Curved Garden Benches

Curved garden benches attractively line the winding pathways allowing you to keep the flow of your garden. When it comes to choosing semi-circular garden benches, your options are endless. 

Decide on where you will place your garden bench and what material you favor. Once those two pieces are determined you can start searching for the shape and type. Do you need a reverse curve bench or an S curve bench? Is there a favorite tree you want to highlight in your garden?

If you plan to spend a lot of time on your bench reading books or sipping coffee, you should consider looking for circular bench seating with back support and armrests. If your bench will be more of a decorative accent, you may go for a modest bench without backing.

Here are 10 curved garden seating ideas to keep your garden forever flowing. 

Small Curved Garden Bench Semi enclosed Birdcage

Small Curved Garden Bench Semi enclosed Birdcage

These types of garden benches look as if you cut a birdcage in half. Small, curved garden bench birdcages can seat one person, while large birdcage benches can seat up to four.

Add these types to your garden for vintage and classical appeal. Make sure you don’t have any low branches, or this type of bench will not fit properly. Place a small birdcage curved bench nestled between two full bushes or trees.


Traditional Curved Wooden Bench

Traditional Curved Wooden Bench

Curved wooden benches and stone curved benches are your most natural elements to add to a garden. You can find curved wooden benches with or without a backrest and armrests.

For a rustic sense, look for a heavier-built curved wooden bench. Teak wood is a gorgeous wood type when found on a curved bench with a rounded backrest. Bohemian styles tend to pursue the round-shaped backrest.

Reverse Curved Garden Bench With Backrest

Reverse Curved Garden Bench With Backrest

Instead of placing a curved garden bench in the outer curve of a pathway, you can use a reverse curved garden bench on the inner curve instead. Finding a reverse curved bench with a backrest is rare but obtaining a backless one is quickly done.

The downside to the reverse curved bench is instead of curving inwards to face other people, it curves outwards away from people. Keeping your head turned sideways during long conversations can be a pain in the neck (literally!).

Decorative Metal Curved Bench

Decorative Metal Curved Bench

Decorative metal curved garden benches are far and many. You can easily find delicately curvy patterns, simple rectangular straight-forward designs, flower roses, and some even designed to look like butterflies or fish.

If you choose a curved bench made of metal, make sure to find an aluminum metal bench because aluminum will not rust. Other metals can also hold up extremely well in humid locations if they are coated with a protective lacquer.

Circular Bench Seating With an S shape

Circular Bench Seating With an S shape

The most romantic bench of all is the S-shape, otherwise known as the tete-a-tete curved bench. Tete-a-tete is French, with the English meaning of “head-to-head.” These types of benches allow you to directly face and chat with someone.

You can purchase the S-shape curved garden bench in metal, wood, or stone material. Some S-shaped benches come backless, though ones with backrests are much more comfortable for lengthier exchanges.

Heavy Stone Semi circular Garden Bench

Heavy Stone Semi circular Garden Bench

The biggest benefit of owning a stone semi-circular garden bench is its immense weight. Most stone bench legs and seats are separatable for easier moving.

Stone curvy garden benches should be used in high-wind locations because they are less likely to fall over. Add a simple stone curvy bench for a contemporary or rustic atmosphere, or an intricate design for a Victorian or a gaudy charm. 

Backless Wicker Aluminum Curved Bench

Backless Wicker Aluminum Curved Bench

Wicker is used in Boho style however it also looks incredible in other décor styles too. Backless curved garden benches made with mixed metal and wicker protect your bench from harsh elements while remaining comfortable.

Darker-toned backless wicker aluminum benches will blend seamlessly into the natural background of your garden. Lighter tones and brighter colors can be blended to match the flower colors in your garden.

$420 $839.99

Faux Leather Upholstered Picnic Curved Bench

Faux Leather Upholstered Picnic Curved Bench

This one isn’t for everyone, though it is an interesting substitute. These faux leather upholstered curved benches are originally listed as picnic benches. You can easily use them on a stone or concrete garden pathway.

They are blockier constructions and super comfortable to sit on. You can find them in all sorts of colors. Since they are made of porous fabric, you probably don’t want to leave them outside all year round.

Tree Bench Semi Circular Garden Bench

Tree Bench Semi Circular Garden Bench

Yes, The lovely tree bench! These semi-circular garden benches can beautifully highlight your favorite garden trees.

If you don’t already have a large ground planted tree, then buy yourself a large potted tree to put in its place. These types of curvy benches still look spectacular even without a tree.

Recycled Plastic Curved Garden Bench

Recycled Plastic Curved Garden Bench

These recycled curved garden benches are low maintenance and upkeep. A curved bench made of plastic can stay with you for several years without needing to re-stain or spray them with protective polish.

