Tree Benches

Something nice that gives a nod to environmental consciousness, a tree bench is wonderful, as a aesthetic choice, as well as somewhere to do lunch or just read in the shade, without having to sit on the ground. The can be round, or shaped in a geometric way that will keep the tree's integrity intact. And they come in lots of wood material choices. For your tree, why not add a bench?

Best Products

Scroll Tubular Iron Tree Bench

Scroll Tubular Iron Tree Bench
This stylish bench can be set freely encircled tree, to create a comfortable and good looking place to seat. It is made of decorative bent metal with dark brown, powder coat finish. Resistant to fade, scratch or rust.

Architectural Metal Tree Bench

Architectural Metal Tree Bench
This elegant, a bit rustic tree bench can be easy install around the three. Its sturdy, stainless steel construction has a warm brown, powder - coated finish, resistant for rust, scratches or weather conditions.

Tree wrap around bench

Round bench designed for outdoor use. Construction is made of wood. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Tree benches

Wrap around tree bench - needs to be a mix of simple to build, comfortable for adults & a great jumping off, walking around & play table for kids (and could possibly morph into part of a tree house in the future).

Tree bench plans free

Eco-friendly, garden oak bench. Its round shape lets it surround trees and create small, round surface to sit. Ideal for gardens or backyards, cool for kids games such as hide and seek. You can also keep some flowers or deco on it.

Bench around tree

This wooden bench will be smart and practical solution in your garden. It can be used as flower bed or around the tree, keeping you plants in one place and offers a lot of place to sit comfortably and relax.

Tree benches 2

A bench around the tree is a lovely solution for all, who delight in sunny afternoons under the shade of a palatial tree. A charming and functional idea, giving accommodations for a lot of people.

Our advice Buying Guide

While you may have initially disliked the fact that you had a tree in the middle of your garden preventing you from making other use of the space, adding a beautiful tree bench will instantly transform the look and enable you to make the most of your property. Here are some of the various styles of tree benches which are available to help you discover which is the best for you.

What different designs of tree benches are there to choose from?

Square wooden bench

This type of bench is square in shape and provides a snug fit around the tree. The square shape of the bench clashes with the circular shape of the tree trunk to create the appearance of more space and almost a patio or picnic area. This is a good way to maximize the space that you have and is a great design for families. There is enough space for cushions, blankets, plates and other accessories to make your time in the garden more comfortable.

Flower bed bench

You can buy this type of bench is either a circular or square shape, and it allows you to have an area for seating alongside a flower bed. The flower bed is the area closest to the trunk of the tree, while the outer part of the bench is a seating area. This is almost like two items in one, and if you don't have any plans to plant flowers in other areas of the garden, it's a great way to add some color.

Rounded iron bench

A round bench follows the shape of the tree trunk perfectly, giving a beautiful finish and looking almost like an extension of the tree rather than a piece of furniture which has interrupted the garden. Cast iron tree benches are popular, since iron is a sturdy material which is resistant to bad weather when outdoors. It may not be the most comfortable material for sitting on, however, so you can add both color and comfort to the area by adding some large cushions or throws.

Semi-circle (half a tree) bench

If you have a tree which is next to a fence or other obstacle which prevents you from positioning a bench all the way around the tree trunk, a good option to consider are semi-circle benches which only sit around half of the tree. These are also suitable for homes where there may only be one or two people or a large seating area isn't necessary. This design is available in various materials, including wood to fit in with the surrounding trees and nature, or cast iron for a sturdier and more durable bench.

Rock tree benches

For the ultimate natural look, why not choose a tree bench make from rocks? These can be made at home DIY style or bought externally. You can also customize the size of the individual seats or rocks depending on whether you have children and who will be using the area. Ensure they are carefully and securely positioned to prevent future accidents or mishaps.


Bench seat around tree

Add A Tree Bench - 150 Remarkable Projects and Ideas to Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

Diy tree bench plan

DIY Tree Bench - Plan

Bench around tree trunk

A clever idea if you want to set up a space for extra seating...or afternoon nap!

Diy tree bench

A simple, but creative idea for a garden bench which will let you have a rest in the shade of a tree. This solid wooden bench surrounds a tree and it can successfully serve as a picnic table or an extra seat.

Benches around trees

Wooden garden round sitting bench that beautifully surronds the tree. A use of a fountain to soften the noice of a busy streer or to create a pleasant background sound is a great additional option. It's easy to ass a water feature to the deck.

Build a tree bench

A charming DIY project that you will love if you have at least one tree in your garden. You can surround it with a simple wooden bench with a backrest to get a nice picnic spot. You can plant there some flowers as well to make it more decorative.

Tree bench

If there is a tree in your garden, you will love this idea. To create a nice place to sit or a picnic space you can surround the tree with a bench. The one in the picture is made of solid wood in a nice, light shade.

