Patron bottle tiki torches

Handmade outdoor candle holder - any kind of bottle (wine, beer, olive oil, anything) is held by vintage holder covered with rust. Add a wick and you get a unique and stylish outdoor torch. Super cool!

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Best Ideas

Homemade wine bottle tiki torch

This outdoor torch is so simple, but the effect is magnificent! A black terra cotta pot is filled with pebbles. You can paint them as well with spray paint. A wick inside is tucked into a hidden jar filled with fuel.

Garden oil torches

citronella wine bottle candle. making this tonight via home depot. Thanks "Adventures in Crafting"

Birds of Paradise Statue with Two Torches

Birds of Paradise Statue with Two Torches

Wonderful contemporary garden torch post in a form of an exotic bird-of-paradise flower. It's crafted of steel with a weatherproof colourful finish. It has 2 torch canisters in 2 tiers and is designed for staking into ground.

Outdoor oil lanterns

Copper outdoor torch. Just pour some oil inside, stick the torches into the ground and don't hesitate to enjoy the glaring effect all evening long. Accent your way along a garden path or bedeck your back deck.

Mason jar citronella oil lamp

Stunning outdoor oil torches designed to bring that incredible ambiance and cozy appeal into your landscape. The torches are supported by slender but equally strong metal bases that can be stuck into the ground with ease. They are available in several different shapes too.

Oil torches

Well-built outdoor oil torches constructed from metal. The torches are finished in a shiny copper coat and come with a long burner that will last for ages. They are also easy to install and should work great for your patio or alongside the pool if you have one.

Mason jar tiki torch

A gorgeous set of 4 garden lamps in shape of astonishing oil torches. Each of those slender beauties has a blooming rose-designed metal frame that holds an opaline glass oil jar with a thick taper.

Hanging citronella oil lanterns

Fire lamps mounted on metal base. Perfect addition for each outdoor place. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Lighthouse oil lamps

Lighthouse Oil Lamps

Glass oil torches garden torch oil outdoor patio lamps

Glass Oil Torches: garden, torch, oil, outdoor, patio, lamps.

Hanging tiki torch

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Wine bottle tiki torch stands

Make your own outdoor torch: DIY torches help save money on decor and recycle empty bottles. Nicely designed wine or olive oil bottle, like this green one, makes for a great lighting when equipped with fuel and wick.

Can you use tiki torch fuel in an oil lamp

This Is Not Only Creative, So Functional!

Ceramic citronella oil lamps

Crystal Head Vodka Tiki Torch / Oil Lamp including bottle and Hardware