Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel Metal


Garden hoses aren't cheap. At least not the ones worth having. And to protect it from the heat of the sun, which will destroy a garden hose mercilessly, and keep it from getting damaged by lawn mowers and dogs, perhaps putting it away is a good plan. Enter the wall mounted garden hose reel. These metal wonders will storage and keep your hose safe.

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Aluminum Deluxe Scroll Hose Hanger

Aluminum Deluxe Scroll Hose Hanger

Beautifully crafted hose hanger. Thanks to the aluminum construction the item is a strong, durable and long lasting construction, which also adds style in a garden. Additionally, it's functional and makes garden organized.

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Sidewinder Hose Reel

Sidewinder Hose Reel

Practical removable wall-mounted reel intended for at maximum 100-foot of a standard garden hose. It's hand-operated with a crank. It's made of resistant weatherproof resin and can be both sideways or forward-facing mounted.

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3-in-1 Hose Reel

3-in-1 Hose Reel

Practical wall-mounted reel intneded for at maximum 200-foot of 5/8-inch hose. It's hand-operated with a crank and includes a 5-foot leader hose. This reel is made of resistant steel with a creamy coating.

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Filigree Aluminum Hose Holder

Filigree Aluminum Hose Holder

This tastefully made of aluminum hose holder is a perfectly functional device for your garden. It has showy ornaments that embellish the decor. It is resistant to weather and water, which is durable.

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Decorative garden hose holder wall mount

Are you tired of tripping over your garden hose all the time? Well, solve this problem once and for all with this sturdy wall-mounted garden hose reel. Constructed from metal, the reel is sealed in a neat weather-resistant industrial black paint for visual balance and longevity.

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Ames Ames ReelEasy Decorative Wall Mount Hose Reel with Swivel Feature

This decorative wall mount hose reel is made of metal in dark brown and grey shades. Her design is a beautiful flower spread with many small leaves. Contains aluminum water system which is eight times stronger than typical poly systems.

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Home wall mount hose swivel reel anti rust steel

Home > Wall Mount Hose Swivel Reel, Anti-Rust Steel

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Liberty Garden Products 3-in-1 Garden Hose Reel With 200-Foot Hose Capacity 703-1-Bronze

This stylish garden hose reel to a great solution for both your home and workplace. Handy folding facilitates the use of hardware, and robust steel construction makes the overall robust.

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Garden Hose Reel Cast Aluminum Metal No Rust Wall Mount Mounted Watering Butler

Garden Hose Reel Cast Aluminum Metal No Rust Wall Mount Mounted Watering Butler

This wall mounted metal hose reel makes a vulnerable addition to your outdoor space. Make from solid, sustainable material, it looks massively and commands respect.

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Industrial 4 Wheel Hose Reel Cart

Industrial 4 Wheel Hose Reel Cart

Commercial grade hose reel cart with four big wheels that allow to maneuver the cart on any surface. It features tan finish, the fixtures are galvanized for durability. 13 gauge steel construction is highly damage proof.

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Wall mount garden hose reel

An aesthetic practical wall-mounted hose reel made of steel and having brass fittings. It has circular side rails with V-shaped stretchers and a crank operated mechanism. It's equipped with a supply hose and can accommodate an up to 100-foot hose.

SPI Lovebirds Hose Holder

This hose holder with Lovebirds motive will be practical decoration in your garden. Made from metal with gold finish and green colored leaves will be great addition to your romantic style garden. It can be mounted to the wall.

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