Glass Oval Dining Table

Round tables are good. Oval tables are great. They give a definite end to the table with is pretty useful if you have a patriarch that insists on sitting at the head, but you want to keep a more casual feel in your home. The best option for you is an oval table. Take a look at what we have to offer in this handsome collection of oval dining table and see if we have one for you.

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Thiago Dining Table

Thiago Dining Table
If you need a good looking and elegant yet practical and functional this one will work great. It has a stylish, round glass top and a solid, wooden base finished with dark cherry veneer. It is durable and will last long.

Luisa Dining Table

Luisa Dining Table
With this dining table you get tones of style and sophistication, since it offers the amazing structure of glass and highly durable white base. The contemporary feel it brings to the house allows to match it perfectly with the rest of the decor.

Glass oval dining table

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Oval glass dining table

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Glass oval dining table 3

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Glass oval dining table

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Our advice Buying Guide

A glass dining table is a no-brainer solution for homeowners racking their brains trying to find one that matches the rest of the décor. Glass works well with almost any décor theme. Be it wood, metal or lacquered furniture, it seamlessly blends in. And it adds space even in small apartments, keeping the room bright and airy.

Here are some of the key variables that you need to consider while shopping for glass dining tables.

Are you looking for a clear glass table or colored?

  • Clear glass, like we mentioned earlier maximizes space and blends with any décor theme, be it vintage or contemporary. However, it can be a magnet for dust, dirt, scratches, fingerprints, smudges and whatnot.
  • Colored glass, on the other hand, adds a touch of character to the space. It can be color matched with other décor elements, like say, a vintage floor lamp to really spruce up the décor. It’s forgiving on stains, scratches and dust. And hence, requires lesser upkeep.

How to measure for a glass oval dining table?

Calculate the dimensions of the dining area. Now deduct six feet from this to narrow down on a table size that would fit into the space. For example, if the dining area measures 15 x 15 feet, then the maximum table size that can fit into the space is 9 x 9 feet.

Also, consider the number of people who’d be using the table regularly. Ideally, each person seated at the table should have at least 24” of space to sit comfortably without jostling and elbowing each other.

That’s just a ballpark number though and a subjective one. You can by all means squeeze in five chairs into a table intended for four people, as long as the diners don’t mind the setting.

Conversely, you can create a luxurious setting by putting just three chairs in a table that can easily accommodate five people.

What are the benefits of an extended dining table?

If you like to host guests or have friends over for parties but are drastically short on space, then you might want to consider an extendable glass table. It saves space when not in use and extends when there are more people to accommodate.

The extension mechanism varies from one model to the other. Some are extremely easy to use and visually pleasing. Others have a slightly cumbersome mechanism.

How to select the best dining table base?

The base of the oval glass dining table affects the aesthetics, the stability and determines the number of seats that you can add to the table.

  • A pedestal base offers you the most room under the table whereas the classic four-legged design limits the positioning of the legs.
  • Depending on your budget, you can choose from ornate carved legs, curved ones scroll ends and other fancy designs.
  • A sturdy base will ensure that the table doesn’t wobble when it’s loaded and more importantly, stays stable even with years of wear and tear.
  • Solid wood is your best bet. It is sturdy enough to accommodate heavy dinnerware and it can be stained or colored to match the rest of the décor.
  • Cheaper varieties like plywood and MDF might offer the aesthetics. But they are prone to premature wear and tear.


Pedestal table modern

A glamorous modern dining table featuring an unusual base built of 3 elephant trunk-like supports which are made of sturdy glass in creamy and brownish tones and crossed each other. An oval top is crafted of transparent tempered glass.

Glass top dining table round

This stunning table creates a statement with its round structure and the cross like pedestal supports a toughened glass top, leaving the pedestal open to admiration and making extra sure that your interior is not overwhelmed.

Glass oval dining table 3

glass oval dining table

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Modern Glass Dining Room Table

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Glass oval dining table

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Glass oval dining table

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Oval glass dining room table

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Oval glass dining tables

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