Hall Tree With Bench

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Sitting to put your shoes on is just one of many benefits a hall tree with a bench can bring you. Depending on the bench style, it can also give you somewhere to store shoes and jackets or a place to set your keys and purse. No matter how you use it, we have several types and styles to speed up your search for hall tree ideas.

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Updated 01/05/2023
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Best for coastal decor
Coastal style hall tree with bench and cubbies

Coastal style hall tree with bench and cubbies

Sand & Stable™

Perfect For: Seaside decor

What We Like: Rich color options

This hall tree is made of sturdy manufactured wood in various coastal-themed colors and features a classic design with clean lines. It measures 67” high and 40” wide making it a compact and functional addition to any entryway. The hall tree includes four double-pronged hooks for hanging jackets and bags, as well as an open storage compartment with six separate cubbies at the bottom for shoes, storage baskets, or other items.

$246.99 $464.99

Designer Advice:

To fit this hall tree into your existing decor, consider adding a cozy rug to the area, or a bench nearby with decorative pillows or a throw blanket for a comfortable seating area. The various finishes are perfect for coastal decors, giving you the option of adding seashell wall art or unique decorative garland to the space.

What Users Say:

It makes that space come together and it contributes towards neatness. We’re really happy with our purchase. 

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Best for creating custom spaces
Stunning two piece entryway hall tree with bench

Stunning two piece entryway hall tree with bench

17 Stories

Perfect For: Smaller spaces

What We Like: Two piece assembly

This hall tree is a functional and stylish addition to any entryway or mudroom in your home. Crafted from a combination of solid and manufactured wood, this two-piece set features a wide bench seat and seven hooks for hanging coats and bags on the upper cubby. The lower shoe storage area under the bench provides ample space for organizing footwear. Measuring at just under 32” wide, this hall tree is compact yet spacious enough to accommodate all your essentials.

$89.99 $123.99

Designer Advice:

In order to make this two-piece hall tree stand out, hang a statement mirror below the upper cubby of the hall tree to create the illusion of a larger entryway while providing a practical space for checking your appearance before heading out. You can also add a decorative bowl or tray to the bench to keep keys and mail handy.

What Users Say:

I bought 3 of these. I have 6 kids in school and this was just what we needed to keep everything organized. 

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Best for cozy entryways
Minimalist style hall tree with shoe storage

Minimalist style hall tree with shoe storage

Williston Forge

Perfect For: Simple and casual areas

What We Like: Plenty of hooks

The hall tree with shoe storage is a versatile piece made of sturdy manufactured wood and metal. Measuring 69” in height and just under 28” wide, this stylish and minimalist hall tree features a durable metal frame with an MDF wooden bench seat, nine coat hooks, and multiple shelves for shoe storage. Its minimalist simple design and natural color allow it to blend well with various existing decor styles, making it an excellent addition to any entryway.

$60.99 $75.99

Designer Advice:

Placing a decorative tray on the bench to hold small items like keys or sunglasses is a great way to add charm and versatility to this hall tree. Consider adding a mirror or vibrant wall art above the hall tree to create a focal point in the entryway too. You can also add decorative baskets on the shelves for additional organization.

What Users Say:

Love the wood color! Seems very sturdy and perfect size for what we were looking for. Very happy with this purchase!! 

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Two piece Custom Hall Tree

Two piece Custom Hall Tree

Kathy Ireland Home by Bush Furniture

This hall tree gives you a bench with low back support that prevents items from falling behind it. It features a top shelf for décor, front and side coat hooks, and two cabinet doors for a clean entryway look.

$417 $600

Designer Advice:

If you enjoy piecing your furniture and look together, you can get quite creative with hall trees that come in numerous pieces. These types of hall trees are great for working around windows and entrance mirrors. Add patterned toss pillows, cushions, or a blanket to the top of the bench for comfort and style.

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Extra Wide Hall Tree

Extra Wide Hall Tree

Kathy Ireland Home by Bush Furniture

The many hooks, shelves, and cabinets on this long hallway tree give you lots of space to hang and store items. Pick between ash brown, cape cod gray, and white ash hues.

