Indoor Tiered Plant Stand

Add some life to your decor with a wholesome and sturdy tiered plant stand for your home's interior. These plant stands are set at random levels giving your plants plenty of room to grow, without getting crowded. And the metal construction will hold them upright and elevated until it is time to trim them, or replace them. Plant life in the home is never a bad thing.

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Indoor tiered plant stand

This impressive plant stand is a spectacular way to decorate the interior. The modern solution based on steel structures in geometric shapes delights and beautifully exposes the plants. The whole perfectly fills a large living room area.

Indoor tiered plant stand

This beautiful flower stand is a perfect solution for any decor, solid steel construction, lightweight glass shelves and functionality to reveal your favorite plants. Finishing with a cute bird motif adds all charm.

House plant stand

If you really love nature and your fingers are truly green - you probably would like to have this piece of furniture at your place. The iron elements of this bookshelf was carved basing on branches inspiration. Looks lovely when the plants are on.

Plant stands indoor

Solid wood creates more than sturdily built foundation for multiple tiers. Put plant pots on the shelves, display your collectibles, alternatively - if you have a cat, it will for sure be pleased with this natural climbing facility.

Tiered plant stand indoor

Plant stand designed for indoor use. It consists of 3 levels stacked vertically. Frame is made of wood. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Adds life and natural color to any room.

Indoor tiered plant stand 1

3 steps plant stand made of wood and fitted with metal trays. Designed for indoor use. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Simple form and functional design.

Plant stands indoor help you inserting green ikea plant stand

... . Plant Stands Indoor, Help You Inserting Green ikea plant stand

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Indoor tiered plant stands provide you with the most effective way of placing more planters and beautiful plants in an available space. These stunning products add structure and height to your blooming floral plants. Although they're great for outdoor display, they're as incredible when taken indoors. Some sport interesting designs like the spiral staircase models.

Keep in mind the fact that the best size and style of an indoor tiered plant stand will depend on the species of your plants and your home's layout. If you are on the lookout for one that will fit your home and preferences best, then keep on reading as we've listed all the things you need to consider when choosing indoor tiered plant stands.

What's the right size for an indoor tiered plant stand?

Generally, the best indoor tiered plant stands are those that hold a good number of planters that are big enough for the roots of your plants to grow. Also, you must be able to see more of your flowering plants than the series of rows of the plant stand.

What are the pros and cons of common tiered plant stand materials?

Indoor tiered plant stands that are made from metal and wood are more affordable and easier to move around. Because wood is porous, it soaks up water so you must remember to only put planters that have drip trays on a wooden plant stand or else mildew will develop. What we love about wooden indoor tiered plant stands is the fact that they are resistant to elements compared to metal products which rust over time.

If your goal is to amp up a room's look with the use of an indoor tiered plant stand, choose metal stands that have been painted. This way, you'll have more options that aren't just near indestructible, but also affordable. For plastic plant stands, they're the most cost-effective, but you'll find that they are harder to incorporate into a home. Also, they are not the best to use when you'll be displaying heavy plants and planters.

What plant stands are good for both indoor and outdoor use?

You may want plant stands that you can alternately put indoors and outdoors. If what you need is a plant stand that can be brought outdoors during the summer season, make sure that the material it's made of can stand up to the heat of the sun. One of the most durable plant stand materials is metal. Metal plant stands are heavy enough to withstand strong winds, but therefore a little difficult to move around. To prevent rust you can treat the stand with a metal sealant or a spray paint that is designed for use on metals.

Wood is another suitable option that can handle a variety of weather conditions, especially if you select the type of wood native to your region. To increase its longevity, remember to always protect your wooden outdoor plant stand with a god coat of water-proofer.


Tiered plant stands indoor

Side tables are great and practical, but these here take uniqueness to the next level. If you value minimalistic, yet interesting design, there is nothing better than such a wooden set. An interesting idea for serving different kinds of food, too!

4 Piece Pedestal Plant Stand Set

4 Piece Pedestal Plant Stand Set

Nice combination of white and green great contrast between straight

Nice combination of white and green, great contrast between straight lines and plants

Tiered plant stands

3 tiered plant stand decorated with floral theme. It is completely made of metal with brass finish. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Decorative plant stands

A capacious plant stand that is going to work in case of outdoor areas, such as backyards, patios, decks, and gardens. Wooden construction features 3 open shelves with a slatted design and criss-crossed legs for proper stability.

