Exterior House Wall Decorations

From faux blocks or stones, to hanging wall planters, these exterior house wall decorations will add individuality to any average home design. In neighborhoods where it seems like every other house looks the same, giving yours some personality with many easy to install and practical options from this collection, will improve your perception of living in a planned neighborhood.

Best Products

Ferdinand Sunflower Outdoor Wall Decor

Ferdinand Sunflower Outdoor Wall Decor
Measuring 40” W by 30” H and weighing 8 lbs., this gorgeous piece of wall art depicting cheerful sunflowers is weather-proof and protected from UV rays. Perfect for your boho-chic home or a modern farmhouse, this outdoor painting is digitally reproduced and perfect for your deck, patio, or porch.

Rusty Bicyclette Outdoor Wall Decor

Rusty Bicyclette Outdoor Wall Decor
Add whimsy and charm to your outdoor entertaining area with this beautiful print of a repurposed bicycle. The rusty bike is overflowing with colorful blooms to add vibrancy to your space. The canvas is gallery wrapped on vinyl stretcher bars and has a weather and fade-proof finish for lasting vintage style for your home.

In-A-Word "Welcome" Wall Décor

In-A-Word "Welcome" Wall Décor
Let visitors know they’re welcome before they enter your front door. Welcome is spelled out vertically on a piece of weathered wood, giving rustic charm to any entryway. Made to age gracefully, this spruce plywood sign is 40” top to bottom, and the weatherproof design requires minimal care.

Metallic Abstract Paintings 3 Panel

Metallic Abstract Paintings 3 Panel
Contemporary abstract wall art comprised of 3 panels that may be hanged either horizontally or vertically. A symphony of gray tones, from light silver to stone and concrete gray, was splashed on slender rectangular panels.

Decorative Fleur De Lis Charm Wall Décor

Decorative Fleur De Lis Charm Wall Décor
It is a decorative fleur de lis wall décor that adds elegance, style and beauty to any room in your home. Everyone will tell you how beautiful it looks on your wall. It is a fantastic accent piece.

Wall Décor

Wall Décor
It is a stylish wall décor that adds beauty and elegance to any outdoor and indoor area. If you want to refresh your home, you need to choose this wall decoration with wood and metal construction.

Sun Face Wall Décor

Sun Face Wall Décor
Wall decor with a sun face theme. It is made of pure copper. It contains a hook for hanging on the wall. Suitable for indoor and outdoor places. Sophisticated and positive accent. It has top ratings from customers.

Our advice Buying Guide

Exterior house wall decorations can be a way to make your house stand out from the surrounding houses in your neighborhood. This can be helpful to you and to people to whom you are giving directions, especially if you live in a subdivision where all the homes are remarkably similar. Although having your house number prominently displayed, it is also nice to be able to say, “It’s the one with the rock garden,” or “It’s the one with the clematis on the art nouveau trellis.” Numbers are easily forgotten, but mind pictures are more memorable.

How to decorate plastic siding?

Adding a half wall of brick or stone siding to your regular siding is one way to add interest to a house that has plastic siding of whatever color. The half wall can be the backing for a rock garden or for a bed of perennial bulb-type flowers. The brick or stone could include a shelf that could underscore the house number.

How to decorate exterior brick?

Sometimes you are confronted with previous owner’s renovations, which can include painted brick. Or you might have had a problem with unplanned or possibly inappropriate graffiti. Removing paint from brick is a laborious process, but there is an alternative solution: paint over it with something better. You might not be a Banksy, but armed with stencils from your local gift shop, perhaps a floating wall or even a trellis, you can quickly turn that unsightly splotch of paint that was used to cover a prankster’s unsightly doodling into a work of art.

Can you decorate your house exterior with scrollwork or metal art?

Delicate hand-wrought iron scrollwork makes a wall decoration that is resistant to wear and adds that subtle something to a long, blank wall. Alternatively, a unique metal artwork in iron, zinc or copper can become a true conversation piece. Correctly protected against the weather by a colored or clear gloss paint, metal decorations can last several lifetimes.

