Bird Feeder Stands

Have you already got the cutest bird feeder but not a pole to prop it up? Then you need a reliable bird feeder stand.

It can also prevent curious cats from reaching the feeder and allow you to get a better view of the birds eating from it.

On top of that, while it’s a primarily functional item, a stand can help you turn your bird feeder into a stronger decorative statement.

Some things worth considering first:

●       If you have adventurous pets or live in a windy area, it’d be safer to opt for a bird feeder pole with an auger or prongs to secure it to the ground

●       Discourage squirrels from getting to it by placing it at least 10 feet away from trees or tall structures

●       For a balanced result, aim for a stand that keeps the feeder around 5 feet off the ground

Basic bird feeder stand

Basic bird feeder stand

Your new stand doesn’t need to be a big investment, especially if you want the actual feeder to be the star of the show. In that case, you can simply look for a basic model with a hook.

Still, don’t compromise on quality!

For example, since your new bird feeder stand is likely to be exposed to the rain, we recommend a heavy-grade steel design with rust-free and weather-resistant powder coating.


More decorative bird feeder stand

More decorative bird feeder stand

You can make a noticeable decorative statement even without opting for the most ornate designs.

In fact, a single element going beyond the usual symmetrical shapes will work wonders, just like this hook with a more retro feel.

This is a handy compromise if you’d like to keep it simple (perhaps because you have a minimalist or contemporary garden) but still showcase your decorative flair.


Bird feeding station ideas

Bird feeding station ideas

Perhaps, now that you think about it, you want something beyond a bird feeder and pole. Maybe you’d like to spoil those birdies and, at the same time, create a truly special, whimsical corner?

Then there are lots of bird feeding station ideas for you to choose from!

In most cases, they involve a birdbath tray and additional hooks for more feeders, flowers, lights, or whatever you wish to hang next to them.

$29.99 $37.5

Bird feeder stands in an accent color

Bird feeder stands in an accent color

As you’ve probably noticed, most bird feeder stands are black. Not a fan of neutral colors?

While you might need to spend a few more minutes scouting for one, you can find stands in other hues, too (and it’ll be totally worth it, especially if you find one in your backyard’s accent color!).


Bird feeder stand in a lighter finish

Bird feeder stand in a lighter finish

Another versatile option is to choose a bird feeder stand in a basic metallic finish. This is a wise idea if you already have other outdoor furniture pieces or accent elements in the same color.

As long as these stainless-steel models are still rust- and weather-resistant, you’re good to go.

$20.99 $21.99

Double birdhouse stand

Double birdhouse stand

How about catching two birds with one stone…or, better, with the same stand? A space-saving option consists of double birdhouse stands with two hooks in a symmetrical design.

How you make the most of them is entirely up to you: if you want to be known as the most nature-loving soul in the neighborhood, opt for two bird feeders.

For a more decorative result, just pair up one bird feeder with a pot of flowers or garden lights. 


Bird feed stand with bird motif

Bird feed stand with bird motif

Most bird feeder stands are either fairly basic or follow an ornate design, but some others take this decorative approach even further by incorporating a recognizable motif.

While this could be anything from a floral to a coastal theme, how about reinforcing its true purpose with a bird design?


DIY bird feeder stand with chain

DIY bird feeder stand with chain

If squirrels are not a problem for you (perhaps because they don’t tend to hang around in your garden or because you’ve already invested in a cage design for the actual feeder), have you considered using a chain as a stand?

This is a cost-effective and versatile solution that you can move around more easily whenever you wish.

Bird feeder and birdhouse stand ideas for balconies

Bird feeder and birdhouse stand ideas for balconies

Worried because you think that your small or non-existent garden means that you must give up on your dream of seeing cute birds flying around your own feeder? Not at all!

Nowadays, you can find many birdhouse stands for balconies, too.

Relying on a versatile clip-on design, they’re just as visible as traditional freestanding poles, so the birds in your neighborhood are bound to notice them.

Decorating your bird feeding station

Decorating your bird feeding station

If you’ve decided to opt for a bird feeder station, take some time to organize it properly instead of adding the first items you can find.

For example, have you thought about incorporating bird feeders in creative shapes?

