Garden Pedestals And Columns

Ever wanted to have museum objects in your garden? Here you can choose garden pedestals and columns which have their own interesting style. In such environment, you will find it easier to relax and breathe deeply. Style of the columns varies between virtually all the possible art designs – do you see your favourite one?

White garden column pedestal 1

White Garden Column Pedestal
Suitable for outdoor areas, this dignified pedestal is shaped like a classic column and characterized by very durable construction. It's stabile, easy to maintain, and able to withstand even harsher weather conditions.

Garden pedestals and columns

Halloween is coming? Maybe birthday party? These faux-stone columns are a DIY work, and very easy work! These pedestal with columns will be the attractive addition into any garden.

Pedestals and columns pic 25

Pedestals And Columns Pic #25

Garden columns

Designed for outdoor areas such as gardens and backyards; this classic pedestal is durable, weather-resistant, and easy to maintain. Crafted of long-lasting material, the pedestal is shaped like a Greek column, with a round base and a round top.

Garden pedestal

The garden pedestal column is a delightful decorative accent. The Beautiful and slender form will not only check in the backyard but also on the patio or terrace. The stylish finish brings a unique ambiance to the decor.

Greek column pedestal

This twisted garden column and pedestal can be a perfect way to display your plant or simply accentuate the refined, antique appeal. Concrete-made, very heavy yet solid and stable.

Garden columns pedestals

Set of two beautiful pedestals, which can be used just as a unique decoration or to expose your plants in the garden. Both elements are made of sculptural stone and stylised on Doric column from Ancient Rome.

Garden pedestals and columns 2

The impressive garden pedestals and columns are an excellent way to get a unique climate in the backyard or on the terrace. The design in French style is light and tasteful, yet looks beautiful among the greenery of plants.

Marble pedestal 19th century

Marble Pedestal 19th Century
Impress your guest and add some refinement to your garden with this beautiful 19th-century marble pedestal. It embodies all the features of a classic, elegant design

Beautiful sundial plinth or garden pedestal feature

Beautiful Sundial Plinth Or Garden Pedestal Feature
While scrolling through garden pedestals and columns images, I got strongly inspired by this pic - with Old World style pedestal column lost somewhere among the greenery and flowers. Gorgeous for a plant stand

3 black mdf wood plant stand column pedestal tables flower

3 Black Mdf Wood Plant Stand Column Pedestal Tables Flower Pot Holder Display
This black MDF wood plant presents the contemporary approach to the traditional design. Maintaining a classic form and a refined, dark chocolate finish and combining it an MDF wood.

Outdoor pedestals

An unusual form of this pedestal plant stand makes the garden, patio or terrace a unique feature. The impressive column impresses and exposes the vegetation. The whole made of wood is stable and durable.

Reversible Column Gazing Globe Pedestal Stand

Reversible Column Gazing Globe Pedestal Stand
This made stylish columned pedestal was made of extremely durable resin and plastic. Beautiful decoration and tasteful finish makes it perfectly find in any interior. This will serve as a basis for flowers, decorations or independent work of art.

Garden column

Stump Tree Outdoor Garden Pedestal Available at

Column pedestal

Outdoor plant stand mounted on pedestal base. It is completely made of plywood. Elegant accent for each outdoor place. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Pair wood but texture like cement pedestal column plant figure

Pair Wood But Texture Like Cement Pedestal Column Plant Figure Figurine Stand
Adding a refined antique appeal to the space, this pair of columns will perfectly serve the role of distinguished plant stands. Made from stylish beige marble, it will match well distinguished, royal surroundings.

Garden pedestals and columns 12

column grey pedestal

Garden pedestals and columns 1

With this massive pedestal for outdoors, you can easily embellish your garden, park, backyard, or the front of your house. Designed of concrete and stylishly weathered, the column pedestal is adorned with floral accents, standing on a square base and holding a square top.

Column pedestal stand

Aesthetic contemporary display stands suitable e.g. for museums or stylish halls. A stand has a tall frame of thin metal rods with a brass finish. It features cornerways X-crossed double-stretchers. A rectangular top is of glossy black material.

