Kids Gym Equipment

If the kiddos love a jungle gym, but it's too hot or too cold outside for them to safely play, then this indoor kids gym equipment is the answer. Safe, easy to install, and with so many different activities, an indoor kids gym will give them hours of fun and healthy options, allowing their imaginations to run wild. View the collection for all the choices available in kids gym equipment.

Best Products

McKinley Swing Set

McKinley Swing Set
Ready to get the kids into the backyard? This freestanding kids treehouse with swing set slide is the perfect outdoor gym equipment to get them moving and entertained for hours. With its natural, durable wood finish, there is no need for big trees- just set up and go!

Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center

Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center
Nothing beats the classic monkey bars- except for a freestanding geometric climbing dome! Get the kids moving with this unique piece of gym equipment. Low maintenance, heavy duty steel, and easy to set up, kids gym equipment is the ultimate choice for hours of entertainment.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids - Ninja Slackline 50' with 10 Accessories for Kids, Includes Swing, Obstacle Net Plus Grip Tape - Have Fun, Keep Fit and Become a Ninja Warrior - Swing Strap

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids - Ninja Slackline 50' with 10 Accessories for Kids, Includes Swing, Obstacle Net Plus Grip Tape - Have Fun, Keep Fit and Become a Ninja Warrior - Swing Strap
Everybody has watched Ninja Warrior on TV and considered trying it out- and now this high quality gym equipment set means your kids get to give it a go from the comfort of your own home! Create an obstacle course with this colorful, durable and adjustable gymnastics set.

Interlocking Foam Playmat

Interlocking Foam Playmat
Brighten up any nursery or playroom with these colorful interlocking foam play mats. They are the perfect addition for kids gymnastic equipment, and add a layer of safety and joy for your children. Lightweight, non-toxic and waterproof make thes the only choice.

Gymnastic Wall Kids Sports Equipment Home Fitness Jungle Gym Climbing Tower

Gymnastic Wall Kids Sports Equipment Home Fitness Jungle Gym Climbing Tower
Home sports equipment for kids rooms. These gym accessories are made of durable materials that are resistant to wear. They are safe in use for children. Multiple colors improve interior aesthetic value.

Snake Climbing Peg Board Gym Peg Board Crossfit Peg Board By Bwtg

Snake Climbing Peg Board Gym Peg Board Crossfit Peg Board By Bwtg
Climbing wall designed for kids. It is made of wood and fitted with screw holes for easy mounting on the wall. Recommended for older kids.

Diy indoor jungle gym

Check out this amazing kid’s gym equipment. It has plenty of different installations, like ladders, curves for climbing, and even a basket for the basketball! With such a complete exercise set, your kid is sure to become a famous sportsman one day!

Our advice Buying Guide

Taking good care of our bodies is something that everyone should do, and that includes our kids. Of course, the right equipment can significantly help in providing more results with lesser effort. You probably know this, and that's why you are shopping for gym equipment for kids.

It only takes one peek at what's available in the market to realize that there are plenty of varieties, types, and styles of kids' gym equipment. In fact, it's easy to get confused. To help you shop for the right kind for your youngsters, this article is going to be a buying guide on children’s gym equipment.

What types of gym equipment for kids are there?

While kids' gym equipment comes in a lot of assortments, your choices can be categorized into cardio and strength equipment.

  • Cardio equipment is primarily designed to raise your kid's heart rate. The way it achieves this is through repetitive and continuous physical activity; which is why cardio machines for kids include stationary bicycle, stair-steppers, and treadmills. Because of the nature of the exercise, cardio machines also help in burning fat and calories.
  • Strength equipment is mainly for building muscle strength. This is achieved by tension, external weight or harnessing gravity. Some of the most common strength equipment for kids are hand weights, ankle weights, and resistance bands.

To have a more balanced kids gym equipment, it's highly advisable that you have at least one cardio equipment and one strength equipment.

What to consider when shopping for kids' gym equipment?


Kids gym equipment comes in varying degrees of functionality. Some can hit a lot of different muscles groups, while some are designed to target a single section. As a rule of thumb, the more functionality it offers, the better. This means that you should always go for a versatile machine that can help your kids do plenty of workouts. On the downside, the more functionality the equipment has, the costlier it gets. As a result, the best equipment may be the one that can offer the most functionality as the budget allows.


Another thing that you need to consider is the space. To begin with, it's better to allocate a specific space for the gym equipment before doing any shopping.

Once you have an allocated space, you need to do some measuring. You'd want to know the width, length, and depth of the allotted space. When you start shopping, be mindful of the dimensions of the equipment. Since most equipment can be "collapsed" for easy storage, focus more on the product’s "unfolded" dimensions.