Lanterns, star-shaped designs… these are all charming ideas that can help you create a unique corner and complement your existing decor.

Our advice Buying Guide

What is the best bird feeder stand for small birds?

The best bird feeder stand for small birds is a seed feeder with tiny fittings onto which they can perch, as a wider tray could end up attracting larger birds first.

You could also consider more ornamental ceramic or terracotta models that are made to look like birds or other pleasant designs but aren’t wide enough to accommodate large birds.

Adjustable bird feeders (e.g. as a dome or birdhouse) can also let you decide how big of a gap you want to leave.

Finally, another handy solution is to choose a bird feeder stand that’s surrounded by a cage: that way, only small birds will be able to fly through it and access the actual feeder with food.

Which bird feeder attracts most birds?

If you’re looking to attract birds, the bird feeder stands that you should be looking at are hopper feeders. These are the feeders that most birds find attractive, including cardinals, grosbeaks, sparrows and more! However, you should also be aware that hopper feeders attract squirrels, so keep your hopper feeders off the ground to avoid squirrels eating all of the bird food.

Do bird feeders attract rats?

Bird feeders do not attract rats. Rather, the rodents are drawn by the easily available seeds and bird food that falls to the ground. Poorly stored seed as well as discarded seed tossed out by the birds themselves is the primary reason rats will keep coming.

A rat can easily climb up a bird feeder but why do that when there is a more reachable source of food at ground level? Therefore, preventing seeds and bird food from falling and settling on the ground is the most effective way to keep rats at bay. You could do this by attaching a seed tray near the bottom of the feeder. The tray will catch falling nuts, seeds and fruits.

But just in case there are rodents that would be tempted to climb into the feeder, use a squirrel baffle. Make sure the baffle is at least five feet above the ground as well as 10 feet from any elevated object (such as a roof or tree) that could be used as a launching pad.

The feeder must be in an open area. Rats are afraid of avian predators and will want a sheltered route to a food source. Get rid of any sheltered, undisturbed areas as these are a perfect refuge for a rat population. If all else does not work, consider more aggressive pest control methods such as rat traps.


Wooden Gazebo Bird Feeder

Wooden Gazebo Bird Feeder
Traditional bird feeder, sturdily made of pine wood. The feeder stands on a tripod base and it has a cute house with green roof. It has weatherproof finish that makes it withstand all outdoor conditions.

Nantucket Wooden Bird Feeder

Nantucket Wooden Bird Feeder
Wooden bird feeder on a tripod base. Allows to take benefit of an outdoor space, even when it's limited. The house on top has a thick, gabled roof that enhances the style of this adorable traditional feeder.

Bird feeder stands

This wonderful, handmade freestanding bird feeder constitutes a great example of DIY masterpieces. Actually, it is a 2 in 1, being also a flower post, which will additionally enhance your garden's value.

Outdoor bird stands

This large Solar Fountain Hanging Bird water attracts more birds and keeps your baths cleaner, longer. Wild birds can't resist the gentle stream of moving water. Enjoy a quiet, peaceful afternoon in your garden.

I love birdhouses and have plans to decorate our property

I love birdhouses and have plans to decorate our property. These stick stands give a nice look. Birdhouses.

Metal bird baths 1

Bird feeder, bird baths and bird house in one place on your yard. Everything mounted on the pipe in different height, which help to take care of lot of birds. It will be helpful for birds and educational for you.

Ridge bird feeders catalogue

Ridge Bird Feeders Catalogue

Bird feeder stands 1

I adore the way this bird-feeder was affixed to a solid post with an elegant bracket hanger. It's in general practical but also very decorative! I'll find out more of such bird feeder stands in the future...

Combi bird feeder on stand

Combi Bird Feeder on Stand

Wooden bird feeder stands

A wonderful garden decoration in form of bird feeder stands. They consist of wooden posts with flowers ramping along it and small, colorful houses with holes for birds. A great inspiration for kids to observe the birds.

Superior Station Decorative Bird Feeder

Superior Station Decorative Bird Feeder

Super Tall Decorative Trio Hanger

Bird feeder stands 2

This stylish pyramid bird table would suit the most lavish garden. Comes with a slate tiled roof. Constructed using exterior plywood and treated timber, that has been stained using an antifungal colorant.