3 level plant stand

Indoor garden idea....I wonder if I could get Kelsey to rig something like this up for me :)

Zaria plant stand tuscany slate

Zaria Plant Stand Tuscany Slate

3-Tier Plant Stand

Soda bottles into a garden

soda bottles into a garden

Four tier plant stand enclume design products indoor plant stands

Four Tier Plant Stand Enclume Design Products Indoor Plant Stands Plant Stands Accent Furn

3 tier plant stand 1

A pretty stylish plant stand for indoor use. Its frame is constructed of turned posts on a quite high base with 3 S-curved arms. Three diameter-varied round shelves feature low metal fences on edges. The entirety has a distressed greyish finish.

Three tier plant stand

Three Tier Plant Stand

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Multiple plant holder

Minimalistic project for a DIY tiered plant stands for indoor and outdoor use alike. The plant stand is made out of bright oak wood with an unfinished and unpainted look, providing a simple yet stylish addition.

Indoor plant stands elegant stands

Indoor Plant Stands - Elegant stands

Multi tier plant stand

A great decoration for patios, decks, and front yards; this corner plant stand can also be successfully used indoors. It has a durable metal frame with lovely scrollwork, a gorgeous crowning, and a black, powder-coated finish, and three sturdy pots.

3 tiered plant stand

Decorative and functional plant stands with three tiers. This construction is made of durable metal materials that are resistant to excessive wear. The stand is suitable for different types of indoors.

Planters hangers stands

Planters, Hangers & Stands

Indoor garden decoration with spiral black iron 3 tier plant

... Indoor Garden Decoration With Spiral Black Iron 3 Tier Plant Stand

Convenience Concepts 4-Tier Plant Stand

Mandalay outdoor indoor plant stand

Mandalay Outdoor/Indoor Plant Stand

Two tier plant stand

wooden garden 3 tier stand - like the octagon shapes - DIY?

Miscellaneous media plant stands plant stand multi tiered large

... Miscellaneous > Media & Plant Stands > Plant Stand-Multi Tiered,large

2 tier plant stand

Plant stand consisting of 3 levels made of plastic. Frame consists of crossed wooden strips. Suitable for small and medium sized plants. Perfect solution for growing herbs at home.

Plant stands fabulous 3 tier plant stands for your outdoor

... plant-stands-fabulous-3-tier-plant-stands-for-your-outdoor-and-indoor

Plants stands indoor

hens & chicks, bright green moss from Joann Fabrics or Michaels, and a three teared desert plate = fabulousness

Indoor plant shelves

This nesting branch plant stand comes in a set of 3, providing a nice spot to create an indoor grove. Glass tops combined with imitating tree branches, metal bases, will fit well into contemporary spaces.

Indoor tiered plant stand

indoor tiered plant stand

Multi tiered plant stand

Miss Moss : Kekkilä green light nursery shelves

Tiered plant stand ideas

Tiered Outdoor Step Shelf This project is great & simplier than it seems. My husband made me one, & I use it indoors to keep my sun loving plants together by the window

Plant terrace stand

Wire plant stand, planters plant stands, wire planters, plant stands

Tier plant stands for your outdoor and indoor garden fancy

... tier plant stands for your outdoor and indoor garden fancy iron 3 tier

Indoor plant stands 3 tier plant stand with travertine top

... > Indoor Plant Stands > 3-Tier Plant Stand with Travertine Top

Tiered topiaries

tiered topiaries.

4 tier plant stand

A pretty contemporary 3-tier plant stand crafted of wood with a finish in warm mid browns. It has 2 X-shaped supports built of 2 length-varied angular slats. Three rectangular, arranged in steps, shelves are framed and widthwyas slatted.

Cascading Plant Stand

Cascading Plant Stand

Display odds and ends need a place to display your

Display odds and ends. Need a place to display your stuff? Give your ladder a fresh coat of paint and create tiered shelves by adding a few planks of wood across each set of steps

Multi shelf plant stand

Tiered Embellished Steel Plant Stands and Zinc Plant Stand Liners - Plow & Hearth

3 Tiered Eucalyptus Plant Stand - Planter Garden Stand []

Tiered plant stand orleans 2 indoor plant stand wood plant

Tiered plant stand Orleans 2 Indoor plant stand Wood plant ...

Dazone black 3 tiered indoor outdoor plant stand 11 inch

DAZONE Black 3-Tiered Indoor/Outdoor Plant Stand, 11 Inch ...

Charlton home fenimore indoor multi tiered plant stand

Charlton Home Fenimore Indoor Multi-Tiered Plant Stand ...

Porterville indoor outdoor tiered plant stand

Porterville Indoor Outdoor Tiered Plant Stand