What are some budget-friendly exterior wall decoration projects?

One enterprising YouTuber used duct tape to create his house numbers. While not as permanent as brick or metal, it is still a way to get creative.

Another budget-conscious wall decoration method is to hang flags. These don’t need to be political. They can be department store flags printed with pictures of cute kittens, adorable doggies, butterflies or flowers. Draped from a windowsill or mounts on a wall hanging lanyard, they will add interest to your home’s appearance.

You don’t have to settle for plain, boring walls. You can dress them up with exterior house wall decorations. There are so many selections to choose from, you are certain to find something that’s perfect for you and for your home, even if you are on a tight budget.


62" Wooden Rustic Beach House Decorative Rowing Oar Wall Décor

62" Wooden Rustic Beach House Decorative Rowing Oar Wall Décor
Add a bit of rustic style to your interior with this quite original, decorative rowing oar. It was crafted from a solid wood and is fully hand painted in white with distressed finish for more realistic look.

Coffee House Stack Wall Decor

Coffee House Stack Wall Decor
Cute wall decor, all in black, with three teacups waggling one on another. The ornament is cut of cold rolled steel, so it is lifetime sturdy. The color does not fade unless it is exposed to direct bright sun.

Exterior house wall decorations

The faux stone that’s perfect for decorating both interiors and exteriors without spending a fortune. It’s very easy to apply. Real stone can crack or chip, but this faux stone is durable with a bit of flexibility, and therefore you won’t encounter such problems.

Exterior wall decor 7

In the picture I can see many examples of wall decorations based on stones and brick. These are different kinds of stones of different shapes and colors. They are resistant to exterior factors like rain or low temperatures.

Exterior house wall decorations 1

A great idea to enhance your garden, backyard, or front of the house. This massive decoration is made of concrete wall with river stones attached to it, which vary in colors and sizes, forming a beautiful, intricate pattern.

Outdoor wall decor diy

Garden decor is an element that gives the garden a style and interesting character. This beautiful art wall made of wrought iron is a perfect combination of attractive style and details that create a great decoration on the outside the house.

Exterior wall ornaments

The exterior house wall can be inviting, stylish and modern too. Decor it with the gray brick wall, wooden floor and the lights on the porch. Everyone will tell you how beautiful it looks.

Exterior house wall decorations

It’s hard to believe that this fountain is homemade. Wooden construction guarantees a natural appeal. It doesn’t serve an only decoration purpose, but can just as well be used to water the nearby plants during hot days.

Exterior home decor

Beautiful pots in a different red shade is an excellent way to decorate your home. Hanged to the wall are solid and beautifully display flowers. The whole looks phenomenal and exceptionally impressive.

Outside decorations for house

Wall decoration designed for outdoor use. Construction is made of metal and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Adds freshness and elegance to the garden, patio, porch and others outdoor places.

Exterior wall decor

Now, you can decorate your outdoor area with this massive and long-lasting embellishment, excellent for gardens and backyards. The intricate design is consisted of various stone bricks, forming a beautiful mosaic that can easily withstand weather conditions.

Metro Elite Tree Wall Décor

Metro Elite Tree Wall Décor

Decorative outside wall ideas

Outdoor swimming pool can be not only interesting entertainment, but very stylish decoration of your garden too. This pool is partly surrounded by brick wall and partly of glass. It is spacious and elegant.

Exterior wall decoration

Exterior wall decorations that look very good with any house. These decorations include white, red and green flowers. Upper area includes a durable wooden construction similiar to a roof. This construction is finished in neutral white color.

Exterior ornaments for homes

Contemporary and modern design for a wonderful home exterior idea with grey and white walls and a built-in garage. The house is fitted with a terrace around the whole upper floor and a similar porch, providing a lot of space for patios.

Exterior wall decor 4

Are you intresting in someting new, unconventional exterior wall decor? Here is some example of white rubber door mat, which was painted into a nice light creme whit shades in a shabby style. Timeline style and decor full of squiggles on the ractangular base.

