Wood Pedestal Plant Stand

This collection features a wide range of choice of plant stands. They are not the same when we speak about their sizes, shapes and colours. Also designs differ but all of the stands are useful and nice looking. If you still have any doubts, take a closer look at all the photos presented below.

Best Products

Woodland imports pedestal plant stand set of

Woodland Imports Pedestal Plant Stand Set Of
This set of 3 wooden pedestal plant stands is a cool and clean proposition, designed for the those, who like eco furniture or want to stay close to nature. Dense graining emphasizes the pure, natural character.

Plant pedestal

A cool practical plant stand hand-crafted of reclaimed wood with a distressed off-white finish. It features a square steeply rising pedestal base and a square moulding top. It has strong straight corner posts and vertically slatted walls.

Vintage wooden plant stand

The simple design of these impressive pedestal plant stands is based on wood, making it durable and lasting. The white finish captivates the details and brings coziness to the interior, and the flowers look great on them.

Wooden pedestals

This plant stand boasts of antique Victorian design and shapely silhouette. Hand-crafted of sturdy wood and covered in slightly distressed finish, the stand rests on a round base for stability, giving you enough place on top to place your luscious greens.

Wood pedestal plant stand

Are you looking for the high quality and beautiful plaster pedestals? We've got exactly what you need. They are great for lots of uses like for flowerpots and accent pieces. They are made of wood.

3 black mdf wood plant stand column pedestal tables flower

3 Black Mdf Wood Plant Stand Column Pedestal Tables Flower Pot Holder Display
This black MDF wood plant presents the contemporary approach to the traditional design. Maintaining a classic form and a refined, dark chocolate finish and combining it an MDF wood.

Woodland wonder 3 piece henderson plant stand set

Woodland Wonder 3 Piece Henderson Plant Stand Set
A set of three plant stands made of wood with metal elements is a beautiful composition that captivates and perfectly matches the stylish interior design. The active form will be tested on plants or candles.

Our advice Buying Guide

Get your plants noticed by placing the pot on a wood pedestal plant stand. Not only does it draw attention to the plant, it lifts potted plants farther out of range of pets and small children.

What different styles of wooden pedestal plant stands are there?

There are many options for the appearance of the pedestal – from a simple piece of log or a box made from barn wood to elegantly carved, highly polished stands made from rare woods. They can also be made from cleverly assembled shapes cut from milled lumber or even from plywood, or they can be made from slabs cut from a tree and supported with seasoned pole-legs. Add some shelves under the plant stand, or even add wiring and a grow light for that delicate or extra special plant.

How to decorate with wooden pedestal plant stands?

Each design of a wooden pedestal plant stand has its own way of adding beauty to your home. Each can complement a different decorating style and either become part of a larger arrangement or shine on its own and become a focal point of the room. Here are some good examples:

The Whole Log or the Slab

It doesn’t take much to select a nice piece of log from your woodlot as you cut your winter fuel. Not too many people do this these days, but for those who have a woodlot and a fireplace or furnace, nothing could be more natural. If someone in the family is an artist with a chainsaw and chisel, he or she (or he and she if the labor is divided) can quickly turn a piece of oak into something beautiful. If your lifestyle doesn’t run to woodlots and hand carving, look for a wood carving shop where you can make someone’s day by purchasing a nicely carved stand. Carved plant stands can sometimes be found at import houses, as well. Slab stands, and tables are likely to be available at the same sorts of establishments.

Weathered Wood Crates

These go great in with shabby chic or country décor. At one time, country homes often made use of wooden produce crates for impromptu decorating. The sturdy crates or boxes were easy to cover and could be used with a board or two to create bookcases, dressers and – yes, indeed – plant stands. Your crates can be simple boxes made of weathered wood, enclosed on all sides, or they can be little shelf units with a plant on top. If the stands are not already weighted, it is a good idea to put a sandbag on the bottom shelf to stabilize the unit.

Traditional Mini-Tables

A plant stand can simply be a small table made specifically for holding plants. These little tables can be fitted into hallway corners or near seating arrangements, boosting your lovely plants to a height where they can be noticed. The tables, themselves, are often a nicely made piece of art, ranging from minimalist simplicity to highly ornamented pieces.

