Indoor Plant Stands

Your plants want sun, they want water, and they want to be elevated when in the home, so they don't get kicked over accidentally. For that, indoor plant stands are fantastic. They keep your plants at a level where watering is a breeze, they catch plenty of light, and no one will ever knock them over by being clumsy. Take a look at this collection and see what we mean.

Best Products

Etagere Plant Stand

Etagere Plant Stand
Chic contemporary plant stand crafted of wooden materials with a white finish. Its sleek frame features 4 heavily S-curved and additionally crisscrossed posts. It has square both a top and 2 lower shelves.

Ferron Pedestal Plant Stand

Ferron Pedestal Plant Stand
It is a pedestal plant stand that is a fantastic addition to your living room, bedroom, dining room and other. It has got a simple design and it fits to any style and décor. This is a very good choice.

4 Piece Pedestal Plant Stand Set

4 Piece Pedestal Plant Stand Set
The elegant ceramic set of plant stands. It has a African style texture on the backs, so I suggest to put it to the safari style living room. You can put it ine the central place or in the room's corner - your choice.

Indoor tiered plant stand

This impressive plant stand is a spectacular way to decorate the interior. The modern solution based on steel structures in geometric shapes delights and beautifully exposes the plants. The whole perfectly fills a large living room area.

Indoor plant stands

Attractive and space-saving solution for owners of many plants. This corner plant stand features a small size and durable construction that holds many plants. Its wooden racks provide space for hanging different plants.

Indoor plant stands 1

Practical metal rack was transformed with hardly any effort to an indoor plant stand. Each of the metal hooks supports a small clear plastic bucket with metal wire handles affixed to it. Perfect to grow new small plants.

Indoor plant stands

I adore these Pot Plant Stands - White from trestleunion and Studio Home buy them here

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Indoor plant stands are an attractive way to display potted plants or even small pieces of artwork. They also, although this is not a standard use, make a moveable surface for a mousepad and mouse at a computer workstation. In short, they create a small, usable surface that can be placed where it is convenient or attractive.

What are the different designs of indoor plant stands?

Simple Single Surface Plant Stand

A simple single surface plant stand is an excellent choice for supporting plants such as African Violets that have peculiar light requirements and are sufficiently fragile so as to need protection from jostling. The stand allows the plant to be placed away from other items. It is also this size stand that works well as an auxiliary mouse pad surface, relieving stress on the forearm and shoulder joint by providing the ability to place the mouse operating surface where it is most convenient to the user.

Stepped Tray Plant Stand

A stepped tray plant stand provides an excellent arrangement for items such as an indoor herb garden or trays for growing microgreens. The upper shelf is excellent for small herbs such as chives or parsley, while the lower trays, which are wider, are the perfect support for seedlings or microgreens. Some stands of this kind can be folded up and stored when not needed, or easily ported to different light and temperature venues.

Wrought Iron Tall Plant Stand

A wrought iron tall shelving unit looks delicate with its filigree of scrolled wires and arched top on back and sides. Its sturdy shelves, however, can easily support heavy pots securely without the fatal shading that occurs with solid shelves. It is the perfect plant stand to place near a tall window or sliding glass patio door. Your houseplants or winter herb garden will appreciate the secure footing and the extra light.

Spiral Stair Step Plant Stand

While not as efficient in use of space as some simpler stands, a wrought iron stairway of planting surfaces creates a graceful display for your best houseplants. Add a few trailing ivy vines and intersperse with succulents or the upright sharpness of Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, and you can quickly have an attractive display. Perfect for placing in open areas, slightly away from windows for plants that like indirect light.

Simple Framed Tall Plant Stand

A framed plant stand provides an excellent staging area for light-loving plants that require placement near a tall window. It is a good choice for bringing in the garden herbs as winter begins to move in or a place to harden off seedlings in preparation for moving them to the garden in the spring.


Indoor plant stands

I am a big fan of minimalist look, just like this one. This adorable nook is create with Mid-century planter and modern white chair. The planter was made of the large ceramic pot, pine board and wood dowels.

Pedestal plant stands indoor

Enhance your home with those three pot plant stands, made of durable PVC. They have different sizes and are quite stable, offering a square surface on top to properly display your beautiful greenery.

Indoor plant stands

The simple and subtle design of this indoor plant stand is a perfect combination of attractive style and functionality. Combined with vanity with a high shelf for books, benches and other enchanting and introduces a uniquely cozy atmosphere.

