Concrete Park Benches

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Modern lines that perfectly correspond with city park surroundings is what distinguishes contemporary concrete park benches. The wide range below presents intriguing designs characterized by appealing shapes and functionality. Transform the landscape and choose a stunning piece of landscape architecture.

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Updated 24/09/2023
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Industrial Modern Bench

Industrial Modern Bench


This modern industrial-style bench is perfect for park seating ideas. Made from dark gray, fiber-reinforced natural concrete, this bench is 75" long. It features two brown powder-coated steel legs for strength reinforcement. 

Designer Advice:

This modern concrete bench can be placed anywhere. While it would be more suited to a botanical setting, it would look great with contemporary shrubs and bushes to complement it. We would recommend Japanese boxwoods, bamboo, or foxtail ferns. 

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Concrete Slab Bench

Concrete Slab Bench

Seasonal Living

This chunky durable piece is made from both stone and concrete mix. It features natural sands and hemp-like grass, which makes this a delicate addition. It's sustainable and has a rustic feel. This is an unobtrusive park bench idea due to its natural finish. It is 71" long.

$1782 $1980

Designer Advice:

The brown hues of this bench complement all green tones, making it ideal for any garden/park setting. The bench is strong and durable and wears well, therefore it can be ideal for harsher climates.

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Traditional Cast Stone Bench

Traditional Cast Stone Bench

Astoria Grand

Crafted from cast stone and concrete, this bench is ideal for a park setting or a larger garden. Made explicitly from a high-density cast stone mix, it has a textured finish. It has a curved aesthetic, traditional in style, and two thick curved legs. At 44" long, it creates timeless beauty. 


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Regal, Detailed Stone Bench

Regal, Detailed Stone Bench

Design Toscano

Regal and fit for a queen, this bench has elegant neoclassical touches. It features scroll feet, paired arched winged swans, and a balanced shell pediment top. The beautiful carve-outs make it perfect for a rose garden setting. It is made from stone, concrete and plastic and is 64" long.


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Rectangular Picnic Concrete Bench

Rectangular Picnic Concrete Bench

Gracie Oaks

This small and attractive bench would be perfect for a picnic site at any park. Versatile and contemporary, it sits at 65" long. It's crafted from lightweight concrete with criss-cross black legs. It's waterproof, which makes it durable. Furthermore, it has a delicate modern aesthetic which would be a comfy addition.

$309.99 $379.99

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Embossed Rustic Concrete Bench

Embossed Rustic Concrete Bench

Bayou Breeze

This timeless beauty of a bench is encapsulated by floral embossing on the seat and vertical paneling on the legs. Crafted by skilled artisans, this bench is both modern yet traditional in style. It is 48" long and made of cast stone which makes it very durable.  


Designer Advice:

This rustic concrete bench is perfect for an oriental style setting due to the legs that are synonymous with bamboo. You can pair this bench with more oriental plants, such as azaleas, rhododendrons or Japanese maple trees. The tone of this bench is subtle, so it blends in with nature effectively. 

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Minimalist Concrete and Teak Bench

Minimalist Concrete and Teak Bench

Hokku Designs

Perfect For: Enhancing both indoor and outdoor spaces

What We Like: The blend of lightweight concrete and teak wood

Sleek and stylish, this minimalist bench features a signature gray concrete base with a 60" slatted teak wood seat, effortlessly balancing durability and comfort. Its versatile design suits both indoor interiors and outdoor patios, making it a timeless addition to any space. The lightweight concrete construction ensures easy moving and rearranging, while the natural teak wood adds a warm, inviting touch to your decor.


Designer Advice:

Pair this bench with neutral cushions for added comfort, and style it alongside potted plants or minimalist artwork to create a serene, inviting space for relaxation or socializing.

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Charming Labrador Dog-Shaped Concrete Bench

Charming Labrador Dog-Shaped Concrete Bench

Winston Porter

Perfect For: Outdoor spaces such as backyards and patios

What We Like: The stunningly detailed, irresistible design

Our Labrador dog-shaped concrete bench is an eye-catching addition to your outdoor space, boasting meticulously crafted features like textured fur, curved paws, and adorable facial expressions. Made from lightweight concrete, this one-seater bench is not only durable but also weather-resistant, ensuring long-lasting charm. With its light brown, natural finish, this delightful piece elevates your decor, making your backyard or patio area truly exceptional.


Designer Advice:

Place this charming bench next to a lush garden bed or along a garden path to create a captivating focal point and a relaxing spot to sit and enjoy your surroundings.

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Concrete Park Benches

Buying Guide

Park benches made of concrete offer several advantages compared to other types of bench seating. They have the ability to resist rotting, fading, and being blown by heavy winds. If you’re on the lookout for a garden seating option that’s the most durable, then you should look no further than concrete park benches. They blend in with any landscaping and they last a lifetime without requiring any care or maintenance.