The drawback of recycled plastic types is the lack of their physical charm. If you are wanting a bench simply to be able to sit in your garden and you don’t care about how it looks, then go with a recycled plastic curved garden bench. 


Our advice Buying Guide

Whether you're planning to sit and procrastinate outdoors or survey your horticulture, there is nothing better than doing it in a curved garden bench. As there's a myriad of curved garden benches for you to choose from, you'll need help in making the right decision based on your needs. So, check out our buying guide on stylish garden furniture below!

How to select the best material for a garden bench?

Check the materials used in constructing a curved garden bench as you would want one that can withstand harsh outdoor elements. You may want your new garden addition to have a high level of protection against UV rays. You may also need waterproof cushions and fabrics. For metal frames, a feature that's necessary is an anti-rust coat.

The most traditional choice material-wise is wood, more specifically, teak which is a durable, strong, split-resistant type of wood. Teak is also popular as it ages well into a silvery shimmer. You will also find curved garden benches made out of other wood types like oak, acacia, and pine.

Most curved garden benches are pressure-treated to repel outdoor elements. Of course, you can prolong your furniture's lifespan by giving it a coat of wood sealant each year.

Curved garden benches made of metal are less demanding. All they need is a wipe down using a wet cloth to keep lichen and mold at bay. If you spot damaged paintwork, you can simply retouch it using a durable outdoor paint.

What are the pros and cons of benches with arms and backs?

Most homeowners want arms for their curved garden benches as they offer a place for grasping and they facilitate comfortable and safe sitting and standing. What's more, they're nice for resting a drink or an arm.

If you don't want to make your guests feel uncomfortably close and restricted, you may opt for a bench with no arms.

Having a backrest is essential for a bench to provide comfort and relaxation. There's just a downside to a backrest and that's the fact that you won't be able to enjoy a 360-degree view.

What types of garden bench seat are there?

Garden bench seat basically fall into two categories: solid and slatted.

A solid seat is the most comfortable for sitting. However, water will pool on it when it rains. It would also require drying before you sit. What's more, the water may undermine the finish of your bench over time.

As for a slatted seat, it promotes rainwater runoff. It dries quickly and it helps in preserving the finish of the product.

Bonus tip: Curved garden benches and other types of garden furniture are required to withstand lots of hardships. They're used as the focal points of gardens and patios, so they need to look great even after years of constant exposure to harsh outdoor elements. It is, therefore, best if you invest in the highest quality of chair that your budget allows. Check every area for hairline cracks, bad weds, and weak points.

As with any type of furniture, you'll be able to spend less or a lot. If you are smart with your available options, you will get the most bang for your buck.


Curve Teak Garden Bench

Curve Teak Garden Bench
Designed for outdoor areas, this Curved Garden Bench is durable and comfortable, crafted of a sturdy Teakwood. The bench features 6 solid legs, a slatted design, a half-moon back, and accommodates up to 3 people.

Curved Boulder Garden Bench

Curved Boulder Garden Bench
Designed for outdoor areas, this Curved Garden Bench is crafted of a polished granite boulder, with natural edge. The design is maybe simple but also eye-catchy, ensuring that this piece is going to last you a lifetime.

Furniture Curved Stone Garden Bench

Furniture Curved Stone Garden Bench
This is the bench, which was made of stone. It is primarily intended for the garden. However, its design it is ideal mainly for gardens classicist, referring to the antiquity and ancient civilizations.

Rounded bench

The wood carved garden bench is a perfect combination of beautiful construction and impressive semi-circular construction. The charming design and finish make the garden a cozy place to rest and relax.

Curved garden benches 5

Catching the attention with its original, curved design, this curved garden bench constitutes a good example of an exterior leisure spot for one's family. Placed in the grove, you can relish the beautiful greenery.

Curved garden benches

Beautiful curved garden benches make the garden get a cozy corner to relax. Nice wooden construction is durable and beautifully combines in the greenery of the backyard. All together with the table will be a perfect solution.

Curved garden benches 11

If you are looking for sunken garden ideas, this cool, swirling garden bench constitutes a perfect proposition for one's outdoors. Finished with natural wood, it will create a charming, warm appeal.

Curved garden bench

Create the inviting and restful place in your outdoor space, and choose these curved garden benches. They have got the navy color and solid wooden construction with enough seats for you and your friends.

Curved garden benches

I've got an idea how to create the best outdoor space ever! I need this fire pit with a fire bowl, and these seats with stones is cages. I think that it couldn't be hard to make it by myself.

Henley teak curved garden bench all garden benches

Henley Teak Curved Garden Bench. All Garden Benches

Curved fire pit bench with back

This place is a bit like a sauna interior. But it is a quiet, wooden corner in the garden. Naturally separates from the neighbors. This curved slatted panel fence contains also rounded brench with brick base.

