Tree Coat Stand

Instead of the more traditional coat stand , have you ever considered a tree coat stand ? These fantastic items that will look very smashing in your foyer are perfect for multiple guests who all need to hang their coats but won't be staying long enough to put the coats in a coat closet. Also great for you if you leave the house when raining or snowing so you don't have to hunt for your coat.

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Annex Coat Stand

Annex Coat Stand
Featuring a round weighted base and a simplified stem, this freestanding metal coat rack brings a touch of contemporary chic to your foyer with its streamlined design sleek black finish. This coat hanger is stylised on little tree.

Coat Stand

Coat Stand
Very useful and necessary piece of furniture which will work into small interiors and provide a storage space for coats. It is made of strong and durable cheery wood in high gloss finish and has a decorative carves.

Tree-Shaped Hat & Coat Rack

Tree-Shaped Hat & Coat Rack
A contemporary styled coat rack with steady four-feeted base and tree-shaped design. It is constructed of wood composite of medium density and a melamine laminate. Its black finish suits any color scheme.

Tree coat stand

Coat rack made of wood. It has 6 hooks in various sizes. Handy gadget for each home. Traditional form and contemporary design.

Tree coat stand 1

A novelty tree coat rack that many nature lovers would readily die for! Simple tree inspired form brings something from outdoors inside. Big enough to hang coats and clothing accessories, such as hats or you name it.

Tree coat stand

This tree hanger coat stands - enchant with their vibrant colors and charming design, constituting an ideal proposition for your indoor or outdoor space. Lots of branches and hanging capacity for all those wee things kids love to accumulate!

Flat pack minimalist coat racks

Flat-Pack Minimalist Coat Racks

Our advice Buying Guide

Are tree coat stands appropriate for heavy garments?

If you are considering getting a coat rack, you're probably wondering, are tree coat stands appropriate for heavy garments? The reality is that there is no right or wrong answer to this question.

However, common sense would dictate that if you are hanging up heavy garments and your stand becomes lopsided or, worse, topples over; then it basically cannot handle the weight of heavy garments.

However, coat racks, whether tree or bench-style, are great ways to organize coats, hats, and other items that usually get dumped at the doorway.

So even if you're not using it for extremely heavy clothes, at the least, it can be used to hang up your coats, hats, and other items that you need to grab in a hurry. It also gives your space a uniform and orderly layout.

What materials are best for a tree coat stand?

The best material for a tree coat stand is, of course… wood! Not only is it a great choice for coat stands in general (it’s durable, versatile, and reliable), but it will add to the natural feel of your tree design.

However, for a more contemporary or minimalist take on the traditional tree coat stand shape, you can always find metal or plastic models, too.

How tall are tree coat stands?

The average height of a tree coat stand is around 5½ feet. This is the perfect height for keeping coats of all lengths, even floor-length jackets, in a position where they don’t drag on the ground. It’s essential to select a coat stand that keeps your longest garments clear of the floor to prevent them from picking up dust or dirt.

A height of 5½ feet is also common because it allows people to easily reach and access their belongings, even if they are on the shorter side. You can also find tree coat stands that are smaller or taller to suit your unique needs. For example, a coat tree for a daycare center or home with many children will benefit from a kids’ size coat tree that is roughly 3 feet tall. You can also buy adjustable coat tree stands that can grow with your kids over the years.


Diy coat stand

We are all probably kind of used to tree coat stands, but this minimalist, nature-inspired wooden rack characterized by free standing design offers something more than mere accommodating coats and racks. Scandinavians nail the style as always...

Diy coat rack stand

Wall mounted tree - coat stand!

Muji coat tree

Based on the concept of how you can interact with your natural surroundings this tree coat stand will look stunning in any modern-styled household, ensuring that you can just sit back and enjoy the organized interior.

Kids hat stand

Barnwood Free Standing Coat Rack - 4 Hook - Item # CR02311 - 67"H x 24"D x 24"W - 17 Standard & 1000 Custom Color Options - Made From Salvaged Barnwood

Tree shaped coat stand

Natural looking and very solid wooden coat stand in the form of tree. It features a round stable base in black color. Its branches provide plenty of space for coats, hats and many other types of clothes.

Wooden tree coat stand

greek designer yiannis ghikas has created the tri-foot coat hanger 'game of trust'

An interior tree to hang your coat on

An Interior Tree To Hang Your Coat On

Tree Coat Rack

Tree Coat Rack

Coat rack that looks like a tree

Tree Coat Stand by Elk

Perfection in a coat rack i am so pleased that

Perfection in a coat rack. I am so pleased that someone made this.

Wooden hat and coat stand

Stylized from nature in rich walnut veneer, this is the coat stand you will not want people to cover up with their coats.

Walnut coat stand

Minimal Coat Stand

Tree coat stand 9

Mario Mazzer Tree Coat Stand

Tree coat stand 7

Magis Paradise Tree Coat Stand

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Birch tree coat stand painted to look like birch

Birch tree coat stand, PAINTED to look like birch.

Clothes hanger tree

Twiggy | Koskela <- want this coat rack but can't see where to order