Square Pedestal Dining Table


No one likes to kick a table leg. And you don't have to with our collection of square pedestal tables for your dining pleasure. These are fantastic, beautiful, and made of only the finest materials. They come in plenty of styles with a myriad of different pedestals, every one of them sturdy enough to hold the tabletop without tettering. See collection for more

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Our Picks

Square pedestal dining table

Strong accents of this square pedestal dining table - both thanks to the dark color, a strong table top made of wood in a square form and a base leg, which is extremely bare and stylized on a huge screw, which is also based on a square base.

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Diy pedestal table

A square pedestal dining table with a durable wooden base in square shape. This reclaimed wood construction is solid and brings barn stylization into the house. Its black and brown colors perfectly complement any decor.

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Weston black square pedestal dining table

Weston black square pedestal dining table

This high quality piece of furniture can be used as a dining table. It has got a pedestal base that is made of solid Asian wood and looks very attractive. Its black finish looks very interesting in different indoor stylizations.

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Del ray kitchen traditional kitchen dc metro

Del ray kitchen traditional kitchen dc metro

Cozy dining nook accentuated with a square pendant light fixture that draws the attention to the dark based pedestal table below. The table is surrounded by cushioned benches that create an inviting retreat.

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Kitchen nook bench with storage

An atmosphere of coziness permeates this lovable custom corner breakfast nook with white square table and black fabric padded benches hiding storage space in their bases. Zig zag print monochrme pillows finish off the decor.

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How to build a pedestal table

The pedestal square dining table is excellent for the small spaces in the dinette. It features the dark walnut finish and solid, durable wooden construction. Try it at your dining room, and enjoy the elegant piece.

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Dining nook banquet

Dining nook banquet

A gorgeous addition for contemporary homes, that will spice up your room with elegance and practical solutions. The bench is made of white-finished wood, offering bottom drawers for storage, and comfy cushions upholstered in patterned fabrics.

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Square pedestal dining table 2

Classy wooden dining table standing on a stable square base and featuring a glossed white tabletop. The piece strikes the perfect square silhouette and should be a great option for your modern breakfast nook. Its breathtaking aura of modern elegance will completely transform your spaces.

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Square pedestal table

Sleek contemporary design with no surplus elements is a worthy mark of this luxuriously big square dining table with heavy duty pedestal base and monochrome espresso brown finish. It can seat 8 people.

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Riverside dining room square dining table base 1759 at arwoods

Riverside Dining Room Square Dining Table Base 1759 at Arwood's ...

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Square Pedestal Dining Table

Buying Guide

Square dining tables are cozy space-savers. They make the most use of limited spaces and they facilitate interaction between users. Added with pedestal bases, they look incredibly graceful, which is the exact reason why more and more homeowners are integrating them into their home setting.

The massive demand for this type of dining table resulted in a large selection on the internet with tables in all sizes, seating capacity, and material imaginable. To ensure that you explore the online market with the ability to make the right choice, here are tips to keep in mind when choosing a square pedestal dining table.

Informal or casual and formal or dressy dining spaces require square pedestal dining tables that differ in size or seating capacity. For informal dining, it takes place on any surface so the seating capacity doesn’t matter. But for formal dining rooms, they need large square tables that are specifically made for formal meal service, holidays, and family rituals.

  • If you are looking for a square dining table with a pedestal base that can sit four, the ideal size is 43 inches, 3ft or 107 cm. The minimum size is 36 inches, 3 ft or 91 cm. If your space allows, you can have a 50-inch four-seater, which is great if the pedestal base is wide.
  • For a table that seats six, your dining room should be able to accommodate a table that is 48-60" in diameter to be able to squeeze in the number of people you want.
  • As for an eight-seater, the table is usually around 6 ft or 183 cm. If you want to go bigger, there are 7ft or 214 cm tables although they can seat up to ten people. Twelve people can also be squeezed around a table that’s 7 ft in diameter.

With regards to height, it varies depending on the table’s design but most pedestal dining tables come with the standard height. To ensure there’s enough space around your square dining table even when users cross their legs, it should at least have a clearance of 12 inches or 30 cm in between the tabletop and the chair seat. Take note: your dining table should not be too high or else it will become uncomfortable for eating. The standard height of pedestal dining tables is 30 inches.

Most square pedestal dining tables are made of wood; however, there are different types of wood which can make the buying process confusing.

If you want the most durable option, opt for hardwood like walnut, oak, teak, maple, and mahogany.

Although composite wood like MDF and plywood is durable, it’s only stable on the short term. It won’t be as sturdy and strong after years of use unlike hardwood so it is definitely not the best option if you’ll be using the table for decades. But, there’s a catch: a square pedestal dining table that’s made of engineered woods will still stand the test of time if it is only used occasionally.

Best Ideas

Tribeca dining table modern contemporary casual formal whatever your dining

"Tribeca" Dining Table, Modern, contemporary, casual, formal—whatever your dining style, this square pedestal dining table fits right in.

Christine Pedestal Dining Table

Christine Pedestal Dining Table

A gorgeous, magnificent and contemporary dining table with a smooth square top and a sturdy base that consists of four irregularly-shaped legs. The whole construction is made of high-quality wood that provides durability.

Square pedestal dining table 1

square pedestal dining table

Pedestal square dining table

Original dining table for 8 people. Made from solid wood, it’s been carved and richly decorated, to create an eclectic, fashionable feeling in the dining room. It could be called rustic, as it’s pretty warm and cosy at the same time.

Square pedestal dining table 2

square pedestal dining table

Square barn wood farm table with tuscany pedestal

Square Barn Wood Farm Table With Tuscany Pedestal

Square pedestal kitchen table

How much artistry you must have in order to create such a beautiful pedestal table.A contemporary solid wood became a square dining table for almost 8 people.It can be used with chairs,or benches.It's your choice. Also, you can put it in all kind of interiors.

Pedestal square table

Farmhouse Dining Table Made from Reclaimed Wood 48" square with Pedestal Base on Etsy, $420.00

Pedestal dining table plans

Love to do this if I have the space... or if I can make the space?!

Square pedestal dining table 5

Beech Dining Table Beech square dining table features central base

Solid wood square pedestal dining table

Solid Wood Square Pedestal Dining Table

Square pedestal dining table 4

Wonderful square pedestal dining table

Pedistal dining table 3

Square Pedistal Dining Table

Large square pedestal dining table seats 12

Large square pedestal dining table. Seats 12.