Indoor plant stands

With such a unique and colorful plant stand set, you will be able to put some natural blooming accents into your room. Each stand has a cubic design, a metal frame, a mirrored top and a matching bottom shelf.

Indoor tiered plant stand

This beautiful flower stand is a perfect solution for any decor, solid steel construction, lightweight glass shelves and functionality to reveal your favorite plants. Finishing with a cute bird motif adds all charm.

Plant bench indoor

Pretty height-varied plant stands for indoor. A stand is constructed of 2 equal circles (at the bottom and at the top) joined by 3 upright thin square-section rods of metal with a brass finish. Large half-egg-like planters are of plain white ceramic.

Indoor plant stands

Elegant simple and practical to keep household plants. Maybe kegan would find a way to build it for me in a few years.

Windowsill plant stand

The indoor plant stand in the form of a triangle is an excellent way to display flowers at home, on the terrace or patio. The whole is very impressive, creating a unique atmosphere in the decor. Solid construction.

Magical plant stands

magical plant stands

Pedestal stand

Geometric indoor planters like these add visual interest to a minimalist interior. Metal stands utilize straight lines and skews to create simple, yet fabulous shapes, here: tall rectangular and squat three-legged planters.

Indoor plant stands 7

Keeping plants in the window sill is a great way to breathe life into a room. And this DIY shelf makes space for even more flowerpots. The tutorial requires the use of power tools, but the design is actually quite simple to put together. We think this wou

Ive really been loving these ceramic planters and the succulents

I've really been loving these ceramic planters-- and the succulents in them.. I want some cool purple-y cabbage too.

Indoor plant stands 13

Although the flowerpot itself is decorative, even in such a simple form as this white, spacious flower pot, it can be added to its attractiveness thanks to the indoor plant stand made of wood painted in gray.

Panacea 86730 Plant Stand, 33-Inch Height, Black

Plant stands indoor

Do you want to change something in your home decor? So, you need to consider this corner indoor plant stand with philodendron. The white color and cylinder shape brings the modernity into any room.

Floor to ceiling plant stand

A lovely way to decorate your home with live plants. This slender shelf for displaying pot plants is consisted of 2 round shelves that are being hold by 4 long wooden slats. The shelf has a compact size, so you can place it almost anywhere.

Interior plant stands

plant stands | Ferm Living SS 2014 collection

Tier plant stand

Charming plant stand mounted on metal frame with nature theme. It has 3 shelves covered with glass. Designed for medium sized plants. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Simple form and elegant design.

Plant stands indoor cheap

Now you can decorate your modern home with style, by using this durable and nicely-shaped plant stands. Each of those sturdy helpers is made of premium metal and painted black or white, and it holds a round hollowed top.

Use a bar cart as a plant stand

Use a bar cart as a plant stand

Indoor plant stands

Midcentury-style plant stand (click through for DIY details!)

Diy indoor plant stand

If you need a space-saving plant stand for your kitchen, why don't use this hanging beauty right here? It's a great idea for an indoor herb garden, which features 5 natural-finished wood shelves, each with 4 cut out holes for pot plants. And it hangs on a strong, white cord.

Tiered plant stands indoor

Side tables are great and practical, but these here take uniqueness to the next level. If you value minimalistic, yet interesting design, there is nothing better than such a wooden set. An interesting idea for serving different kinds of food, too!

Indoor plant bench

Let the accessories do the talking. Minimalist white plant pots match gracefully with raw finish natural wood indoor stands. Your cacti and succulents will present themselves particularly stylish among such backdrop.

Corner plant stands indoor

Decorating With Indoor Plants

Ceramic planter

These stands provide protection and stability. They are able to accommodate different types of plants. These products are supporten on solid wooden legs. They are not only resistant to damage, but they also look stylish.

Multi level plant stand

A functional addition for indoors, that will allow you to place your plants on 7 slatted shelves. Boasting of sturdy wood construction and slatted design, the stand can easily be used to display your knick-knacks, as well.

Indoor plant stands 2

A-Frame Plant Stand Set | Buy from Gardener's Supply

Indoor plant stands 2

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Indoor plant stands 14

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Indoor plant stands 1

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Indoor plant stands 15

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Indoor plant stands 10

Indoor Plant Stands

A vintage planter filled with colorful cacti and succulents

A vintage planter filled with colorful cacti and succulents .

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