$1012 $1700

Designer Advice:

The length of this hall tree with a bench is ideal for long and narrow or large hallways that lack coat closets. They work great in homes with large families because there is plenty of bench seating. Because it sits directly on the floor, it may appear too bulky to some people, though rustic and farmhouse styles adore it.

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Upholstered Hall Tree With Bench

Upholstered Hall Tree With Bench

Latitude Run®

Styled with a chevron fabric seat and back, this entryway hall tree is ultra-comfy to sit on. Four open cubby holes sit underneath the bench, and four silver hooks outline the top.

Designer Advice:

Modern and contemporary stylists love this fabric hall tree because it adds a cozy and welcoming vibe as soon as you walk through the door. Place it against a wall with a similar pattern. It may not be the best choice if you own cats, as they may mistake it for a scratching pole. 

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Entryway Hall Tree With Thin Frame

Entryway Hall Tree With Thin Frame

17 Stories

This hallway tree comes with two long mesh shelves for shoes and a mesh wire section with hooks for scarves. It has a rustic brown tone, nine coat hooks, and tip-over restraints.

$99.99 $156.99

Designer Advice:

Thin metals and woods are the materials for an industrial chic home. The open style of this hall tree leaves your entrance airier and saves space. One drawback to this hall tree with a bench is it can feel bland to some people; however, you can spruce it up with bright-colored coats and scarves.

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Corner style Hall Tree With Storage

Corner style Hall Tree With Storage

Sand & Stable™

Made of solid wood with a distressed finish, this hall tree comes with a panel back that complements Farmhouse styles. Dark double prong hooks contrast nicely against the white paint, and the drop-down cabinet door hides your shoes.

$399.99 $589

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Hall Tree With Storage Bench and Mirror

Hall Tree With Storage Bench and Mirror

Beachcrest Home™

This entryway hall tree lets you take one more glance at your face before leaving for work. It has crown molding around the top lip, coat hooks, and two weathered cabinet doors under the bench.

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Hallway Tree With Chalkboard

Hallway Tree With Chalkboard

Gracie Oaks

Leave a reminder or message by your front door on the chalkboard attached to this hall tree with a bench. Two open shelves sit under the bench, and the drop-down cabinet halfway up can hold your purse or wallet.

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Narrow Hall Tree With Bench

Narrow Hall Tree With Bench

Union Rustic

Perfect for small entrances, this wooden hall tree with storage gives you eight hooks to hang hats, jackets, and scarves. The bench is a one-seater, or you can use it to set your purse on.

$117.99 $165.99

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Hall Tree With Bench

Buying Guide

A hall tree is an item of furniture specifically designed for hanging and storing hats, coats, scarves, sweaters, rain gear and other clothing or accessories. Often placed in or near the entryway of a home, playschool or group of meeting rooms, it can store items belonging to home dwellers, guests or teachers and children.

Also called a “hat tree,” this attractive and versatile piece of furniture may include a bench, shelves, drawers, cupboards or storage bins. Wondering if you should get one? Read on.

You want the entrance area of your home, playschool or local community building with meeting rooms to be well-designed and free of clutter. In small or narrow entryways and vestibules, space is extremely limited, and adding large or bulky items of furniture is not possible. Although you may “make do” with the use of simple wall hooks and wall cabinets, the ideal item of furniture to meet these needs is a fashionable and functional “hall tree.”

  • In such limited spaces, you need compact and practical storage for daily outerwear and accessories.
  • When family and friends are arriving at your household for a holiday dinner, you need a handy coat rack and hat rack.
  • When parents bring their youngsters to your playschool or kindergarten each morning, they need convenient storage space for the kids' backpacks and sports gear.
  • In your home's entry hall or mudroom, you may also need room to store pet leashes and toys or sports gear.

There are special designs in bright, colorful hall trees for children. If you have small or growing children in your household, you may want a separate hall storage design for them to use. These delightful items of furniture will help your youngsters learn to hang up their coats and hats. Most models include ground-level cubbies for storing boots, shoes and school bags as well.

