Granite Patio Tables


Wrought iron patio tables are sturdy, but not overly stylish. Glass top patio tables are stylish, but glass can break. So how about something that has been pulled from the earth, polished to perfection and made just for you. Granite patio tables are both sturdy and stylish, and we have tons of them to choose from in this extensive collection. Come and see.

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Our Picks

Granite patio table contemporary patio other metro

Granite patio table contemporary patio other metro

Why not choose an immensely durable piece for your patio to complete the seating arrangement with this lovely and utterly beautiful granite table that sports a contemporary look and the perfect blend of wrought iron and granite on the top.

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Stone top dining table with outdoor chairs from bay breeze

Stone top dining table with outdoor chairs from Bay Breeze Patio

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Granite top bistro table

Astonishingly beautiful DIY design for patio furniture. Who thought that making furniture could be so simple? Just throw some rocks in a metal cage and top it off with a slab of marble and some rough planks for the benches!

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Large steel top rolling industrial

Large steel top rolling industrial

Work table mounted on wheels for easy movement. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Wooden base is reinforced with sturdy supports. Top is made of high quality granite. Simple form and functional design.

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Outdoor Great Room Patio Bistro Table with Granite Top

A very useful and decorative piece of furniture. It is an outdoor bistro table that features a solid granite top that has got a round shape. Its frame is made of durable aluminum with a powder coated finish.

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Mallin 54 square stone top dining table

Mallin 54" Square Stone Top Dining Table

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Homecrest Faux Granite Oval Patio Dining Table

Massive but adorable granite patio dining table that will be ideal for inside and outside of the household. It is extremely resistant with its granite surface but it also looks great with black metal legs and its oval shape.

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Set home products concrete tables classic stone square patio table

... set home products concrete tables classic stone square patio table set

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Athena round patio chat table with propane burner and granite

Athena Round Patio Chat Table With Propane Burner And Granite Top

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Kensington ii sling dining set with high back chairs and

... Kensington II Sling Dining Set with High Back Chairs and Granite Table

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Granite Patio Tables

Buying Guide

Granite patio tables are a great way to add to your enjoyment of your home outdoor spaces. While wood tables and even recycled plastic slabs wear over time, granite has that enduring quality of stone – because it is stone. Granite has the properties of being not only resistant to weather but also to fire. That makes it an ideal way to have a table that surrounds a fire pit, and perhaps even a cover for the pit. Although granite can wear over time – as witness the steps to historical buildings – it takes a very long time and much traffic to create significant wear patterns.

A round, granite top patio table can come in a variety of colors. Light colors are usually flecked with darker colors, which can be reds, blues, slate grey or even black, depending upon the minerals that are present where the granite is harvested. Granite should not be confused with marble, which will have different colors and is usually cut from a slab. Granite tabletops are sometimes formed from scraps of other granite projects. The easy way to select your granite table top is to visit a company that makes tables. There you can select a top, including the color and shape, and possibly select the stand upon which it will be placed.

Firepits are all the rage in exterior décor, and what better way to keep a flame contained than in a circle of rock? Nest a gas flame in the center of a granite table top and you have a way to toast marshmallows as well as warm citronella scent blocks to frighten night-flying insects. The gas can come from propane, natural gas or even alcohol-based burners, according to available resources and personal taste. It would even be possible to embed a charcoal brazier within a circle of granite.

How to clean and maintain granite?

Although not extensively visible, natural stone is a somewhat porous material. Granite is igneous rock, commonly composed of quartz and feldspar, with bits of other minerals and rock embedded in it. Natural granite is often created through volcanic action, but it can be formed over time thanks to pressure. Countertops are sometimes formed from granite chips and dust held together with resin. It’s recommended that a sealer is applied to granite surfaces before use. If you plan to surround a firepit with granite, it is a good idea to research your sealer’s flammability rating before applying it.

As for cleaning, in most cases, all that needs to happen is that spills should be wiped up with a damp cloth as soon as possible. Granite is most easily cleaned with a bit of peroxide on a damp cloth. Use of heavy-duty cleansers can give disappointing results.

Overall, granite is a sturdy building material that can easily be formed into geometric slabs that can be used for table tops, counters or even floors.

Best Ideas

Granite top garden table

An adorable patio set, comprising a concrete patio table and metal chairs from wrought iron. Simplistic, yet very solid design, which will add a warm, charming appeal to any outdoor space.

125 160cm round slate patio dining table tiled mosaic oceane

125-160cm Round Slate Patio Dining Table Tiled Mosaic - OCEANE

Granite patio table miami by marble doctors llc

GRANITE PATIO TABLE - Miami - by Marble Doctors LLC

9 rectangular patio dining table that will impress your guests

9 rectangular patio dining table that will impress your guests

Outdoor garden 160 200 240cm mosaic natural stone marble

Outdoor Garden 160-200-240cm Mosaic Natural Stone Marble ...

201077 l darlee 41 x 91 rectangular granite top dining

201077-L Darlee 41 X 91 Rectangular Granite Top Dining ...

Handcrafted cast faux stone granite outdoor console table

Handcrafted Cast Faux Stone Granite Outdoor Console Table ...

All weather granite patio furniture from keystone granite

All-weather Granite Patio Furniture from Keystone Granite ...

Granite patio table other metro by marble doctors llc

GRANITE PATIO TABLE - other metro - by Marble Doctors LLC

Granite patio table contemporary patio other metro 1

GRANITE PATIO TABLE - Contemporary - Patio - other metro ...

Custom granite patio table with our bruni 2 x 2

Custom Granite Patio Table with Our Bruni 2 x 2 ...

Custom granite patio table with our bruni 2 x 2

Custom Granite Patio Table with Our Bruni 2 x 2 ...

Granite patio table for sale faux outdoor tops dining and

Granite Patio Table For Sale Faux Outdoor Tops Dining And ...

Granite tabletops garden tables granite outdoor dining

Granite Tabletops Garden Tables Granite Outdoor Dining ...