Unique Bird Baths

You love the little birdies flying into your yard and you want to give them a bath and a drink of water but you don't want to do it in the traditional way in one of those old-fashioned stone birdbaths. You have a different idea to accent your eclectic tastes. That is why we offer you unique birdbaths. And we have an extensive collection of them for you to choose from.

Best Ideas

Bird & Branch Birdbath

Bird & Branch Birdbath
Made of aluminum, easy to wipe with a clean, damp cloth, this beautiful bird bath embodies charm and sophistication, truly embellishing one's garden space. It has the size of 27'' H x 15.5'' W x 15.5'' D.

Garden Grace: Fountains & More Pansy Stake Bird Bath In Ruby

Garden Grace: Fountains & More Pansy Stake Bird Bath In Ruby
Bird bath with floral theme. It is mounted on metal base. Great addition to any outdoor place as needed.

Bird Feeder Topsy Turvy Tea Cup Cartoon Look Stake Polystone New

Bird Feeder Topsy Turvy Tea Cup Cartoon Look Stake Polystone New
Charming contemporary outdoor bird feeders. They have robust though thin stakes of black coated metal. A top part is composed of a round plate and a tea cup with a lug. They're crafted of resin and powdered stone blend with funny colourful designes.

Tiffany Hanging Bird Bath

Tiffany Hanging Bird Bath
Charming contemporary garden bird bath. It has a form of a bowl crafted of colourful tinted glass with a geometric mosaic design. Its bottom cap-like finial and 3 hanging chains are of weatherproof dark-coated metal.

Distressed Verdigris Bird Bath

Distressed Verdigris Bird Bath
Alluring and fancy decorated bird bath for outdoor use. It is made of weatherproof iron with an old copper-green finish. Though it's heavy it looks delicate. It has a round wavy bowl, a thin round column with climbers and a 3-foot ornamented base.

Unique bird baths 22

What can be more beautiful than these unique bird baths, constituting a fabulous addition to your garden? This set will enchant everyone with its beautiful, vibrantly colored glass.

Bird bath from recycled materials

This unique vintage bird bath constitutes a charming, classic accent in any refined garden decor. Handmade from the finest clay, with a cool and clean design, this durable birdbath measures 23.75" tall x 16.5" diameter x 2.75" deep. Planter 15" diameter x 6.5" deep.

Bird bath pedestal 2

Glass Bird Bath, Glass garden art, yard art, repurposed recycled up cycled glass, unique garden decor, sun catcher,

Metal bird baths 1

This urn spilling flowers is a perfect and truly clever idea for everyone, who's not afraid of a little creativity in their garden. It offers the strong, ceramic structure in a beautiful, warm color and will allow your flowers to grow and "spill" out of it.

Unique bird baths 16

Dilapidated Delight Unique Rusty Cheese Grater by thedustyraven

Stake bird bath

Every bird will love this amazing bath that can be used for food or water likewise in the warmer summer months and is made from gloss powder coated cast aluminum to easily withstand the weather conditions.

Click to enlarge image s unique pedestal bird bath and

click to enlarge image s unique pedestal bird bath and planter ring ...

Unique bird baths 2

Unique Bird Baths

Unique bird baths 21

Mosaic Garden Art

This would be cool done on a wooden birdhouse and given as a gift.

Their uniqueness it s the perfect gift for the bird

... their uniqueness it s the perfect gift for the bird lover in your life

Unique bird baths

Unique bird bath. Since my fountain gives us so much trouble, maybe I'll transform it a bit. I really like this idea as my garden decoration. I can see it filled with plants or flowers for decoration.

Bird bath pedestal 1

Glass Bird Bath, Glass garden art, yard art, repurposed recycled up cycled glass, unique garden decor, sun catcher,

Unique bird baths 2

Elegant fountain recycled of old, broken trombone made of brass. This element can be used as a birdbath too. This element is of course useful, but in this case appearance is more important. It is cute decoration of your garden.

Unique bird baths 4

bird baths

Unique bird baths

An extraordinary idea for a garden decoration. It features a stunning collection of birdbaths in various styles and designs. Some of them feature a classy, elegant look while otheres captivate with a simple, rustic character.

