Decorative Wall Mount Mailboxes

Whether to collect incoming mail coming into your home, or to organize mail and other paperwork already within, a decorative, wall mounted mailbox can be just the right touch to keep you on top of things. Add a decorative splash of color and design or go with a simple aesthetic and enjoy knowing exactly where your mail and important in coming or outgoing papers are without taking up tablespace. Check into the collection bellow to find the right mailbox for your everyday needs.

Best Products

Copper verde patina indoor outdoor wall

Copper verde patina indoor outdoor wall
Mount this unique and extraordinary mail box on your wall and enjoy the decorative accent. It's a handmade item, with paint and metal structure, and it measures 10" high 8.5" wide 4"deep.

Starfish Wall Mount Mailboxseashell

Starfish Wall Mount Mailboxseashell
This starfish wall mounted mailbox will be a great way to accent your love to the coastal style of decor. An absolutely adorable, handmade item, perfect for all summer houses.

Floral Horizontal Wall Mounted Mailbox

Floral Horizontal Wall Mounted Mailbox
A horizontal wall mounted mailbox with flower motifs, deeply embossed on the front. Made of aluminium in black finish. Rust free. Paper holder included. Lovely and sturdy mailbox and also more decorative than traditional ones.

Vintage wall mount cast iron mailbox

Vintage wall mount cast iron mailbox
If you are looking for a more original piece to be your household mailbox then this piece will surely do the trick with its stunning cast iron structure of just the highest durability. It can be hung on the wall for more convenience.

Special Lite Products Hummingbird Horizontal Wall Mounted Mailbox

Special Lite Products Hummingbird Horizontal Wall Mounted Mailbox
The beautiful and beautifully finished mailbox mount is a perfect combination of solid iron construction and functionality. The charming details and additional newspaper holder add all practical dimension.

Special Lite Products Hummingbird Horizontal Wall Mounted Mailbox

Special Lite Products Hummingbird Horizontal Wall Mounted Mailbox
A very functional and stylish mailbox designed for wall mounting. This durable product is made of premium-class aluminum that is resistant to wear, but not very heavy. This construction includes paper scrolls.

Hand painted mailbox with yellow

Hand painted mailbox with yellow
Vincent Van Gogh would be delighted with such a decorative wall mount mailbox, remembering his famous "Sunflowers". If painting, these yellow sunny flowers are not alien to you, here is a white mailbox just for you.

Our advice Buying Guide

What types of decorative wall-mount mailboxes are there?

There's a myriad of decorative wall-mount mailboxes available out there, including hand-painted designs of famous artists, starfish mailboxes that give off a coastal vibe, and mailboxes with floral, bows, and other motifs. You may also stumble across decorative wall-mount mailboxes that are engraved with impressive scroll details and words.

As for materials, metals such as galvanized steel, wrought iron, and stainless steel tend to be the best because of their durability and longevity. Mailboxes made of these materials are designed to withstand weather conditions without cracking, fading, nor rusting.

How do you install a decorative wall-mount mailbox?

To install your decorative wall-mount mailbox, you’ll need to first pick a spot that’s easily accessible by your mailman.

Next, hold the mailbox against the wall and mark the mounting holes while making sure it stays level. Once you’ve marked the location of the holes, you can begin drilling them. You may want to check your mailbox’s instruction manual to find out how deep the drill hole should be along with all the necessary attachment hardware required.

Lastly, tighten the screws with a screwdriver.


Starfish wall mount mailboxseashell

Starfish wall mount mailboxseashell
If your favorite place is the edge of the ocean or the sea, which translates into your favorite nautical design - here's a decorative wall mount mailbox for you, kept in black and normal shape but with artificial swatches and shells on the front.

New York Metal Wood Shelf Clothes Rack

New York Metal Wood Shelf Clothes Rack
This kind of product is a combination of a clothes rack and a shelf. It is made of solid mango wood based on an iron frame, so the level of durability is very high in case of this product. What is more, it looks very stylish in different interior designs.

Vintage Wooden Leave A Note Mailbox Wall Mount Working Flag Home Decor

Vintage Wooden Leave A Note Mailbox Wall Mount Working Flag Home Decor
Improve the front of your house with this decorative mailbox that emanates with vintage charm. The wall mounted mailbox is made of durable metal and it rests on a wood base. Includes a working flag, and can withstand weather conditions.

Decorative wall mount mailboxes 4

Made from stainless steel, this wall mounted mailbox will add a contemporary character to your exterior. Custom made, with a possbility to choose the font and its placement on the item.

Vintage wall mount mailbox

It's a stylish and beautiful wall-mount mailbox with Fleur de Lis design. The brown color fits perfectly to any style and decor at indoor and outdoor space. If you need a new mail box, try this one.

Cottage mailbox

Romantic motif of dragonflies and ears of wheat embellishes the sculptural copper front of this totally adorable mailbox. Just if ordinary metal mailboxes are simply not enough! Everyone knows that details DO matter.

Decorative wall mount mailboxes 29

Sometimes you do not need a lot of craft tools to create something unique - for example, a decorative hanger which is also decorative wall mount mailbox thanks to a full orient cover - colorful flowers on a dark background, with a charming hummingbird.

Hand painted wall mount mailboxes

Thanks to this wall mounted mailbox, you can now embellish your front door with rustic accents. The mailbox is weather-resistant, made of powder-coated metal with distressed green finish, and has enough space to store newspapers and magazines.