These outerwear storage designs for small children are often constructed with soft or padded vinyl or fabric exterior surfaces. This can prevent bumped heads, elbows and knees when the kids are in a hurry to hang up or retrieve their outerwear. Some children's hat tree designs are color-coded in bright true primary colors (red, yellow and blue) or secondary colors (green, orange and purple).

Each color designates a peg, hook, shelf or cubbie for storing different items. For your older children, the tertiary colors, or the colors created by mixing the primary and secondary hues, may be used. Kids of all ages, along with many teens and adults, like the use of strong, bright and cheerful colors in home furnishings that they use every day. Since entry hallways may have soft or limited lighting, a bright storage piece can also enliven the decor.

You want to select the ideal attractive and practical hallway storage piece design according to the interior decor in your home, playschool or community building. You can coordinate your charming new or vintage style hall storage piece with your entryway interior design and furnishings in the following ways:

  • Traditional Classic Decor

If your home displays the ornate beauty of older, traditional interior design, a classic Victorian style outerwear tree can be a perfect choice. Made of elaborately carved oak, cherry or maple wood, it will most likely include a bench-style seat with a cupboard beneath. Its tall back will display rows of stylish hanging hooks with a vintage mirror bordered by more ornate wood carvings. While adding elegance to your decor, it offers simple functionality.

  • Rustic Bohemian Style

If your home's interior has rustic bohemian style furnishings, you may choose a rough-hewn, rustic design of re-purposed wood for your entrance hall coat storage. Some charming models are made from old doors with sturdy wooden crates or boxes attached as benches. The rough, unfinished quality of the wood will highlight the bohemian elements of your interiors while providing sturdy, durable storage space with wrought iron hooks and pegs.

  • Farmhouse Design.

These hall trees are often tall and spacious with plenty of hooks for hanging outdoor clothing and gear. The top section is usually devoted to large, open shelving, and the long bench at the bottom has deep storage bins below. Often constructed of distressed timber, these designs are practical and handsome furnishings for your front, side or back home entrance ways. You can order one or more pieces in either unfinished or painted wood to mix or match with your existing homey design mode.

  • Ultra-Chic Elegant Style

This high-fashion hat and coat tree style is often tall and slender. It offers a glamorous element to your home's entryway while providing good storage space for outerwear. If you like soft, stylish shapes and lines in furniture made of beautifully finished cherry, oak, hickory or ash, this may be your ideal selection. If it suits your taste and desire, you can order a custom design with an Art Deco mirror and a velvet-cushioned seat with brass-handled drawers beneath.

  • Modern Minimalist Decor

To emphasize and enliven this sleek, simplistic style of home design, a streamlined tall or wide outerwear tree can be a charming choice. Whether your favorite is produced in smooth, sophisticated stainless steel or enamel-painted aluminum in a matte or glowing finish, it will offer cool beauty and allure. Your entryway interior with stone tile flooring and slender brass pendant lamps will come alive with ultimate contemporary fashion and flair while you benefit from the use of plenty of coat, hat and scarf hooks, cabinets and shelves.

Your entryway hall tree with storage bench should be as long as it can be in your space with room to spare around the sides. Start by measuring your space. Narrow your search only to benches that are shorter than that length. For a good rule of thumb, consider that most hall trees range from 72 to 84 inches in length. The longer ones tend to have storage cubbies above, and the shorter ones tend to have coat hooks for vertical storage.

You can easily style an entry hall with a storage bench to add a decorative element as well as a functional one. Entryways are known as collection spots for shoes, discarded jackets, and various other items. They are also the first area a guest sees upon entering your home, so you’ll want to create a welcoming style here.

Storage benches come in various sizes and styles, so you’ll have several to choose from to fit your decor and intended use. An entryway hall tree with storage bench has a high back to allow for hanging items and often comes with open or closed shelves above for more storage.

For those that are just benches with storage underneath, you can add a shelf, wall hangers, or artwork in the bare space above to create a beautiful entryway.