Home bird baths ceramic wildlife world ripple echo bird bath

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Unique bird baths 19

This DIY leaf bird bath project will create a one-of-kind watering place for the birds in your backyard.

Bird bath pedestal

With this spectacular bird bath, you garden will be blooming with live colors and flawless design. Made of repurposed recycled up cycled glass, this tremendous work of art brings unique accents to any outdoor area.

Unique bird baths 13

contemporary bird houses. They are so much fun to make and then take pictures of the birds who come!

Unique bird baths 15

Bird Feeder, Glass garden art, yard art, repurposed recycled up cycled glass, unique garden decor, sun catcher,

Unique bird baths 8

Unique birdhouses for your yard.

Unique bird bath

bird bath out of an old table leg with basin (an old enamel bowl). the base is a thrift store plate turned upside down.

Bird garden decor

Bird bath mounted on pedestal base. It is made of metal and ceramic. Suitable for residential and commercial use. Charming accent for each outdoor place.

Unique arts m5901 round deck bird bath

Unique Arts M5901 Round Deck Bird Bath

Unique bird baths 10

Right now is the time to start planning your spring garden. If you don't know where to start, then I have 6 Landscaping Tips for Small Yards. I will teach you that Landscaping is Easy. The Seasoned Homemaker.

Unique bird baths 14

Site ornaments where they can be discovered. This eclectic grouping of birds and birdhouses is partially hidden behind a planting of tall conifers.

Bird bath contemporary

A stunning and unique bird bath - this piece offers the birch legs that allow for ample durability and would make for a fine an unassuming choice for your outdoor setting, while the wooden bowl adds a bit more charm to the overall looks.

Birdhouse made from recycled found objects watering can or metal

Birdhouse made from recycled & found objects. Watering can or metal pitcher made into a piece of art - "wow"!

Kelkay squirrel tree bird bath 4311 decorative resin stone birdbath


Clay universal moss birdbath and pedestal stand decorative bird bath


Photo 234


Tierra Garden 4-8184T Light Green Gloss Bird Bath Bowl with Matte Rim

Metal Bird Bath Stand

Metal Bird Bath Stand

Diy glass bird bath

Unique idea for an outdoor bird feeder made of old tea cup. This feeder stands on a durable wooden stick. Its feeding area is made of tea cup set that shows a nice green and yellow floral pattern on white background.

Bird bath stand ideas

Now you can improve your garden with this lovely birth bath, made of a repurposed bathroom sink. Its old-fashioned look also features a tapered pedestal with a stylishly-shaped, square base and a chrome-finished, small faucet.

Unique bird baths 1

Unique bird feeders for people who love birds. These elements look very original, so they not only provide food to birds, but they also increase aesthetics of a garden. These feeders are also resistant to wear.

Unique bird baths 9

The sloping roof top of the 'Bird House Shingle Roof' is a terrific design that will make this bird house a welcome addition to any existing garden décor. The dull red color of the house gives a rustic patina and the unusually sloped and shingled roof is

Unique bird baths 1

Birding from the Backyard! - Tips & Ideas - There are a number of ways you can attract birds to the garden, help support them when they get there....

Glass bird bath glass garden art yard art repurposed recycled

Glass Bird Bath, Glass garden art, yard art, repurposed recycled up cycled glass, unique garden decor, sun catcher,

Stake bird bath 38

Attractive elements of garden decor. These bird feeders look like little houses. Their original shape and neutral colors look good among plants and other outdoor decorations. Each small house stands on a solid metal post.

Bird feeder repurpose items fun feeder ideas dagmars homes clipboard

** bird feeder- repurpose items... Fun Feeder Ideas :: Dagmar's Home's clipboard on Hometalk

Unique bird baths 20

Use up some of our "craft" rocks, covering a make a fairy house? With a moss roof?

Unique bird baths 23

Unique, Gorgeous, Birdhouse Hand Painted Yellow and Green

NFl Bird Bath

NFl Bird Bath

Whimsical tartan plaid thermos birdhouse

Whimsical Tartan Plaid Thermos Birdhouse