Metal Garden Arch Trellis

There is something romantic about a metal garden arch trellis. If you love to take strolls through the flowers, walking through an arch with vines and blooms can be a breathtaking experience. And for your home garden, one of these, or more, can change the dynamic of the whole landscape. Take a look at this collection and pick out your next garden arch.

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Thornbury Metal Window Trellis (Set of 2)

Thornbury Metal Window Trellis (Set of 2)
A rust-resistant window trellis. Powder-coated metal construction in black. Contemporary design and pretty decoration. Arched and wall mounted. May be used over windows or doors to hold plants like vine.

Gardens landscape los angeles

Gardens landscape los angeles
The iron garden gate, looks like from the magic fairy-tale. This product is for everyone, who want to add some magic and style into outdoor space.

Cobraco 3 Sided 6 Foot Metal Gazebo Arch Garden Arbor Yard Outdoor Trellis Decor

Cobraco 3 Sided 6 Foot Metal Gazebo Arch Garden Arbor Yard Outdoor Trellis Decor
Garden construction that features durability and attractive appearance. Garden arch trellis of this type includes some decorative accents and a solid metal construction. It provides some space for safe plants growing.

Metal garden arch trellis

A decorative trellis for outdoor areas, that is just perfect for mounting it over your front door. Made of premium metal in copper finish, the trellis is beautifully arched and embellished with striking scrollwork.

Metal garden arch trellis 2

A fantastic idea to decorate your garden alley with even more of colorful flowers, while using this durable and stabile outdoor trellis. Designed of weather-resistant metal, the trellis is beautifully arched and able to emphasize your garden with tons of blooms.

Metal garden arch trellis 1

Garden arch trellis with a simple, but stylish and durable metal construction. It includes simple lines, so it matches any garden design. Solid metal construction is resistant to wear and damage caused by outdoor conditions.

Metal garden arch trelli 1

metal garden arch trelli

Our advice Buying Guide

There are few things that add elegance to your garden better than a metal garden arch trellis. They come in so many different styles that you are sure to be able to find one to suit your garden space. Although they appear delicate, they are capable of holding the weight of a heavy vine or spray of roses. They work just as well for a floral arch or a support upon which to train garden vegetables or gourds.

How can I use a metal pergola?

An ordinary metal pergola makes an excellent support for climbing floral vines or even as a support for garden vegetables. The arched shape creates a lovely entryway into your patio or formal garden area, as well as getting delicate trailing vines up off the ground. If you are hosting a backyard wedding or an event that involves promoting members of an organization from one level to another, you can even decorate the pergola with cut flowers or artificial ones.

What can I grow in a Gothic-style arch?

An extra tall gothic arch is the perfect support for delicate flowers such as cardinal climbers or moonflowers. Their delicate foliage and showy blossoms are a perfect foil for the graceful shape of the arch. Use the arch as an entryway or add a matching scrollwork bench to turn it into an arbor. An alternate plan for this arch might be climbing roses, which are almost always pleasing.

What's the best garden trellis for growing heavy vines?

Perfect for creating a green bower for a garden retreat, the birdcage trellis can support fairly heavy, woody vines. With that said, always check your conservation lists to make sure that any vines you plant are not going to turn into invasive species in your area. For example, English ivy has become invasive in the Washington state. Plants are opportunists and are quick to take advantage of areas where they have few predators. Left unchecked, some can crowd out native species.

Can I place an arched trellis next to the wall?

Not all arched trellises need to allow people to walk under or through them. Metalwork arches that can be placed near a wall create the perfect place for climbing plants to twine. They can create seasonal shade without endangering the siding of your home. Ivy covered halls might sound romantic, but in reality, those little clinging tendrils set to work on destroying the surface on which they are climbing. A trellis helps prevent this damaging process.

Another idea is a window arch combined with a window box. It can create a beautiful shade for your windows in summer. Imagine a window box with morning glories climbing up the sides of the arch and perhaps colorful petunias growing in the bed below.


Trellis arches

The triumphal arc, the arc of a rainbow, the arrow from the arch of Robin Hood - we all associate everything with a bow, just like the decorative transition in the garden in the form of a high metal garden arch trellis with accents and a dark green color.

How to make a narrow space more interesting poa

How to make a narrow space more interesting. $POA

Steel garden arches

Sooo stunning! A garden retreat with metal arbor that's overgrown with light purple flowers. Just beautiful. Must consider buying a metal garden arch trellis, though unfortunately it takes some time for the plants to grow...

Metal arch trellis

Interesting decorative elements in the garden allow creating a unique atmosphere. This set of metal garden arch trellis will make the climbing plants produce an incredibly spectacular place. Perfect for gardeners.

Grape vine arch

Trellis & Screens - Anewgarden Decking Paving Design Streatham Clapham Balham Dulwich Chelsea

Metal archway

The impressive metal garden arch trellis is an excellent way to get an interesting gardening device. Covered with greenery, it presents itself perfectly and allows for an unusual arrangement. Solid construction is durable.

