Chinese Umbrella Stand


Have you lived somewhere that rains a lot then having an umbrella stand is just not only common sense but common courtesy? Everyone who enters your home will have an umbrella and they need somewhere to put it for it to drain and dry. And our Chinese umbrella stands will do this with function and form that is both beautiful and elegant. Take a look at this collection for more.

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Chinese Porcelain Umbrella Stand

Chinese Porcelain Umbrella Stand

Tall Chinese porcelain vase or umbrella stand. With tons of details depicting traditional Asian ornaments and scenes. Beautiful. Could have one. A hint of orient in a contemporary entryway. Plus a handy function.

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24 5 In High Blue White Floral Porcelain Umbrella Stand Bw Umbr Bwfl

24 5 In High Blue White Floral Porcelain Umbrella Stand Bw Umbr Bwfl

If you are a fan of oriental decorations, this umbrella stand will be excellent choice. This Chinese product has got the traditional blue and white ornaments on the structure. The porcelain construction is heavy and solid.

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Ceramic Umbrella Stand

Ceramic Umbrella Stand

Designed by Chinese artisans, this oriental umbrella stand is made of ceramic with attention to details. Its tapered silhouette boasts with grace and elegance, embellished with white and navy blue floral pattern.

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Asian umbrella stand

Practical umbrella stand in red color that represents attractive Chinese stylization. It includes attractive and decorative accents that look like Chinese dragons. This practical stand also plays a decorative role.

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Chinese stand

This antique cylindrical umbrella stand is made from high-quality ceramics with its body adorned with paintings of colorful birds on a tree. Around the edges of the umbrella stand are geometrically placed floral and abstract motif patterns. Apart from being used as an umbrella stand, it can be used as an aesthetic work of art in your house.

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Chinese antique blue white porcelain umbrella stand 19 vase nice

Chinese antique blue white porcelain umbrella stand 19 vase nice

Porcelain in its most magnificent form appeared in the Song Dynasty between the 10th and 13th centuries. The most characteristic hand-painted pattern is the blue customary scenes from the Chinese villages also visible in this Chinese umbrella stand.

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Chinese dragon umbrella stand

Chinese dragon umbrella stand

A gorgeous accessory for indoors that will drown your room in oriental flair. Hand made by talented Chinese artisans, the umbrella stand boasts of a fine Dragon design and flawless hand-painting.

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Antique chinese fish ceramic porcelain umbrella stand holder vase large

Antique Chinese FISH Ceramic Porcelain Umbrella Stand Holder Vase Large 24.75"

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Flower Blossom Umbrella Stand

Flower Blossom Umbrella Stand

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Exquisite porcelain umbrella stand with hand painted oriental designs from

Exquisite Porcelain Umbrella Stand with Hand Painted Oriental Designs | From a unique collection of antique and modern umbrella stands at

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Chinese oriental porcelain handpainted umbrella stand

Chinese Oriental Porcelain Handpainted Umbrella Stand

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RARE! Antique Chinese Rose Medallion Porcelain Bamboo Design Umbrella Cane Stand

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Add a touch of China to your home with this stylish umbrella stand Decorative accessory crafted by skilled Chinese artisans Truly unique accent piece will complement any

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Antique Oriental Chinese ? Japanese ? Porcelain Floor Vase or Umbrella Stand

7254 chinese blue and white umbrella stand

7254: Chinese Blue and White Umbrella Stand

Vintage umbrella stand

Stylish Chinese umbrella stand makes for a captivating welcome accent at your entryway. Antique cream background lets the original oriental pattern flourish. This unique ceramic stand is tall and round.

Oriental umbrella stand 6

Multi-color umbrella stand that brings a touch of oriental stylization into the house. This durable construction not only decorates indoors, but it also provides storage space and protection for umbrellas.

Oriental umbrella stand 16

Umbrella stand for users who love Japanese oriental stylization. It includes a multi-color Japanese theme on a stylish green background. Durable construction is stable and provides space for a few umbrellas.

Oriental furniture rose medallion porcelain umbrella stand

Oriental furniture rose medallion porcelain umbrella stand

Umbrella stand in oriental style. It is made of high quality porcelain and decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. Elegant accent for any interior according to taste and need. Received a lot of top ratings from customers.

Chinese celadon porcelain hexagonal umbrella stand

Chinese Celadon Porcelain Hexagonal Umbrella Stand ...

Ceramic umbrella stand in chinese rose medallion

Ceramic Umbrella Stand in Chinese rose medallion ...