Glass Dining Table With Wood Base

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With a glass dining table with a wood base, it is less about the glass top, and more about the gorgeous, stylish, and often artistic wood bases. In modern, classic, deco and other styles, look through the very elegant table and view the wonder below. It may just start an interesting conversation, or inspire you to create something just as lovely. See collection for more.

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Camden Glass Dining Table

Camden Glass Dining Table

The modern dining table dedicated to the contemporary interiors. This piece of furniture contains the tempered glass countertop and the cross-shaped wooden base. The rectangular shape of the top makes it more adjustable to the number of people using it.

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Elodie Dining Table

Elodie Dining Table

It is a dining table that has got a white finish and it is made of reclaimed pine. This table is classy and gorgeous and perfect for elegant and bright dining room area. You will be impressed how beautiful this table is.

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Dkor Interiors Interior Design At The Ocean Marine Yacht Club Hallendale Fl Contemporary Dining Room Miami

Dkor Interiors Interior Design At The Ocean Marine Yacht Club Hallendale Fl Contemporary Dining Room Miami

Now you can truly dine with modern style with this sublime dining table that sports the exquisitely combined structure of glass and chrome. It will easily seat up to eight people, making it superb for larger families or gatherings.

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Dining Table

Dining Table

Create a stylish and functional dining area with this simple shaped, modern styled dining table. It features decorative, X - crossed shape base with a square support. Table top is thick and all table is made of durable wood in matte black.

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Sustainable rescued sill plate base

Sustainable rescued sill plate base

Clear glass top gives this dining table a delicate finishing touch, but the reclaimed wood base is chunky and solid: all this taken together comprises a look that could be described as modern industrial.

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Glass dining table with wooden legs

Dining table mounted on crossed legs made of wood. Glass top has large usable surface. It has 6 seating capacity. Traditional form and contemporary design. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

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Glass dining table with wood base 1

Is this a futuristic dining table from Transformers movies that soon will be transformed into a robot? We can not guarantee that.But the base is very modern, thanks to its wooden V-shape and its metal leg that crosses it - which connects glass top.

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Glass dining table with wood base

The breathtaking waterfall chandelier. Finding the appropriate chandelier for your dining room is a hard task - it shouldn't be blinding, but also cannot be dark. The brightness of hundreds of crystal in this lamp lighten the space and add it glamourous style.

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Wood table bases captivating glass top dining table wood base

wood table bases | Captivating Glass Top Dining Table Wood Base With Cherry Wood Chair ...

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Pedestal for glass table

When you decide on a round glass top wood dining table - you decide on a good style. The success of this project is the base inspired by the true structure of the tree and its bark. It is based on the round, smaller metal form with a chrome finish.

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Glass Dining Table With Wood Base

Buying Guide

A glass tabletop should be between 3/16” and ½” thick, depending on the type of table it is and its size. Many factors determine the ideal thickness, including whether the glass top is supported and what look you wish to achieve.

If the glass tabletop is placed on top of a pedestal or other type of stand to serve as the table’s surface, it needs to be the thickest. For example, a glass dining table with wood base will need either a ⅜” thick top or, for more support, a ½” one.  This larger ½” size thickness is also the most attractive size and is often used for formal dining room tables.

If your glass tabletop is for a smaller table, or even a patio table, it’s safe to go thinner, which will usually be 3⁄16”. If the glass tabletop will be supported and serve as a table cover or as a protective layer, consider a ¼” thickness.

A glass dining table with a wooden base can be ideal for homes with young children and pets, depending on the design features.

Glass dining tables are made from tempered glass, which is more resistant to impact than standard glass and tends to break into small, manageable pieces rather than dangerous shards.

Glass is also quick to clean in the event of spills. Simply wipe with a damp cloth and antibacterial surface spray. These tables are also easy to maintain with weekly dusting and polishing with a specially formulated glass cleaner.

For families with energetic kids, choose oval-shaped tables or rectangular styles with rounded edges to avoid accidental injury.

In order to avoid streaks on your glass dining table with wood base, clean the glass off often with a glass cleaner and a clean microfiber cloth.

Keeping these two items somewhere near your table is likely a good idea; your table will accumulate fingerprints quite often.

The wood base should not require much maintenance, particularly if it is sealed and polished well.

Best Ideas

Glass chrome dining table

Simple and clean! Tonelli miles glass & chrome dining table looks very modern and stylish. I adore this cool silverish flat big carpet on silverish floor. I woudln't think this kind of mix looked cool.

Glass dining table with wood base

... Blue Glass Flower Vase,Impressive Glass Top Dining Table Wood Base

Glass dining table with wood base 27

Description Table / Desk American walnut base table with Tempered 15 mm glass top. Design by Alejandro Sticotti. At Organic Modernism in NYC for only $995. These pics do not do the wood grain justice!

Glass dining table with wood base 26

Mid-Century Modern dining table with a sleek base made of wood and brass. Glass top

Wood and glass dining table

Wood and glass always constituted a glamorous combination. Beauty and solidness at its best, this original dining table fits well into both traditional and modern designs.

Oval glass dining table ikea

Even if you spend a lot of time indoor, you will always miss the real nature. Using a lot of glass in modern architecture and interior decorations allows you to see the thing, which normally are hidden. The glass table gives some airness to the dining room's decor.

Glass dining table with wood base 5

Dining Table 00152 with curved wood base and top in glass or wood.

Glass dining table with wood base

A unique coffee table that is a wonderful combination of modernity and tradition. It features an extraordinary wooden base and a glass top in an irregular shape. It perfectly suits a minimalist decor of the room.

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Glass dining table with wood base 15

The combination of glass and wood, ideally reflecting the minimalistic character of contemporary design stands behind the awesomeness of this project. This designer table can accommodate up to 6 meal participants

Cattelan italia monaco dining table in clear glass with walnut

Cattelan Italia Monaco Dining Table in Clear Glass with Walnut Canaletto Base - Tables - DINING ROOM

Wooden glass dining table

wood table bases | Check out other gallery of Round Glass Dining Table With Wooden Base

Wood dining table base glass top 2 furniture dining room

... wood-dining-table-base-glass-top--2-furniture-dining-room-tables-glass

Reclaimed teak root 1 5m dining table sustainable furniture

Reclaimed teak root 1.5m dining table - Sustainable Furniture