If you have plans of placing more than one equipment in the allocated area, be mindful of the clearance. It's better to have fewer but versatile equipment rather than buying a handful that will make the space resemble an obstacle course.

The trick to finding the right gym equipment for kids is knowing how to refine your options. You can start with the key points we mentioned above. If you are still left with plenty of choices, you can then add more filters. One good filter is by asking the preference of your kids. After all, they'll be the ones who will be using it.


Kids gym equipment

If you want to keep your kids healthy and active, you may want to check this indoor gym equipment. The set uses a very durable, tubular metal frame with rope swings and rope ladders, giving your little ones a splendid place for exercise and fun.

Kids crossfit equipment

Original kids gym equipment. If you have children, this miniature playground (which can be used both indoor and outdoor) is must-have in your home. This climbing system is made of plastic, oak wood and colorful ropes.

Kids gym equipment

This colorful, durable and well-adapted kids gym is an excellent way to develop a baby's play area at home and only. Robust wood construction and numerous details perfect for game create a sensational whole.

Diy gymnastics equipment

Wooden set designed for garden workout freaks. With this simple but efficient set, you can change your garden into the gym. You will be able to climb a wall and use ropes and bars to pull up, and train your muscles!

Kids home gym

A great addition for elementary schools and large mansions, this gym equipment is going to help your children to stay healthy and aactive. It's consisted of various attractions that will give you kids and their peers a whole lot of crazy fun.

Gym equipment for kids

A cool modern functional indoor gym set for up to 100-kg children. It consists of an upright ladder, a horizontal bar, a climbing rope, a rope ladder and gym rings. Its floor and ceiling-mounted frame is made of blue and yellow coated metal.

Baby gym accessories

Spacious and funky setup for a large indoor play area for children, fitted with an abundance of toys and entertainers for kids. The room even has its own large plastic ball pool, bound to provide a lot of fun for kids.

Kids gym equipment 1

If you want to open new gym or gymnastic space, especially for children - you should take look of this full of colors toddler fitness equipment. Everything made in safe forms and materials. Trampoline, channel bar, tumble trak - whatever you need.

Homemade gym equipment for kids

A great addition for large playrooms, kindergartens and elementary schools. This colorful structure has everything your child needs to have a lot of wild fun. There's a secured staircase with softly-padded steps, monkey bars, a traditional double slide, and a tubular slide, as well.

Soft Play Forms

Make your own gymnastics equipment

Every young athlete will be delighted by this colorful weight bench. Kids gym equipment will bring a lot of fun and will help to take care of the form, and also it is reliable, safe and very versatile.

Indoor home jungle gym

A perfect set to train young gymnastics champions. This tumbling casting kipping mat comes from Tumbl Trak, specializing in providing professional gymnastics, cheerleading and dance equipment.

Crossfit kids equipment

Movement in the lives of children is the most important factor in their development. Allow yourself instead of new toys to buy such gymnastic kids gym equipment for children, with all security, green and yellow color.

Diy outdoor gym equipment

Surprise your children with some crazy fun by presenting to them this impressive gym equipment for outdoors. The ripple slides are mounted very firmly and surrounded by two vertical mesh screen enclosure for proper safety.

Home kids gym

Creative and interesting approach to a DIY project for a children’s playroom – a large indoor jungle gym, made out of birch wood with an unpainted, rough finish with a couple of mat puzzles on the bottom to make the floor soft.

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Offer Active Since: 11 Mar, 2013

Homemade gymnastics equipment

This fantastic playground is a great place for children. Beautiful wooden construction includes many solutions such as slide, swings or tree house, which will make the kids fun. Great set to the garden.

Gym equipment for kids 1

Elite Kids Gym: Inline Circuit

Homemade crossfit equipment

A fantastic gym equipment for your child, that you can set in the playroom for a wild fun and exercising. The frame is made of tubular metal and it's height adjustable, so your child will have no troubles reching the horizontal bar. There's also a rectangle mattress for absorbing the falls.

Diy outdoor fitness equipment

Create the playground space for your kids, with the wooden, solid and nicely finished kids gym equipment. It includes: four climbing frames, one climbing boards, various benches, fence, sandpit and two blackboards.

Diy crossfit equipment

Build an indoor jungle gym for your kids and all family. It has got a solid wooden construction for climbing and change the bed. Everyone will be impressed how cool this product is.

Fun and Fitness Kids Treadmill

Fun and Fitness Kids Treadmill

Spider wall indoor playground set 2

Spider-Wall Indoor Playground Set

Home gym for kids

Transform your home into a playroom for your little ones, using this quality gym equipment. It hangs low enough for your child to be able to reach it, and it's properly secured and durable, so it's safe, long lasting, and brings a ton of fun.

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Gym equipment for kids

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Kids exercise equipment 23

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Toddler sports equipment

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