Tree storage bench mini hall tree storage bench rustic hall

... tree storage bench , mini hall tree storage bench , rustic hall tree

Tree seats wooden

Beautiful wrap around a tree bench! Who wouldn't want to sit here with a good book?

Circular green oak bench by cookson mcnally and straker

Circular green oak bench by Cookson, McNally and Straker

Tree ring bench

Round bench designed for outdoor use. Construction is made of wood. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Ideal as extra seating in the garden, park and more.

Wrap around tree bench

A garden bench is a good idea to create a lovely retreat. Garden benches can be made of wood, eg made of European cherry wood. Four benches can surround the tree around, creating asymmetrical construction - to stay there for hours.

Metal tree seat

BHG: Dont Forget Paint, a backyard wooden bench built around the base of a tree and "painted alternating shades of jungle green, chartreuse, and yellow-green." Sounds to me like a fun, family project for the weekend or short holiday!

Cctb series cedar half circle tree bench

CCTB Series Cedar Half Circle Tree Bench

Extra large tree bench

Extra Large Tree Bench

How to make a bench around a tree

How to Build a Tree Bench 396 Free Do It Yourself Backyard Project Plans Planning a backyard project? Here are some do-it-yourself plans and good advice that will help. You'll find free plans for planters, fences, gates, garden benches, dog houses, bird h

Curved fire pit bench 1

A great half-moon bench for outdoor use that can be a nice way to surround your fire pit with. Standing on iron legs, the bench holds an all-weather seat made of wood planks in a natural finish, making the whole durable, comfy and stylish.

Metal tree bench

35 Creative Backyard Designs Adding Interest to Landscaping Ideas #landscape ideas #creative

Garden seat around tree

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Tree bench ideas

Love the idea of having a center garden with a grass track around the outside Beautifully landscaping ideas and decor ..

Circular seat around tree

A pretty traditional hexagonal garden bench entirely crafted of wooden planks and blocks with a resistant colourful stained finish. It has sturdy straight square section legs and simple stretchers. Trapezoid seats are of length-varied planks.

A tree house a fort or secret hideout a simple

a tree house, a fort or secret hideout. A simple, ea... Hop on over for the "how to" tutorial at

Wrap around tree bench plans

Title Coalbrookdale Style Circular Tree Bench

How to create a turf seat around a tree imagine

How to create a turf seat around a tree. Imagine leaning against the tree and looking out over your own garden. Beautiful, green & soft!

Modern garden benches 24

35 Creative Backyard Designs Adding Interest to Landscaping Ideas

How to make a log bench

A great addition to complement the front of your beautiful cottage. Made of sturdy tree stumps and a thick, wooden plank, this heavy bench is very stable, extremely durable, and perfect for accentuating country decor.

Diy wood chair

The Wooden garden chair is a perfect combination of interesting details and solid construction. Ideal for playgrounds or other interiors. The whole looks great in different places on the court. Interesting combination of elements delights.

Tree bench 5

Tree Bench

Tree stump bench ideas

Creative Handmade Garden Decorations, 20 Recycling Ideas for Backyard Decorating

Wooden tree seat

18 Photos of the How to Build Tree Benches

Seating around a tree

Fallen tree bench.

Simple wood bench

A beautiful addition for gardens and backyards, even those smaller ones. This wooden bench is equipped with a deep seat and angled backrest, along with lattice side panels and overhead trellis train. Plant some green vines, and in a few months you will have your own oasis of peace, drowning in luscious greenery.

Around tree bench

Such a great and creative idea for a backyard playground for your kids. If you have plenty of spare free room in your garden, why not implement this? Very natural look, simplistic and amazing. What’s not to love?

Playground benches

A series of pine trees that lay in a slalom creating a lovely outer space. Ready to take in the bosom of the nature of children and parents - thanks to the constructed playground benches, connecting the trees with each other.

Garden swing bench wood

DIY Garden Swings • Lots of Ideas Tutorials!

Wooden tree seats

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If it was level under the maple tree i would

if it was level under the maple tree I would put this there...maybe under the redbud some day.

Tree trunk bench plans

A wonderful blue and white kitchen stylization. Dedicated mainly for the big space, because the checkered pattern optically lessens the room. Using white on the down cupboards add a warmth to this space.

How to make a tree bench

This upcycled DIY project constitutes an ingenuine option for garden stools. It uses simple tree trunks, painted with glow paint - instant party lighter in your garden or around your fire pit!

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Vernon Hall Tree, 78"Hx61"Wx15"D, POLAR WHITE

This kind of product is a high quality hall tree that includes a bench with a soft seat cushion. The bench has got a storage compartment and two drawers. This construction includes coat racks and upper shelves.

Tree benches outdoor

tree bench... maybe not this exact one but I like the idea of having a bench around the base of the tree maybe in stone or concrete?

Home inspirations garden bench cool round garden bench tree design

Home Inspirations > Garden Bench > Cool Round Garden Bench Tree Design