Match the design style of your storage bench with your home’s decor and always keep it organized. Also, make sure it doesn't overwhelm or block your entry hall in any way. Balance its shape and size with the space you have available.

Shoe benches come in a few different types of materials. Below we'll cover which work best in different spaces.


The most common material you'll find in a shoe storage bench is wood. It's a sturdy material that holds weight, making it a good option for a bench design. Choose wood if you want a basic piece that can fit into almost any home style.

Wooden benches work best with rustic, mid-Century modern, vintage, French-country and cottage styles. Woodgrain finish will add unpretentious and organic warmth to any of the above styles, but you're not limited to these.

Choose wood with white coating if you have a light contemporary color scheme and a solid painted neutral color like brown or tan for timeless and transitional homes.


Another type of material you'll find in a shoe storage bench is metal. Metal benches are great in industrial, modern or minimalistic homes. Often, these have a metal frame that features a certain design, such as a bronzed appearance or black finish.

A combination of metal and wood is also a popular choice that perfectly emphasises the beauty of sleek interiors. For a touch of elegance, choose a metal frame topped with a leather upholstered seat.


You can also find storage benches lined with fabric. Sometimes the whole bench is lined in a fabric style or it's just topped with a fabric cushion. Fabric benches look best when you are attempting to match furniture or want a timeless transitional style. Velvet is a popular fabric option and will add an elegant touch to your space, whereas vinyl or leather are easiest to clean and this option may be a great choice for a family with young children.


Wicker baskets are also a common material you can find as part of a shoe storage bench. These often sit in a cubby under the seating area and slide out. Wicker baskets look great in rustic or classic homes. Benches made entirely of wicker are the perfect choice for coastal style homes.

You might be surprised to learn that shoe storage benches can get quite creative in how they allow you to store shoes. Below we'll look at some of the most common organizational styles to choose from and in what situations they work best.

  • Cubbies: One of the most common styles you'll see is the cubby system. Almost always open on the front, these tend to have smaller individual compartments to store pairs of shoes. Choose this design if you like the idea of separating shoes from each other, when you have smaller pairs of shoes and want them easily accessible.
  • Shelves: Another very common style you'll see is the shelf system. Often, these shelves have different heights. Choose this type if you have tall boots or heels to store.
  • Lid: Sometimes a shoe storage bench opens to reveal space to store shoes, often in a cubby system. Choose this option if you have a very sleek home style and want the shoes completely hidden. Just remember that it's one of the least convenient options to access your shoes.
  • It's best to look for benches with built-in removable dividers. These create multiple slots for your shoes, and if you remove them, you end up with a great bedroom chest for storing blankets or extra bedding.
  • Fold-out: These have a type of compartment that folds up and down to reveal shelves where you place the shoes. This is another type you should choose if you want the shoes hidden when not in use, but you want the organizational ease of a fold-down system where you can easily view the shoes.
  • Bins: Another way to hide shoes for sleeker home styles is the bin system. The bins slide out if you need to grab shoes. Getting a style with larger bins can be good for storing larger shoes, like boot styles. 

Best Ideas

Entryway storage hall tree

A perfect solution for an entryway. It's a storage cabinet with a bench where you can comfortably put your shoes on. There is also a board with racks for jackets and several shelves and drawers for storing things.

Bedford Entryway Hall Tree

Bedford Entryway Hall Tree

This Entryway Hall Tree in White Finish is crafted from manufactured wood with poplar wood solids, strengthened by metal hardware. Includes a raised panel design, 2 top open storage compartments, safety hinges, lift-top storage bench, and 4 double hooks.

Entryway hall tree bench 1

Hall tree bench in Victorian style. Construction is made of wood. Includes rectangular mirror, bench and drawer on the base. Perfect solution for the hallway, lobby and more.

Entryway hall tree with storage bench

Freshen up your foyer with this storage, entryway hall tree with storage bench. Wood perfectly adapts to rustic style,shaded-in white color.Under the bench there are three equal shelves, ideal for storing shoes.At the very top,there is space for winter hats.