Gardman USA 0280019 Wild Bird Feeding Kit

Nordic Wooden Bird Feeder

Nordic Wooden Bird Feeder

Bird feeder stands 12

Birdhouse in a flowerpot!

Deluxe Wooden Gazebo Bird Feeder

Deluxe Wooden Gazebo Bird Feeder

Bird feeder secured in a planter

Bird feeder secured in a planter

Rustic cat trees

plant stand image | Cedar Log Plant Stands, Outdoor Plant Stand, Log Home Plant Stands ...

Bird feeder stands 3

Colorfully painted bird house

Bird feeder stands

Bird house mounted on wooden base and reinforced with solid supports. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Designed for small sized birds. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Bird feeder stands

Charming traditional freestanding birdhouses DIY-made of wooden materials finished in restful hues of blue, brown and green. Posts, finished in off-white, are built of turned stair railings and square bases. High gable roofs feature checked patterns.

Bird house 2

bird house

Perky Pet Perky Pet Universal Bird Feeder & Bird House Pole

Outside bird houses 17

Rick LaChance's remarkable collection of detailed homemade birdhouses sits on display outside his Missouri home.

2 In 1 Hanging Bird Bath Or Feeder Eastern Red Cedar Renewable Mesh Seed Tray

Master txe131 jpg


Fuera Bird Feeder

Fuera Bird Feeder

Bird feeder stands 4

40 Ideas of How To Reuse Tea Cup Artistically I have done this... looks nice in the garden and not hard to make...

Metal frog bird feeder stand

Metal Frog Bird Feeder Stand

Squirrely Wildlife Bird Feeder

Squirrely Wildlife Bird Feeder

Wrought iron bird feeders

Collecting rescued wood, Hunny John and I are creating backyard art with reusable materials. This is a very 'weathered artistic look.'

Large victorian shabby chic birdhouse on by lynxcreekdesigns 99 99

Large Victorian Shabby Chic birdhouse on by LynxCreekDesigns, $99.99

Brooklands wild bird feeder 21 57 add to cart

Brooklands Wild Bird Feeder $21.57 Add to cart

How to make a birdhouse stand

DIY : Tea cup bird feeder :) Good way to upcycle cracked tea cups or mismatched tea cups and saucers :) Just need tea cups and saucers, epoxy glue, and either decking rails or stair spindles, even table legs :)

Bird feeder stands

Garden Totem / Bird Feeder / Dessert by GardenWhimsiesByMary, $35.00

Bird feeder stands 8

DIY Jewelry Stand. Plant pots and their water retainers + paint.

This lantern bird house by jonathan adler has such a

This lantern bird house by Jonathan Adler has such a lovely design. #decor #patio #birdhouse

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Some facts about a bird feeder stand birdcage design ideas

Some Facts About a Bird Feeder Stand | Birdcage Design Ideas

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Bird Feeders | Birdcage Design Ideas - Part 2

Handmade rustic bird feeder plant stand

Handmade Rustic Bird Feeder/Plant Stand

Some facts about a bird feeder stand birdcage design ideas

Some Facts About a Bird Feeder Stand | Birdcage Design Ideas

Crystals garden wild bird feeder feeding station

Crystals Garden Wild Bird Feeder Feeding Station ...

Wellington bird feeder stand at hayneedle

Wellington Bird Feeder Stand at Hayneedle

Backyard garden wooden bird feeder stand and feeder tube

Backyard Garden : Wooden Bird Feeder Stand and Feeder Tube

The 25 best bird feeder stands ideas on pinterest diy

The 25+ best Bird feeder stands ideas on Pinterest | Diy ...

Pawhut deluxe stand gazebo bird feeder wayfair uk

Pawhut Deluxe Stand Gazebo Bird Feeder | Wayfair UK

Michael w designs the majestic tree bird feeder stand

MICHAEL W. DESIGNS: The Majestic Tree Bird Feeder Stand

Wild bird feeder stand garden seed tray

Wild Bird Feeder Stand Garden Seed Tray