Ladder and Novelty Plant Stands

Some plant stands resemble a small step-ladder, set up specifically to hold plants. Others can be created as a spiral of small shelves, allowing you to display an assortment of plants on a single stand.

For extra interest and ease of placement, wire your plant stands to accommodate a grow light. Your plants will love it, and it will highlight your arrangement – in every sense of the word.


Wood pedestal plant stand 2

A nice pedestal stand for indoor use, excellent for displaying pot plants, speakers, and decorations. Its hardwood construction features 1 tapered column that rests on a square base with thru post feet, while holding a splined, also square top.

Pair wood but texture like cement pedestal column plant figure

Pair Wood But Texture Like Cement Pedestal Column Plant Figure Figurine Stand
Adding a refined antique appeal to the space, this pair of columns will perfectly serve the role of distinguished plant stands. Made from stylish beige marble, it will match well distinguished, royal surroundings.

Fern stand plant stand wood pedestal

Fern Stand Plant Stand Wood Pedestal
Thanks to the indoor stand for flowers, even the most modest flower species will present themselves remarkably. The pedestal wood plant stand came from the form of a pedestal on a leg sculpted elegantly and a roundtable.

Artifacts Pedestal Plant Stand

Artifacts Pedestal Plant Stand
You can beautifully display your favorite potted flower on a wooden pedestal, a native of the Athenian scenes. Adapted to ash wood pedestal plant stand has the shape of a cuboid column with carved lines.

Sloan Square Pedestal Plant Stand

Sloan Square Pedestal Plant Stand
This pedestal plant stand enchants with its ornate details and beautiful wood finish. Tall, narrow silhouette and round top will fit perfectly into any corner, creating a cozy, yet elegant accent.

Vintage wood plant stand vintage display

Vintage Wood Plant Stand Vintage Display
Subtle and delicate, they provide the power of positive aesthetic feelings, delighting with a riot of colors and smells. Flowers need to be exposed, for example, thanks to a simple wooden pedestal plant stand, with the long neck and a small round shelf.

Chatswoth Pedestal Plant Stand

Chatswoth Pedestal Plant Stand
This tastefully done in traditional style pedestal plant stand is a dramatic solution for any room in the house. Stylish carving and making the highest quality hardwoods provide comfort for a long time.

Wood pedestal stand

Thanks to this durable trio, your plants will be properly displayed on solid wood pedestals for outdoor use. Covered in a distressed finish, each of those beauties stands on a slightly widened base for stability.

Wooden pedestal plant stand


Plant stands and telephone tables 2

Plant Stands And Telephone Tables
Plant stand mounted on pedestal base. Construction is made of wood. Suitable for small and medium sized plants. Stylish accent for the living room, dining room and more.

Wooden pedestal

Durable and stable, those pedestal plant stands are made of hardwood in a distressed black finish. They have different sizes, square bases for balance, and matching square tops for displaying pot plants, pictures and knic-knacks.

Pedestal plant stands indoor

Able to work with classic and traditional decor themes, this medium sized pedestal plant stand creates a subtle aura of godhood - such as in ancient temples or wherever. It's so Greek or Roman, though it's wood, not stone.

Wood pedestal

These wood stands invite to stand plant pots on them. Brimming with shabby chic thanks to patina effect off-white and blue painting, they allow to create an interesting visual composition as the pedestals are of different heights.

Wood pedestal plant stand display post

Wood Pedestal Plant Stand Display Post
Even a small garden under the roof makes a person feel closer to nature. For your flower, find the right wood pedestal plant stand so that is well exposed and decorative thanks to the subtle sculpting in the middle of this long white column.

Wistaria lighting alejo pedestal plant stand

Wistaria Lighting Alejo Pedestal Plant Stand
With this amazing plant stand in pedestal shape you will have a much easier job elevating the look of your interior, while the piece itself, with its distressed finish makes for a fitting option for any vintage styled home.

Mission Pedestal Stand, 24"

Plant stands for weddings

Modern side table mounted on decorative curved pedestal base. It is completely made of wood. It can be used as stool. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Antique victorian edwardian style tall mahogany wood pedestal plant stand

Antique Victorian Edwardian Style Tall Mahogany Wood Pedestal Plant Stand Table
This wooden table is an excellent, space-saving product that offers a small round top for plants or different decorations. Its wooden frame includes three slightly curved posts and a base with three small legs.

