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Valet stands may not seem like something you should have in the home but they do come in handy in many walks of life. Perhaps you're throwing a dinner party for many guests and wish to offer them valet parking. Having a valet stand will be the first thing that they see setting the tone for their perception of what the evening will look like. Take a look at our collection of valet stands and see what we mean.

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Updated 09/09/2022
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Antique Valet Stand With Storage

Antique Valet Stand With Storage

Set out your clothes every night on this handcrafted solid wood antique valet stand. This vintage valet stand is just over 46 inches tall and contains a sculptured wood hanger and an additional bar for clothes. There are also two drawers and a shelf featuring antique brass hardware. 

Designer Advice:

If you’re someone who likes to keep their clothing and accessories organized to make getting dressed in the morning a quick task, this antique valet stand could be for you. Due to the traditional handcrafted design, this vintage valet stand adds both a sense of purpose and warmth to any bedroom, bathroom, or dressing area. 

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Cherry Wood Vintage Valet Stand

Cherry Wood Vintage Valet Stand

Crafted out of solid wood, this 42-inch vintage valet stand sits on curved legs with two hand-carved posts that contain a shoulder-formed hanger that’s ideal for any jacket. Below that sits a pants bar which works well to hang dress pants on. 

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Antique Valet Stand With Mirror

Antique Valet Stand With Mirror

Made of solid wood in chic black, this antique valet stand is sleek in its construction as it sits on two flat legs with wood slatting between. The body features a curved and raised hanger bar, a metal pants bar, as well as a round face mirror to check everything out. 

Designer Advice:

Make getting dressed every day a total breeze with this black 46-inch vintage valet stand. You can set out your shirt, jacket, or even a dress on the shoulder-formed hanger and use the bar for pants or skirts. There’s even a top shelf portion where you can set your jewellery or any other accessories for easy dressing. 

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Black Metal Vintage Valet Stand

Black Metal Vintage Valet Stand

Also available in chrome and white, this black metal antique valet stand contains a curved top portion where you can hang jackets or tops. There are four vertical pants bars across the body and a small accessory portion where you can keep your watch or other accessories. 

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Antique Valet Stand

Buying Guide

Filled with character and with many uses too, a brass valet stand can add a lot of elegance to your bedroom or wardrobe. Use them to hang your coat or tuxedo, ensuring they maintain a neat and proper shape after a wash or before an important event. When choosing a brass valet stand, there are many things that you should take into consideration. Let's consider some important points before you start spending any money.

One of the first things that come to mind is the height of a brass valet stand. A standard valet stand is normally around five feet tall, although shorter stands at three or four feet tall are also available. If you only intend to use the brass valet stand to hang a short jacket or coat, a shorter version will be suitable. However, if you have longer coats or dresses to hang up, it's always better to opt for the taller stand.

As well as considering the height of the stand, you should also think about the number of hangers you want. You shouldn't opt for too many hangers since this can cause the stand to look crowded and be less useful. Too few hangers could mean that you end up thinking about buying a second valet stand.

In order to choose the optimum number of hangers, you should think about your own individual requirements. The answer will vary from one person to the next. If you regularly find yourself having to hang your blazers for work or occasions, it could be worth buying a stand which has 4-5 hangers. If you only use it occasionally for a couple of items or one specific item, then buy a stand with just 1-2 hangers.

As well as the main hangers of the stand, there are many brass valet stands which have some extra features. You should explore these when shopping for the best brass valet stand for you since you could discover features which will be useful to you. Here are some of the most popular special features:

  • Mirror: A very useful addition to any brass stand is a mirror. This is positioned at the top of the stand and is ideal for checking yourself over before leaving the house. It is around 8-12 inches wide and most normally square or circular in shape.
  • Shoe rack: At the opposite end of the valet stand to a mirror, a shoe rack is a useful place to put your best pair of shoes. If you are keeping the valet stand specifically for special occasions and your best outfits, you can hang your clothes and store your shoes all in the same place.
  • Extra brass beam: In addition to one or two main hangers across the main vertical post of the stand, you may also find extra brass beams on which you can hang many other items of clothing.

Best Ideas

Cool brass section modern valet stand

Cool brass section modern valet stand

Boasting of its slender silhouette and timeless elegance, this fabulous valet stand can be a beautiful and practical embellishment for contemporary interiors. It's made of durable brass and highly-polished, standing on arched legs for balance.

Mid century brass clothing stand valet

Mid century brass clothing stand valet

An amazing addition for entryways, foyers, hallways, and offices. This mid-century valet stand is made of premium brass and topped with a matching ball finial. The whole structure rests on 3-legged base with a wide spread.

Vintage Mid Century Modern Eames Era Brass Valet Butler Suit Stand

Vintage Mid Century Modern Eames Era Brass Valet Butler Suit Stand

Made from antique brass, this butler suit stand constitutes a great example of the refined classic design. Its solid metal construction stands on three legs, whimsically uplifted.

Solid Brass Valet Stand

Solid Brass Valet Stand

This hanger is a combination of the best features of this type of equipment and supplies. Besides, it is very practical and extremely useful, is also very smart and pretty. Not only it is used, but also decorates the place where it is.

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