Entryway storage hall tree 4

Storage hall tree for entryway applications. This wooden bench features a soft seat cushion and spacious storage drawers and compartments. Its upper part includes hooks for hats or coats and storage shelves.

Metal entryway storage bench with coat rack

A great solution for entryways or foyers, as we should say, when dealing with this French, country-style storage bench. Offers a stylish storage space for the piles of shoes, jackets, umbrellas, backpacks etc.

Cherry Entryway Hall Tree with Mirror Coat Hooks and Storage Bench

If you have enough space in your entryway and want a beautiful, stand-out storage bench with coat hooks and a mirror, this would be an excellent choice. The suite comes in a warm classic cherry finish that will win anyone over and it really provides a lot of extra space and storage room.

Entryway hall tree with storage bench

Hall Trees : Find Hall Stands, Coat Racks and Coat Tree Designs Online

Mahogany Hall Tree- Oversized Item, Cannot Be Shipped With RUSH delivery

It is a hall tree that is perfect for your coats, hats, bags and shoes. It has got a solid mahogany construction and traditional design that fits perfectly to any style and décor. You need to have it.

Hall stand with bench

French Country Hall Tree with Storage Bench

Mini hall tree with storage bench

Reducing Clutter with Style; Storage Tips | Team Webster Homes

Ogden Entryway Hall Tree

Great, capacious entryway bench with large storage compartment under full-lift lid, integrated with hall tree featuring three coat hacks. Made of solid wood with protective veneer and quipped with durable, genuine metal hardware.

Kings Brand Black Metal Entryway Hallway Storage Rack Bench & 12 Hooks

This entryway storage rack bench is made with metal-framed construction and decorative textured in black finish. Its PVC cushion seat, 12 hooks for hanging your thing makes it very useful for everyday needs.

Entryway hall tree with storage bench 5

This is a beautiful entry hall storage unit with a storage bench. It could work in a mudroom but also a foyer.r

Amish hall tree with storage bench entryway coat trees 3

Amish Hall Tree With Storage Bench Entryway Coat Trees

Entry hallway hall tree bench coat hat shoe rack storage

Entry Hallway Hall Tree Bench Coat Hat Shoe Rack Storage New

Mini hall trees

SEI TRISTAN HALL TREE ENTRY BENCH // // kings brand black metal cornter entryway hallway rack with bench & 6 hooks

Entryway hall tree storage bench

Get rid of the clutter and mess in jackets, scarves and gloves - and make a good arrangement of the entry hall. White wooden building - etryway hall tree, has necessary hangers, benches and many storage place - drawers and secret white lockers.

Taos Entryway Storage Rack Hall Tree

Taos Entryway Storage Rack Hall Tree

It is very practical and very chic at the same time a hanger that will fit into the corridor. It has space for shoes and hangers to accommodate jackets and coats. Decoration with metalwork makes it very nice.

Simple Rustic Country Style Hall Tree. Accent Your Home with Natural Wood Entryway Furniture. This Bench Hall Tree Coat Rack Makes an Ideal Entryway Organizer

This minimalist and simple country style bench hall tree is a perfect item into any interiors. Comfortable bench, set of hooks and huge storage place makes it very functional furniture, great for your home. Made with natural wood.

Entryway hall tree with storage bench 15

Two Espresso Space Saving Entryway Coat Organizers with Series 9 Cubbie Storage Bench by Prepac

White ogden entryway hall tree storage bench 1

white ogden entryway hall tree/storage bench

Hall tree with shoe cubbies

A simple, yet lovely arrangement of the entryway. It features a bench with storage space for shoes or you can fill it with baskets and a rack for coats with an open shelf. Pure white color of the set creates a rustic feel.

White hall tree storage bench

Cool hallway tree with storage bench. Hang a coat, have a seat, hide the hats and gloves - do it all with 70” tall hall tree with 3 seagrass basket drawers. This versatile piece combines cushioned seating with open-basket and hanging storage options.