Antique Garden Benches


Contemplate the meaning of life and enjoy the loveliness of your garden in the middle of a beautiful spring day while sitting on one of these antique garden benches. These handsome additions to any garden will compliment your style and give you a safe and sturdy place to sit. Look at this collection for more.

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Our Picks

Antique wood bench

With such a simplistic design and antique appearance, this bench is going to accentuate your entryway with rustic accents. It's crafted of sturdy wood, and covered in a weathered finish that gives it even more vintage charm.

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Antique garden benches

The gorgeous cast-iron design of this stylish garden bench in antique style makes it unique in any secluded corner of the garden or terrace. Robust construction makes this furniture exceptionally strong.

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Old garden benches for sale

Park bench in vintage style. It is made of metal and finished with sophisticated ornament. Elegant accent for each outdoor place according to taste.

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Primitive 18th century wood bench

Primitive 18th century wood bench

Truly beautiful and strong, this wooden bench has it all. It sports the 18th century design and comes with the most durable structures available to make sure that you won't have to worry about your home decor ever again.

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Vintage bench for sale

This upcycled garden bench enchants with its simplistic, traditional design and of course the vibrant green painting. A really clever, upcycling idea, using two chairs and a special chalk paint.

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Mischa Wood Garden Bench

Mischa Wood Garden Bench

A wooden garden bench crafted of galvanised steel and acacia wood. It's a perfect bench to put on any front porch. It is comfortable and the table in the middle is very handy. Some simple assembly is required.

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Rustic Garden Bench

Rustic Garden Bench

This is a very interesting and extraordinarily beautiful bench, which is ideally suited to every rustic garden. It is small. In its appearance it is very strict, which also speaks for its rustic style.

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Antique benches 7

Opt for a piece of true refined style with this sublime country styled and antique-looking bench that will prove to be suitable for both your indoor and outdoor setting, while the distressed look provides a certain doze of uniqueness.

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Antique victorian black wrought iron rocking garden bench

Antique Victorian Black Wrought Iron Rocking Garden Bench

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White potting benchhutch with red window

White potting benchhutch with red window

The charming design of this antique garden bench is a perfect combination of beautiful wood form and pleasing appearance. The whole can be used in many ways, including vanity in the bedroom.

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Antique Garden Benches

Buying Guide

Adding some character to your garden can be done easily. One of the ways you can enhance the appearance of your garden is to buy an antique bench. There are various types of antique benches which have been passed down through the years. You can buy an antique bench or you can purchase furniture which is a replica of antique furniture. When purchasing genuine antique furniture, here are the most popular designs which are available.

Antique wooden benches come in various designs that you can buy for your garden:

  • Old and rustic: For something which looks very authentic and antique, you can consider an old and rustic look. You should be careful that you don't buy a wooden bench which is going to break, since many old items made from wood might not be sturdy and secure enough for the garden. If you don't look after old wooden furniture properly, they could end up being severely damaged outdoors in bad weather.
  • Upcycled wood: For something which looks like you've given it a new lease of life, consider a wooden garden bench which has been upcycled. You can paint it with different colors of paint to add some color to your garden. You should use chalk paint which is suitable for old wooden benches in order to avoid damage.
  • Strong oak wood: A chunky oak design for a garden benches will instantly help your garden to look vintage and antique if this is the look you're going for. Although these items are old, they have an incredibly strong and durable frame.

If you want a more durable alternative to wood, there are many antique garden benches created from iron and other metals.

  • Cast iron: One of the strongest materials around when it comes to benches, a cast iron bench can often be seen with intricate details around either side to add some antique character to your garden. These strong benches are normally long enough to fit three people, and are very elegant.
  • Steel: Another strong alternative for your garden bench, steel was used often to make furniture due to its robust characteristics. Steel garden benches often feature an arched back for extra comfort, designs including swirls and decorative leaves, and enough space to add cushions or blankets.

A very heavy style of antique garden bench, the concrete benches that you may find are suitable for most gardens. They take up more space than some wooden and metal benches, but often have the advantage of fitting up to four people rather than three.

Concrete garden benches often have some decorative designs around the sides and above the top of the bench, to give your garden the antique feel that you may be looking for.

While you can find furniture which is part concrete and part wood, if the bench is fully concrete you should consider large cushions and other accessories to provide comfort while sitting outdoors.

Best Ideas

A unique headboard turned bench finished in florence napoleonic blue

A unique headboard turned bench finished in Florence & Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan & recently featured in This Old House Magazine | By stockist MaK & JiLL of San Clemente, CA

Butterfly Silver Antique Bench

Butterfly Silver Antique Bench

Fabulous antique style 1-person bench. Its graceful frame is of bronze-finished metal. It has snaky double-rod legs, low rolled arms, aprons with floral scrollwork and a dashy colourful butterfly. Upholstery is of golden fabric with a leaves design.

Antique benches 4

Chevrolet themed outdoor bench. Has wheels, of course. A lustrous red finish can't be missed either. Large white Chevrolet sign runs the full backrest length. Wonder if it's DIY! Either way, a cool product.

Ve had this bench for many years when i bought

ve had this bench for many years. When I bought it, it had the ...

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Green garden bench

You sit on your chair like all alone, and on such an ancient garden bench - always in good company. Enriched with white paint, it has an extraordinary romantic shape and has survived the years of lovers who had their first kiss sitting on it.

How to make a garden bench from a pallet

This picture shows an original element of outdoor decor. This bench features a solid construction from bed. Sitting space is very solid, because it is based on durable, horizontal slats. This comfortable bench looks very stylish.

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Austram Lincoln Bench

Unique design of this outdoor bench has been crafted thorugh the hand-welding technique of metal tubes; the arching back tops off the sleek openwork detailing of diamonds and tear-drop hoops. Green powder coat finish is applied to zinc plating.

Tulip Cast Iron/Aluminum Garden Bench

Featuring beautiful tulip flowers on the back and gracing your garden with the stunning iron and aluminum finish this garden bench will allow you to seat your guests comfortably, when taking a nice, relaxing walk in your backyard.

Finished bench vinyet etc

finished bench | Vin'yet Etc.

Old garden bench

Sometimes the antique garden benches could be reused in the totally new project! This one, when repainted, could be a great pot stand. It will create an impressive green island in the concrete city jungle.

Best Selling  Saint Kitts Cast Aluminum Bench, Green Finish

With the most stunning decorative back, this aluminum bench will prove perfect for your garden, while the green finish will prove both stylish and won't overwhelm your setting, making it the top-notch choice to add to your setting.

Beautiful garden benches

Beautifully accented and structured, this garden bench offers the antique cast iron structure and will simply astonish you with all of its charming and lovely moldings, especially on the back of its design.