4 Piece Pedestal Plant Stand Set

4 Piece Pedestal Plant Stand Set
The elegant ceramic set of plant stands. It has a African style texture on the backs, so I suggest to put it to the safari style living room. You can put it ine the central place or in the room's corner - your choice.

Wood pedestal accent table

Wood Pedestal Accent Table

Tall pedestal plant stand

Tall and wooden plant stand. Its art deco style is a perfect solution for all more sophisticated spaces. You can put on the top of it any kind of plant you want. The space is big enough for many sizes of pots.

Square parawood mission plant stand

Square Parawood Mission Plant Stand
Minimalistic design for an unfinished plant stands made out of light oak wood with no coat of paint and a rough finish. The tall plant stand has an additional shelf on the bottom which can hold another plant or act as storage space.

Vintage wood pedestal plant stand 2

Vintage Wood Pedestal Plant Stand

Antique wooden plant stand

A showy quite tall traditional plant stand handmade of solid wood and plywood stained in light brown shades. It has a square flat foot, a sturdy wide square stem with a wider bottom part and top and bottom collars, a square top.

3 black mdf wood plant stand column pedestal tables flower

3 Black Mdf Wood Plant Stand Column Pedestal Tables Flower Pot Holder Display

Stool rustic round stool plant stand

Stool Rustic Round Stool Plant Stand
The rustic round stool made of raw timber. I am not pretty sure if it will play stools role good without polishing. In my opinion using it as a plant stand will be better and this rawness will be composing better in the garden.

Wood pedestal plant stand 2

This wooden pedestal plant stand enchants with its bright, densely grained wood, emphasizing the natural character of the item. Its simplistic design shall fit well into contemporary decors.

Big sale antique victorian dark wood pillar pedestal plant stand

BIG SALE Antique Victorian Dark Wood Pillar/Pedestal Plant Stand

Plant stand 12

Plant stand

Reclaimed wood plant stand

24-Inch Reclaimed Wood Pedestal / Plant Stand by ReclaimedWoodGoods

Wooden corner plant stand

early 20th century vintage craftsman or mission style tapered oak wood pedestal plant stand

Imperia Inlaid Pedestal Plant Stand Size: Large

Vintage wood pedestal plant stand 1

Vintage Wood Pedestal Plant Stand
Plant stand mounted on pedestal base. It is completely made of wood. Designed for medium sized plants. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Antique mahogany wooden pedestal plant stand tall column for fern

Antique Mahogany Wooden Pedestal Plant Stand, Tall Column for Fern or ...

Unfinished plant stand 13

This sublime plant stand offers a structure of the solid parawood and includes the precision cut pieces to ensure the highest possible quality, while at the same time beautifully displaying your colorful plants.

Majestic Elephant Pedestal Plant Stand

Majestic Elephant Pedestal Plant Stand

International concepts unfinished wood plant stand 15

International Concepts Unfinished Wood Plant Stand
This bright wood plant stand enchants with its unfinished design, creating a warm, cosy corner in any room. Solid, three-legged base will provide a stable construction, withstanding the weight of heavy planters.

Wood square pedestal show off your treasures with our simply

Wood Square Pedestal Show off Your Treasures with Our Simply Stylish Wood Pedestals Item # 25091 $139

Dark cherry wooden accent display home office plant stand pedestal

... Dark Cherry Wooden Accent Display Home Office Plant Stand Pedestal

International concepts unfinished wood plant stand 17

International Concepts Unfinished Wood Plant Stand
This small table is a piece of furniture created for the purpose of display of different decorations and items. It has got a solid, unfinished parawood construction and its overall size is 23" H x 16" W x 16" D.

Audry Plant Stand Solid Wood Unfinished

Solid wood plant stand on three legs base, detailed with simple carvings. Round top is pretty wide, the piece can double as and end table. This piece of furniture comes unfinished, the colour is all-natural.

Antique plant stand wood

Plant stand mounted on pedestal base. It is completely made of wood. Designed for medium sized plants. Neutral accent for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Unfinished plant stand 5

Just an unfinished wood stand for plants... Or a round end table, alternatively... Its form is classic, or even traditional: the posts that support the round top feature spindle shape, carved in solid blocks of wood.