Vintage wall mailbox

Wall mounted mailbox made of stainless steel. Dedicated to freestanding houses. It is resistant to harmful weather conditions. Traditional form and contemporary design.

Horizontal wall mount mailbox

An elegant contemporary wall-mounted letterbox crafted of weatherproof cast aluminium with a dark finish and textured surfaces. It's rectangular, has arched top and bottom edges, a flip up lid. It has to be mounted vertically.

Victoria Vertical Mailbox (Black)

Vertical mailbox. Far from contemporary minimalism: fancy scroll details should delight most Victorian era design afficionados. This decorative cast aluminium mailbox is maintenance-free thanks to black powder coat finish, and it even has newspaper scrolls.

Decorative wall mount mailboxes 7

The law requires that every property in the world has its own mailbox. By using this right, you can use it to beautify your home and what's in front of it. A black decorative wall mount mailbox, in a sweet style, with engraved bows-it will surely ensure that.

Bronze cast aluminum wall mount mailbox by better box mailboxes

Bronze Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Mailbox by Better Box Mailboxes

Decorative wall mount mailboxes 15

The mailbox should be made of a material that tolerates the changing weather. This doesn't mean that design and decor come in the background. Decorative wall mount mailbox has 2 extremely contemporary looks and designs in matt gray or graphite finish.

Decorative wall mount mailboxes 12

Shadowbox Victorian Damask Vertical Wall Mount Mailbox in Dark Bronze by Blink Manufacturing. $145.00

Decorative wall mount mailboxes 5

Hand Polished Peninsula Wall Mounted Mailbox

Decorative wall mount mailboxes 22

Wall Mount Steamer Trunk Copper Mailbox yes please b

Decorative wall mount mailboxes 13

Simple mailbox with minimalistic decoration. This mailbox is constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel for strength and durability. Textured black powder-coat paint adds protection against outside elements.

Residential mailboxes wall mount ecco brushed stainless steel label

Residential Mailboxes – Wall Mount Ecco Brushed Stainless - Steel Label

Hand painted mailbox with green ivy vines on a black

Hand Painted Mailbox with GREEN IVY & VINES on a Black Designer Wall Mount Mailbox -Original Design - Functional Art

Decorative wall mount mailboxes 6

Even simple, classic item, like this mailbox can be unique decoration of your garden or backyard, if it will be refurnished. This mailbox looks awesome, because it is decorated of hand-painted flowers and plants.

Traditional Decorative Horizontal Style Standard Locking Wall Mount Mailbox with FREE LED Flashlight

Decorative wall mount mailboxes 1

Perfectly merging contemporary sleekness with rough industrial hints, this heavy duty wall mount mailbox is both good-looking and functional. The residential mail box on the picture is cast of metal and finished solid bronze,

Wooden hand painted decorative mailbox wall mount very sturdy


Metal wall mailbox

A fantastic addition for kids' rooms, that will bring live colors and practical solutions. Each of those lovely mailboxes comes with aqua blue metal construction and it can be easily mounted on a wall.

Aluminum love this galvanized look antique bronze and vintage

aluminum (love this galvanized look!), antique bronze, and vintage ...

Decorative wall mounted mailboxes

Wall mounted mailbox with antique finish. It is completely made of cast aluminum and decorated with sophisticated ornament. Elegant accent for each freestanding house.

Decorative Steel Horizontal Mailbox, In 4 Finishes. Wall Mailbox.

Decorative wall mount mailboxes 19

Painted Black Large Mailbox Fuoriserie Wall Mounted Mailboxes Outdoor

Architecturalmailboxes national hardware show show case items the peninsula architectural

#ArchitecturalMailboxes National Hardware Show | Show Case Items > The Peninsula-Architectural Mailboxes

English Ivy Wall Mount Mailbox

English Ivy Wall Mount Mailbox

Solar Group DVKPBZ00 Designer Series Wall Mailbox With Lock, Vertical, Bronze Galvanized Steel With Nickel Lid, XL, 12.5

Decorative wall mount mailboxes 16

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Gift Exchange ...ready for timey wimey pen pal-ing?

White locking wall mount mailbox

White Locking Wall mount Mailbox

Satin nickel wall mount mailbox 1 of 1

Satin Nickel Wall Mount Mailbox 1 of 1

Decorative wall mount mailboxes 24

Mailbox Merchant - Horizon Horizontal Wall Mount Mailbox with Newspaper Hooks, $45.60

Decorative wall mount mailboxes 14

Getting Organized with old mailboxes.

Decorative wall mount mailboxe

decorative wall mount mailboxe

Decorative metal shelves wall mount

On-trend oriented wall shelving: cubic metal shelves with hooks are placed irregularly on a plain white wall. Vintage pots, seasoning jars, clay plates and glass vases tie the vintage-modern style together.

Beach umbrella waves sun seashells wall mount mailbox by ceshoretreasures

Beach Umbrella Waves Sun Seashells Wall Mount Mailbox by CeShoreTreasures:)

Hand painted mailboxes roses and purple flowers hand painted wall

hand painted mailboxes | Roses and purple flowers" hand painted wall mount mailbox.

Gaines manufacturing eagle accent wall mount mailbox black

Gaines Manufacturing Eagle Accent Wall Mount Mailbox Black ...

Decorative wall mount mailboxes youll love in 2020

Decorative Wall Mount Mailboxes You'll Love in 2020 ...