Here are a few tips that you should remember when selecting the location of your new garden bench:

  • The area near your garden bench made of concrete should be free from cigarette receptacles, trash, and nasty pests. This is to ensure your outdoor seating isn’t just comfortable, but safe health-wise as well.
  • Add a concrete park bench in an area that’s shaded. You wouldn’t want your family to sit outdoors all sweaty. So, make sure you consider adding your new bench in a place where there’s shade during the hottest point of the day.
  • Consider the view as well. Do you have an area within your property that overlooks a green field or has a mountain in the background? If so, then place the bench where you get the best view.
  • If the concrete park bench will be placed in a public area, think of where a tired jogger would want to sit. It may be for a parent who’s watching over a kid while it plays on the grass or playground. A park bench offers a place for those who want to relax and enjoy the outdoor weather. However, this can only be done if it is placed correctly.

Adding a bench in the wrong area will likely result in having a bench that goes unused.

To be practical, a concrete park bench should feel comfortable to sit on even during sunny days. The problem with concrete benches is they can be chilly when sat on. You may need a removable cushion when you sit on one.

Armrests will also add more comfort to the users of a concrete park bench when they are set at the right angles. Choose the bench that has armrests that are wide enough to set a drinking glass. This is necessary if you plan on lounging on the bench for a long period of time. As for the backrest, it should be at least at the same height as your shoulder.

It is a good idea to get the measurements of your available outdoor space before you buy one. Consider the number of people that will be using the bench at a time. Each 5-6 ft bench can accommodate a maximum of 2 people.

An outdoor area can be furnished like an indoor room. You would want to do so if you want to make the most out of your property. Apart from the concrete park bench, you should consider adding a few accessories as well to finish the space apart from increasing its “wow factor.” Lighting, a parasol, storage, outdoor rugs, and a patio heater are just some of your options.

Best Ideas

Concrete park bench molds

concrete park bench molds

Concrete park benches 14

Outdoor bench made of high quality concrete. Includes pots designed for medium and large sized plants. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Modern concrete bench

This chair features a very original and attractive construction. Its solid concrete surface provides support and it is resistant to negative outdoor factors. The chair is suitable for public outdoor spaces.

Petersen Mesa 5-ft. Concrete Commercial Park Bench

Made of concrete and reinforced steel, this park bench features charcoal polished seat, back and legs. The bench is weather-resistant, also providing good stability and long-lasting usage. Weight capacity is 1.000 lbs.

Precast concrete benches

The modern seating is designed by the Adler Olesch and has four wooden seats. It will be excellent in the park or in the center of the town. Everyone will be delighted how cool it is.

Concrete park benches 3

A set of minimalistic concrete park benches made in a long shape, providing a simple and industrial addition to any outdoor area. The benches are fitted with wicker seats on top to provide a comfy place to sit on.

Concrete park benches 4

Contemporary design for a modern park bench made out of concrete with a white coat of paint, providing a minimalistic look. The park bench has slightly slanted, cut-off ledges, providing a unique detail.

Concrete park benches 4

Outdoor seat mounted on concrete base. Seat consists of wooden strips. Suitable for residential and commercial use. Simple form and contemporary design.

Contemporary public bench in wood and concrete with backrest modular

Contemporary public bench in wood and concrete (with backrest, modular) DEMETRA BELLITALIA S.r.l.

Concrete bench with back and slat seating the orlando bench

Concrete Bench With Back and Slat Seating - The Orlando Bench

Concrete park benches 1

If you are looking for a simple, yet very durable bench, you can always decide on this L-shaped piece of concrete. The bench is able to withstand weather conditions, and can also be a good place to place your decorations or pot plants.

Concrete park benches 27

If you want a perfect seating arrangement for your patio or simply the backyard and would like to comfortably seat a lot of people, while not taking up too much of your space then this module is the ideal option.

Concrete park benches 20

Keast park by Site Office Landscape Architecture 08 « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine

Concrete park benches 16

Cornell University bench, Ithaca, NY by Gruzen Samton - IBI Group. Click image for details & visit the boards >>

Concrete park benches 6

Pretty sturdy modern park benches. A bench has a long full oxbow front base of grey concrete. A mid height backrest is of steel panels. A seat is composed of thick broadways arranged slats and low elevated triangular arms of wood in brown shades.

Soca bench with hardwood slats and a concrete base

SOCA bench with hardwood slats and a concrete base

Precast concrete bench

This outdoor element is a solid concrete bench that features an original appearance. It not only decorates outdoor areas, but it also provides solid and comfortable sitting space for two or more people.

Petersen Roxborough 7-ft. Concrete Commercial Park Bench

Made of concrete and reinforced steel, this park bench features round edges, arching back, and thick sides with ball finials. The bench is weather-resistant and maintenance-free. Weight capacity is 2.500 lbs.

Concrete park benches

Concrete Radius Bench - 6’3

Precast concrete park benches tables o reading precast 3

Precast Concrete Park Benches & Tables • Reading Precast

Precast concrete park benches tables o reading precast 2

Precast Concrete Park Benches & Tables • Reading Precast

Diy concrete park bench

Diy Concrete Park Bench

Concrete park benches foter park bench design urban

Concrete Park Benches - Foter | Park bench design, Urban ...

Dr cb1 contemporary concrete bench designs by rudy

DR CB1 Contemporary Concrete Bench, Designs by Rudy