Plastic pedestal columns

Designed to maintain the appearance of the elegant high-end columns while having at the same time a competitive price. These great-looking garden columns are made from cellular PVC. Check out the variety of styles and sizes that you can order.

Column pedestals

ANTIQUECHASE: Urns, Succulents & Vintage Garden Pedestals

Pedestal column stand

An Antique twisted pedestal column that will decorate your garden, however it's also possible to keep it outdoors. It is made of high quality, fiber stone and it's finished with a white moss, which makes it look natural.

Garden pedestals and columns 3

French Outdoor Garden Pedestal, Garden-Pedestals, FS8147 -

Pedestals and columns

Phenomenal plant stand for the garden, patio and others outdoor places. It is made of durable stone and is mounted on richly decorated base. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Columns pedestals

Pair of Regency Period Scagliola Marble Columns | From a unique collection of antique and modern pedestals and columns at

Chadsworth columns recessed panel pedestal for porch columns

Chadsworth Columns - Recessed Panel Pedestal for Porch Columns

Pedestal column

Interesting garden decor with attractive pedestals and columns. They are suitable for planters and many kinds of decorations. Each column features a nice multi-color pattern that perfectly matches outdoor stylizations.

Garden pedestals and columns 10

Sensational Chinese Garden Pedestal | From a unique collection of antique and modern pedestals and columns at

Garden pedestals and columns 11

Fairy Homes and Gardens - Miniature Classical Columns- Set of 2 , $4.99

Cantina outdoor garden pedestal available at

Cantina Outdoor Garden Pedestal available at

Garden pedestals and columns 8

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Pedestal columns

like the stacked planter

Garden pedestals and columns 5

The garden columns pedestals have 2 functions: decorative and construction. For example, when piles of climbing plants are covered with piles of a pergola, they become beautiful obelisks. This one has a dark brown color and medium size.

Greek Column Pedestal

Greek Column Pedestal
This made Greek-style pedestal was made of extremely durable resin. Beautiful decoration and tasteful finish makes it perfectly find in any interior. This will serve as a basis for flowers, decorations or independent work.

Echo Valley 9178 Serpentine Resin Pedestal Column for Gazing Globe or Sundial

Square column pedestal plant stands at hayneedle

Square Column Pedestal - Plant Stands at Hayneedle

Roman Column Gazing Globe Stand

Roman Column Gazing Globe Stand

Plastic pedestals and columns

cement porch columns look like stone - Yahoo Search Results

Pair of terracotta garden pedestals in column form

Pair of terracotta garden pedestals in column form

Leticia pedestal column for outdoor garden use available at

Leticia Pedestal Column for Outdoor Garden Use available at ...

Use capital pedestals pairs in flanking a fireplace or paired

Use Capital Pedestals pairs in flanking a fireplace or paired with a decorative vase. $49.95 - $149.95 #ZGallerie

Capital gardens tall column garden pedestal by capital gardens

... > Capital Gardens > Tall Column Garden Pedestal By Capital Gardens

I need me some hedges and awesome pedestal pots

I need me some hedges and awesome pedestal pots...

Cheap pedestals stands columns

Cheap Pedestals Stands Columns

Classic Corinthian Pedestal or Column in a Marble Sand Finish

A product created for people who love solid and attractive decorations in their houses. It is a column created according to a classic Corinthian style. This kind of product is 29 inches tall and it features a marble sand finish.

Garden pedestals and columns 17

19th Century Jacob Petit Porcelain Column | From a unique collection of antique and modern pedestals and columns at

Vintage lion pedestals from a unique collection of antique and

Vintage Lion Pedestals | From a unique collection of antique and modern pedestals and columns at

Solid marble corinthian column hand carved indoor outdoor patio garden

Solid Marble Corinthian Column Hand Carved Indoor Outdoor Patio Garden 10' New

Emsco Group 2301 Poly Greek Column Granite 32-Inch