Narrow walkway behind house north rampart street french quarter traditional

narrow walkway behind house; North Rampart Street - French Quarter - traditional - patio - new orleans - Reform Architects

Metal wall art outside house

Very durable and attractive wall decoration suitable for exterior use. This brick wall looks very good in many different stylizations. These materials are resistant to wear and damage caused by outdoor factors.

Silver metal wall decor 2

Austere, yet elegant. This beautiful silver metal wall decor constitutes a proposition for those who have a sophisticated taste. The final effect is emphasized by highlighting it from the ceiling lights.

Outdoor house decorations

Are you trying to find new inspirations for the exterior walls in the home? Well, now you found it. These are decor by the LED lights on the ceiling, stairs and floor with marble wall.

Exterior wall art

A great idea for covering concrete walls with stone veneer in your outdoor areas. Those stone tiles are characterized by intricate design, forming an eye-catchy mosaic, giving you a long-lasting and beautiful decoration.

Outside brick wall designs

It is a ranch house with a casual exterior decor like garden without many trees and other plants, and red brick walls. Seriously, there's nothing special and eye-catching.

How to decorate the front of your house

samples of painted brick-what to do?

Ship Wheel Wall Décor

Ship Wheel Wall Décor

Outside house decorations

If you want to create an exceptionally attractive garden design, these fine pebbles can be an excellent way to breed. Ideally, they would do well as a beach house decoration and more. Beautiful color makes the design of the garden becomes a pleasant climate.

Leroy Handcrafted Medallion Wall Décor

Leroy Handcrafted Medallion Wall Décor

Micayla Wall Décor

Micayla Wall Décor

Garden Wall Décor

Garden Wall Décor

Backyard wall decorating ideas

house exterior wall with watercan downspout in yellow color

Help ideas for outdoor feature wall

Help - Ideas for outdoor feature wall

Front door wall decor

I want to have this outdoor mantel on my home wall. It's a fantastic idea, to decor the back of the house. These lanterns and flowerpots create the lovely look.

Home exterior decoration ideas using dark brown brick exterior wall

Home Exterior Decoration Ideas Using Dark Brown Brick Exterior Wall ...

Exterior wall decorations for house 18

Just look at this extremely creative, beautiful idea for exterior design with a very modern, unique look. The combination of iron and wood gives it a nice, industrial touch, and the concrete floor nicely fits this style.

Metal outdoor house decorations

Love this stone and transom door. Best New Home | Old-House Soul |

Silver wall decor 1

If you enjoy abstract art, then this contemporary silver metal wall decor shall appeal to you. Get magnetized by Jon Allen, who designed this 21 in x 21 in x 2-inch masterpiece. The art arrives ready to hang with pre-installed brackets for simple installation.

Exterior wall decorations for house 21

Gorgeous design for a pathway to a very modern, contemporary looking home, made out of concrete slabs surrounded by grass. Perfect if you’re looking for a way to amaze your guests even before they enter your home!

Exterior house decor for wall

Eclectic and sophisticated house in Barcelona

Decoration ideas agreeable ideas for home exterior decoration using

Decoration Ideas, : Agreeable Ideas For Home Exterior Decoration Using ...

Interesting paint my house software ideas traditional exterior of home

Interesting Paint My House Software Ideas: Traditional Exterior Of Home With White And Gray Wall Painting And Beautiful Garden In Front Of The House ~ Houses Inspiration

Front of house decor

Decide how to decor your exterior, and choose the beautiful front doors. These, are made of wood and glass with classic white color. They are easy to mount and they look fab with the flowerpots on the right and left side.

Exterior wall decorations for house 3

A warm and cozy porch arrangement. One side features a small coffee table with two chairs while the other side has a small cushioned bench. The porch is characterized by wooden elements and potted plants, which give the space a rustic touch.

Texture home decor

rustic house exteriors | ... rustic wood, brick stone wall design, modern interior design and home

Romantic spanish home decorated with french flair and affordable flea

Romantic Spanish Home Decorated with French Flair and Affordable Flea Market Finds.