Green garden trellis

Way out in back covered entirely with flowring climbing vines... trellis & arch collection smith & hawken

Arched iron garden pergola arbor

Arched Iron Garden Pergola/Arbor

Arched wall trellis

Solid metal arch trellis to beautify a garden at a special occassion or on everyday basis, creating a wrought iron arbor for trailing plants, such as roses. Scroll motifs design gives a romantic feel.


What a lovely yard. This is a project well done. I like the look of the arch, the flowers, the leaves, and the squashes. They make the yard a true beauty. This project is quite easy to do. To build this arch, you need wire fencing pvc pipes rebar metal

Grapevine arch

Definitely Gothic shape of this metal garden arch trellis fesely invites to your garden.High, but still subtle, made of strong metal - filled with arches, is not only a transition from one part to another, but also a artistic sculpture.

Fancy wrought iron garden trellis designs 2

Fancy Wrought Iron Garden Trellis Designs

ENGLISH OVERDOOR TRELLIS Door Lattice Topper Arch Metal Indoor Outdoor Outside

Garden metal arch


Aspire decorative metal garden arch 2

Aspire Decorative Metal Garden Arch

Garden arch with gates

Door canopy, porch canopy, garden arch, fireguards, garden trellis | Garden Requisites

Metal archway trellis

Metal Garden Arches and Rose Arches

Metal garden arches and trellises

Eltham South by Wolveridge Architects... This trellis and some of the wood! <3

Arch garden trellis

Have to have it. Gardman Charleston 7.5-ft. Metal Arch Arbor $92.98 from Hay and Needle

Door canopy for when i get a house with french

Door canopy for when I get a house with French doors. Love the trellis and trees too.

Pergola arch metal trellis

Pergola Arch Metal Trellis

Trellis might be an interesting theme to display the stuff

trellis might be an interesting theme to display the stuff on, or as part of an interactive piece

Garden arch gate

Green Metal Garden Arched Trellis (brand New). Green Metal Garden Arched Trellis (brand New) on Tradesy Weddings (formerly Recycled Bride), the world's largest wedding marketplace. Price $49.95...Could You Get it For Less? Click Now to Find Out!

Metal garden arch with gate

Think of growing a yard this way: mostly gravel (and no sprinklers) but instead wide-spreading plants that can have water efficient water-dripper systems installed.

Clematis arbor would make a nice addition to fencing and

Clematis arbor would make a nice addition to fencing and add a focal point past the driveway.

Garden metal arches

Garden Arch Bench Metal Trellis Rose Archway Wedding Flower Climbing Plant 7ft in Garden & Patio, Fencing, Trellises | eBay I like this idea

Metal arbor with flowers rock pat and terra cotta pots

Metal arbor with flowers. Rock pat and terra cotta pots.

Archway trellis

Someday I will totally have these gorgeous garden arches somewhere in my yard

Trellis archway

Sometimes it is necessary to rest in the shade, from the hot sun. Such metal-wooden arch trellis could give you that, on your own patio. In metal cylinders set you can see how vines grow. Green plants, are interspersed with a brown finish of trellis.

Simple metal canopy ideal for training fruit trees a pergola

Simple Metal Canopy Ideal for Training Fruit Trees A pergola made of simple metal hoops is just enough framework to train fruit trees as part of a garden design. I wonder if the backyard has enough room for an arch like this

White metal garden arch

Garden Privacy Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor-plants might be the key to close off area instead of a wall

Really big metal country french garden arbor gate wrought iron

Really Big Metal Country French Garden Arbor Gate, Wrought Iron ...

Twisted copper pipe arbor and bottle tree

Twisted copper pipe arbor and bottle tree?

Arched trellises

PVC frame with wire mesh to make arch for growing squash or other vine-like vegetables. Frame could also be used for garden fabric early in the season to protect from frost. Squash vines will shade the garden in the summer, good for long season of green

Metal arched trellis

keeping the rustic sensibility with the entire construction: gate, fencing, arbor, overhead trellis

Garden trellis archway

Garden Arches - metal arch and trellis panels from Garden Requisites.

Master aum009 jpg


Metal arched garden arbor with tree of life design

Metal Arched Garden Arbor with Tree of Life Design ...

Gothic arbor garden trellis outdoor metal arch for

Gothic Arbor Garden Trellis Outdoor Metal Arch For ...

Wrought iron round criss cross arch metal garden trellis 3

Wrought Iron Round Criss Cross Arch - Metal Garden Trellis

Wrought iron skyview arbor flower arch trellis 2

Wrought Iron Skyview Arbor Flower Arch Trellis

Wrought iron round top garden trellis double arches 60 4

Wrought Iron Round Top Garden Trellis - Double Arches - 60"

Wrought iron round top arbor trellis metal garden arch

Wrought Iron Round Top Arbor Trellis - Metal Garden Arch ...