Curved garden benches 6

The most interesting projects enter the erection of commercial places - for example, urban gardens. Where undulating curved garden benches made of sturdy wood resemble the waves of mountain streams, stopped in time and changed into a wood.

Curved wood bench 1

Decorative curved bench designed for outdoor use. It is completely made of wood. Suitable for residential and commercial use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

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Curved garden bench

Curved Garden Bench

Curved garden benches 17

I couldn't love this one more. Finally a nice & trendy alternative to an outdoor bench! Why not have a bench that'd be curved around a tree? Probably the best tree seat idea I've stumbled upon lately.

Curved garden benche 2

curved garden benche

Curved garden benches 15

Somewhere in a quiet corner behind the back entrance to the house is an oasis with a home fire built with stone, around which sits on a half-round curved garden bench, limestone, with pillows and a wooden board.

Curved benches 1

Attractive shape-varied contemporary garden benches made of different kinds of weatherproof stones in prevalent greyish tones. Both a round bench and a curved one have bases of rough textured stone blocks. Seats are of highly polished stone tiles.

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Antique birdhouse

Antique Birdhouse

Curved garden benches 8

"The Roundabout Deck" project: perfect outdoor conversation set defined by curved garden benches (doing double duty as planters) and aerial beams, supported by white poles (contrasting with dark wood used as main topic) above them.

Curved wooden garden bench

The use of space is the specialty of this wooden curved garden bench. Formed in a semicircle with great usefulness will fit, for example, to such a circular wall. Made of recovered light wood, with wide planks on a solid wooden base.

Curved garden benches 19

Gabion wall, and angled bench feature with gabion and stone steps and floor. These elements are not only very useful in your garden, but above all they are very beautiful and make your garden more stylish.

Curved garden benches 12

Small pool and entertaining area. Summit, NJ 2010

Nathan burkett desire to inspire 1

Nathan Burkett - desire to inspire -

Curved garden benches 3

This designer garden bench conceals a pocket of Australian native violets under the beautifully undulating deck. A bold combination of an ergonomic seating with a greenery area.

Curved teak bench

A stylish addition for gardens, park alleys, and backyards. This beautifully curved bench is crafted of hardwood covered in a distressed lime finish. It's characterized by a slatted design, able to withstand weather conditions.

Teak curved garden bench

A fantastic decoration for gardens, parks, backyards, or other outdoor areas that drown in luscious greenery. The bench is beautifully curved, made of white-finished wood; featuring a slatted seat and back, sloping arms and 8 stable legs.

Curve garden bench along with black iron bench arm and

... Curve Garden Bench Along With Black Iron Bench Arm And Round Stone

Curved wooden bench 1

An amazing idea to beautify your garden with a gorgeous stone structure. This curved bench is extremely durable and made of different kinds of stones, with an intricate seat that can easily withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Curved garden benches 22

Being an ideal way to provide a contemporary accent to one's garden decor, this designer curved bench winding through the greenery, will create a charming spot to sit and relax with your family or friends.

How to build a paver patio how to build a

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Curved garden benches 1

The conventional park bench with modern twist will overflow your park alley with slatted waves. And thanks to its hardwood sculptural seat and durable metal frame, the bench is going to decorate your outdoor area for years to come.

Curved garden benches 2

With this stunning outdoor seating area and the legless bench as well as the sublime fire pit you will finally get ample comfort and utmost style to grace your space, producing warmth and visual appeal beyond measure.

Curved garden seat

firepit AND bench :) PERFECT half bench half comfy chairs!

Monet garden bench

Handmade of durable stone bricks, the curved bench for outdoors boasts of durable design and stylish curve, excellent to go with a round stone fire pit. Excellent for evening gatherings with family and friends.

Curved garden benches 14

Handmade, ideal for the fans of the farmhouse or cottage designs, this curved outdoor bench enchants with its rustic, natural character. It will embellish your garden or patio.

Curved wooden bench for garden and patio homesfeed 9

Curved Wooden Bench for Garden and Patio – HomesFeed

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Barlow Tyrie Glenham Teak Curved Garden Bench Seat — Mid ...

Shine company belfort curved back garden bench white at

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Curved banana teak garden bench

Curved Banana Teak Garden Bench

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LeighCountry Char-Log Curved Garden Bench & Reviews | Wayfair

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Fsc certified teak curved backless garden bench

FSC Certified Teak Curved Backless Garden Bench

Belham living richmond curved back 4 ft outdoor wood

Belham Living Richmond Curved-Back 4-ft. Outdoor Wood ...

Fsc certified teak curved backless garden bench 1

FSC Certified Teak Curved Backless Garden Bench

Henley teak curved garden bench semi circle bench 3

Henley Teak Curved Garden Bench | Semi Circle Bench

Curved wooden bench for garden and patio homesfeed 10

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